I’ve never really remembered sleepy time dreams, but in the light of day – I have lots of dreams.

Little things like canning vegetables this fall, or a room just for me to sew in. Other days it’s a little extra cash to make that purchase. . . or better organization for the kitchen, and the kids’ rooms!

Some days my dreams are in my sketch book, wanting to become quilts. And once again these are the dreams that keep me from sleeping :) All in due time – I hope.

Today was our first day of Spring Break – there was lots of sunshine, and little girls playing outside (still in down coats, but it was sunny) I should have done the pile of laundry that has accumulated in our bedroom, but no, I added a massive list of blogs to my sidebar, and marveled at the traffic at this little blog. I did make a delicious dinner (Alfredo), and packed everyone up for an afternoon dr. visit for Owen. Last week it was Sophia – icky ear infection that wiped her out. Owen just has a cold at the moment – I am thankful that he didn’t have strep, and that he has never been on antibiotics.

All the while my dreams were never too far from my mind :)

Do you have dreams?