SewConnected February

Posted on February 9th, by Amy in SewConnected. 7 comments

Let me start by saying how thankful I am for each of you. I’ve been a bit slow in responding to your comments – sorry. My secret project has been eating up my free time, and brain space :) I appreciate all your comments and kind words, and I will be getting to my reader to visit you soon – I promise!

This is my SewConnected block for Stefanie, a proud new mama to a son! You really should go congratulate her :) Stefanie sent solids to make a quilt for her boy – aren’t the colors great!? Don’t look too close at this block you will find lots of little things that don’t make much sense! That’s why I like having a plan and drafting out my blocks – less hiccups! In the end I am happy with it and hope that Stef is too.
And just in case you were wondering – here’s the kitchen table while I’m busy at work! Keeping it real :) My ironing board has broken – so “yes, I iron on a towel at the table. . . “
On the right, draped over the chair is my wonky log cabin for a Notion or Two – it needs a bird. And then I will post properly :)

7 thoughts on “SewConnected February

  1. This block is perfect and totally “makes sense”!!! I love the colors and love that you did something really different with it. I heart it.

  2. Oh Amy – Stefanie’s block is outstanding! I don’t know how it could be any better. That’s something I needed to see too, I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around using all solids in a quilt. Now I understand – it’s just gorgeous!

  3. this block is stunning. i don’t know how you did it. i almost ran out of fabric with mine, so i’m in awe!!! i think we should gather up stefanie’s blocks and make this quilt for her…she’s a bit busy right now!

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