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At some point today we hit 400! That’s over 400 quilting bloggers all linked up right here – isn’t that so cool? I know you all agree, you keep telling me how wonderful I am in your comments! Thank you :)

I’ve seen the same question again and again -
Will we be doing this again? You have to do this again – can we have one in the summer? And such —

My thoughts are this – once a year doesn’t seem like enough, but once a season may be a little too often, (for me) so how about we keep it coinciding with Spring and Fall Market!

If you saw my first post about this last Monday (yes, I put it together in one week) – then you should understand the connection :) I’m up for it if you are! By October we all should have something new to share, and I’ve learned not to ask for your favorite – so many have the hardest time selecting one quilt above the rest! It will always be one quilt per blogger :)

I’m still working through all your links and comments – you are a lot to keep up with! I’m not complaining at all – I’ve been introduced to new blogs that I would never have found on my own, new styles of quilting that I haven’t seen much of before and been so inspired by each and everyone of you!

Again? yes – in October. :)

56 thoughts on “Again??

  1. Quilt festival again in October, yes, definitely! This was lots of fun and I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful quilts and finding new blogs about quilting! Thank you Amy :)

  2. Hi Amy, wow, the list is getting longer! How fantastice this is? I have signed up, but have not post my quilt yest, hope to do it after work today. I have a question for you? Is it possible to have the list in alphabeticals order? I know it is a lot of work for you already and I really do appreciated. Just wandered? Regards and thanks – Natima

  3. Amy, I think that makes total sense. Two times a year gives people a chance to finish or decide on another quilt. I like the fact that you will have it coinciding with Quilt Festival/Market. Or at least close to it! Thanks for your hard work!

  4. it’s been great being a part of it; to be both inspired and uplifted is a treat, and you’ve done that for 400 people now–pat yourself on the back, you have some good karma heading your way!

  5. This is amazing.. in no way am I complaining in this next comment so don’t take it that way! I’ve got “deer i headlights” syndrome right now. There’s just so much, and so many, and my adhd is kicking in (haha) and I can’t focus enough to comment everywhere! My poor cache has been emptied twice now this weekend!
    My blog favourites have tripled and my quilt projects have infinitely grown and now I don’t know where to start on my next projects!!!!! HELP!!!!
    It’s kind of like if your favourite quilt shop had everything on sale for 50% off and you want everything but just don’t know where to start….
    All said in frantic and excited voice, it’s been so fun. I’m so proud of you for doing this!

  6. October sounds wonderful. Like someone said, my blog favorites have tripled too. I’ve so enjoyed this. Thanks again Amy for giving us this gift…

  7. Twice a year …. good choice. I’ll be ready.
    Until then, I’ll be trying to work my way through the hundreds of entries for this one. I’m up to 170 and loving it.
    Andi :-)

  8. Oh yes, let’s do it again in Fall! I love the idea of Spring and Fall. Goes with the “real” market schedules too. Is there still time to add my favorite to the list? I haven’t posted it yet cuz I just finished the top on Sunday.

  9. I agree with everyone…October is a great time and I thank you so much for doing this…it is great. I have not gotten through even a fourth of the blogs, yet, but am having fun “blogging” around!

  10. That is wonderful news. This has been so much fun. I still have not seen all the quilts yet. Thanks again.

    Happy Stitches,

  11. I only signed up on Saturday and I think this is great. So many site to go to, can’t get to them all but I have seen so many lovely quilts and so many nice blogs. Thanks for having this and I am excited about doing it again.

  12. It’s a wonderful event. Twice a year would be great. Thanks for making it possible. I see there are 427 on the list now. Amazing. When we spread the word there will be many more next time!

  13. Great idea to have it coincide with market and I agree with one quilt per blogger. Wonder if you’ll make it to 500!

  14. I just found you through Happy Zombie’s blog! How fun is this! I have enjoyed looking at several of the entries. What a great idea. Maybe I’ll post one this fall…


  15. ohhhhh, so pretty. I have no room for a new hobby, I just dont lol! I knit my fingers to the bone as it is. But I am really enjoying the pics!

  16. Wow, this quilt festival idea is just wonderful. I am having so much fun looking at all the quilts and finding some new, fun blogs for inspiration. Thanks!

  17. I am terrible with computers but I did manage to get my pictures posted and got on your lists successfully, now I am on to attempt adding the logo. What fun! Thanks!

  18. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into this! I am enjoying seeing everyone’s quilts and finding new blogs. I’m excited that you’ll be doing this again!

  19. Wow! The response to this has been amazing! Everywhere I go in blogland I am seeing posts about your on-line quilt fest. Huge congrats for the great success it has been!!

  20. What a fantastic experience this is. Fun reading the blogs and inspiration seeing all the quilts. A twice-a-year event makes perfect sense. Thanks for doing this, Amy

  21. Glad to hear you’ll be doing this again – though also glad it won’t be until Autumn as it may take me that long to visit all the quilts in this round!

    Also glad to hear you won’t be asking for favourites, as that’s too hard – I’ll just pick one we like, with a good story :)

  22. A brillant idea to host this quilt show and the eye candy is awesome. I’ll be ready and waiting for the next show in the fall. Bravo to you!

  23. c’est une idée formidable ,je n’arrête pas de visiter ces sites ,tout ces quilts sont très beaux et tellement différents c’est un vrai régal et j’apprécie la simplicité de ce festival,affectueusement

  24. Thank you again, Amy for hosting this “festival”. I think twice a year is a great idea!

    Wow – you’re up to over 500!! When will I find the time to visit them all!!?

  25. Thank you so much for the amazing Quilt Show! I just finished looking through all 500+ and it was amazing! I think that I bookmarked at least a dozen new blogs to follow! I don’t have a blog yet, but now my goal is to set one up by October so that I can post a quilt in the next show. Thanks again!

  26. I have so enjoyed seeing the many different quilts on these blogs. Thanks for organizing this. It has been loads of fun.

  27. Thanks for organising this Quilt Festival , I have spent so mauch time over the last week looking at all of the quilts, and thanks for the comment on my blog. October sound far enough away but may be not soon enough.

  28. Thank You Amy for taking the time and energy to coordinate this “Festival”
    I was able to view quilts made by so many talented and creative people.
    Peace and Stitch,

  29. YES…again in October would be super! I’ve enjoyed this so much. I’ve seen and made favorites out of so many blogs that I have inspired me and I know will continue to inspire me. Quilters are an amazing bunch! Thank you Amy!

  30. Amy,
    I was so busy this past week that I never linked to your quilt show. That will not happen for the next one you do!! I would really like to participate if you do it in the fall so please count me in. Doing these kind of things really keep ya hoppin’ don’t they? They sure are fun, though, and you meet so many bloggers which equals lots of great quilts, ideas, and new friends!!!!!

  31. I haven’t left a comment for a while…hve been sitting back and watching well, because I don’t quilt. But what a fun thing you have done here! Maybe I should learn before October.

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