Baby Doll Quilts

Posted on January 19th, by Amy in Etsy, finished quilt, My kids. 18 comments

After seeing my pictures from Christmas, a friend on Facebook asked for a doll quilt for her little girl. At first I thought about doing 1 or 2, but I seem to work in threes when it comes to doll quilts! I couldn’t weed out my fabric selections – so three it is :) I love this combo and so another kitty cat quilt. Emmalie wanted to keep it – of course!

Sock Monkeys for dolly’s. I put a blue chambray on the back, and I love how the little faces are framed out. cute!

I think this little one may be able to be labeled improvised. The quilt I had made from these fabrics previously were fat quarters, and the remaining bits were strips, cut to the same width. Some I cut down a little more and I sewed them together, added a side piece and the top and the bottom as I saw what worked as I sewed. What do you think – improvised?

We’ve had a cleaning day around the house! Owen went down for a nap after lunch, and the girls went to play outside so I got busy cleaning floors. I was busy working downstairs still, when the girls came in (cold toes). —— Being the oldest, Ella seems to have this incredible power over her sisters! She convinced them to help clean up – so they could surprise me when I came upstairs. I came up to Ella getting the broom out to sweep the kitchen and a clean living room floor – now that Owen has just woken up, it’s time to get it vacuumed too! My girls are so precious and sweet – I am so thankful that they seem to know just when I need help :) Why is it that they seem to be better helpers when I don’t ask!?

***If your still reading each of the doll quilts have been listed in my etsy shop. Hopefully they go fast! I’m in the midst of a spending freeze along with all the cold weather :)

18 thoughts on “Baby Doll Quilts

  1. I find that I really enjoy how quickly doll quilts go together. I just finished my 3rd one and have 1 more to go. It’s a great size for trying new patterns / techniques / textiles. Your quilts look great – I really love the sock monkey fabric!

  2. The quilts are wonderful! I like the sock monkey one the best, too. How wonderful of your kids to come help out that way!:)

  3. What sweet girls you have. That ws so nice of them to help you out without being asked. I really like your doll quilts. The improve on is my favorite.

  4. GORGEOUS quilts! I know they will go fast. They are all equally charming. Just like your little helpers, what a sweet story. :)

  5. What sweet children you have. They obviously love you very much! All of the quilts are sweet as can be, I especially like the sock monkey one!

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