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But in a good way :) Usually when I get sidetracked, I forget to start lunch, and clean the kitchen instead. Today I have two quick finishes to share with you! Joe thought I was nuts pulling out my sewing machine at 10 last night – I had to see if I could translate my ideas into fabric. You know what I mean!On the left is a quilted/appliqued bookmark, complete with yo-yo flower. To the right is a small quilted wallet. My pics aren’t that great, sorry – we are having a rainy day. Here’s a little detail look:

I put the Starbucks card in there for scale. There’s four generous little pockets, that will hold two cards each – or a wad of cash . . . depends on how you roll!

Here’s the best part of the post – I hope your still reading :) This is my 100th post and I would like to give these items away! Leave a comment by Saturday at midnight, and I will use a random number generator on Sunday, September 14 to select a winner.

I did get the borders added to the cancer quilt and still have plans to sandwich and quilt this week – more pictures soon!


16 thoughts on “Sidetracked!

  1. Why is it we have our best (sometimes not so best) ideas at nighttime? Because then we have to sit right down and make it happen. It can’t wait until the next day, it might not be as good and idea. Or we might just downright forget!

    Hello! This is Tracy, I am in the SewConnected group. :))

  2. You are so funny…I could just picture you pulling out the sewing machine and just getting down to business…I’ve had nights like that, too. All of a sudden I get these awesome ideas, usually when I’ve been especially creative…hmmm…funny…it hasn’t happened too often since I’ve had kids…I guess I’m just too tired these days. I hope someday I can have creative thoughts about sewing. Right now, I’d be happy with knowing how to put thread in a sewing machine and piecing two pieces of fabric together. :-) :-)

  3. Those turned out really cute–I love the bookmark. I wonder if my daughter had one like that would she be more excited about reading? Love the fabric too!

  4. Oh how great are these??!!??!!

    Congrats on your 100th post!

    I surely love the wallet and bookmark. Why don’t you come over and show me how to make them? :)

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