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Posted on July 30th, by Amy in Jenna. 14 comments

I have so enjoyed sharing my quilting projects here – but the last 24 hours Jenna has been over working on her very own quilt. I have to say having someone to chat with and share quilting info with has been a blast! And today she is super excited about her progress :) She told me earlier – “I knew it would eventually become something, but I never thought it would look so good!”
Jenna goes back to school later this month and has been working full-time, I was starting to get concerned that we would have enough time together for her to finish. But my faith is renewed in Jenna! She stayed up past 2 last night ironing all those corners down.
We got the pattern laid out while Owen was napping this morning and got right to putting it together. I’ve helped with some of the pinning, but Jenna has done all the sewing. Definitely a lesson for me in how to talk her through it. :)
So far, 4 of 10 rows put together. It’s coming together nicely – Don’t you think?!

14 thoughts on “Quilting with Company

  1. That’s so great you are a “quilting mentor” now!! :) By the way, our church women’s retreat theme this year is going to be “Masterpiece in Training” with a quilting theme. We are going to decorate all the walls with quilts, and a woman I know had a quilt made especially for her (the woman who made it for her made my friend make an appt., she got to know her, and prayed about what to sew and then made it especially for her!) Okay, long comment, but I thought of you!

  2. Way to go Jenna! Amy, you’re a natural at doing and teaching this stuff. How many quilts have you done now this year???

  3. Hi Amy, I just found that you had a blog. Oh my gosh, you are amazing !!!! and Jenna, I am so proud of you, I am one proud Auntie right now of both of you. Amy you are a wonderful teacher and what a beautiful quilt Jenna. This blogging world is amazing !!! What amazing women you are !! Love you both !! Aunt Beth :o)

  4. it looks beautiful! i know that feeling of wanting to stay up ‘just a little longer’ to work on a quilt. so addicting!

  5. Yes it is a snowball quilt! We found it in the Summer edition of “Quilts and More” by Better Homes.

  6. Hello…I came here by way of Mama’s Losin’ It (don’t ya just love her?). I saw Park City and knew I had to check you out. You are so talented and so VERY busy. I’ll have to stop complaining about being busy. Now on to your shop to see all those lovely goodies!!

  7. Wow, very impressive! Something that Jenna will have for years, along with the memories and bonding. I made my first quilt when I was a young mom and it’s on my grandaughters bed now.

  8. It is looking FABULOUS!!!! Good on you Jenna, and how proud you will be when it is all bound and quilted. I hope you are ready for a life long addiction!!! =)

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