I haven’t been able to get online at all today! rrrrrr – my computer decided it was done having fun with me yesterday and has been very stubborn ever since. So I have been removing stuff and trying to clean it up a little, and now I am defrag’ing it. I have two hard drives on that computer so it could well be running overnight. . .
Obviously this is not the only computer in the house, but mine is the one in the living room where I can keep track of kiddos while “working”. I use to do a bunch of work for the church, but have since found other ways to entertain myself and the computer. Doesn’t it know it is for it’s own good! Anyway, Joe has a laptop with a ton of passwords that I can never keep track of, so I am now on the desktop in the office downstairs – and this thing is sooo dusty! I am going to have to take medicine soon – or be a mess. I am beginning to think that this computer might need to make it’s home upstairs. We’ll see.
I should have been sewing as I haven’t been online, but it didn’t work out that way, so far at least =) Joe took Ella and Emmalie camping overnight so it is me and the little ones – who just went to bed. A quiet house is really a treat. I am moving on to Bloglines to see what you all have been up to today.