A Quick To Do List

Posted on November 18th, by Amy in ramblings. 11 comments

It may only be Tuesday, but I feel my week quickly getting away from me! So I thought I would post what needs to get done and hopefully be able to check it off.

- finish the binding on my swap quiltie, photograph and mail.
- quilt the tree skirt, I’ve had it pinned together for a week now – I need to sit down with it.
- continue sewing with scraps.
- cut fabric/interfacing for bookmarks.

Looking at it here, it doesn’t look like much, but I have another “to do” in my head. Cleaning. I feel like a few areas in our home have been ignored long enough and I need to pay some attention to them.

With that, I’m off to get started! Hope you are having a fabulous day~

Oh and look over here – I think I may have been accused of winning too much by John, but I’m still hoping to win over here too!

11 thoughts on “A Quick To Do List

  1. You won!!!????!!!?? Wow! I CANNOT wait to see the new line from Anna Maria Horner Good Folks. Please give us the full scoop on how great it is, eh?

  2. WooHoo! Congrats on the win! Love the things you’ve been working on … but ouch! Be careful with that finger! And after you get your cleaning done, could you send a little cleaning karma my way — it’s a mess here!

  3. get OUT!! you have the most amazing blog contest luck! And you get first dibs on AMH’s new line? JEALOUS! (but so, so happy for you. congrats!!)

  4. Lucky winner! I know what you mean about feeling like the week is already slipping away! Good luck on getting the fun stuff done, and hopefully you’ll be able to tackle just a few housekeeping chores in little increments.

  5. Congratulations on your win! I need some of your luck if you have any to spare. Can’t wait to see the projects you finish this week. I keep thinking of making a tree skirt this year, but so far it is only thinking.;)

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