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I can hardly believe that it’s Friday again – this week has been fast and slow all at the same time! Sew-n-tell is organized by ms. Amylouwho and all are invited to participate – yes even YOU :)

Remember those Panache fabrics? Last Friday I cut them up, and started putting them back together — the end result — a quilt top for my sister!

Natalie's Quilt Top

A peek at the details -

Natalie's Quilt Top

And my helpers -

Natalie's Quilt Top

Looks nice and sunny out, but just a few hours later we had this – he’s pointing at the lightening he just saw, and was about to run into my lap for the thunder. Poor boy – still gets to him.

However by bedtime (for the kids) we were rewarded with this beautiful sunset.
Really pretty, and more beautiful in person. I hope you have a great weekend! We are having friends over tonight, and I hope to baste this quilt top, probably tomorrow, and get started on finishing it.

Blessings -

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35 thoughts on “Sew-n-Tell

  1. Beautiful quilt! you photo of the sunset reminds me of the saying my Nana always used to say, "Red sky at night – sailor's delight. Red sky in morning – sailor's take warning".

  2. Beautiful quilt top!!! I'm sure your sister will love it! The sunset is so beautiful… no matter how many I see, it still takes my breath away :)

  3. Love it, what a cool pattern! I actually sewed this week just did not get any photos because it has been so dark and dreary! Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE your quilt, it's so big! I just bought some of that line of fabric, now you have me re thinking what I want to use it for!

  5. It's lovely!! I really like how the blocks are kind of optical illusional…there's big blocks, blocks within blocks, etc.

    So…how are you going to quilt it? ;-)

  6. What a beautiful sunset! It's hard to capture those colors with a camera. You are making great progress on that quilt. Your sister must be so excited!

  7. Wow — it's looking great Amy! I love the pic with the kids — gives some perspective on how big it is — your sister will love it!!!

  8. love the quilt; the babies are cuter! Decided what I want for my quilt…someday; creamy white squares with a quilted design inside of them individually? Then borders around each square of some beautiful fabrics; I'll have to start looking! Love you, Hon, Mom

  9. You did a fantastic job on this quilt Amy! I love thos fabrics, I have some of the fruit slices on the way from Hancocks as we speak!

  10. Gorgeous quilt, well done! I love pinwheels and this pattern is fabulous, could you please tell me what the pattern is?
    Thanks, Kelly :-)

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