A Full Weekend

Posted on November 17th, by Amy in random, work in progress. 7 comments

In a nutshell . . .

~Dinner at friends’ house, playing games, and letting our kids run a little wild.

~ Sewing with scraps~ Owen figured out how to put olives on his fingers – all by himself, and it was his first time eating them.

~ Cleaning/picking up the house. Multiple loads of laundry and dishes in the dishwasher.

~ A mini quilt for a swap. I’m dying to show you the whole thing! I’ve had so much fun working on it :) I joined this group a few months back when it was started up – and haven’t had the chance (or I’ve been too intimidated) to participate. The challenge was two-color, and these are the two colors I decided to work with.
~ A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle with my girlies. Within minutes Emmalie and Sophia were asking how long it would take . . . they went outside to play after a half hour :)

~ Friends over here for dinner (separate set) complete with homemade bread and fresh Alfredo – yum! (This time I have enough leftovers for another meal Penny)

What did you do this weekend? I need to catch up in bloglines but fear that it may not happen today! See you soon ~

7 thoughts on “A Full Weekend

  1. 1
    Jackie says:

    Sounds like your had a fun weekend! Jam packed with fun things to do. I just did home things on Sat. Then went to a long arm quilters meeting all day Sunday. All in all it was a great weekend.

  2. 2
    em's scrapbag says:

    What a great weekend. Love the colors you choose for your two color quilt. We had our annual neighborhood quilt day Saturday. It was great fun.

  3. 3
    No Crying Mama says:

    Those two colors look great! We had a full weekend too! By sunday afternoon, I was ready to fall over :)

  4. 4
    Marrdy says:

    Holy Kats!! Did you fit in any sleeping? I love that your baby is putting olives on his fingers. I love those days with my kids.

    Can’t wait to see all your finished products!

  5. 5
    jacquie says:

    sounds like a fun weekend. when do we get to see pictures of olives on fingers…that would be a good one!

  6. 6
    Tipper says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend at your house!! You already know about my exciting weekend!

  7. 7
    amandajean says:

    the sewing with scraps looks like lots of fun! definitely right up my alley. :)

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