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Posted on August 23rd, by Amy in quilt-along. 25 comments

This post is a summary of the zig-zag quilt along done in the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along Flickr group.

Fabric Requirements
** To make a 40″ square baby quilt – you need 10 fat quarters for the top, 1/2 yard for the binding, and 1 1/2 yards for the back.

** To make a 48×60″ throw quilt – you need 15 fat quarters for the top, 1/2 yard for the binding, and 2 1/2 – 3 yards for the back. Depends on how much piecing you add to the back.

The big difference with the bed size quilts – different size squares cut. It is to better use your fabric without too much waste. The quilt will be graphic and modern.

**To make a 64×88″ twin size quilt – you need 11 – 1/2 yard cuts, 1 yard for the binding, and 4-5 yards for the back. Again it depends on how much piecing you add to the back.

**To make a 80×88″ Full size quilt – you will need 11 – 1 yard cuts, to make it with 4 colors repeated, 2 1/2 yards of 3 fabrics, and 1 1/2 yards of the fourth fabric. 1 yard for binding and 5-6 yard for the back. Again, it depends on how much piecing you add to the back.

**To make a 88×96″ Queen size quilt – you will need 12 – 1 yard cuts! 1 yard for the binding and 5-6 yards for the back!

Press, Cut and Design
I created a Zig-Zag worksheet with lots of information – I hope it helps! A few people working through the quilt along had a hard time trusting that designing/laying out the quilt as I instructed really worked! Since each square eventually becomes half of 2 blocks, we laid out the quilt half as wide and twice as long, with two rows of matching fabrics – except on the top and bottom, just one. My example:

Mark, Sew, Cut & Press
Mark, Sew, Cut & Press 2
We made half-square triangles (HST) from all of the squares cut the previous week. Working with HST’s I highly recommend pressing your seams OPEN. It lays much nicer in the end :)

Quilt Top Assembly
In the post I included instruction for fixing your missed points, and sagging points. Quite possibly not the “right” way but the way that works for me :)

Baste & Quilt
A couple of quick tips for your walking foot quilting, and thinking outside the quilting box!

Binding Tips
This includes a link to Emily’s Perfect Fit Binding Tutorial – I love her method and use it every time I bind a quilt!My quilt is officially done, bound and washed – ready for Sophia to love it! The puckers around the heart I was concerned about are shrunk in and completely unnoticeable.

I am really loving the quilting and so glad that I took the time to do it! If you have questions about any of this – please email me – I will be happy to help!


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25 thoughts on “Zig-Zag Quilt Along Links

  1. your quilt turned out SO well:) I am totally bummed that I wasn't able to participate. Does a throw pillow count??:) I am workin on one of those! The quilting totally made it, LOVED the special stippled heart, so cute:) Way to go SUPER MOM, lotsa inspiration:) thanks!

  2. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for taking out the time to do a tutorial!! I am in LOVE with this quilt but had no clue how to get it down! I am going to print this out now so I'll have it!

  3. Wonderful – thank you for putting all this into one post, which makes it very easy to access and print out. I love how your zig zag quilt turned out! Great job with the quilting and binding. I wish my fabrics hadn't morphed into something else, but I like the new project too.

  4. I have decided I like pressing open better too, just makes less bulk! I finally have three rows done, HA! Maybe I will get to sew later today!

  5. I have a question: I noticed you said 10 fat quarters for the baby quilt. but did you only use 5 colors? (did you buy 2 fat quarters of each one?)

  6. this is a really lovely quilt- thanks for sharing your tutorial,
    It is almost like making a bargello quilt.
    Yours turned out beautifully

  7. What an absolutely beautiful quilt! The way you quilted it really makes it "pop".

    Oh dear, here's another that will have to go on my list of things I want to make. :)

  8. I love your zigzag quilt! That is up next on my to do list! I never would have quilted mine so densely, but seeing your straightline quilting looking so fabulous inspires me to try. Thanks for the pictures!

  9. I have always wanted to make a zig-zag quilt. Thanks ParkCityGirl for the instructions. I have 5" sq. all cut out and this is definitely my next quilt for sure. It will be scrappy. I'll post a pic on my blog soooooon.

    Barbara in Annapolis

  10. Hi Amy

    My zig zag quilt is going along now after a bit of a hiatus. Thanks for your instructions – they were very clear and I appreciate that you posted them in ORBCQA and the summary with links on your blog. I like your blog and your quilts!!!

  11. Now that I done the sampler quilt long and worked on Curtis shadow quilt I now get the silly triangles. Now, I can try to find time to make my zigzag quilt. So glad you still have the link up! Thanks!

  12. Hello,
    For some reason your zig zag worksheet link is down is there anyway you will e-mail that to me? I really want to make this for my daughters big girl bed. Thank You, Dawn

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