A Notion or Two

Posted on August 7th, by Amy in a Notion or Two. 20 comments

I have sent out fabrics for this month! Included with the fabrics is the little bits of embroidery I was working on last month. Part of a recently blessing was a group of large floral fabrics – that inspired all the little floral embroidery.

I sent the packets with little instructions, 12 1/2″ block and use the embroidery – I love when the fabrics are able to inspire me and I can take off from there. Hopefully that is the case for the rest of the group this month! I’m very excited to see what comes back to me later in the month!

I hope you have a great weekend, we are headed to Costco today, and hope to have a relaxed weekend around the house. Joe had a great birthday – thanks for all the birthday wishes!!


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20 thoughts on “A Notion or Two

  1. I smiled when I got mine – sneaky girl! I can't wait to figure out what to do and see everyone else's blocks! We need to go to Costco too!

  2. Can't wait to see what you get back, Amy. You know how I love a good doodle stitch. Very clever.

    Happy Weekend,

  3. Hi A, your packets look like fun;) Can't wait to see how they all turn out. My pattern arrived yesterday…can't wait to start sewing…I'll post pics when I get it done;) THANKS!!! Looks like Costco's gonna be crowded;) Have a great weekend;)

  4. What a great idea! I love embroidery and I just started quilting so I'm always looking for ways to incorporate embroidery. The zig zag is going to be a present for my niece so I'll embroider her name and the year somewhere on the quilt top. Maybe I'll add a little flower too!

  5. These embroidery packets look so adorable. What a cool idea to put them in a kit like that. I love the little embroidered scenes too, like hand drawings. So charming!

  6. Hi~! I'm new here and love your blog. Such a clever idea to include those embroidered designs. I just love them! I will be checking back to see what this quilt becomes!

  7. Your embroidery work is amazing. It will be fun to see what happens with the blocks. Happy belated birthday to Joe.

  8. Amy-I love your designs-the embroidery is so neat! It reminds me of the fabrics Granny had in my room when I was little.

  9. Love those embroidery designs Amy! Did you come up with them or did you find a pattern to follow?

    They are very neat.


  10. What an inspired idea to include embroidery as part of your bee pack. Must have taken you a while to stitch up though, they all look beautiful!

  11. this is such a great idea for a quilt bee! I think I might steal this for my month (aug 2010)…I should have enough time to embroider 12 things by then :)

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