A Notion or Two – April

Posted on April 27th, by Amy in a Notion or Two, My kids. 19 comments

So I have this thing. I have to finish before I can move on to the next thing. Not usually a problem – but sometimes I really want to move on to the next thing and my OCD won’t let me!

Today I finished up my block for A Notion or Two, Russ sent out Amy Butler prints to make a quilt for his daughter. It took me a while to be inspired, but in the end I made a mini snowball block.

April - for Russ

April - for Russ

After finishing up I spent some time ironing and cutting up this –

SewConnected May

It’s my month for SewConnected!! I’m excited to see what this becomes with everyone’s creativity. I’ll keep you updated :)

In “other” news – my boy got a haircut.

Big Boy!

Isn’t he cute? Owen will be 2 in June. Back in January I had 3 stitches because I cut the skin off the top of my knuckle while trying to give Owen a haircut . . . I’m happy to say that I have full mobility and a normal looking knuckle. I should also point out that I have vowed to not cut the kids’ hair :) Joe took the clippers to Owen, while I held his hands and then him, as he got more nervous.

19 thoughts on “A Notion or Two – April

  1. Your mini snowball block is a beauty! I want to make one NOW!!
    Do look after your knuckles, they are very important for your creativity!! ;D

  2. He is so cute! I am glad you did not cut his hair this time. I need your hands in great shape because I love reading your blog and use it for inspiration.

  3. Beautiful snowball blocks – I love those fabrics!
    And Owen..well, let’s just say those eyes just melt me! He could get away with lots around me if he looked at me that way! LOL!
    I am similar with finishing projects. I have 3 cut out right now. And I really really want to work on one, but I can’t until i have the other one all sewed up!

  4. I am just like that as well. I can’t move on to new things with unfinished projects lying around. Makes me crazy. But I have two long kind of tedious projects going on right now that I SO want to be past so I can do other things…but they HAVE to be finished first!

  5. I wish my problem was having to finish one project before starting another. My attention span is too short and so I usually have about 6or 7 projects going at once.

    LOVE the snowball block!

    Thanks for putting me on you links. I’ll be putting you on mine,too.

    ~Poplar Porch

  6. Love all of the fabrics and your snowball blocks. And Owen, what a face! He’s adorable and looks so handsome with his new haircut. x

  7. I got goose bumps reading about you cutting your own skin, poor girl!! I’m glad your finger is ok now. Your boy is sooo cute!!

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