What you don’t see it!? Well it’s lunch time :) My “studio” is put away!
My sewing machine is tucked away on the floor.

My fabrics safely stowed away from grubby fingers :)
That chest holds fabrics, batting, interfacing, rulers, the cutting mat is behind it, and my tools/notion box is on top! That is my computer chair on the right too :)
When nap time rolls around, and the girls go out to play – I pull everything back out again! The iron sits atop the yellow shelf and the board to the right of it. There’s speakers on the shelf too – always some tunes on while quilting :)

Kristina wants to know–
— What do you use your space for?

My space is the kitchen table, so it has many uses! We eat 3-5 meals a day here (4 kids), play games, and color. When all that is cleaned up I pull out my machine and ironing board to get my creative therapy in!

— What is your favorite thing about your space?

My favorite thing is the large table space I have to work with, and the availability to my kids. They are always close by and I can see/hear what is going on :)

— What struggles do you have with your space?

My biggest struggle is that it is not my own space, I have to be patient, and I have to clean up really well – every time. Someday ~ sigh~

— When do you use your space?

I use my space whenever I can squeak out a few minutes! I tend to make small goals for myself that way I’m sure to accomplish something. Naptime, bedtime, occasionally morning cartoons :)

— Share an organizational tip that works for you.

Everything is put away, but not necessarily organized, but having the container with the handle for all my notions/tools has been a huge help. I know eventually I will find the needle I need in there :)

Click the button and play along! Thanks for hosting Kristina!


PS – Doll Quilt Swap is open for sign-ups until they reach 200 participants – run over and get the details!

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