I realize that I’m usually posting about my quilting adventures . . . this week seems to have taken a turn toward family life. All I have to say is that it’s me and what has been on my mind. :) I did get to piece a back and quickly quilt this top. So I just need to trim and add a binding – really it should be that simple but coming up with the time to myself has been a challenge. Day by day – right!? We are all feeling much better, thanks for all the caring words :)

As you have probably gathered, I also love to bake! This is my favorite summer dessert, oddly enough today was the first time I have made it this summer. It could have something to do with all those birthday cakes. . . I call it Strawberry Shortcake Trifle. But I don’t use shortcake – it’s angel food cake.

Anyway, a fresh homemade angel food cake tastes light years away from the usual cake at the local grocery. It’s so fluffy and moist, I could snack on it all afternoon! I just cube it with a serrated knife. Then sliced, and macerated strawberries (you know, sprinkle the slices with a little sugar), I use the egg slicer for quick, even slices. Then top off the layer with cool whip or the generic equivalent, I’m not picky :) I have a trifle dish but this cake was too big to fit, so it went into a large salad bowl. If you don’t bake, or have time to it’s still great with store bought cake, and easy for entertaining. I’m taking this to my in-laws home for dinner, well dessert after dinner, it’s Jenna’s last night. The summer has gone so fast, and now Jenna is off to live her life, learn and continue to grow into a beautiful young woman.

Speaking of Jenna: She finished her quilt! Just in time too. She proved her brothers wrong – they all thought I would be finishing it for her. She sat on the couch over here nearly an entire day stitching down the binding. She’s so happy with her new abilities and proud of the accomplishment. I’m really proud of her too! It looks great – don’t you think?To quilt it, I had her use a walking foot and do wavy lines. That way she didn’t have to worry about keeping it straight, just moving it forward. It goes really fast too :) The only problem now is how to get it back to Cali with her! I think she’s shipping it – too many new clothes!

I was thinking I should do something special for my 100th post. . . any ideas? Bunches of my etsy inventory has expired, so technically I could give an item away. . .

I’m off to enjoy a little down time before we head out for dinner – Have a good evening!