Quilt Festival – Spring 2009

Posted on April 16th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival. 522 comments

***The Quilt Festival is now closed and no longer accepting new links***

to the first online Quilt Festival! I’m so glad you are here! Get a cup of coffee or tea and stay a while. There’s lots to see and many places to visit. I look forward to getting to know all of you a little better this week!

First, I need to thank our generous sponsors – I emailed each of them this week and they have been enthusiastic to get involved. Thank You! Without your support this event would not be nearly as exciting! The sponsors are all listed on my right sidebar and I have a list of offerings a little later in this post. Be sure to do some shopping while blog hopping :)

Here’s how you get involved -

  • Select your favorite quilt, make sure you have a good picture of it and go post about it! It doesn’t matter what size, style, or era it is from – there’s no judging here :) In your post tell your quilt’s story. Also be sure to link back here so your readers can join in the fun too! Everyone is welcome – international readers that’s you too!
  • Once you have posted on your blog come back here with your link to that post – I’m hoping that this list can be a reference and future source of inspiration for many, long after this week is over.
  • Insert your name and url in the Mr Linky.
  • Leave me a comment to be entered in the giveaways.

522 thoughts on “Quilt Festival – Spring 2009

  1. I’ve posted about my favourite quilt. Linked etc.

    Thanks for organizing!! Will be back to see all the links to other bloggers and will upload my photos to the flickr group later today!

  2. What a fun idea! I posted one link, but there are actually three related blog posts:

    1. http://auntspicy.blogspot.com/2008/05/heirloom-part-i.html
    2. http://auntspicy.blogspot.com/2008/05/heirloom-part-ii.html
    3. http://auntspicy.blogspot.com/2008/05/heirloom-part-iii.html

    The posts are older, but about my grandmother and other relatives unfinished quilts…which mean more to me than anything I have made.

    Favorite Prize, fabric of course! But I would love to try Tanya Whalens Darla collection!

  3. Hi Amy, Thanks for organizing the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I have added my post of my favorite quilt and have added my link. I am enjoying checking out other blogs and their fav. quilts! Thanks again! Rita

  4. This is totally awesome!! I’m sooo excited!

    Thank you for setting this all up!

    I have no preference on prizes….they are all wonderful!

    Thank you sponsors!!!


  5. Cool idea. I just missed out on seeing our national quilt symposium, so this is a good substitute. It’s a great way to check out a few more inspirational blogs.

  6. Posted and linked. Will try to access Flickr later.

    I think this is a marvellous idea. Thanks for organising it.

    Have put it on Facebook and Twitter.

  7. Hi Amy! Thanks for organizing this! Well done! Looking forward to seeing all the quilts, and perusing your blog more as well. Hope this is the first of many Bloggers Quilt Festivals!

  8. thanks chicka for hosting this.
    i added my name & blog to mr. linky

    i'm gonna go post my all time fav quilt.

    and my fav prize would be the fat quarter shop gift certificate.

  9. Totally cool! I’m gonna play… I’ve got a blogpost scheduled for tomorrow, so how about I publish mine on the 20th, Monday. And, if you’d like, I’d be happy to donate a prize, too…. how about the pattern of their choice from my website (on of my patterns) plus two fat quarters of my hand-dyed fabric (my choice of fabrics)….. let me know if you ‘d like another prize!

    The best way to contact me is via my website or my regular e-mail: sarah (at) sarahannsmith (dot) com , eliminated the spaces and inserting the symbols…of course!

    What fun, cheers, Sarah

  10. I love this idea! I only have a blog that I use to follow my progress while I train for a triathlon with a charity group, but went ahead and posted my quilt there. What the heck!

  11. Thank you, Amy, for creating this wonderful event! Imagine — a quilt festival with no entry fees, shipping hassles, or fear of losing your quilt! Thank you for the extra effort on your part to make this happen!

  12. Thanks for putting this together. There are some amazing quilts linked above, a little bit scarey to post mine, but I am sure there are some easy level ladies that will enjoy mine! Thanks for getting some amazing sponsors, some of my favorite places to shop!

  13. This is so much fun, seeing everyone’s favorite quilts, and hearing the stories behind them! I am having a ball! Thank you for organizing this.

  14. Oh fun! Thanks for hosting. I have been wanting to start another quilt, but I need direction and I think I will find it soon! ;)

    Have a nice day, Amy!

  15. I just enjoyed my cup of tea while looking at some very lovely quilts! If it’s not too late to join…I’d like to do my post tomorrow. Great job and thanks for organizing it. Terrific prizes too!!!

  16. I have never made a quilt (yet anyway)… but I think it’s fantastic that you are doing this Amy! HUGS! Do not enter me in the giveaway.. I just wanted to say HI!

  17. I just posted! I can’t wait to see all the fabulous quilts. A $50 gift certificate is incredible. I’m sure it will be everyone’s favorite prize :D Thanks so much for putting all of this together!

  18. Okay! I have posted and linked. Everything seems to work. Now going to make my way around the Festival and see what everyone has posted. Thanks for organizing this Amy! I think it’s great!

  19. I will spending a lot of time here looking at these fun links! Thanks for bringing a show to rest of us. This is so fun. Love what I’ve seen so far and the prizes are to die for!

  20. I posted my quilt! Thanks for putting this llittle festival together. By the way, I’m loving the music you have playing today. Who is singing?

  21. I re-iterate that I absolutely love this idea!! I am so glad that I found you and get to be a part of it. I posted my favorite quilt and wish that I personally could win ALL the prizes…they’re all so great. Thanks for the work you put into this on-line festival :)


  22. Hi Amy! Thanks for organizing this fun festival! I’ve just posted my quilt, and now I’m off to look at the others!

  23. Amy, You are phenomenal! Thanks for doing this, I have posted and am looking forward to seeing everyone’s quilts. I also posted on the flickr group. Terrific idea for constant inspiration.

  24. This is a great idea Amy; I’m too busy to look at the quilt festival this week but hopefully I’ll be able to look next week. I’m looking forward to it.

  25. Hi Amy, This is really wonderful. I will spend lots of time checking out all the blogs. I love all the prizes too. Would be so excited to get any of them.
    Thanks for having this.

  26. Thank you again for hosting this great event! I can’t wait to start going through the links.

    All of the prizes are fabulous! I do not have a favourite.

  27. I don’t have a blog, but I do enjoy reading everyone’s. Lots of inspiration out there! I will be checking out all the links and maybe find some new inspiration.

  28. This sounds like fun. I am showing my best and hardest quilt. What and easy quilt show to join. This is also my first “quilt show.”

  29. I just linked my site! This is such a great idea – thanks for all your hard work.

    I’d be tickled pink to receive any of the prizes :)

  30. This is so much fun! I just posted my link. Preferences? $50 from the fat quarter shop would be great! But I will, of course, be happy if I win anything. :)

  31. What a fantastic idea! I am new to blogging, but have been quilting since 1991. My great grandmother was a quilter so i think it is in my genes. Will post some of her pieces soon.
    thanks again

  32. Oh my goodness…this is such a fantastic idea! I’m so happy I could be a part of this quilt festival. Thanks for organizing this Amy!


  33. I’m so excited to be a part of this in my new blogging life!

    All the prizes look great — good job on hunting them down.

  34. This is so great! I am going to get nothing done this week. I’ll be looking at all the quilts and dreaming of winning one of those great prizes! I think my favorite is the the Fresh Squeezed Fabrics giveaway. Thanks so much for doing this!! I am SO following you forever!

  35. I hope this works. *S* I don’t have a blog, so I linked to a pic on my flickr site. The pic is for the carrier I made for the quilt, and the actual quilt can be found with a couple clicks in that same set.

    I can’t wait to “walk around” the rest of the quilt show. Thx for doing this.

  36. Thank you, Amy, for providing this platform for me to remember making my favorite quilt, a gift for my baby. Linked and blogged!

  37. WOW!! What a phenomenon you’ve created! This is a wonderful way to link the art quilters of the world together — our thanks to you, Amy.


  38. Thank-you so much for hosting the festival.
    I have linked to my blog entry…can’t wait to brew some coffee and look at everyone’s entries.

  39. This is great. I posted my quilt and have loved looking through others’ (and discovering new blogs). Great giveaway as well!

  40. What a fun idea! I added my link, and can’t wait to check out all the great quilts (and blogs!) Thanks so much for organizing this.

  41. This is wonderful Amy, I can’t wait to view all the other submissions. I always love to share the story of the quilt I made for my grandmother. She is so proud of it. She even took it to church for a showing.

  42. This is a great idea! I have only officially finished one quilt, but I have another in sandwich form and one other top done. I just started quilting in January, so I think it’s so fun…when I get the chance…since I have a 6 month old son who doesn’t let me do it too often anymore!!

  43. Hi Amy:
    What a wonderful idea you had to to this “Blogger’s Quilt Festival” – thanks for taking the time – I am enjoying looking at all the quilts today with a cup of tea by my side. You can remove #92in Mr. Linky I made a mistake and entered my other blog there :) sorry! Have a great day!

  44. I just added my name to Mr. Linky! Thanks so much for hosting this, Amy … and thanks to the sponsors, too! What a great idea!

  45. Good times! Every time I come back there are even more people on! WOW!! I”m only about a third the way through!

  46. This exhibit is so much fun and so creative! The event has introduced me to so many wonderful artists who I would have otherwise never met. The raffle prizes are the icing on the cake!
    Thank you, Linda Zimmerman

  47. Ehat a great idea. I wasn’t going to join at first but then I started looking at all the quilts and thought “What the heck I should post a quilt” and I did. Thanks for the great eye candy for quilters.

  48. What a fabulous and fun Idea! I LOVE it. If you organize this next year you can have a Quilt Gallery of bloggers and a Vendor Bazaar of Etsy shops!
    What FUN!

  49. What a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for hosting this event. I’ve posted my “entry” on my blog and linked back to your site. Now I’m looking forward to seeing all of the other “entries”!

  50. I don’t currently have a blog up and running so I can’t participate that way. Can I still win a prize? If so, I would love one of the ones where I can pick my own fabric ($50 would be just great). I also like the Woodland Bloom fabric in the first giveaway.

  51. This is such a wonderful idea!! I am so thrilled to be able to participate and look forward to visiting all the other bogs!!

  52. i just posted about the quilt festival and my favorite quilt!! :) thanks for hosting this!! I would sure love to win one of the fabric prizes!! :)

  53. Oh, wow! You really hit on a good idea. I see LOTS of participation. I can see it’s going to take of lot of time to check out all these. Thanks for hosting this! What fun.

  54. Thank you for a great idea! Now I can take part in a festival too! I have just made a post about my quilt.
    Greetings from Juliann in Norway.

  55. Amy – you are so great! What a fantastic idea…guess I know what I’ll be doing today :-)
    Thanks for organizing all this!

  56. What a great oportunity to get to know other quilters´work!
    I´ve just given my contribution :)

    As far as the price is concerned, The gift certificates from fat quarter shop and pink chalk fabrics would make me very hapy! ;))

  57. Wow, how lovely to see everyone’s creativity. If chosen I would love Fresh Squeezed Fabrics offer of a pattern and fabric to make it. I’m always looking for something new to make my daughter.

  58. Love all the stories and pictures. What a great way to meet new bloggers! I’d love to win the Fat Quarter shop gift certificate.

  59. Such a wonderful idea! I’m having so much fun seeing all the other quilts and hearing the stories behind them!

    Thanks so much, Amy!

  60. Such a nice idea! Thanks for hosting and sharing. I just uploaded my entry. Though my quilt might be a bit too experimental I hope to get comments and to get in touch with many other quilters.

  61. Great idea, Amy. I’ve enjoyed your blog and all the other quilting and sewing blogs I’ve been discovering lately. I put my link on today.

  62. I just heard about this over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio and am so looking forward to checking out everyone’s quilts! What a GREAT idea! I’m going to have to figure out which quilt to blog about and link up too :-)

  63. I’ve posted a link to my blog to show one of my small wall-hangings. I’m enjoyed my armchair stroll through the blog festival. Definately inspirational and I recognise some of the participants from some groups we are on together :)

  64. I just posted my entry and added myself to the list. I’m looking forward to sitting down and checking out everyone’s quilts over the next few days! This is just a fabulous idea, Amy– thank you for organizing it for all of us! :)

  65. Amy, this is the best thing that has ever happened to blogland!! Thank you so much for taking on this humungus task.

    I’m off to visit sites.


  66. I just found you…and I had to do a post. I have been wanting to post about this quilt for sometime, and this inspired me to do so! Thank you!!!

    I know I will be spending lots of time here over the next few days….I can hardly wait….such fun….

    All of your giveaway items are wonderful…I am wanting to learn to quilt before years end..so any of these would be great to nudge me along!!

  67. Great idea, and wonderful inspiration! Thanks for heading this up:) I posted my quilt and linked to you, and did the whole Mr Linky thing ;)

  68. As someone who has loved quilting since back when I was a child and loved playing under the quilt frame while my mom and grandma hand quilted above me, THANK YOU for this wonderful event! I’ve posted my own favorite quilt as well as the Quilt Festival button on my sidebar. There’s no doubt many will enjoy browsing quilts in the days ahead :-)

    Tammy ~@~
    Garden Glimpses

  69. Thank you. What a great idea. We don’t even have to leave home for our own quilt show. I posted my favourite quilt that was done for a guild challenge.

  70. Thank you for organizing this! I had such a hard time choosing a favourite and in the end, I’m still not sure. My quilting has changed so much in the last 6 months since I’ve discovered the online quilt community. I hope you organize this again next year so that I can exhibit a quilt that I’m happier with. I’ve got several on the go but nothing finished yet! I love to read your blog…

  71. wow, amy. what an amazing success!! thank you for organizing. looks like i have a weekend full of quilt-viewing ahead of me (have a good one yourself!)

  72. I just got the story of my quilt posted. Now I can’t wait to go see what everyone else has done — you came up with a great idea!

  73. Hi,

    I think having an online quilt fest is such a great idea. Seeing what others do is so inspiring!

    If I am lucky enough to win one of the prizes, fabric would be great.

  74. Fun stuff, Amy. I’m embarassed to admit that I don’t have a quilt to share. If I win one of those fabulous prizes, I might be inspired to whip one up though. Thanks for all the fun. I’m linking like crazy!


  75. ok, I have posted on my blog my favorite quilt. I will be checking out all the links on your blog. thanks for doing this and to the sponsors! I would like any bright and fancyful fabric cuts. gift certificate would be nice too.
    (mauh) Liz

  76. This is such a great idea – I haven’t had any finished quilts lately, so I posted to one that I did a while ag that shows my blue finished quilts. I think my favorite is the storybook maze.

  77. Thanks for bringing this wonderful idea to fruition.

    I’ve posted my first grandchild quilt. It holds a special place in my heart.


  78. Great idea. I’ve just posted about my latest quilt – which happens to be my favorite, too.
    I’ll put the button on my blog later if/when I figure that out.

  79. Thanks so much for setting this up — what fun!
    I rarely ever win prizes, so I would be happy with anything I happened to win.
    Now, I can’t wait to go and check out all the quilts.

  80. What fun! I surfed in and spent a lot of time already looking at the entries, and will be back visiting the rest.
    Thanks for organizing this. I posted a quilt on my blog as well.

  81. I hope you don’t mind the amateurs entering your quilt festival. I entered my secon quilt and it isn’t great just meaningful.

  82. I had so much fun posting about my favorite quilt! What a wonderful idea this Bloggers Quilt Festival is!

    I’m headed now to visit the other participants!

  83. What a wonderful idea! And what a great way to spend some time! I can’t wait to look through all the entries.


  84. I will post another picture of my favorite quilt – but I needed to stop by and say thank you. I’ve been viewing the quilts and reading the accompanying stories. I am overwhelmed by the love that is represented by some of these quilts!

    Thank you for putting this together.

  85. Thanks for hosting Amy — I’ve posted my quilt and holy cow — I’ll be here all weekend looking at quilts!

  86. This should be a lot of fun. I have posted about my favorite, along with a link, although I was not able to make the button work(operator error, no doubt). Thanks for sharing such a great idea…Kathy

  87. What a great idea—I just posted probably my favorite quilt and had to go back and put your Quilt festival link in!
    It’s quirky, and wil probably frighten normal folk……. :)
    But I love it!

  88. I have posted about the Festival…check out my favorite quilt! The prizes are all wonderful, thanks for the chance to win and to tell about one of my favorite quilts!

  89. What a great idea. I linked to an older post (March 3) when I had acutally put up my favorite quilt on my blog. I look forward to looking at the quilts.

  90. Oh, my-look at all the wonderful links to sites I’ve never visited before.

    I need to go grab a Coke and settle in for a night of blog visiting.

    Thanks for a brand new list of eye candy-lol.

  91. This is such a great idea and so much fun. I can’t wait to look at and read about all the quilt stories. Thanks for doing this :)

  92. Hi. It’s so awesome that you put this together. I hope I win something so that I’ll have fabric to make quilts (so much inspiration linked up there!). I’d love the Amy Butler Tree Peony Fabric, but really I’d love any fabric (or related item!). :)

  93. I have such a hard time picking favorites. So I picked “the first” as my favorite and blogged about it one more time.
    I would love to win any of the fabric cuts. (I am building a stash-and I think I am fabric addicted.)

  94. I loved your ideas SO much I created a blog just to participate! This is so friendly and FUN! Thank you, thank you for organizing the event. Tomorrow I am making my best friend participate. l

  95. I was on my way to uploading a picture of my favorite quilt when I read about your favorite brownie recipe…what to do?!?! Quilt or Brownie?!?! Well, the brownie won out…it’s baking…and the house smells terrific and MAYBE, if I don’t go into a diabetic coma, I’ll still be able to post my quilt…if not, you’ll know the brownie did me in…but I will have gone happy!! Truly, if this brownie tastes as good as it smells…well…just know my thighs thank you in advance because that’s where those brownies will end up!!! xo, Nan

  96. I posted about my favorite quilt. Thank you so much for organizing this quilt show. I am having such a good time checking out all of the fabulous quilts.

  97. Thank you for sponsoring, organizing such a warm and friendly event! I confess that I created a blog just to participate. It is the closest thing to showing a quilt I will ever get! I am sorry if I double commented – still getting the hang of the blogging community!

  98. This is so neat! I don’t have a blog to post my favorite quilt (and i only have a few under my belt anyway) but just wanted to say i am loving all the inspiration! (rphmel30@yahoo.com)

  99. What a fun idea to have an on-line show. I can’t wait to page though the other pictures. I haven’t been quilting as much as I usually do so this should help me get back into the groove.

  100. Won’t be able to post till mid week but have blogged about it so you should be getting some more traffic. I absolutely LOVE this idea. Thanks for setting it up.


  101. What a great idea. I think it is going to take me a while to go through all the quilts that are posted, but it will be fun doing that. Thanks for doing this.

  102. I can’t wait to spend time this weekend looking at everyone’s quilts! My favorite prize – the Woodland Bloom fat quarters – I already have a charm pack and a project in mind!

  103. Thanks for organizing this!! I entered the first quilt I ever completed – an 80″ x 80″ Trip Around the World. I’ve loved taking a trip down memory lane!

  104. this is so neat…i am just new to quilting (ok, i havent made my first one yet…but i plan to before the end of the year)…i cant wait to look at everyone’s creations…and a contest too?!?!? winning would be whip cream and sprinkles on my sundae!

  105. Really a great idea Amy! Thank you Sponsors! You’re making this fun for so many! I’ve posted about my quilt and linked up! Now I can’t wait to go visit everyone else!!

  106. Love this!! Mine is posted….Can you please tell me, are you from Park City, Utah??? just wondering because thats the park city im from, so i just was curious :)


  107. I’m posted and linked. Thanks for doing this – what a great idea! It will be fun to see everyone’s quilts. And prizes too? Whoo hoo!

  108. I’ve just posted my favorite quilt. Thanks for doing this! What fun to see all the creativity out there!

  109. Oh gosh – this is wonderful! What an amazing collection of quilts and fantastic stories of their creation to go alongside. I can see me spending many an hour enjoying these pictures, stories and blogs. I am very new to quilting and have not yet completed my first quilt – (only a quilt top) so cannot yet join in the fun – mabye next year! Thank you for organizing and thank you to everyone who has contributed with a quilt.

  110. What a brilliant idea Amy, I posted my quilt & hope everyone comes by & checks in!
    What generous sponsors you have too.

  111. Thought I’d let you know, there seems to be a blogger ‘flowers’ leaving what seems to be the same spam comment with an unrelated link on a lot of these posts.

  112. Hi Amy~ I got my favorite quilt post up today. I’m impressed at how many people have joined. It’s a great way to visit new blogs too.

  113. Hello from Ireland! This is a great idea, off now to be inspired by all the other quilts, have put my Dear Jane quilt link in with the rest. I’d love to be entered for the draw!

  114. Oh my I noticed another Bunny blogger LOL. I have just uploaded my photo on flicker hope I did it ok. Not very savey at this blogging. I sure saw some wonderful quilts you all are so tallented. Hugs to all.

  115. Hi Amy, What a faulous idea! Hope that I am not too late! I’ve quickly written up a post. Off for a day of sewing with my quilting group. Will visit the Quilt Show when I return. Thanks for hosting this event!

  116. What a wonderful idea- an online quilt festival! I’ve gotten so much inspiration from looking at everyones’ gorgeous creations. Thank you so much for sponsoring this!

  117. Lovely idea. I’m a new quilter and it’s so inspirational getting to view everyone’s quilts. And thanks a bunch for the contest too!

  118. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun event! I just started quilting, and cant seem to stop. I feel so blessed to be apart of something so fun. thanks again. and I am crossing my fingers for a prize! along with all the other millions of quilters out there in blog land.

  119. Thankyou for the opportunity to document my favorite quilt. Fantastic idea you had here!
    I’ve posted about it, added the button to our sidebar and joined the flickr group!

  120. OH my goodness. Have fun reading all these comments:0)

    From one Amy to another, thanks for organizing this. It will be LOADS of fun to read about everyone’s favorite!

  121. What a great time I am having Blogging around to all the entries. Thanks for setting it up. I am 124. I forgot to comment yesterday.

  122. I think this is a most amazing idea!
    Thanks for putting this together
    Keeping my comment brief so I have more time to take in the show

  123. THANK YOU for putting all this together for us! I cannot tell you how much inspiration I am getting from visiting all the sites. And how much I enjoyed thinking about my quilts and which one I wanted to write about!

  124. This is a great idea. I have a brand new blog that is all about my crafty tendencies, so this is right up my alley. I love your blog and would love to win any of these fantastic prizes! Thanks!

  125. Yay! This is such a fun event..so many great quilts and blogs to look at and great giveaways!! I like your blog Amy, it is my first time visiting you. Thanks for hosting. :)

  126. What fun this has been – I’ve blogged my favorite quilt and linked up with Mr. Linky. So many beautiful quilts people are sharing – thanks!

  127. I came across your giveaway through my SIL’s blog. I am not a quilter, yet, but I have a beautiful wall hanging she made and I posted a photo and story back in January. That’s the one I am linking y’all to.
    I would like the paper quilting materials for a dear friend in a wheel chair who l.o.v.e.s crafts and her birthday is coming up!
    Thank you all for the idea and prizes.
    Rita K (I noticed there is another Rita)

  128. City Park Girl what an ingenious plan. I will be coming back often to see the updates and what everyone posts.. it was very very hard to pic a favorite.. cause after I posted I remembered 5others that I think are still my favorite.. I love applique so anything applique would be lovely

  129. What a huge project. I look forward to seeing everyone’s quilt. Thank you to all the prize sponsers. I entered a quilt called “Tia’s Wonky Stars”.

  130. Please stop by and have a look at my favorite. I like it so much I even posted a tutorial! And thank you for hosting this great show!!! And prices too ; )

  131. What a wonderful showing. I checked all 262 blogs so far. Awesome quilting.

    Thank you for doing this. It was wonderful to sit and see all the outstanding quilting that is going on out there.

  132. What a great idea! It’s been such a treat seeing the quilts and reading what quilters have to say about them. Plus, I really enjoyed the motivation to write about what I think of as “my father’s quilt.” Thank you.

  133. What a fun event! And great inspiration too! I shared my first ever machine quilting-quilt- original design pattern :) thanks again!

  134. A great way to spend some time. It is great we are able to visit a quilt show without leaving our homes and make new friends at the same time

  135. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun event! I am so glad to be a part of the festival and am sooo looking forward to look at all the quilts signed up!!! Thanks so much!!

  136. Hi, I think this is a great idea. I’ve put a post with my quilt on my blog linking to your blog.Thanks for getting this organized.

  137. Hi everyone! I’m excited to be a part of this festival and event. Thanks, Amy, for organizing such a fun online party. -Autumn

  138. This is such fun and all the links are really inspirational. I love the stories and finding new blogs, too!

    Thank you for hosting this awesome event, and I’m excited to be participating in its first year.

  139. Alrighty then! I’ve linked, blogged and now I’m signing up for the give-away. This is exciting. Thanks for hosting such a great thing!

  140. I am having a blast looking at all the blogs and reading about everyone’s favorite quilts. What a lot of great talent!

  141. This is such a great idea! Sadly I haven’t completed a quilt yet, but hopefully by next year. If this is a success, will it be done again next year (or in the Fall for that matter)?

  142. Hi Amy,
    I don’t know if I have done all the parts right but I gave it my best shot. There is an icon to your blogger festival on my blog as well as my name on your linky list so I am going to hope for the best.

    Its a wonderful idea and I certainly will enjoy visiting the other blogs to gain inspiration.
    Please put my name in for your draws.
    Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  143. What a great idea. I’ve had so much fun looking at everyone’s favourite quilts and reading what it is that makes them special. Thanks for this.

    Lisa in New Zealand

  144. What a great idea! Thanks for organizing this online gem…I am going to be lost in blogland for quite some time checking out everyone’s contributions. My link is posted, thanks again!

  145. I have posted and linked – my favourite quilt is one I was lucky enough to win! Thank you, Amy, for organising this festival.

  146. Hi Amy,

    after you left your comment in my blog, I decided to play too! Thanks for the encouragement, hope you like my “favourite” quilt! :)

  147. I love this idea of having an on-line quilt festival –

    Not only for now – but, that we can keep coming back to for inspiration!

    Thank you so much…

    I will be adding to Mr. Linky first thing in the morning as my post will show up at 5:00 a.m.

  148. Thanks for “hosting” Amy. I’ve been inspired and a little overwhelmed at all the quilts “showing” at the virtual festival!

  149. What a great idea! Thanks for having this online quilt festival. So many wonderful quilts to see and be inspired by…I’m through about 80 of them with over 200 more to go! LOL

  150. I am having SO much fun looking at all the quilts and reading the stories! This is WAY better than a “regular” quilt show!! ~ Jennie

  151. What a great idea!! I just posted on my favorite quilt April 3, so I’m linking to that. I just created my blog, so I’m hoping this will get someone to read it – ha.

  152. Great Idea. I have been checkimg out the names and I have only got to 18 and I hope I will be able to find the time to see them all. I don’t know how long it will take but I think I’m going to clock when I do it to see how long it takes.

  153. I love the Charlie and Lindsay prize. I am a huge fan of those lines. . . and of course the fat quarter shop. I am going to work on posting my favorite quilt. I have to fire up the camera. Thanks for organizing this wonderful event.

  154. Amy, what a brilliant idea ~ love it!
    I’ve posted about my {current} favourite quilt on my blog…
    And what a sweet extra to give away some quilty goods {my favourite would be the Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate…there are some things that have my name on it but my wallet doesn’t think so…sigh}.
    Thanks for putting this event together!
    Greetings from Germany,

  155. Hello,
    I’ve just posted about one of my favourite quilts. This sounds really fun, and I think I will spend some time the next days visiting blogs. Hopefully some of you want to visit mine too.
    thanks for organizing this!

  156. Great idea! So I thought I’d jump in, too :)) I posted about my favorite quilt on my blog.

    Thanks for organizing this!!!

    Dagmar from Germany

  157. What a brilliantly clever idea! I’ve loved looking at others quilts and the comments I’m getting on my own. You’ve inspired me!

  158. What a terrific idea – and a privilege to view everyone’s personal choices – such a difficult personal decision but made me think long and hard about all the different work I’ve done – lovely to have an excuse to re-visit it all

  159. This was really a great idea, of course I join this one.
    It´s not easy to choose what quilt to show but now it´s done.
    Thank you for organizing!

  160. thanks forcoming up with this wonderful idea. I love seeing all the creativity out there in blog land. Soooo many wonderfulquilts.

  161. What a fabulous idea to do an online quilt festival! Thank you for all your hard work and time you have put into this so we can enjoy!

  162. I love your quilt show. Thank you for your efforts. So many were very creative and not necessarily my “style”, but I loved each and every one. They were all beautiful.

  163. Amy, what a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I wrote about your festival on “One Mother of A Blog”.

  164. Thanks so much for thinking of this and hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival…its a wonderful chance to see so many lovely quilts and meet other blogging quilters!

  165. Thank-you so much Amy for putting this all together. I have to say I felt kinda silly at first participating since I don’t consider myself very good at quilting but I wanted to show my support of your efforts anyhow. It looks like this event is turning out to be quite a success!

  166. What a brilliant idea. And so fun to look at other quilts. And I’ve really enjoyed the comments others have left for me. Thank you!!!

  167. What a fabulous idea! I can’t wait to view all the wonderful quilts and be inspired!! I am a newer quilter and any prize would be exciting. LOL! What a great group quilters are!!

  168. This is great!!!!! Thanks for doing this, I’m sure it is a lot of work! I can’t wait to take a few hours and “walk around” and see the quilts. :)

  169. Thanks so much for organizing and hosting the Quilt Festival and giveaways ! Can’t wait to go browsing and see all the quilts and blogs !


  170. Thanks SO much for putting this on. I’m having a blast visiting blogs, seeing the quilts, and leaving comments. I know this must be a ton of work for you, so THANK YOU again!

  171. How fun! I’m always looking for a new quilt idea ’cause one can never have too many quilts! I need to start giving some away :) Thanks for putting this together.

  172. Fabulous!! So much inspiration and so many talented quilters out there! WOW! LOVE the Woodland Bloom fabric. Been trying to get a hold of some for awhile!

  173. What a great idea to have an online quilt festival to share everyone’s favorite quilts. Thanks for setting it up!


  174. I have posted my link to my blog entry. This is a great idea. I am looking forward to looking at all of the different quilts. Great prizes also!!

  175. What an awesome idea! Thank you for doing this. I know I will enjoy looking at all of the beautiful quilts that have been posted here.

  176. The online quilt festival is a fantastic idea – and accessible to everyone, no travelling, no crowds, except in the imagination. No shopping opportunities either but that can wait for another day! The quilts themselves are wonderful, aren’t there some talented people out there? Thank you so much for taking the time to do this – may it run and run. Lis

  177. Hi, I have posted my one and only (so far) finished quilt.

    This is a great idea, I am sure this will bring fellow quilters together even from places where quilting is a relatively “new” hobby (like Hungary). :)

  178. It has been enjoyable finding new quilty blogs and seeing others favorite quilts, and of course the great prizes too!! I have posted on my blog! Thanks!

  179. Thank you Amy, this is a great idea.
    I have used an early quilt that I haven’t mentioned before as my entry.
    I hope that my link has worked, it was there OK, but when I refreshed it had gone! Oops!

  180. This is a fabulous idea!! Thanks for hosting and gathering all the wonderful sponsors. Now I need an extra 5 hours in my day to check out all the links and photos!!!!!!

  181. Amy – This is just such a great idea and I’m so glad I can participate. I entered my link and I’m going to put the banner in my sidebar! :) I hope I can win one of these wonderful prizes!

  182. Wow! What an amazing turnout. Thanks for organizing Amy. I’m looking forward to meeting some new folks and seeing some great quilts.

  183. Almost 350 participants. Thanks for this opportunity. Of cours I like winning prizes but mostly I like showing my quilt(s).

  184. Thanks for doing this. What fun. I am enjoying all of this so much. I can hardly wait to check out all the other quilts.

  185. Hi,
    I posted yesterday, then forgot that I needed to come back and post a comment – da! Anyway it is hard to pick afavourite, and then I didn't have photos of 2 of the completed quilts so hope I have not comitted any quilting sin by posting photo of unfinished ones! (and the quilts are at our holiday home & not here with me to take new photos)- what a fantastic idea, well odne you are certainly to be congratulated, and what a fabulous array of prizes!
    have fun, Shiree

  186. After enjoying this quilt festival, I was inspired to join the party! I updated my blog (and it has been almost a year) just to be a guest! There are so many wonderful quilts and people out there! Thanks!

  187. I decided to join. I posted a link on my sidebar and also a link in my post.

    I have to say I didn’t get much work done this weekend. What a wonderful event. Thanks for organizing this and thank you to the sponsors.

  188. My favorite quilt is my “Streak of Lightning” Quilt which is not too far into my pretty darn new blog. Sure like the green carbon footprint (and lack of Houston humidity) of *this* Quilt Show!

  189. I have posted a picture of one of my quilts for the virtual quilt show. This was a great idea! Thanks.

    The Cozy Quilter

  190. Hi Amy, I have posted the link on my side bar. I would like to be part of Bloggers Quilt Exhibition and will post my quilt up very soon and then I will add my link to your list once I have done that. Thanks for organizing such wonderful bloggers exhibition – Natima

  191. Hello Amy, I have added my link….and will place yours on my blog….thank you for the fantastic idea of a Quilt Festival……great source of inspiration for all….Regards Lyn

  192. Brilliant idea woman! Yay!! Thank-you , this has been a fun night of blog hopping to take a peek at some beautiful, meaningful and downright awe inspiring quilts. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories behind them.

  193. Amy,

    What a fabulous idea! I love hearing about the stories behind quilts, what a beautiful and inspirational way to spend an afternoon. Thank you !

    Esther Aliu

  194. I absolutely love this idea! What fun to see everyone else’s beauties!

    I am so enjoying this Thank you so much for doing this.

  195. You may be a quilter but you have done so much to KNIT TOGETHER the blogisphere’s Quilt Community with this magical event! It’s been so nice to find new people to follow on their blogs. Of course, the feedback has been great! Thank you so much!

  196. Amy, I have joined the festival and have blogged and linked up, etc. I am off to add the festival button to my sidebar. This is a great idea! Thanks!!! The quilts I have read about are so inspiring. Debbie

  197. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for putting this together. I just posted my quilt on my blog and now I’m off to enjoy this amazing show! I hope you’ll make it an annual event. Happy Stitching!

    Cathy ♥

  198. Hi Amy!

    Thank you for doing this! I can’t wait to see all of the participants’ quilts- I am inspired by every single person who puts their heart and soul into fabric.
    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to showcase their talent too.
    Posting the photos onto flicker is a great idea too, I can already see that I will be spending the afternoon here at the computer!

  199. hi amy,
    i love it!! thanks so much for putting this together. really can’t wait to see everyone’s blog/link and quilts coming together.
    i’ll be posting mine on flickr asap
    cheers :)

  200. What a fun contest! Thank you so much to you (and the sponsors!) I added my link and with so many fabulous prizes it’s tough to pick a favorite, though I would probably go with the Fat Quarter Shop prize. :)

  201. This is Sho, the other half of Quilted Pomegranate. I have added a quilt to the festival and linked it in. Also, posted to our blog.

  202. Thanks for posting this its so helpful to a newbie like me. All the prizes are so amazing. I would love to win one. ;) Since I am just starting out I wold love to win one of the gift certificates to the fabric shops.

  203. I love this idea – sorry I’m a little late to the party, but I added a blog post and link today. I can’t wait to go through your link list to see some of the favorite quilts around blogland!

  204. This is great! I am post #175, and thought I’d be one of the last. Silly ol’ me. I am having so much fun looking at other entries, and seeing frommy counter how many visitors I have had from all over the world. It’s exciting. I’m obsessed. What will I do when this ends???

  205. #400! I have posted on my blog about my quilt with my favourite sentiment of love for family and quilting. Thank you for hosting this Amy. I have started looking at the quilts and the beauty of them is absolutely breathtaking!

  206. I have posted and left my link, so here is my comment to be entered into the giveaway.

    What a great idea!!! Maybe an annual event?

    I’m off to check out the other quilts.

  207. How Fun! What a great way to learn of bloggers and better yet – their favorite quilts! How cool is this. Thanks so much for taking the time to set this up. I have lots of visiting to do!

  208. Rock n scroll. You rock… I scroll.

    This is so wonderful, Amy. Thanks for hosting and all of time. Thank you! xom

  209. Hi Amy, Thanks for organizing the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I hope I did everything right and everything works. I have added my post of my favorite quilt and have added my link. If I am lucky enough to win one of the prizes, fabric would be great or Gift Cert.


  210. Thank you Amy! This is wonderful, so inspiring and entertaining. A huge success, congratulations! Here’s to many more quilt festivals!
    love Nova xxx

  211. Absolutely amazing, I’m #413, in just a few days…gives real meaning to “you build it and they will come”. Thank you, this is so much FUN,can’t wait to visit each and every single one of the posts no matter how long it takes. Thanks. Michelle at RosebudQuilting

  212. I hope it’s okay that I entered a post I had done back in October of 2008 showcasing some of my mom’s quilts as well as my favorite! Great contest!

  213. Thanks for organizing this “Festival” I too wanted to go to Paducah but won’t be able to make it this year but now all I have to do is browse through all of these links! Great Idea!

    I posted about one of my favorite quilts, not a prize winner I’m sure, but special to me.

  214. Hi Amy! Thanks for organizing this. I have linked to the QF 2009 and I have enjoyed looking at everyones quilts. The world is just full of wonderfully talented people.

  215. What an awesome idea. What a wonderful community of creative people. I’ve had so much fun looking at them all that I had to join the fun.

  216. WOW! What a lot I learned in viewing all these gals items today. I am a feedsack collector, I have my gr-mom's quilt & love it. Come over & join my blog ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  217. I love that you put this together Amy! I am going to have to spend some time going through the wonderful list of quilters. I just added my entry!:)

  218. What a great idea. I can’t believe all the wonderful blogs. It will take some time to get to them all, but I am loving it! This is the best way to connect with our fellow quilts yet! Thanks for what your doing. I look forward to making many new blog friends!
    Joan – MooseStashQuilting

  219. Your “Quilt Festival” is such a wonderful Idea! Thank-you for taking the time to do this. I am the 441st person to join the festival. Did you dream in your wildest dreams that you would have this many folks responding? WOW! I have selected a quilt, blogged about it, and linked back here. Thank-yous go out to all who are sponsering the Festival! What a great way to inspire quilters and meet new friends!

  220. Hope it is not too late to join in. I have posted a quilt on my site and also your button. Great Great idea. I will working on a new one for October. Thanks for the fun!!

  221. What a wonderful Idea. I’m working on my post now and will add my part to Mr. linky. Thank you for doing this. Now to sit back and read alot of blogs.
    Cleary K.

  222. Thank you for hosting this wonderful gathering of quilts and quilters from around the world. I’m Finn in WI and I blog at Pieces from my scrapbag. Hugs, Finn

  223. What a wonderful idea this Quilt Show is. I have just added my own small quilt. There is so much inspiration here, I am thoroughly enjoying visiting all the Blogs and looking at the marvellous quilts being shown.

  224. Amy,

    Thank you for hosting the Quilt Festival. You are the hostess with the mostest. I am really enjoying your blog. I have never been to your blog until I saw someone else linked to the Quilt Festival. Thanks again!

  225. Hi Amy. We just took photos of my friendship quilt before shipping it off to a show, and I’ve been meaning to write about it on my blog. Then I found your blog and knew it was time! I posted it on my blog and put it in your Mr. Linky list and would love to share my quilt with other quilters! And thanks for putting together a great list of blogs to explore. :)

  226. This is fun! I’ve left my blog entry and think this is a wonderful idea! THANKS to all the sponsors!

    The quilt I posted was one I did from my own head… didn’t have a pattern, just took off with it. Over 1100 2″ squares!

  227. Thank you for organizing this. Unbelieveable. I got sick with a cold so am late to enter and was shocked when I finally felt well enough to do so.

    Great job.

  228. Amy, if I win a prize, I’ll be happy with any of them. THey all sound great. BTW, there is a smiley face beside by link, but when I click on it, it takes me to my blog, which is what it’s supposed to do. So why the smiley face?
    Thanks so much for this fun festival. Hope you do it again in the fall.
    Susan Ramey Cleveland

  229. I love this idea, and I'm thrilled you have such a huge response!

    I added my quilt, too, for grins & giggles. :)

    Also, I love your blog layout. I need to figure out how to add sidebars like yours, so that I can have more links and photos and good stuff!

    Thanks again!!

  230. Hi Amy, Just meeting you now through all the other blogs participating in this fun idea. Thanks so much for putting it together. I have only been blogging for a couple of months but have spent many pleasurable hours wandering around in quilting blogland seeing all the other very creative, funny, smart and inspiring people here!

  231. Wow!Wow!Thank you for hosting this quilt show. I’ve only been able to look and read about 100 so far. As I read and thought about my favorite quilts. Then I blogged about my quilt. Also let several online groups know about the Quilt Festival. Thank you…Lots of inspiration here. I do hope you will host another one.

  232. Posted and linked – oh MY it was hard to get to the bottom of the comments, lol!!!!! This is such fun seeing everyone’s favorite quilts, thanks so much for doing this! Lots of lovely new blogs to read!

  233. My post is done and I’m back to say thanks for this great idea and the opportunity to view quilts from all over the world.

    Thanks also to your sponsors for their generous gifts, one of which I’d love to come to my house!

  234. Hi Amy
    This is a brilliand idea and I am so happy to join in the fun. Please enter my name on the list.
    Have a great day!

  235. this is really neat. and my first time doing anything like this! all of these quilts are amazing. i feel like i’m in the company of some very talented people!

  236. What a wonderful event!! I have posted my favorite quilt and am off to visit the other quilters in the festival. Thanks for hosting this.
    ~Tootles for now!

  237. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for organizing. I’m off to look at all the wonderful posts I can squeeze in during lunch!

  238. Amy, what a neat idea! Thank you so much. I’m having a blast. You’ll have to explain to my bosses at Timeless Treasures why I don’t have my samples done for Market! I’m too busy at the quilt show.

  239. Amy. Thanks for organizing this online quilt festival. What a terrific idea. I have posted on my blog about my favourite quilt.

  240. Wow! What a great idea! I wish I had seen this soon because I would’ve joined in the fun. But I like going to quilt shows also. Thanks everyone for sharing your creations!

  241. Thanks for hosting such a fun event! What a great response you are having. I just started my blog last week… evidently just in time to join in the fun:)

  242. Thanks for doing this Amy! What a fantastic idea! I posted my quilt today and can’t believe the additional response I’v gotten already!

  243. Wow! What a great turnout! I love that you did this, it’s a great idea I think. I left my link on your list here. All of the prizes are so nice. No preferences there. Thanks for doing this!

  244. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! So of course I joined in. I know it’s a long shot for the prizes, but I would be over the moon for the Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate. I never have that kind of money to blow on fabric! Everybody’s quilts are amazing an inspiring!

  245. Wow!!! Look what you started. I should be able to waste hours and hours looking at fabulous quilts!!! It beats cleaning and laundry.

  246. This was such a great idea, thanks for organising! I’m new to quilting, but have posted my favourite and only quilt. I’ve looked through lots of the other quilts and I’m so inspired – roll on next quilt.

  247. Hi! This is the first time I’ve heard of a lot of these blogs–including yours! What a wonderful way to meet other quilters and be inspired! Thank you for organizing! I’ve posted my quilt and linked! Thanks to the sponsors for such great prizes!

  248. I almost forgot to leave a comment for the giveaway.
    I am number 432. It just popped into my head this morning that I forgot to let you know that I was participating. It has been fun to see all the quilts. You can’t get better than a free quilt show, right?

  249. I just entered my favorite quilt in the contest. What a great idea Amy!
    Quilting Editor Craft Gossip

  250. Wow!! I actually almost missed this. So glad to be able to join in!!! My most recent post is my favorite quilt a Bonnie Hunter design – Old Tobacco Roads. I love this idea!!!! :-D

  251. Thanks for organizing this, Amy. I’m up and linked, although I noticed the button links to your latest blog post, not the one with all the quilt fest links. How would I change that?

  252. I actually posted a quilt! I’ve only made a few, so thanks for the nudge. Now I’m going to actually finish a long-unfinished project

  253. Wow Amy– what a great idea! Thanks so much for organizing this festival. I’ve posted about this on my blog and added my photos to the flickr group. Take care!

  254. Thank you for be so creative and for hosting the quilt festival. What a wonderful idea! I have placed your tag on my blog. Again, THANKS!


  255. Thank you for be so creative and for hosting the quilt festival. What a wonderful idea! I have placed your tag on my blog. Again, THANKS!


  256. Thank you for be so creative and for hosting the quilt festival. What a wonderful idea! I have placed your tag on my blog. Again, THANKS!


  257. Thank you for be so creative and for hosting the quilt festival. What a wonderful idea! I have placed your tag on my blog. Again, THANKS!


  258. Thank you for be so creative and for hosting the quilt festival. What a wonderful idea! I have placed your tag on my blog. Again, THANKS!


  259. Thank you for doing this! It “forced” me to take pictures and tell the story of my first quilting experience!

  260. Hi Amy,

    This was a great idea!
    Don’t we love going to quilt shows, this way the quilt show comes to us! Thank you!

    Happy Sewing!

  261. Hi all the people, i lovely the festival of quilt, i´m new in the world of patchwork, i put my “quilt colours” in my blog to ber my first quilt hanmade for me i´m from Uruguay. Excusme for my english. Thanks you greetings from South America

  262. Wow! Look at what you started, Amy!! This is such an amazing event already and thank you so much for organizing and for this opportunity to share my favorite quilt! You are so awesome! And OMG thanks for the brownie recipe! I’m so excited to try it! Lotsa luv~~~

  263. A link to a post for the Festival has been left. This was a GREAT IDEA! And I am glad to see that you are considering doing another one in the Fall.

    As a new blogger also thanks for also giving me an excuse to update the blog sooner than I would have otherwise!

  264. Oh dear…I just heard about the Online Quilt Festival today :( I have to get busy looking. Perhaps I can enter a quilt next time. What a great idea. Have you heard of the Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon…I am only a few hours from there and try to go each year. Please enter my name in your giveaway!

    Thanks so much & Stay Cozy, Carrie

  265. So much beauty out there… and so much talent. It’s wonderful to be able to sit here, late at night, children and hubby asleep, and pull up picture after picture of inspiration and loveliness…. Thanks for organizing this event….

  266. Thanks so much for doing this. I wanted to post all week, but didn’t have time until tonight. I thought about waiting until October, but I just couldn’t!

  267. What a fabulous idea. I’ve been trying to get this done all week and just finally managed to do so.
    Thank you so much for putting this together. It’s an absolutely fabulous way to see some amazing quilts!

  268. Thanks Amy for this fun Quilt Festival. I’m a little slow…but I posted and I’m excited to be a part of this fun event!

  269. This was such a fun idea! I blogged my mom’s quilt because she will never have a blog and I totally want others to see her amazing work. She’s more talented then I am:) Thank you so much for doing this, what a great way to get to know a bunch of new ladies!

  270. What a great idea, and you have so many entries, I certainly won’t see them all this week. People have come to see my quilts who never would have done so without this show. Thank you, Lori

  271. great idea! I love seeing what other people are working on. And this is a great one stop place to check all the blogs out!

  272. My buddy, Jennifer Paganelli turned me on to you guys. I have been doing so many cool things with her fabric, but my latest quilt- Mid’ Century Spring- a bit of a departure for me- was inspired (as told on my blog)by the the instinctual faith of the birds building their nests – despite the late arrival of spring.It’s 60″x 44″.

  273. What a wonderful idea! An online quilt show! I have linked with my favorite quilt. I can’t wait to visit all the entries and see their quilts AND read their stories. Thanks.

  274. Hi Amy, I wrote you an e-mail and just now realized that I never left a comment.
    You really are the best. This has been such a lot of fun.

  275. What a wonderful idea – and a great reference! I’ll be checking back often! Thank you for offering all of these great prizes!


  276. This is so much fun. I can’t wait to see all the finished quilts! I’m in heaven just looking all the talent displayed here! Thanks for the opportunity to join!

  277. Hi! We are backdoor neighbors! I live in Woodland. Every once in a while I make my way down to the cute Midway quilt shop and adore all their quilts on the walls. Thanks for doing the festival. I’m excited to quilt blog hop!

  278. What a fabulous quilt show…thank you so much. I’m looking forward to grabbing a cuppa and enjoying everyone’s work of art.

  279. What a wonderful idea! I’ve always wanted to show my quilt and this is the perfect forum. No preference prize wise, just thrilled to join in the fun!

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