Frosty Fog

Posted on January 15th, by Amy in ramblings. 8 comments

This morning was good. Not as much rushing about to get Ella out the door to school :) These January mornings are pretty cold, and lately the fog has been dense! We are up around 7:30 each morning – just as the sun rises too, this morning I managed to grab the camera and catch the moon before it set. The fog creates these ice crystals on the bare trees. My favorite winter feature! Later in the morning I enjoyed watching it being blown off. I don’t even notice the breeze – but there is enough to scatter the little crystals.

And because you seem to enjoy the view as much as I do – Mt. Timpanogos at sunrise. The sunsets are beautiful – but I rarely have the chance to capture it :)

I spoke last week about wanting to take better pictures . . . you all left some great links, which I have technically looked at, but not enough to improve my photog skills! If you are interested there are links in the comments of this post. And I’m still sewing! I have a couple of doll quilts in progress – I will share them with you soon – Amy

8 thoughts on “Frosty Fog

  1. 1
    Marrdy says:

    I love when the trees get frosted. It’s one of those beautiful miracles that make the winter tolerable.

  2. 2
    jacquie says:

    look at those little crystals. great shot!!

  3. 3
    Jackie says:

    The pictures look great and you are right I do enjoy that view.

  4. 4
    audreypawdrey says:

    That view is beautiful! I will say it again and again every time you post a picture of it.:)

  5. 5
    Jackie Russell says:

    Great pictures!

  6. 6
    Tipper says:

    Love the pictures-especially the mountain!

  7. 7
    Victoria says:

    Gorgeous view! I think your pics are lovely!

  8. 8
    Jessica says:

    That frost is amazing!

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