Summer Routine

Posted on June 3rd, by Amy in My kids, quilt-along. 33 comments

Our first week without school, is good, but as always working into a new routine makes for a few hiccups in schedules and productivity! I haven’t made as much progress as I had hoped for so far this week but some is better than none! I will get there :)

I’m all organized and ready to go when ever I have the chance to sit. On track to make 110 – 10.5″ blocks – I altered Dana’s design, just a bit :)
My organization

This is one of my favorites so far -
First blocks

Sophia had a great Birthday! Thanks for the well wishes – I think 4 may be one of her most challenging years yet, for me. She’s been very contrary lately, wanting to do the opposite of what she should be doing, or saying. I’m praying it passes quickly. :) Nothing like testing mommy on every. single. little. thing!

Blessings to you today ~

PS – I put a little poll up on the right – I’m curious to know what everyone thinks :)


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33 thoughts on “Summer Routine

  1. Hi Amy-I do enjoy your blog. I love the colors you picked here. I've been working on figuring the measurements for the Bible tutorial-my Bible is a bit smaller. Thanks for putting it together~

  2. Hi! Those are BEAUTIFUL blocks! I'd love to see more of them. Is that just a very thin stip of brown fabric that you used to make the "cross" in the 4th fabric? ALso, I don't see the survey. Is it up?

  3. Yummy! I love these fabrics. Oh, my did I read that correctly-did you say you have to make 100-blocks?

    You'll be busy but I know they'll look wonderful.

  4. Love the block Amy, great colours! didn't think it was fair to vote for music and not say that I get to listen to stuff I've not heard before, yes sometimes I pause it but I love the variety!

  5. Oh I LOVE these colors! I just ordered more of her fairy tip toes to go with the panel I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's so bright and pretty and soothing. I love the artwork.

    Your quilt is going to be amazing!

  6. Stunningly beautiful fabric!! Is it from a collection or just completely scrappy? I'd love to know what it is so I can hunt some down. Just lovely! :o)

  7. I love the bird print! We are going through a tough time with age 3 around here. Deep breaths and the 'mommy mantra'…this too shall pass ;-)

  8. Oh, I really like your blocks for the quilt along. This is going to be a very rich looking quilt, in my opinion! I have my strips cut, so I just need to arrange and sew them together. Hope your week gets smoother so you can find time to sew!

  9. 100? Really? I think I have 7 done.
    93 to go.
    I was at my fave quilting store and the lady working there said one of her favorite quilting blogs was Park City Girl. "I've heard of her", I said. "I am in a virtual quilting bee with her" Tee hee.

  10. How many strips did you cut in order to get 100 blocks and what size will the finished quilt be? Thanks, I am doing the quilt along, and am using some FQ's and some 1/2yrds. Thanks for the help!

  11. Hi Amy,

    I see that 70% of your feedback so far on "do you like the music" is a "no". BUT…I would like you to consider a few things:
    1. Most people who like the music or don't care would never go looking for your music player. They just enjoy the music. So I think most of the people who see the poll in the first place are people who are there to shut it off.
    2. I like your playlist so much that I often pull up your page to listen to the music while I sew or work. In fact, that's why I pulled it up today…to listen to while I am here in my office working.
    I really, really hope you decide to keep it. If not, give me warning so I can write down the playlist and go download it somewhere, lol!

  12. Your blocks are pretty!
    I like your music choice BUT, I don't like when the players start instantly. I open maybe 10 blogs at a time and if every one of them has instant start music it is overwhelming. Does that make sense?

  13. Hi Amy,
    I'm so glad I just read what Lisa said…I do the same thing! I pull up your blog to listen to your music. I guess I should just download the songs to my itunes. Anyways, love the music.

  14. Hey babe, I love the blocks Sophia is the same age our third would be…… Wow that just hit me. sorry bad on focus. Her behavior sound like Alice. She is just going to be a very opinionated child. Hmm you wouldn't know anyone of those would you.

    The blocks are great. I chickened out on the queen. I will try next time. It actually good cause the week has been so crazy and I didn't get the direction the first two time I read them. Too much on my plate.

  15. oh as for the music thing, If I'm not in the mood I just stop it or mute my computer but most the time I listen I like the music.

  16. Beautiful blocks! I'm out and about visiting in blogland today and found you. I live in Murray, UT. I saw your name 'ParkCityGirl' and thought you might be in Utah! Small world!
    I also just signed up with Dana's quilt-along this past week …looks like a fun time! I'll stop by again, great blog.

  17. love your fabrics. i am making mine bigger as well and as i was still sewing strips together today, i've realized i need more blocks(i only have 80) i am going to have to sew a row together and see if it fits our bed before i run out and get more fabric lol

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