If Only They Were Precious Stones . . .

Posted on June 16th, by Amy in work in progress. 6 comments

I have so many diamonds on this quilt top – that would be a stack of cash if they were stones! =) I have been busy at work since my last post, and I have managed to get all the piece work complete – whew! Next will be trimming and adding a border.I think that is the plan – would anyone suggest adding the border then trimming? I’m still learning =)

My original thought had been brown strips for borders, because I thought it might help ground it, but there’s lots of brown and it feels dark. So my current plan is to use one from each of the color groups and add to the scrappiness. Which one do you like?

This is the back side of the top – I think it is really cool looking and wanted to share =)I need to run – Owen tries to steal my mouse anytime I am on the computer and he is up. . .

6 thoughts on “If Only They Were Precious Stones . . .

  1. If it was me I would do a combination of your two ideas…. :-D

    I would do the 2 brown strips from the second picture, and then from the first picture either 2 of those green with flowers that are on the right, or 2 of the orange with flowers that’s at the top.

  2. Looks beautiful Amy. I like the one with the four different patterns on the edges (instead of the brown) because I think it looks “lighter” but they both are pretty!

  3. I agree that the brown is pretty heavy looking..I would go with the scrappy look or maybe even just the flower print on the left…love the look of that. Whatever you decide will be great. The diamonds are fab!!!

  4. This is amazing! What a beautiful project.

    I think the back is also so nice and neat. I must admit my quilt backs don’t look this good-lol.

    I’ll check back to see the rest.

  5. wow amy…I am pretty positive I wouldn’t have the patience for that…beautiful…I will send you my email so you can send it to me when its done…LOL

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