My day is finally winding down – I still don’t feel like we are in our school routine yet. Hopefully this week will prove me wrong :)

I finished this little beauty yesterday and it made it through the wash today. I know that I’ve said it before. . . but I love the puckery goodness as it comes from the wash. It measures 32×34 inches, I found that these little quilts are great for privacy while nursing too. They don’t collapse on the baby’s face.

Here’s the back – the entire quilt is scraps, so it’s just extra bits sewn together.

I am ready to get started on my cancer quilt – I really need to whip it up!
Have a good night ~

PS – I almost forgot that I received another award! Sherri gave me this sweet award the other day and I would love to pass it on to anyone that has left a comment recently!Thanks Sherri! Leave a comment if you post it on your blog – I want to check it out :)