How some mom’s seem to do it all? This is how Ella came home from a birthday party yesterday. Not only was there face painting, there was a clown who did magic and made balloon animals, a pinata, and a SpongeBob Birthday Cake! Needless to say Ella had a blast.

She did have one birthday party with friends when she was in Kindergarten, but since then I have just been too overwhelmed/poor to think about having a bunch of friends over, and have the family over later. It is enough making goodies for her to take to school for her classroom. Maybe when our kids are a bit older, it may be more possible – but I wouldn’t want them to expect major parties every year!

My kids are loved and happy – and I am happy to be home with them. I think our kids will just have to enjoy those parties at other kids houses. I just don’t see it happening here – and I am ok with that, I’m pretty sure they are too. =)

Do you throw elaborate parties for your kids? Just curious =)

I posted Owen’s birthday pictures here.