Hi Friends~
Despite my lack of posting – I’m still here, and it has been a productive week – just not with my sewing machine! Family first – right!? They will always be first in my book – even if I feel like pulling my hair out every once in a while :)

~ I made lots of phone calls to other mom’s in Ella’s school, and delegated costume projects. Whew! For a week or so I was working out what was needed and the best way to get them all done. I think the costumes will be really cute – that’s a whole other post though.

~ We had a parent-teacher conference yesterday – Ella is such a great student! All E‘s :) (E is for excellent in her school) And she’s reading a whole year ahead of her grade level – we are so proud! Her teacher said “Whatever you’re doing – keep doing it!” Honestly Ella comes by it very naturally, and we do make sure she has all the help she needs from us to succeed. More importantly we make sure that she has opportunity to be a kid, play and have fun. And a little responsibility too – a few chores never hurt anyone!

~ I’ve been CPA shopping this week. . . In years past TurboTax has been a good friend, getting us through this season. But things have gotten to complicated, and it’s good to know your limits! I’m relieved that the responsibility to file is off my shoulders.

~ Our little Owen has one more tooth in his smile. Two more to go! Unfortunately they seem to be taking forever, and taking their toll on this tired mama. He hasn’t been sleeping his usual calm, through the night sleep, my brain has felt scrambled all week! I took this picture early in the week – I remember thinking “if only this picture meant all the laundry was done” It’s never all done – I’m usually at different stages of caught up, but rarely all the way caught up. I made it my goal to have my girls fold more of their laundry – so far so good!

So the Super Bowl is this weekend! Any major plans at your house? I need a diversion. . . I have a few ideas – we’ll see what comes of the weekend :)