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Posted on November 21st, by Amy in give away, work in progress. 13 comments

So somehow I managed to sit on the goodie bag from Beki for the last two weeks – hmpf! Here’s the goods she sent -

Her Short and Sassy Pleated Handbag, can be found in Beki’s etsy shop if you happen to have a hankering for a cute new bag! I’m trying to decide which fabric to make mine from – I’ll fill you in as I make my mind up :)

Yesterday I had a great crafty day! I quilted the tree skirt. I designed/made two new bookmarks. I got to 75% finished on my scrap quilt. And cut binding for the skirt. I just need to get back to the machine and the tree skirt should be complete tomorrow. We’ll see!

I have plans to make orange chicken for dinner – yummy! I’ve not made it before, so I’ll have to link later once I’ve decided it’s good :)

13 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. Wowee! I admire all that you have accomplished in one day! Lately I feel like I am going at a snails pace, so slow……. Seems I only get a fraction done of what I had hope to do in a day. Good going on your part!

  2. I have been so bad at keeping track of you!! It’s this new computer access. Makes me nuts…but…can I come to your house for dinner? Oh dang, its too late!

  3. Beauty From Pain by the Superchicks
    beautiful song…I can hear you harmonizing with the girls as they sing it; beautiful harmony, sad song, but heartfelt. Love listening to your music. We listen to some of the soft rock at work, so I know some of it TOOOOOO well! love ya, Mom

  4. I can’t wait to see the Christmas skirt. Maybe I can hire you to make one for my tree. I won’t be home for Christmas for the next two years so you have PLENTY of time. hahahaha Hope you are good. I miss you.


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