A To Do List & Drama

Posted on August 18th, by Amy in My kids, work in progress. 24 comments

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey – lots of great info there, and it is helping to get me even more excited for the Fall Quilt Festival! If you haven’t done it yet – I would love to have your input too!

Our weekend was a little dramatic – on Sunday our Emmalie was spinning on her foot in the kitchen, with a cup in hand, when she slipped and fell – face first. It happened so fast! She was in immediate pain, and bleeding, I was the one dressed so we scooped her up and ran to the hospital. Thankfully it is just 5 minutes away. In the end she has 4 stitches on her bottom lip and chin – but owie! That is a painful spot for stitches, and a couple of them he did twice to get the lip line right – I’m thankful he took the time, but it was hard to watch! She also had a puncture inside her lip, bruised top lip, and battered gums – sorry if this is too much, I don’t have pictures :) Today she’s looking and feeling much better! All the swelling has gone down, she can eat more than milkshakes, and the stitches are healing. Now if I can stop stressing over every move she makes! Some of you may remember I had stitches in my finger back in January – I would do that all over again if I could keep her from hurting. She’s a brave girl.

My list of stuff to get done this week –

– Tack down the binding on my zig-zag quilt.
– Sew sample bag for LQS.
– My Doll Quilt Swap mini.
– Try another bag in my head.
Bee blocks? that may be pushing it :)
– Quilt Festival prep behind the scenes.
– The zig-zag quilt-along is complete, I need to make a big post for reference here.
– Of course the laundry and dishes all need to be done constantly – that goes without saying right!?

Looking at it now, this is more a wish list than to-do list! At least I have a goal :) What are you working on?


PS — Are you local to Park City/Salt Lake area, or willing to drive to PC?? A lady contacted me, she is selling off 400 bolts of mostly high quality flannels for $1.50 a yard!! Email me directly if you would like to contact her.


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24 thoughts on “A To Do List & Drama

  1. 1
    Thimbleanna says:

    Hahaha — my to-do is a big ol' jumbo wish list too. Ouch! Glad stitches took care of that big boo-boo. And darn it — that little sale announcement is a month too late!!!

  2. 2
    badlandsquilts says:

    Glad your daughter is getting better… My youngest just got stitches out last weekend, our first experience with them. It's funny, when they were little it was an asthma issue or an ear infection that would prompt the ER visits… Our last two have been broken bones & stitches… these kids keep us busy!

  3. 3
    Michelle says:

    I am glad to hear that Emmalie is getting better. I have a huge wish list to. Trying to figure out what is most important is the fun part.

  4. 4
    Becky says:

    I'm finishing up a baby quilt for a tiny Lyla, due in a couple of weeks. Then to start one for a tiny Lucy, due in October. They are my favorite things to quilt.

  5. 5
    Becky says:

    And ouch! Poor girl and her sore lip. I hope she heals quickly and painlessly.

  6. 6
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I hope those stitches heal well.

    My to do list includes the binding on my grass quilt, some teaching prep, and a couple of soon to be announced projects. Can't wait!

  7. 7
    roseylittlethings says:

    I just want to find some sewing time! Maybe I should go lay out my zig zag again right now and get off the computer!!!

  8. 8
    Amy says:

    I'm trying to finish up the quilt I started at the Denyse Schmidt course I attended in Portland in July!

  9. 9
    Whimsical Creations says:

    Ouch!! Hope she heals quickly. Poor sweetie.

  10. 10
    Terriaw says:

    Sounds like quite a scare. And your to do list definitely resembles my wish lists, much more than I can ever accomplish. Still fun to dream, though, isn't it?

  11. 11
    Jackie says:

    Oh Amy, I sure hope she is better soon. That is so hard to have happen to your little ones. Love you list, I need to make one.

  12. 12
    SaraRules says:

    Poor Emmalie! Hope she heals quickly! Good luck with your to-do list.. can't wait to see more pictures of your projects! :)

  13. 13
    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Hope she is all healed soon – I know how hard it is to see them suffer.
    I am redoing a lot of paper piecing because I did not measure after I printed the template and my printer adjusted the size :( I've redone about 20 hours of work so far and I'm not finished. Tomorrow I will be back to where I was when I discovered the problem.

  14. 14
    SewCalGal says:

    Sorry to hear about Emmalie's spinnng accident. Amazing how something so simple can turn into an accident. But I'm happy she is getting better and you survived the stress.

    I'm busy working on various charity quilts and fundraising projects. Having fun, but clearly not enough time in day to do all I need or want to do.


  15. 15
    Heidi says:

    Sorry to hear about Emmalie. She sounds like a trooper though. I can empathize with her as I had several surgeries to my upper lip growing up and stitches are NO fun at all. Wait a minute, they involve milkshakes. Hmmmm…. I don't know it is a close call ;)

    I am working on starting my zig-zag quilt and finishing my rail fence one. Oh, and whipping up some Moo/Business card holder designs too.

  16. 16
    Rebekah says:

    Oh, your poor daughter! I hope she is healing okay now!

    I've got a baby quilt and my DQS6 quilt to work on this week. The fabric is all ready and now I just need to get to work.

  17. 17
    Karen says:

    Hang in there Emmalie!!!! I have so many things on my wishlist(including the zigzag quilt) …it is scarey! I am working on a queen-sized Bento Box quilt and trying to make headway in quilt kits I have bought!!!!!

  18. 18
    Tipper says:

    Oh goodness-I hope Emmalie is all healed up soon.

    Seems my to do list just keeps getting longer : )

  19. 19
    Jessica says:

    Poor Emmalie! I'm working on lots. Most are secret projects right now for some upcoming birthdays. It's slow moving because I can only work on them when the recipients are not around.

  20. 20
    Vago says:

    Your quilts are so beautiful Amy. Thanks for posting so many nice pictures of them.

  21. 21
    Debby Luttrell says:

    Your to-do list looks as bad as mine! See you in Houston!

  22. 22
    mo says:

    Ack! hate those lightning fast falls where you can't do a darn thing but pick up the pieces. When my daughter was three she got stitches in her chin from the same type of thing and then pulled them all out two days later. She has the highest threshold for pain of anyone I know. She has a nice scar because they weren't quite ready to come out and they couldn't re stitch them. Can't wait to see your doll swap quilt!

  23. 23
    Andrea says:

    Aw poor little bean… was she brave and strong, or did you have to pin her down for the stitches? (I know from experience that it takes 2 nurses, myself, alot of sweat and strength, and the anesthetist to do an IV for my little guy… haha!)

    No fun, but they heal up so quickly! Hope she's feeling and looking better soon!

  24. 24
    Rita says:

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