Freshcut Pincushion

Posted on May 19th, by Amy in finished project. 30 comments

I took this -

and made it this -
So fun! I love Dresden plate ruler/template thingy! Takes all the mystery out of them :) If you look back at this post I have more information about it, and the pattern I used for the pincushion.

ETA: the link to the pattern is here! I didn’t realize it was hiding :)

My Wonderland fabric just keeps on giving! I promise I didn’t buy that much – just love using up all the little bits :)

This is what Emmalie was working on while I sewed – “I’m organizing for you!” she tells me. I understand where the anal/perfectionist comes from, aahhmm, I just hope she outgrows some of it before it keeps her from enjoying anything less than perfect. Such a sweetie, and all the while soaking up the sewing for the day :)

I hope you are having a great day! Just in case you haven’t seen this –

Go see Dana and you could be the big winner! But first you have to make a quilt :)

Gotta run!
Blessings to you~

30 thoughts on “Freshcut Pincushion

  1. Emmalie is such a cutie! I still do that to my pin cushions when I’m bored. :) The dresden cushion is so fun and bright! Love it!

  2. beautiful dresden pincushion. My little girl organized my pins on day too. She is 8. Also One day My father was visiting and He organized my pins and he is over 70.. so…

  3. I just had to say that I remember doing this to my mom’s pincushion and I STILL will arrange my pins into zig zags or evenly spaced lines or flowers, etc. when the spirit moves me. And now, my kiddos do the same. I love it!

  4. OMG, what a great idea for the pincushion!! I love it! The organization of the pins is funny, she made a great design!

  5. Your pin cushion is too cute…aren’t the Dresden plates easier than you thought?! I was like wow – not that bad when I made the one for the quilting bee :-)

  6. I have always wanted to make a Dreden plate – what a great way to use it! Those gorgeous fabrics really show well in a Dresden too.

  7. I love this pin cushion. Went to the site but didn’t see the pattern. Yours is adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  8. Love it! My son likes to do my pins in patterns too.

    I have hundreds of precut dresden plate pieces that some quilter cut 75 years ago. They are all vintage feedsack and very cute. That’s one of my UFOs for sure!

  9. Love your pincushion, Amy. Emmalie’s work reminds me of a craft I used to do when I was little. We took a bead and a sequin, threaded them onto a pin and then stuck that into a styrofoam shape, side by side until the whole styro was covered. They made great Christmas ornaments. You go, Emmalie.

    Take care,

  10. Wow, I love these pincushions.

    I love pincushions in general too because they’re such easy, quick projects and always look so wonderful.

    Nice job on these!

  11. Fabulous pincushions! I have been admiring the dresden plates around lately – this looks to be the perfect project!

  12. Just stopped by your blog and what to my wondering eyes should appear??? A DARLING pincushion made from my little pattern by you! It is so cute- thank you for featuring it on your blog!

    I love it in the MoMo Wonderland fabs- just finished a new pattern in that line! PS they have a new one coming this fall!

  13. That is so cute! Those wonderland fabrics are so versatile.

    And as for Emmalie – I think she’s a budding designer herself. I don’t think it’s “organizing”. I think it’s trying out new patterns on the pincusion :-)

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