Olive Rose – Done at last!

Posted on October 27th, by Amy in finished quilt. 21 comments

Looking back through my blog archives, I found that I started this quilt in July. Never thought it would take me until the end of October to get it quilted and bound, but other projects kept coming up! The corduroy backing adds an extra layer of texture to the quilt, and a little more heft. I would highly encourage you to try quilting corduroy – it feels amazing!Quilting this piece was a delight! No broken threads, no frustrations – I was/am so thankful. I am still learning how to free-motion so this is not a perfectly quilted quilt. However, I try to not even think in terms of perfection – it is too high a standard for me, for anyone really, and I do not want to breed perfectionism in my kids. I don’t think it is a healthy mindset to have. So my quilt is excellent and just right!

Did you notice the stripy binding – I like it lots :) I have another work-in-progress waiting to be basted together – I had to piece the batting to get it big enough. . . I’ll be back soon!

21 thoughts on “Olive Rose – Done at last!

  1. So gorgeous! Someday, I think I’ll hire you to make me a quilt for my bed! I can never find anything I’m 100% happy with. I’ve said it before, but you are quite gifted

  2. It looks fabulous! I really like how the corduroy backing picks up the blue flowers on the front. Go you! And congrats on the fancy new machine!

  3. That corduroy backing is so cool! I have a few fat quarters of this fabric and would love to make a quilt with it soon.

    Nice job on this quilt!

  4. It came out great. I really do love the corduroy idea and I can’t wait to try it…who knows when that will be I never have any time for actual quilting.

  5. what a beautiful quilt! the colors are gorgeous, and like everyone else i think corduroy is a great touch. thanks for the yummy recipe!

  6. Hi Amy. Love this quilt. You used some of my favorite fabrics in it. I’m going to pass on the recipe exchange. Not because it doesn’t sound fun but I’m trying to cut back on extra curricular stuff during the holidays. Thanks for thinking of me though!

  7. AMY!! I love you so much, you are just so clever! I didnt relazie you were teaching your self to do long arm quilting!! Do you have a long arm??? I am so looking forward to my quilt retreat in November, 2 weeks away! I want to get Tomoko’s baby quilt going. I took the day off of work to sleep in and get house things done, so I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. this turned out so well. i love that you took the risk of the corduroy on the back. i’ll bet it’s GREAT to snuggle under. i’m definitely going to give that a try!!

  9. Beautiful! I wish I could sew. I bought a sewing machine a couple years ago but haven’t done anything with it. If something doesn’t come naturally to me I tend to give up! I love this quilt.

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