Mountain Snow

Posted on December 13th, by Amy in My kids. 14 comments

It feels like winter is finally here – to stay too! I have a fresh homemade cappuccino here with me, and my Grandma’s Leaf Rolls are baking – filling the house with cinnamon-sugar aromas. My girls are watching Christmas movies after having tuckered out playing in the snow. It’s a great day!

Joe went out with the kids, while I was prepping my bread, after I finished up, I grabbed my coat, hat and camera. I just had a few moments to take pictures between fixing a glove or replacing a hat. Then Owen’s little fingers were cold and we were done!Sophia

Ella in the neighbors yard . . .

Joe throwing a snowball at his brother

See Zach there in the background?
Emmalie and Owen too.

Joe laughing when he hit Zach!

Cold fingers – brrrr!

I hope that you are having a great day too ~ Amy

14 thoughts on “Mountain Snow

  1. Great photos! I am glad you are having fun with all the snow. The little ones are so cute bundled up in their snow suits.:) It is going to be at my house tomorrow according to the weather people. It is so crazy when temperatures drop so rapidly. Hope you are staying warm!

  2. what great fun Amy! Your family looks cute as a button and just look at those cheeks on Owen! Thank-you for posting these pics, they’re making me smile for sure!

  3. The snow pics are so fun even though it looks sooo cold! I love your cards too. I need some lessons from you on how to keep it all organized and moving along!

  4. what a wonderful afternoon…coffee, homemade sweets and family time! Your pictures are awesome. Memories to ALWAYS remember! LOve you girl and praying for you always!

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