Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

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Welcome, welcome! I’m so excited to have you here for the festival! Make sure that you are comfortable, there are so many beautiful quilts to inspire and awe you. When I hosted the Spring Festival I was blown away by the vastness of this online community, and all the talent too! This installment is bound to be just as exciting and fun, with new friends made too.I need to start with a big THANK YOU to the sponsors – check them out on the right, and later in this post too! Each sponsor has generously offered a piece of their shop/business, please take a few moments to click over to each one as they all have something different to offer.

Do you have a quilt to showcase? Excellent! Here’s what you need to do –1. Go write a post about your quilt. It doesn’t matter what size, style, or era it is from – there’s no judging here. In your post tell your quilt’s story. Also be sure to link back here so your readers can join in the fun too! Everyone is welcome – international readers that’s you too!2. Once you have posted on your blog, come back here with a link to that post. Not just your blog, click on the title of your post and get a link to that specific post. 6 months later there have been lots of readers clicking through links from the Spring Festival daily, if you post just to your blog they will not be able to find your Festival Entry.3. Insert your name and url in the Mr. Linky.4. Leave me a comment to be entered in to the giveaways. I’m curious to know where you are from, could you please add your general location to your comment!? Thanks!5. Now go check out all the other entries! Leave encouraging comments wherever you land, enjoy making new friends and be inspired. 6. If you are on flickr, consider adding your entry to the Group Pool, it’s great to see all the quilts in the gallery.

Quilt Festival Participants

1. Diva Quilts
2. Vicki @Sew Inspired
3. Jessica- Littleshika
4. Brooke
5. Joan
6. Diane
7. Two Dogs and a Quilt
8. Diane
9. mereteveian
10. Diane Reichle
11. Marianne Penner
12. Alenka
13. tirane93
14. Mary P
15. Zlaty in PA
16. giselle [greenbuttonstudio]
17. Barb – Quilting Barbie
18. Stephanie
19. jessica
20. Mishka – Quilting Gallery
21. Chase
22. Gretchen
23. Miri @ Milk and Honey Quilts
24. Lis Harwood
25. Andrea, Brooklyn, NY
26. Anina – twiddletails
27. Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style
28. tamara – duckyhouse
29. Cami
30. Jen @ stitches.and.tulips
31. Thistle Cove Farm
32. Aimee – Adventures and Pursuits
33. Renee
34. Brenda
35. Sheril Drummond
36. made by meegz
37. Mary – Quilting in the Sunshine State
38. Kathy- Magnolia Designs
39. Maria All Momas Quilt
40. Cindy Stagg
41. Paula.TheQuilter
42. Kristin – woollypetals-
43. Mrs Moen
44. Lynne at Patchery Menagerie
45. Janet
46. Nichole Pyle
47. maria regina
48. Plain ‘Ol Vanilla
49. SheilaC
50. Rebecka
51. abby o
52. Copper Patch
53. Fairbanks Fancy Goods
54. Loulee
55. Reeze at Morning Glory Designs
56. Dolores (DeeRoo)
57. Muriël – Hopfaldera
58. Seams Sew Together
59. Heartstrings and Precious Things
60. Valerie at {A Day in May}
61. Linda Egge
62. Penny G
63. angie
64. Kris – Summer at Grandma’s House
65. Patricia Escanho
66. Kim – my first quilt!
67. Kim of Kim’s Crafty Apple
68. Linda’s Round Robin Quilt
69. Corry. Dutch Blue
70. Milly @ tin whistle
71. Alissa – Handmade by Alissa
72. Sharon Chapman
73. bellsjo
74. Mary C in WA
75. Liz Chesapeake, Va
76. Anita – Bloomin’ Workshop
77. Rita D
78. Jessie
79. Kristan @ See Ya Tuesday
80. Melissa @ polkadotchair
81. Terri – Quilternity’s Place
82. Emily
83. Christi Smith
84. AnnieO
85. Emily – Simple Girl
86. Cindy Carlson
87. Holly
88. Melissa Jones
89. Heather
90. Sandy Quilts
91. Nikki
92. stephanie allgood
93. Natima
94. Peg
95. susan mckey
96. Applique Today
97. Pat T,
98. ~Michelle’s Musings~
99. Karen
100. Elizabeth Sand and Sunshine Florida
101. Alexandra
102. Mochi Studios
103. Julia
104. Kristin @ Write it Down
105. Linda Zimmerman
106. Marty Enniss
107. kwiltmakr
108. Fun with Barb and Mary
109. MissMikol
110. katrina
111. Monika
112. Vivian
113. Page
114. Kate
115. Trudi
116. Jette
117. Apple Avenue Quilts
118. ClaudesQuiltDen
119. Ann
120. Ruth Anne Olson
121. Rachel – Not-so-Plain Jane
122. Mary-Kay
123. Judy’s Notebook
124. Quiltluver-Karen
125. CJ-A Stitch and a Prayer
126. Pam in KC
127. Sibylle
128. Robin @ Crafty Musings
129. Bquiltin Bev Kirk
130. Bobbi L
131. Suzanne – Piecing it Together
132. Mary on Lake Pulaski
133. Barbara Gunderson
134. Krista
135. MichelleB
136. Carol Thompson
137. Little Island Quilting
138. Jessica “Love Jessica Always”
139. lisa
140. Miss Nancy
141. Belva
142. Dotti Cullen
143. Kay Mackenzie
144. Monica A
145. Allison – Cluck Cluck Sew
146. Corner House Quilt Studio
147. Sarah @ Hyacinths For The Soul
148. Kelly – Can’t Believe I’m Sewing
149. Just Jenn
150. John @ QuiltDad
151. Terri’s Notebook
152. Jenn~ Simple Things
154. Three Spinsters
155. Salt Marsh Designs
156. Daisy Days
157. Quilthaze
158. Lucy of My Byrd House
159. Amy – The calico Cat
160. Wendy L Starn
161. Sara
162. Alyson’s Petals
163. Carrie@CricketwoodPrims
164. Casey
165. Beth from modernJax
166. Elena
167. lollydo
168. Jes
169. Carolyn @ humble abode
170. Michele’sQuiltingJourney
171. Tami – Lemon Tree Quilts
172. Care – Obsessively Stitching
173. LeQuilts
174. Sarah the Suburbanite
175. Laura- Patriotic Table Runner
176. Ritapizza
177. Karin
178. Deana-Daughter of Dorinda
179. Kathy @ Aspiring Ameliorant
180. Geni
181. Rachel Lynn
182. Meg of NutMeg Designs
183. Sarah @ Come and See the Seitz
184. Dawn U Istanbul
185. Piecefully, Pam
186. Amy; During Quiet Time
187. Rashida in Australia
188. Tracy
189. Nancy Keene
190. Leila from Iowa
191. Amy (aka domesticat)
192. Pat Ferguson
193. Janet Brady
194. Shona B
195. Shari @ sew make time
196. Cheryl McLaughlin
197. Debbie J @ Angel Scraps Quilting
198. Maria Doricheva
199. Shelly
200. Rose Colored Glasses
201. Jenny
202. Sara in GR,MI
203. Jackie
204. lintybev
205. Jenn @ Sew Bee It
206. Rachel @ Rachel’s Quilts
207. Jo’s Country Junction
208. Sew Disastrous
209. Cara’s Quilts
210. Latane-Virginia USA
211. Sherrill – Quilting in my Sleep
212. LeeHaven – *karendianne
213. Julie @ Generations
214. Debbie
215. Nova
216. izzy inspired
217. qusic
218. Jeannette
219. Nina-Marie
220. Teresa C.
221. Lee
222. Heidi Elliott in PA
223. Liz @ teeny tiny quilts
224. …dotty…
225. Ramona @ Suture for a Living
226. Anne D
227. Meguey
228. mel @ Wish Flower Studios
229. LauraJ
230. Lisa at Sun Naturals and Gifts
231. Blue Bobbin
232. Marianne
233. Ann J (France)
234. Serena-See Serena Sew
235. JulieZS
236. Chris Cruse at MadCreekDesigns
237. Julia
238. jodi nelson
239. Beth in Dallas
240. bingobonnie
241. Jackie
242. Wee Little Quilts
243. Carrie P.
244. Mam
245. beth
246. Gail (the cozy quilter)
247. Angie_HomeGrown
248. Star City Story
249. Sequana
250. Randi
251. Laurel
252. A Frog in the Quilt
253. Candied Fabrics
254. Goneaussieheidi
255. Endy
256. Filminthefridge
257. Roz-counterpane
258. Martine Kuciel
259. Tina @ Needles-n-Notions
260. Trisha – TLC Stitches
261. Martha at Q is for Quilter
262. jennifer
263. Pattiworks
264. mommymae
265. Brooke
266. Melody
267. Crystal
268. WonderwomanCreations
269. Millions of Thoughts
270. Julie
271. Gene Black
272. Ale Balanzario
273. andi of patchandi
274. Rebekah
275. Sewbot’s Laboratory
276. Tonya – Maggie and Josephine
277. Allie @ allie-oops
278. Emma How
279. amylouwho
280. Quiltefia
281. Erin @ Why Not Sew
282. Sherri
283. Naptime Quilter
284. Jodie @ Sew Handmade
285. Babs
286. Marit
287. Blempgorf
288. Granny Lyn
289. Frieda
290. Hold On Tight
291. Melissa of Ardea’s Nest
292. Lorna
293. Sinta Renee
294. Jennifer Ofenstein
295. craftytammie
296. Rose Hughes
297. williamGEORGE
298. Catherine
299. Cheryl
300. nichi
301. Lori@Soyouthinkyoucansew
302. mamacjt
303. Jenn Baker
304. PollythePatchworker
305. Diana Zamora
306. Angela – My Three Sons
307. Glenna
308. Kelly
309. Susan aka FlossieBlossoms
310. Nancy Eisenmenger
311. Crazyqsis
312. Julie-Juliekquilts
313. Rene’ – Rene Creates
314. Cristina
315. LizzyM
316. Julie – Floribunda
317. AZ Andee
318. Kaye Prince
319. Millie @ Millie’s Quilting
320. SaraRules Quilts
321. Leah
322. Audreypawdrey
323. Gnomemade
324. Sarah – byneedleandthread
325. KarenS
326. Roslyn Atwood
327. Rachel – My Messings
328. little legs
329. Cristin – Sew This is My Life
330. Jane Macdermott
331. Donette Black
332. Thearica
333. Audrie – Blue Is Bleu
334. Jessica ~ ayenforcraft
335. Claudia
336. Julia’s Place
337. Carin
338. Jennie @ Sunflower Quilts Blog
339. LuAnn Kessi
340. Frances in Georgia
341. Q&B
342. Barb and Mary of Fun with Barb and Mary
343. Joanne
344. Diane Wright
345. Isa/ningiu
346. Zonnah
347. Polka Dot Pinny
348. Samantha
349. Lynz Graham
350. Dorothy
351. Geertrude
353. Cathi – Quilt Obsession
354. Crispy
355. Donna Harville
356. Ariane’s Crafts
357. Meagan
358. v and co
359. CBear
360. Tammy in AZ
361. Tammy @ Garden Glimpses
362. Gretchen Joanna
363. Emily @ So Much for my Plans
364. Quilter Going Bananas
365. Poppyprint – Krista
366. Phyllis Cullen
367. Live a Colorful Life
368. Margaret – Mainely Quilts of Love
369. Kelli
370. Amy Hodge
371. Handmade by Heidi
372. Mu
373. quilter422
374. Jonelle
375. Kristin @ Write it Down – Authentic JHH Quilt
376. Lauren
377. Doris, Giraffe Growth Chart
378. Lynn B.
379. Anita in Florida
380. Marge Delaware Quilts
381. Cathy
382. Diane
383. Cathy W
384. Szkornelia
385. bearpaw
386. Laura in England
387. Sally
388. Kari @ Little Gray Dog Blog
389. Leslie- Fluff & Nonsense
390. Lynn
391. Pam
392. Carol Hansen
393. Miss Jane’s Place
394. Lin/Uniquely Yours Creations
395. Kristin
396. mb. @ Useless Ranch
397. Dee
398. Northern Deb
399. ktquilts4fun
400. Candi
401. Takika
402. Dresden Quilter
403. Jill
404. nanrs
405. Caricol Creations
406. Lara
407. Cheryl Jaeger
408. Hada Laura
409. Tree – The Treehouse
410. Petra
411. Lori
412. Sarah Vee at Sew Joy
413. Linda
414. Lynda Green
415. Tracey@Chubby Mummy
416. Shannon Thorne
417. jacquie tallgrassprairiestudio
418. JaiCi
419. Robin Hearts Quilts
420. Brown Paper Packages
421. Kirsten
422. Marissa-Whjte Plum Creations
423. Cathie
424. Sandy- Hopefully Something Rhetorical
425. tracylee
426. Hedgehog at Life’s a Quilt
427. amy smart
428. comfortstitching
429. Kimberly
430. Linda’s Baby Girl Quilt
431. sara’s art house
432. Katie’s Korner
433. Sunshine
434. Sewngracefully
435. Ranette
436. Linda Moran in AZ
437. Quirky Parsnip
438. Pamela Scoville
439. Toni aka Quilting Pirate
440. Becky Howell
441. Helen – Mini Grey
442. Jane at Fifty Four
443. Quilt Hollow
444. anencourager
445. Gretchen
446. Lisa
447. Erin O.
448. Spring Water Designs
449. Arlette Laurent
450. Terri Stegmiller
451. Andrea
452. Ashley
453. Nicole Gendy
454. Frogdancer
455. becky
456. Madison @ WillowBeanCreations
457. Katrin from Germany
458. V@BumbleBeans
459. Susan Entwistle is The Quixotic Crafter
460. Alia
461. Linda-Cottage Garden Quilts
462. call me crazy
463. Kay
464. Brenda–The Art Of Quilts
465. Thimbleanna
466. Amy – parkcitygirl :)
467. Ruth Bahri ~ Text/Isle
468. Kim @ sew la di do
469. Rosalie
470. Jodie in florida
471. Ivory Spring
472. Stephanie – A Ditchin’ Time Quilts
473. Judi
474. Donna Harville
475. Brenda – Scraps and Strings
476. One Flew Over
477. Faith Jones
478. Annika – sammanfaller
479. jaybird
480. Jody – Blueberry Gabs
481. Anna
482. SewCalGal
483. I Love Baby Quilts
484. Andy – Cake Crafts
485. Peg – Happy In Quilting
487. Arwen
488. Judy Alexander
489. Joy – Joyful Quilter
490. Amy
491. Kalleigh Hathaway
492. henny
493. Marcie Koch
494. Alisa – Piecing it Together
495. BJ
496. Quilts on Bastings
497. wishes, true and kind
498. leigh
499. tigglegiggles
500. Shasta – High Road Quilter
501. Allie – Strandz
502. Vickie E
503. Trish Preston
504. Vivika Hansen DeNegre
505. Cindy @ Mayhem, Music and More
506. Anna ( quiltmom)
507. Cinzia in Oz
508. Cheryl Lynch
509. Anna @ Something Sewn
510. Upstatelisa
511. Julie S
512. Dorothee – quilt-o-mania
513. Zarina
514. Kristine
515. Crispy @ Crispy Quilts
516. Tove – Relaxlovesew
517. Rachel @ Creative Quilt Girl
518. nanann – nanann’s woogies
519. Kayla K @ Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways
520. Robin Kaspar
521. Diane Evans
522. Auntie Em
523. Erin at Farm and Wuzzies
524. Teresa
525. a drop in the bucket
526. Joyzelle
527. RosaMaría – La vida compartida…
528. Marie Saborio
529. Bari
530. Sandy Moon
531. Sally Westcott
532. Vivian in Iowa
533. Linzi at Paper People
534. Jeanne
535. Sally
536. Amanda@Busy Little Quilter
537. Jean
538. Brown Paper Packages
539. Stephanie – The Pin Cushion
540. QuiltSue
541. Aunt Spicy
542. Kameleonquilt
543. dutchcomfort
544. Rhonda – Jedi Knits
545. Kate Themel
546. Julia from Mississippi
547. Minka’s Studio
548. Viv
549. Dagmar – Quiltmoose
550. Sarah – Urban Amish
551. Sonja at Cahin-Caha
552. kristina @ sew domestic
553. Treadleworks by Tammy
554. Ritacor
555. Karen in Anna Lena Land
556. Cathy – Quilting on Main Street
557. Anita in Athens, GA
558. Diane
559. Bekhy
560. Riet, Holland
561. Alexis @ Quilts of Mimi Park
562. Kaaren – The Painted Quilt
563. JoAnn
564. Nikki – a little of this
565. Jeanette
566. Mom on the Move
567. Rebecca
568. Cynthia
569. Madeline
570. Jaclyn :: Urban Crunch
571. Jeanne
572. Jan, Murrieta, CA
573. Holly – Simple.Happy.Home
574. Anya — Hills Creek Quilter
575. Donette Black
576. Clevelandgirlie
577. Robin- Ormond Beach Quilts
578. Julie Bagamary
579. Loncipatchwork
580. Lynn Dykstra–kleinmeisje quilts
581. kerri
582. Happy Zombie
583. Lana Lulu
584. Jennifer Can Quilt
585. Shari
586. Erin @ Erin Joy Quilts
587. Janice @ Sew Girly!
588. Karen
589. badlandsquilts
590. Greg – Flat Out Quilting
591. Dorothy Vaughan
592. Molly @Molly’s Cottage
593. Red Pepper Quilts
594. Diana
595. Ann Ferguson Quiltopia!Design
596. Meg Evans
597. Angie Nudge
598. L7 Quilt Co.
599. Nina @ September Pixie
600. Sally Wright
601. While I Was Waiting
602. Needles and Pens
603. Tina
604. Pam
605. Leslie@Unfinished Business
606. pam sizemore
607. Jeanne Turner McBrayer
608. Faye
609. Sonya’s Snippets
610. Linda Dixon
611. Steffi
612. Lisa @ A Stitch of Faith
613. Jody
614. Diane aka Bear Creek Quilter
615. Vail Neal
616. finger thumb
617. Rafael’s mum
618. The Pattern Basket – Margot Languedoc
619. the Quilted Librarian
620. Bradie
621. Kim
622. Anne at Film and Thread
623. Michelle @ Rosebudquilting
624. Whitnee – Gobble Chain
625. Priscilla
626. Jessica at SewChic
627. Georgina
628. simona
629. Lisa B.
630. Amber
631. Hanging On by a Needle and Thread
632. Kim Walus
633. Melinda in Marietta, GA
634. The Chickies in Greece
635. LucyDaisy
636. Happy Cottage Quilter
637. Martha Wolfe
638. Shawn @ Dolls from the Loft
639. crazymomquilts
640. Robinhill Quilts
641. Silly Happy Sweet
642. Whitnee – Figgy Christmas
643. Mary in CO
644. 2hippos
645. Tammy (karamat)
646. Natalia- Strut Your Stuff
647. Cynthia I
648. Tammy – Cut-N-Shoot Quilting Diva
649. jodie
650. Claudia
651. Paulette Doyle
652. Kate
653. Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY
654. Petit Debutant
655. dee
656. Amber Johnson
657. Carol
658. Deborah
659. Becky in Georgia
660. Emily
661. Bec Clarke
662. Jo
663. Jen at Mommy Adventures
664. Kristin
665. Kathy
666. Marcy Horswill – Sunflower Design
667. Amy
668. Esther Aliu
669. Sara
670. Barbara Bieraugel
671. Maple
672. Caroll
673. MrsDragon
674. Piecefully
675. Marlene – Sipiweske Quilts
676. Lesly in Ontario
677. Maria
678. Quiltinjewel
679. Rose Marie
680. Beth
681. Sharla @ Little Gems
682. Camille Roskelley
683. Linda Augsburg

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About the sponsors and prizes!

Amy is the talent behind our fabulous graphics for the festival, and she is offering a great package –

To celebrate the launch of PatchworkFolio I am offering a complete blog makeover to include a custom header, 5 sidebar title buttons, custom background, fonts, colors, favicon and post divider, coordinating post title font and custom ‘email me’ button. I will work with your current platform (i.e. Blogger, Typepad, WordPress or other) and restrictions may apply depending upon your plan level and options available with your service. If you don’t have a blog but wish to enter the drawing I will get you set up on Blogger’s free platform and include all of the above (a $150 value).

By Kay Mackenzie
Kay is offering an autographed copy of her book – Easy Appliqué Blocks: 50 Designs in 5 Sizes from That Patchwork Place.

Burgundy Buttons
Leah is offering a charm pack quilt pattern, designed by Sandy Gervais, and two of her charm packs — Gobble Gobble and Essence!

Canton Village Quilt Works
Jackie is offering $25 off edge to edge quilting for your quilt top!

Dorothy Baker Designs
Dorothy is offering a complete pattern set for her BOM applique pattern “A Little Bit More…About Bears”!

Down Shadow Lane
Jen is offering a half yard bundle of Freshcut by Heather Bailey!

Eat Cake Graphics
Holly is offering a $30 gift certificate to her shop!

Fabric Shoppe
Jody is offering a Riley Blake Bundle! Including a Butterfly Kisses, Gracee Tunic & Bloomers Sewing Pattern, 2 yards Just Dreamy fabric, and 1 yard Velvet Ric-Rac.

Jona is offering a bundle of 10 fat quarters of Summer Soiree!

Fat Quarter Shop
Jocelyn and Kimberly are offering a $50 gift certificate!

Fresh Squeezed Fabric
Randi is offering a Portabello Pixie Pattern or a ModKid Pattern plus the fabric to make one outfit from that pattern! Lots of great options!

I Have a Notion
Kelly is offering Eleanor Burns’ book, Quilt In a Day!

Maria Michael Designs
Maria is offering a group of PDF patterns! Including a Halloween Wall Hanging pattern, Boo Bags (bags for Trick or Treating) and, The Colours of Christmas!

Patchwork Trails
Terri is offering one Techie Bag from her shop! Winner’s choice!

Piece N Quilt
Natalia is offering a Birdie charm pack, jelly roll and honey bun!

Pink Chalk Fabrics
Kathy is offering 4 $25 Gift Certificates!

Pleasant Home
Jodi has an amazing basket of goodies including –
a Birdie Honey Bun by Moda
3 Patterns from Mary’s Cottage Quilts
1 spool of Variegated Thread
1 Hour Glass Template from Pleasant Home
1 Whirlygig Template Set from Pleasant Home
1 5″ Square It Up Template from Pleasant Home
And a few misc. fun treats.

Quilted Treasures
Kristina and Mary are offering a $30 gift certificate!

Terri is offering a 3-in-1 color tool with a set of 5 hand-dyed fat quarters!

Rosebud Quilter
Michelle is offering a set of Kaffe Fassett fat quarters!

Sarah Ann Smith
Sarah is offering an autographed copy of her new book – Threadwork Unraveled!

Sheree’s Alchemy
Sheree is offering a set of 20 fat quarters from the Odessya line by Momo!

So Fun Fabrics
Tisha is offering a $25 gift certificate!

Pam and Kristina are offering a $40 gift certificate!

Wish Upon a Quilt
Cathy is offering your choice of Amy Butler pattern, and a bundle of 4 – 1/2 yard Amy Butler prints!

Yellow Bird Art
Angela is giving away a bundle of 4 – 3/4yd cuts from Joel Dewberry!

All the miscellaneous details –

I have updated the button code to come back to this post – I encourage you to swap out the original and use this one for an easy reference back to all the inspiration! I will keep one in my sidebar too if you happen to come to my front page.

Could you do me a favor and let me know where you are from in your comment! – Please? I’m curious to know the diversity of this group :)

If you have any questions please email me directly, I’m not going to be able to keep up with the comments – Thanks!
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634 thoughts on “Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

  1. hi Amy,
    i can't find the linky thing to post my link! sorry – am new to blogging and quite incompetent at technical things!

    but anyway – this is such a cool idea. i live in sudan (but we're from the US/UK) and i just looovvved looking at all the quilts in the spring festival. And i'm very excited I can be in this one!

    i've been looking forward to this for a while!

  2. Thanks Amy for being the hostess with the mostess once again. Great idea, a lot of work, but it is really apreciated. Dawn in Istanbul.

  3. I've been looking forward to your Festival and am excited about visiting all the links! I'd love to be entered for any of your giveaways. Thanks! ~ from Virginia

  4. Hi! I am from the uk and have entered my first ever quilt, made for my son as his welcome to the world gift. I am number 10 on mr linky!

  5. Thank you for organising this virtual quilt exhibition. I am loving reading all the wonderful entries!

    Rita from Melbourne, Australia

  6. Thanks for organizing this, Amy! I'm so glad to have a chance to share this special quilt and story with other quilters. Now I'm going to go look at the other quilts that have been entered!
    Lesly from Ontario, Canada

  7. Thank you Amy for organizing this fab event all over again!!!
    I've posted! Mr linky-ed!! and added your button to my sidebar!!!
    Now I just need to visit those quilts:)))))

    aneela, berkshire, UK

  8. Thanks for this fun experience! I can't wait to read more of the stories behind the quilts!
    A Southern Californian in Southern England.
    Laura @ little wood bird

  9. Hi Amy,
    I am Kristina from Budapest, Hungary, and I have just posted abut my quilt and linked as No 20. Priscilla in the Quilt Show. It is such fun, thanks for organising it again!

  10. Wow what wonderful sponsors you have Amy, thanks so much for all your effort organizing the Festival! Shawn in southeastern PA near the Mason Dixon line.

  11. Hi All! I have posted my Fall Quilt for Blogger's Quilt Festival on my Cottage Garden Quilter blog. It is a mostly wool crazy quilt with fabrics from the 40's and 50's. I think it is charming! I'm excited for the weekend to be here because I plan to get around to see plenty of quilts. I'll start as soon as I get home from work Friday afternoon.
    Here is a link to my post:

  12. Hi Amy
    Thanks for hosting this event. I usually go to the Huston Quilt Festival this time very year but I can't go this year, so it's great that I can go to a quilt festival right in my own home. Can't wait to see all the wonderful quilts!
    I just posted mine.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  13. Thanks for hosting Amy. I've been waiting since spring to join your festival this time around. Already there is a great group showing!

    Sarah in Espanola, Ontario, Canada
    (think Manitoulin Island)

  14. THANK YOU Amy for hosting this Quilt festival! I have made my post and added it to Mr Linky. I'm from Brussels, Belgium.

  15. Sorry, my first link did not work out, so No. 20. is not me, but this time my link with Mr. Linky seems to be okay. I just didn't want you to think I was lying in order to win in the give away, although the prices are sure worth a bit of lying… :-)

  16. This is such a delightful event for quilters around the world, Amy! Thank you for hosting this quilt festival. I look forward to browsing for many days to come from my woods in the Upper Midwest! :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  17. Hello Amy!
    Thanks for hosting another great quilt festival :)
    I´ve just submited my contribution.

    And, as you asked, I am from Portugal ;)

  18. Thanks for hosting this festival again Amy…it was so much fun to see all the quilts last year. I have posted and linked to mr. linky. Can't wait for the weekend and time to browse the quilt show!

  19. Thanks for all of your hard work with this show, Amy! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's "entries".

    I'm from northern Pennsylvania.

  20. I have posted a piece which has begun a whole new series. I hope to have several more up on the blog very soon. This is fun, so happy to participate for the second time! Thank you.

  21. Good morning! I've posted my linky! I'm front Atlantic Canada! This is fun and I look forward to looking through all the quiltcandy! Thank you!

  22. Good morning Amy…thank you so much for hosting this. I've posted to the mr. linky thingy and I think I'm good to go. Oh I'm in Stillwater, Oklahoma!!!

  23. Hi Amy! thanks for doing this again. I had such fun looking at everyone's quilts last time. I have posted my link through Mr. Linky.

    Pam in Hewitt, NJ

  24. Amy, thanks for your amazing efforts in organizing this! And I'm so excited that I am able to participate this time. You rock!

    Anita, Seattle

  25. Amy, thanks so much for putting this event together. All the participants have such lovely quilts. AND they are all so unique and different. Just goes to show you that even a quilt made with the same pattern by two different people will never look the same. I love our online community. Such inspiration.

    I hail from State College, Pennsylvania (10 years) via central Illinois near Peoria :)

  26. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for once again hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It was so much fun last spring, and I am anticipating that it will be just the same this Fall. And WOW what great sponsors you have this time. I have linked up with Mr Linky. I am a Florida girl and enjoy our warm tropical weather year round. Thanks again for all of your time and diligence in setting up this Festival!

  27. Thank you for all the effort you put into organizing this again. I loved looking in the spring, and I am so excited to be entering in the fall. I live in the Seattle area.

  28. Hi! I added my current favorite quilt to the links and am number 54.

    Thanks for doing such a fun festival. I am looking forward to clicking through the entries over the next few days.

    Jessica currently dwelling in Kansas City, Missouri.

  29. This is SO much fun! Thank you for all your hard work setting this up. I entered my quilt and am #58. I'm in Melbourne, FL.

  30. So much fun! I had a blast the first time you did this looking at all the blogs! Just posted my link to the first quilt I have ever kept for myself! Thanks for hosting! oh, and I am a tried and true West Coast girl making her way through life on the East Coast!

  31. hi! i'm jennifer and i just posted my blog in mr. linky. i should be #60, depending on how many of us are told we're #60 while waiting… :)

    i'm from the clear lake area of texas, just south of houston. i'm looking forward to next weekend and the int'l quilt festival (in which my boss just made fun of me…he thought he'd be smart and tell me there's a show. i replied that i bought my tickets 4 weeks ago).

  32. Hi I just posted my quilt. My name is Anne. I am from Australia and have been living in Missouri for 3 years. We move back to Australia in December. I am both very happy and very sad to be moving.

  33. Hi Amy, I've posting my quilt on my blog and linked it to Mister Linky. My names Ariane and I'm from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Thank you so much for organizing this festival. I had so much fun last spring I had to do it again.

  34. I've been looking forward to this! Thanks for organizing this wonderful show of talented quilters.
    I'm originally from New England.

  35. I almost didn't make it but I'm here again. I can't wait to spend the weekend looking at quilts and being inspired. I wish I had wireless so I could view them with my quilt guild members at our quilt airing this weekend in Long Valley, NJ. Thanks for all your hard work!

  36. Hi Amy, thanks once again for hosting the second BQF. I have my post ready to blog when you get the link up. It's really nice to see familiar faces here again. Can't wait! Hugs Natima

  37. Hi, Amy! I joined in this time–it looks great, and we're all sure to walk away with loads of inspiration!

    Happy quilt fest from Pennsylvania!

  38. It already looks like another great round of quilt viewing. I just posted my link. I'm from Mandan, North Dakota. Thanks!

  39. Looking forward to this second round of the festival. I'm from Sunnyvale, CA – that's in the Bay Area.

  40. I posted a link to my favorite quilt in the new Mr. Linky. I live in Marietta, GA and look forward to seeing all the wonderful quilts in the festival.

  41. Thanks for all your hard work in making this possible. I so appreciate it! What a fun thing you are doing. I'm in your home state but I think you know that.

  42. Dee from Indiana! Thanks so much for doing this…I learned so much and saw so many incredibly beautiful quilts and read the inspiring stories behind them. Wow. Incredible idea from an incredible woman!

  43. I posted a blog, entered in in the Mr. Linky, and put the button in my sidebar.

    Thanks for organizing this – I'm super-excited to check out everyone's quilts!

    -Kaye in Toronto, Ontario Canada

  44. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for all your work in organizing this event again! I look forward to spending some time this weekend reading through all the posts!

  45. So excited to participate this time around! Last time I hadn't started quilting, but it was part of the inspiration for me to start. And now I can't stop. I am in the DC Metro area.

  46. Hey Amy,
    Thanks for getting us all organized again! You are amazing! And what great sponsors, and giveaways!
    I'm in Springville, Utah. :)

  47. Thanks for doing this again, Amy. I enjoyed participating in your Spring Quilt Festival ao here I am again…linked and raring to go!

    I'm from eastern Ontario in Canada.

  48. Woohoo! Thanks for hosting the festival again! I had so much fun in the spring, I can't wait to spend the next week or two looking at hundreds of quilts!

    I'm just down the road a bit, in Salt Lake City, UT. :)

  49. Hi Amy! I just linked to my post, but I'm not very blog savvy so I hope I've given you all the info you need. Here is my comment: You Rock. Thanks for sharing your joy.

    Also, I am from Elkins Park, PA, which is a funky suburb of Philly. And finally, I owe much gratitude for the inspiration to do this to my dear friend and blog-mate, Meg.

    Please email if you have any ??s. I really look forward to checking out everyone's posts!

  50. Hi Amy! I've added my link to the post so I hope it works, LOL. Thanks for organizing this again, it was such fun in April:^)
    It's going to be such fun looking at all the quilts.
    Oh yeah, I'm from Manitoba, Canada.

  51. Somehow I completely missed this festival in the Spring. Thanks for hosting it again in the fall!

    I'm from Durham, NC, and I can't wait to start looking at everyone else's quilts!

  52. Hi Amy, I posted about my Nursery Rhyme quilt, and I live in the Phoenix metro area…
    Love the quilt show, what a fabulous idea!

  53. Hi I'm Serena. I'm from northeastern TN. It's a beautiful area and I'm very proud to be from here. Thanks for hosting quilt fest. I've made so many friends through this show and hope to make more!! Awesome Idea!!

  54. Amy, this is Awesome! I can't believe how many have already entered in this! I'm so impressed! You don't have to enter me in for the prizes but I did post my Strut Your Stuff quilt!

    Thanks for hosting! You're AWESOME!

  55. Hi there, just linked to my quilt. I am very new to quilting so this is so fun. I am from Orlando, FL. I will probably spend the weekend looking at everyone else's quilts. Thanks for the quilt show.

  56. Hello Amy. Thanks for hosting this. I am excited to participate. I can't wait to see all the wonderful quilts! Pam in North Alabama USA.

  57. What a bad blogger I am! I was so excited to see you got the MrLinky working I forgot to comment. Way to go Amy! Six months was the perfect break, Thumbs up from everyone.

    FYI Gulf Coast, FL

  58. Yay! I love this! It is so fun to connect with people all over the world from little, old Idaho! Thanks for setting this up.

  59. Greetings from Houston, Tx,

    This is such a great idea!! It's my first online festival. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  60. Hi Amy! Thanks again for hosting this quilt festival. I finished a brand new quilt last night to have in the festival and I can't wait to see what everyone else has!

  61. Hi – I am from the panhandle of Florida in the USA, I am so excited to be able to enter again. In the spring I tried to leave a comment on every blog and found some favorites and lots of very good ideas. Thank you for all of your effort.

  62. Yay! This is so fun, my first quilt festival!
    Thanks Amy for doing this!
    I'm from Southern California btw and I'm super excited to see everyone's quilts!

  63. I am brand new to adding a quilt to this site but now that I found you I have added the link back to here on my blog page as well as becoming a follower.

    I am from Mayer, AZ – about 22/25 minutes outside of Prescott, AZ (about 80 minutes north of the Phoenix airport.

    I am having a wonderful time jumping from one quilt to the next.

    Thank you for putting this together and thanks to all the wonderful supportive sponsors who participate.

    Sewing hugs and blessings..always

  64. Hi Amy,

    You've outdone yourself again. Thanks again for hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

    To answer your question of location, I am located in Massachusetts.

  65. Thanks for hosting the Quilt Festival again Amy! Looks like a great response again. I've posted about a couple of my quilts over on my blog. It's a rainy, dreary day here in Southern Indiana so a good day to do some blog hopping!

  66. Wow Amy! It's only the first day and I think there are more blogs on here than this time for the spring festival! Congratulations on another successful event! And thank you for being such a fabulous hostess!

    The sponsors generosity is amaizing and I really would love to win some of those fabrcs! Or any of the prizes!

    Happy reading!

    Trudi – Lincolnshire, UK

  67. Thank you for creating this forum and for providing a format to develop a community. I am happily posting from a sunny suburb outside of Philadelphia.

  68. Okey Dokey, I think I'm all set up :0) The html didn't work for the banner, I got the dreaded red x but just copied the banner and fixed it up myself.

    Thanks for doing this again :0)

    Crispy – New Salem North Dakota

  69. I think this is the last step — this is truly a wonderful idea – it's a gloomy day in southern Maine (about 15 miles north of Kennebunkport) so browsing the list will replace cuddling on the couch with the latest book. Thank you so much for providing a connection to the world of quilters.

  70. Yay! I think I linked correctly. So excited to join the qult festival! I chose a quilt that I actually made last year, for the Nie Nie benefit sale. I had some oops along the way, but it taught me a lot about myself and why I do what I do.
    Thanks Amy!!

    Jenn/Simple Things in Memphis,TN

  71. Thanks for the opportunity to share all of our quilts! how fun! I don't think my link worked right though….:( I'm kind of "computer challenged".
    I'm from southern california.

  72. Lots of thanks to all the sponsers, and especially to you for this wonderful Festival! I loved the first one, and I know I'll love this one, too!

  73. I think I did it! Got my blog all set with pictures AND linked to Mr. Linky!!! Yeah! I see my name listed..#56, but I also notice 2 lists, so I could be wrong in thinking I'm right…LOL

  74. I just posted about my nana's quilt, and can't wait to get started reading everyone's entries! Oh, I'm in Kansas, about an hour from KC.

  75. Oops, I had posted my link earlier this morning with Mister Linky and then didn't see it later. So I added it and now I notice that it's there twice on the second list – #7 and #49. Can you delete the #49 one please? Sorry about that.

  76. So many links! Now I know how I will be spending my time next week! :)

    I am a beginner quilter linking in from London, UK.

  77. Thanks for all your hard work setting this Festival up for us. I have made my post today with photo and the button is up also. With snow in the forecast for this weekend, what a great way to spend time – viewing all the beautiful quilts!

  78. Thanks for setting up this truly wonderful show, what a great way to get to meet other quilters from around the world. I’m Marge from DelawareQuilts.com, located in Lewes, Delaware, the first town in the first state. I’ve added my link and now will spend hours happily blog hopping!

  79. Sorry, I missed signing up to be a participant but have added a link and a quilt on my blog~ as well as your button. Thank you for doing this! It is such fun to see so many other quilters blogs!

  80. Thanks for setting up another round of this. I had a great time checking out everyone's quilts in the spring.
    I live in Portland, OR.

  81. Yipee Amy! Congratulations on another fine quilt festival! What a great line-up of quilts and prizes! I'll be joining later if I can figure out how to get a quilt picture in rainy weather at 6:00 at night LOL!

  82. Thanks for doing this again! It came about last time *just* after I started blogging and really got me going when I had the high of receiving so many comments — and I still get so much traffic from it!

    From Austin, Texas

  83. I posted my most recent quilt that I just finished for my sweet baby girl who will arrive this Winter. I pieced and backed the whole things using vintage sheets.

    Casey – WA

  84. Hi Amy, Thanks for hosting this fabulous event! I posted on Mr Linky #93 in the second group. This festival has been my "final straw" to start blogging, so a big thanks for that too!

    krousegirl2 at aol dot com
    Fort Wayne, IN

  85. I had such fun last time looking at all the quilts and surfing through the blogs. I know it will be even better this time. Thanks Amy. I am from the mid-west

  86. Hi Amy
    How nice of you to run the quilt festival! I'm very happy to participate in my first one. I live in North Vancouver, BC. Can't wait to look at everyone else's quilts!!

  87. Hi Amy!

    Thanks for hosting another great festival!!

    I'm looking forward to curling up on the couch later this weekend and browsing through all the great blogs.

    Sending you love and hugs from beautiful New England!

  88. Hi Amy, Greetings from Northeast Kansas! My quilt is posted. Thanks for hosting the festival again. This is really nice of you. Check out my quilt! I'm # 104 above!!

  89. Hi Amy,

    I have been looking forward to seeing this season's posts! Here in Connecticut it is rainy and windy, so I'll be spending some time online looking at quilts…


  90. Yay! This is my first time to ever do something like this! I love looking at all the quilts. Thanks for putting this together.

    PS-I'm from central Oklahoma.

  91. Yahoo it is finally here. so looking forward to looking through all the entries. it is cold here this weekend so i just might snuggle up with a quilt, a laptop and hot choc and go quilt festival viewing.
    Lee—Calgary, Canada

  92. It's really ELIZABETH E. from the OccasionalPiece blog and I wanted to say how fun it will be this weekend to go to an online Quilt Festival! Thank you, Amy, for posting this for us–I enjoyed the Spring Show very much.

    I also enjoy the stories as well, so I hope that everyone's writing the story of their quilt, too.


    Happy Quilting!

  93. Thank you, Amy, for hosting! I'm a newbie when it comes to quilting. I have a love of fabric and color, but I'm impatient when it comes to putting quilts together. *grin* I have six quilts in progress, but only two finishes — Baby Dane is my offering for the festival. I'm from West Michigan, about 25 minutes north of Grand Rapids.

  94. What a fun idea ! Our little town of Hohenwald, Tennessee, is having Oktoberfest this weekend, and I found that it is just too much looking for a parking space, and walking all over creation……..but this virtual festival is perfect !
    Thank you for the idea…..congratulations on its success, and thank you also, for including my link and quilt !

  95. Hi Amy,

    I have been reading your blog awhile now. I love all your creative ideas. I am originally from Taiwan. Do you know where is Taiwan? It is a small island in pacific. Some people called it Formosa. I have landed in Iowa for last 3 years.

    Thank you for hosting this great blogger festival. I can't wait to visit each blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Chase, Iowa/ Taiwan

  96. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for doing this for all of us! I'm live in the Houston Texas area. I'm really looking forward to looking at all the quilts. It's so fun to see what everyone creates.

  97. Thanks for hosting this online quilt festival, Amy! I'm Carrie in the NYC area and I'm excited to browse through everyone's favorite quilts. Great idea!

  98. Can't wait to get started looking through the entries! There are so many blogs that inspire me to spend less time sleeping and more time sewing her in Midland MI USA!

  99. I'm lovin all the inspiration. This will be a nice way to spend down time over the long weekend & now all linked up *lucky numer 140*

    Holly – currently wishing for orders in South Carolina

  100. Hey – this is going to be so much fun! Can't wait to surf around and see all the quilts at the festival. We're getting snow here in Manitoba right now, so this will be a great past time while staying indoors this weekend (plus a little quilting mixed in!). – Marlene

  101. Really easy to do this year – thanks for the extra directions on using the perma link for the right day's posting.

    Hoping to have time this weekend to see them all… ha! it will take a month of looking because I always get distracted and go link hopping around.

    Thank you for hosting the fun!

    Diane – yarngoddess

  102. Oops, I'm from the Houston area. So next weekend I'll be enjoying IQF after I cruise through the BQF.

    Diane – yarngoddess

  103. WOW. Thanks for organising this. It is such fun checking out all of those quilts and having them in just one location makes it so much easier.
    Cinzia from Oz

  104. I love that you have set this up, Amy! It is so fun to get to cruise around blogland and see all the quilts and read their stories. Now it is time to get comfortable and start cruisin'.

    Trisha from Seattle

  105. Hi Amy-Stephanie from Redmond, WA! Congrats on putting this together!!

    Thanks for all the work, and thank you to the generous sponsors and talented quilters!

  106. Everyone always says that the internet makes the world a great deal smaller. With these wonderful quilting bloggers, I now have many more blogs to visit and that makes my world much larger! Thanks for the time and effort you have put into this.

  107. OK, I have posted about my quilt and linked, and just for your curiosity: I am 67 years old, have lived in Grand Rapids, MI for the last 31 years and grew up in Minneapolis. I have been quilting for about 40 years, mostly for charity, kids and grandkids. I like to fool around with fabric, PIECE blocks and make scraps into quilts.

  108. Thanks for organizing this! It's so much fun and I'm glad I had the chance to participate this year. Oh, and I'm from South Carolina!

  109. I live in GERMANY!! Well my husband and I are just stationed here for now. We've been here for 3 1/2 years already. I wanna win some stuff! Let me say thank you for hosting this also. I dont get to do quilt shows over here… I dont even have a fabric store! So its much much appreciated.

  110. I think I finally got things right! Thanks for all the time you have put into organizing this for all of us out here who love to quilt and are not brave enough to show them off.

  111. What a great idea. Thank you for taking the time to set this up. I look forward to start checking out the links to all this creativity!

    Amber Johnson in Utah

  112. Hey Amy! This is my 2nd time participating in your Quilt Festival. I can't wait to snoop around and check out all the beautiful quilts! I'm from Seattle, Wa. Thanks for all your hard work on this!

  113. Amy, girl, hi! I'm all posted and am *trying* to have a lookie at everyone's wonderful efforts. There's so many! This is so cool and you're so smart – but you knew I thought that anyway, didn't ya?

    Lynz Graham in Bonnie Scotland!!

  114. This is just so great! Thanks for hosting this again. I am Alyson from Minneapolis. I loved checking out all the quilts last spring and thrilled to have more at my fingertips…and what great giveways too!

  115. This is my first time entering the festival. This is such fun. Can't wait to see all the beautiful quilts. Thanks for doing this.

  116. Like I said, this is my first time for doing this and I did it wrong. My first link was wrong. I did it again and put in the correct link. Could you get rid of the first one. I'm so sorry.
    Thanks. Caroll

  117. What a fun idea! And it originated in my backyard practically! Thanks for all of your hard work to put this together! I know I will spend countless hours checking out everyone's blogs and projects. Shannon at "The Quilt Rack"

  118. Hi Amy! Just wanted to let you know that I have joined the list! :)

    Thanks so much for putting together this fabulous festival again. I had such a wonderful time in the Spring! I am really looking forward to all of the fabulous eye candy and great stories as I visit blogs over the next few days.

  119. Thanks for all the organizing and energy to do this for the quilting world, Amy. It'll be great fun, just as it was last spring. Mr. Linky was my friend, I'm linked, and now I'm heading off to check out some new friends.

  120. I happened upon the quilt festival – what a great idea. I've already been surfing the links. I'm a Minnesota gal that's been quilting for many years.

  121. hi! i'm RosaMaría from Guadalajara, México and i'm a begginer quilter. Thanks to Amy for this amazing idea! thanks for the great opportunity to sharing!! happy quilting to everyone!

  122. Hi Amy!
    Thanks so much for doing this! I am a relatively new quilter but I am having fun and learning so much with every quilt I make! Plus blogging has been a wonderful learning experience! I am from Victoria, BC Canada.
    Paulette Doyle #178

  123. Aloha, I live, quilt and design quilt patterns in Hawaii. My quilt for the show was inspired by my cousin Arlette and friend Penny who both battled ovarian cancer. May all those that view my quilt give their wishes of hope for those suffering from this disease.

  124. Amy! You are such a amazing and brave woman for hosting this festival! Well done!!!! Lots of inspiration! Thank you. :) Helen (Perth, Australia)

  125. Oh my lord there are so many blgo9s to go look at! what have you done to me park city girl! You know I have to go check them all out!!!
    well done! i think it's a hit!

  126. i am so excited about quilt festival…thanks for hosting again. i am from NY…i can not wait to go and look at everyone's post. i am going to have to pace myself.

  127. I don't have a quilt to post…I haven't gotten that brave yet, but I am excited about viewing others' and the giveaways! I live in Southeastern PA where we are having a chilly autumn:)

  128. Hi Amy,
    I have just done my blog post and linked and am having a great time looking through the blogs. Thanks for a great festival of quilts, I am from Australia and am so happy to take part.

  129. Thank you so much for having this online festival. I am fairly new to quilting and love all the inspiration!! I am from Pennsylvania.

  130. Thanks for hosting this great festival. So exciting! I didn't participate last time as I didn't have a blog. I'm from New Zealand and have added my link and the button to my sidebar.

  131. Hi Amy,

    I am so happy to participate this round. Such wonderful Quilts. Thank you so much for putting the show together.

    I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  132. Thanks Amy for doing this again, it was such fun last time around. I have entered and linked and now I am going to visit all the sites.
    What's better than visiting a quilt show in my jammies from my own home in WI. Your the best!!

  133. Thanks so much Amy! I really enjoyed this in the spring and know it will be tons of fun again! It's great to get everyone telling their quilt stories…and a perfect time to do this!

  134. Love this online show. Thx's for taking the time and putting them together. I am also so new at blogging. But find it so yummy..!! I am here in NE Ohio and enjoying the festival.

  135. Thanks for organizing this! I'm from Warrensburg, Missouri. I will try to post a picture of the quilt taken in the natural light. We have had some very rainy days here, so my pics were taken in bad light with bad staging. I'll try to do better and then update my blog with better photos when I can. Thanks again, for the fun show.

  136. I'm number 165 in the lineup…I posted my qult pic from flickr. Now I'll hunt up the group and addit there.

    Thx for all the work it takes to set up these quilt shows. Oh, and I'm from Chicago.

  137. oops forgot to leave my comment when I linked up to Mr. Linky :) Thanks for putting this all togehter again this Fall Amy – it's great to visit all the blogs and see all the wonderful quilts!

  138. Thanks so much for hosting the Quilt Festival again this Fall. It's a great event. Just loved seeing the different quilts. I live in a suburb, north of Atlanta, very near Stone Mountain. I'm originally from south Louisiana. I have linked my blog post to Mr. Linky. I'm number 201. WOW!

  139. Looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the show!! Thanks for organizing this quilt show and….my, my, what great sponsors you have! And lovely prizes!

  140. Hi,
    I messed up the first one by not reading the directions. Sorry….
    Can you believe it? This is the first time I've ever let my quilt be judged by anybody.

    Beth in Lexington, KY
    Horse Capital of the World

  141. Amy, I love the opportunity to post once more in the online quilt festival.
    Thanks for reminding us to tell our stories. The stories connect us to our past, each other, and our future.

    Brava to you!

  142. What a great idea! I can't wait to spend time this weekend looking at all the goodies. I'm hooked!! Linda in Tucson, AZ

  143. Amy – thanks for this wonderful, amazing, fun opportunity!!! ; )

    A Virtual Quilt Festival is brilliant!!! The ability to share globally is staggering and inspiring! I live in southeastern PA and will be enjoying the view from here!

  144. HI Amy,
    I participated in the spring quilt festival and had a great time. I loved looking at all the beautiful quilts.
    I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and am honored to show another quilt in your show.
    Thank you so much for setting up the festival. It is going to be a wonderful success.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  145. Amy, thank you for hosting this. I'm link #65, which is wrong, but there was no smiley face for me to fix it, so I'm also #210. Sorry for this, but I'm sure you can fix it. I'm in Murrieta, CA.

  146. In the initial confusion of linking I didn't leave a comment – so here goes. Thanks for organising the Blogger's Quilt Festival – I am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks also to the sponsors.
    Karen in Melbourne, Australia

  147. Thanks so much, Amy, for taking the time to organize this. What a great way to see everyone else's great work!

    I live in Missouri!

    Thanks again!

  148. Though I'm a quilter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I'm actually posting this from Toronto. Of course, I messed it up and posted twice and I don't get a smiley face which I can use to delete it, so I'm sorry! Thank you SO much for organizing this–can't wait to see all of the other blogs!

  149. Just got my post up. I'm loving looking at so many super talented quilters blogs. I can't wait to find my new favorite blogs.
    Cara in Canada

  150. I'm so excited to participate in the quilt festival. I live in Spring Hill TN. I've only been quilting for about 5 years but really do enjoy it although I do other kinds of sewing also. I retired from school teaching last May and moved her over the summer. Am still working on getting settled in and looking forward to having lots more time to spend with my sewing machine (and my family). Can't wait to look at all these quilts.
    Vail Neal

  151. Hi Amy,

    I am a new blogger and relatively new to quilting as well, but thought I would be game enough to enter anyway :)

    My name is Sibylle, I live in beautiful Perth in Western Australia but am originally fom Munich, Germany.

    Off to look at lots of links now!

    Thanks for organizing this :)

  152. Thanks for setting up such a fun festival. I love seeing all the quilts from all over the world.

    Joy from Roseville, CA

  153. Wow – so many links, so much inspiration, so little time! Posted about making my first quilt, at mayhemmusicandmore.blogspot.com

    I am from west central Florida, about 45 minutes north of Tampa. Thanks, Amy, for organizing this quilt festival.

  154. What a terrific idea! I'm having such a good time looking at all these quilts and reading some awesome quilt stories. Thanks for making it possible!

  155. Thank you for hosting this festival – what fun! I was not able to join in the Spring one due to not having made any quilts so I am really pleased to be able to join in this time around! I am from Warwickshire in the UK.

  156. Hi Amy

    I've posted my favourite quilt – the first one I ever made. I live in Perth, Western Australia! I've added the URL to Mr Linky.

    Thanks for hosting such an interesting event with so many neat blogs to look at!

    Cheers – Shari

  157. Hi Amy,

    I'm Anna from Melbourne, Australia. I've posted my first quilt, finished a couple of months ago. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in something fun and big, even if I am completely outclassed ;-)

  158. Hi There, I am a 25 year old quilter from Sydney Australia! This is such a great idea and I am so glad I can be a part of it! Thanks!

  159. This is so cool – again!! So much to see!! Such a treat!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    From Cascais, Portugal

  160. Thanks so much Amy for hosting this wonderful virtual quilt show again this year…for all the work you put into it, and how much fun we get out of it!! My post is up and linked,
    Cathy xo

  161. Wow, so many participants. It will take ages to view them all! Goodbye household, goodbye children – I have to go to that quilt festival first!
    Today I have posted my quilt. I am from Germany.

  162. This is such a fabulous idea. I had so much fun back in April, I've been really looking forward to this second round! Thanks again!

  163. Sorry, I am there two times because I forgot to link the specific post.
    Amy, thank you so much for organising this terrific quilt show. I have never been on a real one but this is even better as you can take a cuppa and enjoy (and its better for your feet :-))

  164. Hi Amy, I missed the first festival, only just starting on the blogs at that time but wouldn't want to miss this one!

    thanks for organising it, it's fab! Just wrote my entry and looking forward to looking at the other quilts.

    you may know me from old red barn group but just in case, I am from Ramsgate in the UK. xo

  165. Amy,

    Thanks for doing this show. Now I will have to go and see everyone's quilts.

    Maine in the summer – Florida in winter

  166. I love what you are doing here! I am a Texas girl who has to travel an hour just to get to a decent fabric store or Target. Thanks for all the work you've put in here–it's great fun!

  167. Hi Amy! I just listed my quilt in the Blogger Quilt Festival. Thank you for organizing the whole event. I am from Athens, GA, 70 miles eas of Atlanta.

    Best wishes,

  168. Hi Amy,
    I have just done a post about my favorite quilt. It is exciting to see all the participants.
    I am from the Piedmont area of the beautiful state of North Carolina.
    Thanks for the Festival now I am off to see the quilts.

  169. Hello Amy!

    Just posted my entry for the Fall Festival – thank you so much for running it again, I did so enjoy the Spring festival!…….Luv Ann J, Brittany, France

  170. Just entered! Thanks for organizing this – it's great! And just in time for my first quilt. :) I'm Jen from Washington, DC.

  171. Just entered! Thanks for organizing this – it's great! And just in time for my first quilt. :) I'm Jen from Washington, DC.

  172. Just entered! Thanks for organizing this – it's great! And just in time for my first quilt. :) I'm Jen from Washington, DC.

  173. How on EARTH am I meant to get any work done with all these fantastic quilts to look at? Thanks for organising this show, it's a fantastic idea.

    I am from West Yorkshire in the UK.

  174. What a great big community! And we're all so talented, too! Keep up the wonderful and inspiring hosting, Park City Girl.-
    Terri in North Carolina

  175. Thanks for hosting another Online Quilt Festival. It is so much fun to see everyone's projects! I can just sit at my computer, drink some tea and enjoy!

    Gail in Ontario, Canada

  176. Whoa! There goes the weekend, leaping from quilt to quilt! I have posted two linked quilts – both for my daughter's 21st – one a silk disaster she received when aged 24! and a cotton consolation prize soon after!!

  177. I'm doing pretty well at keeping up with the quilts as they are posted. What a fun idea and it helps find new blogs.

    To satisfy your curiosity, I'm in Colorado.

  178. Thanks for all your hard work,Amy! I've been missing you at the quilt along and now I know why.

    I blogged about my newest quilt (added to Mr. Linky) and I can't wait to go look at everyone else's!

    I'm in Eureka Springs, AR and it's downright chilly here this morning in the Ozarks.

  179. Thanks for hosting this Amy. This is my first time posting,and I'm enjoying all of the other posts. Such talent there is out there. Karen from Michigan.

  180. Hi…I've written my post and scheduled it to go up on the 12th (I just posted today already before I found this).

    I'm from Columbus, OH and heard about this from one of my blog readers in Canada.

    Looks like fun, thanks so much! The prizes – holy moly! amazing…would love the blog makeover!!

  181. Dear Amy,
    Thanks again for doing this wonderful, full of detailed filled, stressful festival! You have been an inspiration for me to try new things and stretch myself. Using your God given talents for others makes Him smile. Thanks from Southern California

  182. Thank you so much for doing this! It is so great to see what everyone is busy working on, these quilts are amazing!!
    Fort Collins, CO. USA

  183. What a great idea for a quilt show – online so all can see. It is great to share. i have or am trying to post Mexican Stars. I have posted this quilt at http://teaandquilts.blogspot.com Hope that my link goes there.

    Miss Nancy in the St. Louis area, home of the St. Louis Cardinals.

  184. LuAnn Kessi from Oregon
    What a great way to share our quilts and a little bit of ourselves. Thanks for taking the time to get this all organized. I have been following your lovely blog for some time now. Wishing you continued success in all you do.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  185. Wow! I can't believe how many quilts have been entered already. You are great to be hosting this again. It's loads of fun and very inspiring. Have a great weekend!

  186. Thank you so much for doing this fabulous Blogger's Quilt Festival! I've really enjoyed looking at other people's beautiful quilts.

  187. Merci Beaucoup, Amy, for this fabulous idea. I'm looking forward to many happy ART moments.

    Best wishes from Kentucky.


  188. What fun to join in the Blogger's Festival again! I entered a medallion quilt this year. I made a few other things this year that I'm very proud of, but this is the most colorful one. Thanks Park City Girl!

  189. Thanks so much for hosting this quilt festival again!! It's going to take me awhile to see everyone's blog posts–a BIG festival!!!! I'm number 289!!!

  190. Hi Amy, thanks for doing this again, wow what a lot of work for you but such a treat for us! I've posted on my blog, and linked to Mr. Linky, and fixed the button on my blog to come to this post. I'm in Michigan, and loving meeting quilters from all over the world!

  191. Let's hope that #347 is a lucky comment! Thanks so much for providing us with this great opportunity, Amy — what fun!


  192. I'm having just as much fun this Festival as I did last Spring. Thanks so much, Amy, for hosting this wonderful event. Even though I usually don't attend Quilt Market in Houston (I only attend Spring Market), I certainly don't feel left out! Give yourself a huge "pat on the back" from me…you certainly deserve it! I'm in Thousand Oaks, CA, btw.

  193. Hello Amy!
    Thank you for this wonderful idea! I read about it only yesterday and hurried to take part of the festival! I am from Germany and my blog is quite new and small, but I hope the visitors will enjoy my lone star quilt.

    Greetings from Ahaus (Germany), Steffi

  194. Hi there…Mary here at Quilt Hollow! I've posted this quilt recently on my blog but thought why not again for those who will be scouring the quilts and who may have missed it. I plan to give this little quilt away soon.
    I live in NC.

  195. Hello I am from Canada. I think this is a great idea. beautiful stuff. I would love to be entered in your give away.

    Melisa Bakos

  196. Hi Amy, I have been following your blog for awhile and really love it. Thank you for having this quilt festival. I live In Texas and will be going to International Quilt Festival next week.

  197. Yeah I posted my quilt! I am so excited to take some time tomorrow and click on every single link! Can't wait to see everyone's quilt. Thanks Amy for hosting! So much fun! ooxx`jodi

  198. What a great idea. Cant wait to browse through all the wonderful quilts. I live in central Utah, USA. Thanks for hosting.

  199. Thank you so much for doing this, this is awesome and it's great to see so many other quilts! I am from Findlay, Ohio and have posted my Decadent Victorian quilt. Have a great say!

  200. Hurray!
    I love this Blogger's Quilt Festival!
    Hoping many of you can make it to Houston (or one of the other Quilt Festival locations) next year!

    Cathy W of Winter Wanderings, in Houston TX

  201. Hi, this is the first time I show one of my quilts internationally, and I'm very excited \(*O*)/ Thanks a lot for this great idea, there are not a lot of quiltshows here in Mexico I'll be checking all the quilts as soon as possible, I think it will be a grat experience.

  202. Amy, Another wonderful event–thank you so much for putting it together, and thanks to all the wonderful sponsers–what great prizes! I look forward to seeing many quilts and have posted my link. I am in Ventura, California!

  203. Hi, Amy! I posted my link in the Mr. Linky box.

    Thank you so much for doing this. I know a lot of work went on behind the scenes. I have chaired quilt shows in real life, so I'm sure chairing a quilt show in blogland is hard work, too.

    Thanks, again!


  204. Hi Amy,
    This is so much fun. I'm going to post about the first big-ish quilt I ever made. I'm still hoping to one day make my 'favourite' quilt.

    Take care,
    Rachel (Alberta, Canada)

  205. Hi Amy, I came across your blog through another blog, that I found on Live Journal. I just added my blog post to the Quilt Festival. This festival is such a good idea. I am going to sit here all day long looking and reading about all the quilts that are on the list! So many talented people! Thanks for coming up with this! I plan to keep up with your blog and participate next time too! :)


    PS: I live in New Hampshire!

  206. yay! its festival time again! I was trying to finish my new big quilt by today, but I can't finish it! But at least I still have something to show!

    Robin from Hertford, NC

  207. Forgot to mention way back in the comments…I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and we had snow this morning…
    Go Packers and just wait 'til the Vikes come to Lambeau in November…

  208. Hi! I live in the Seattle, WA area, and I love love love this quilt festival! Thank you so much for organizing and hosting this. YOU deserve a prize, but I don't know what it could be. Thanks to your generous sponsers for the giveaways as well.

  209. Thanks for doing this again! I recently made my way thru the last list. It's so fun to see what everyone else is making, not to mention inspiring!

    TF, Idaho

  210. Thanks for hosting this, Amy! So many beautiful quilts for inspiration. I just added a link to mine. I live in Los Angeles, but I am an East Coast Girl.

  211. Thank you so much, Amy, for doing this. It's such fun to feel like I'm connected to so many others in quilting! It really is like having a family:) And I certainly joined in again this time, wouldn't miss it!

  212. Hi! I am posting my favorite quilt to be a part of the festival. This is a great idea! My blog is rememberyourkarma.blogspot.com. I am located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA. Thanks for organizing this, I really enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts and meeting other blog-quilters.

  213. I am from Texas, by way of Colorado. I am showing my newest plaid madness quilt. Thank you for doing this, it is fun to see everyone's creativity!

  214. Thank you so much for doing this. I'm here in North Carolina where it's very warm and humid today. A little rainy so it was a good day to check out some of the wonderful quilts. I love reading the stories, admiring so many beautiful works.

  215. Wow… I can't believe how many quilting bloggers there are… it's amazing! There are almost more sites to visit than days in a year!!! SO MUCH FUN!!
    giselle in L.A.

  216. I read about your festival and decided on a whim to link one of my quilts. Thanks for having this awesome event. I'm very excited to read about all the quilts here. This is a terrific idea.
    I'm from Texas, and my quilt definitely has a story. A close friend who lives in RI and I made two of these quilts as a friendship project. Then we gave the quilts to our husbands. These are the second pair of quilts we have made together. I'm not a seasoned quilter; only three quilts that I can take credit for. But I'm a long time passionate quilt collector and appreciate the work that goes in to these wonderful textiles. Thanks again! ~ Sarah

  217. How fun! I have seen so many beautiful quilts,,, a great way to spend a day – getting inspired!
    Thanks Amy!
    Beth in Dallas

  218. I just posted my own quilt link, plus, my link has a tutorial with it! Bonus!Thanks for the fun. I'm from Salt Lace City.

  219. Thanks for doing this! It inspired me to go through old pictures and remember all the quilts I've made. Really took me down memory lane. Thanks again! Shona from Northern CA

  220. Kathy from Winnipeg, MB Canada. Fairly new to quilting, but love it so much. Thanks for doing this quilt festival, so clever!

  221. Fantastic job Amy..thank you so much I have done my post and the link…and I am from the fantastic little town Narromine in Australia..

  222. Hi,
    In the initial confusion of linking I thought I had left a comment but it does not appear to be there, so here goes. Thanks for organising the festival – I am thoroughly enjoying going through the list!
    Karen from Melbourne, Australia

  223. Thank you for hosting this, and thank you to all of the sponsors! This is the first time I've participated in the quilt festival and I love the idea!
    –Andy from Utah

  224. I posted about a quilt which my 12 year old son helped me to create. We both enjoyed the time we spent on our special project and he loves the finished thing, it's his favourite.

  225. Really enjoying clicking on the links to see all of the wonderful quilts, such a brilliant idea. I've posted my own quilt this morning.

    Theresa (in the UK).

  226. Clever idea Amy! I'm Nina-Marie and I'm in Northwestern PA – on Lake Erie. I don't know what's more fun – participating or browsing the show! Brava!!

  227. Amy! This has been so much fun! I browsed several blogs yesterday and had to make myself get up from the pc. Actually the last blog I browsed inspired me to make a quilt so I went right upstairs and did just that! :) It is 2/3rds put together and will be finished tomorrow in time to take to my guild meeting! Thanks so much for doing this festival! I hope the links to the blogs will be kept somewhere so we can continually go back to them. There is so much inspiration and eye candy it will take a year to go through it all! :)

    I am originally from Northwest Alabama but moved to Henderson, NC in Jan 2003!

  228. What a great idea. I have posted my first ever quilt. I have been looking at some of the quilts people are showing and they are amazing! It's nice to see what other people are up to.

    The Chickies in Greece
    from New Zealand

  229. Have started my own blog so I can join in with this fantastic virtual quilt show. I live on the island of Guernsey – between England and France. Not many other quilters so I especially enjoy anything online. Thank you for organising this.

  230. Hi Amy!
    First of all thanks for hosting this amazing quilt festival. There's a lot of work and time involved in it.

    I can't wait to visit all the blogs :D. I do not have one so I grab the button on my flickr gallery.

    Elena from Barcelona

  231. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for yet another online quilt festival and strengthening the online quilting community!

    Mindy Fitterman
    Minka's Studio
    New England

  232. Thanks for organizing and doing all this. It's nice to re-remember favorites and also so wonderful to get all this inspiration for future quilts.

  233. This is so great! There are so many amazing quilts to look at. I'm new to the quilting scene, but instantly fell in love… I entered the very first quilt I made. It was for my newborn daughter and it opened a whole new world to me, kinda like she did! Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  234. This is a great way to go to a quilt show! You must be thrilled to have such a huge response to this. Thank you for setting it up. Now, off to check out some more gorgeous quilts!

  235. Hi Amy!
    This Quilt Festival is awesome!! Thank you for hosting it! I am number 178 and I would love to win a prize!! i am from Vancouver Is, BC Canada!
    Take care!

  236. I love this idea! I have mostly learned to quilt (and am still learning) from quilt bloggers. Thank you so much for organizing this and letting me be a participant!

  237. What a great way to spend a cold sunday afternoon, looking at great quilts. Thanks for posting this quilt show and for all the give aways. I hope I am entered!! Reeze H from Ottawa, KS.

  238. Hi Amy, thanks for the opportunity to show-case my quilt. I live in Maleny, Queensland, Australia. I'm not sure if I put the correct link in my entry, I have a feeling it just goes to my blog. Great idea and it's a great show, Ann.

  239. Thanks so much to set all this up,

    Its so fun to take the tour and visit great blogs, and see all the beautiful quilts.

    Thanks Amy,

    Im from Mexico, spending some time in Canada.

  240. Hi I am Jodie from Florida and so excited to be joining in once again. In the spring I was like number 23 when I posted. I forgot that date it started and so now I am like number 409!!!! Wow that is a ton of entries. Some really nice quilts out there. Awesome that you have this show for all of us wishing we were at market. Thanks again. Here is my link I already posted, but just in case you need it. http://justbecausejodie.com/?p=1292

  241. I have just posted a multi generational crazy quilt. I'm number 408 with Mr. Linky! Wow! I live in the Central Coast area of California, and I just started two new quilts that will keep me busy this winter. Thanks for doing this. It's so fun!

  242. Hi Amy!
    I am new to quilting and I am loving it! Thanks for giving me a place to show off my first real quilt – I'm really proud of it! I've already spent a ton of time looking at all the beautiful entries. So inspiring!
    Cindy Stagg

  243. Hi,

    I've just posted my link to my quilt. It's such a fun way to see what everyone else is doing and a brilliant source of inspiration!

    Quilty Hugz

    Sally in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

  244. Hey! I got my entry in from Maine! I will definitely come back once we're home from vacation to lool at everyone's amazing entries :)
    ~ Jennine

  245. congrats amy…another successful festival for sure. my post is coming tomorrow, i hope…been sidelined with the migraine from xj#$%, if you know what i mean. i'm off to check out some quilts!

  246. Hi, What a fun idea you had to sew all us quilters together in this blog festival! My quilt turned out about as good as the Pumpkin Quiche recipe I tried (that went into the trash), and was actually made as my first Schnibbles quilt. It's an embarrassing sight, but for some reason, I'm not minding showing it, since I got to blog all about my lesson in perseverance from it. Thanks for letting me enter into the delight of this fun!

  247. It has been so amazing looking at all the quilts, I am so excited to find new friends and new inspiration. Thank you Amy for making this happen.

    p.s. I am from Elmhust, Il just 20 minutes from fabulous downtown Chicago.

  248. Hi Amy!
    I love this…spending hours blog hopping and looking at everyone's beautiful works…thanks for hosting this venue. Oops, meant to start with Pam here waving at you from Philadelphia, PA USA! The button is posted to my blog; entry html is posted to Mr Linky; pic posted to Flickr and now here's my comment…lol. I think I've covered it…now you know where I hale from! Have a wonderful time as it looks like we will be reading blogs for quite some time…WOW! This is very popular!

  249. I felt a bit intimidated by all the beautiful quilts that are entered, but I decided to join in anyway.
    Thanks for setting this up. It's so inspiring!

    Geertrude from the Netherlands

  250. Hi Amy, I am from Melbourne, Australia and new to blogland, I love, love, love, this idea it's great, have been busy admiring all the quilts. Great work!!

  251. I can't make it to the U.S for the big one so this is great see so many other quilts. I am from Queensland Australia.

  252. I've added my entry to Mr. Linky. I haven't participated before but find it all very exicting! I'm in Denmark, Jutland to be precise.


  253. Thank you so much for hosting this! It's such a fun event.

    Sorry that I got my post up so late, but I just checked and it looks like I linked it the right way this time :)

  254. Thanks again for 'chairing' the online festival. I'm fortunate enough to be going to Houston on Wednesday, so I'm excited, and I'm also looking forward to visiting the hundreds of blogs on my return.
    Have a great week!

  255. Thanks again for 'chairing' the online festival. I'm fortunate enough to be going to Houston on Wednesday, so I'm excited, and I'm also looking forward to visiting the hundreds of blogs on my return.
    Have a great week!

  256. finally got mine posted…kansas weather didn't cooperate for picture taking, but it will have to do. i spent a few hours last night cruising quilts…a few stories brought tears to my eyes. thanks amy…a rousing success!

  257. I posted my link twice because I forgot to link to the specific post, but then remembered. I don't think i'm appearing twice tho! Good luck everyone!

  258. I checked out the last one you did, but never added my own. This time around I decided to contribute. I'm only 21 so I don't have a whole lot of quilts to choose from (maybe 7 completed, I have 4 WIPs). Anyways, so glad there is another one and hopefully someone out there enjoys my quilt/blog. Jessica from Texas aka Quirky Parsnip.

  259. Amy,
    Thanks for setting up the Quilt Festival. I'm having a ball looking at all of the lovely quilts.
    Linda in southern Illinois

  260. My apologies for double posting!!I tried to do the link thing and I posted another Robin Hill instead~good grief~I will try to delete one of the two!

  261. Hey Amy! and everyone else involved!
    I'm going to have to get my post up on my one-and-only finished quilt here soon. I wish the one I'm working on was finished.
    Rachel from Seneca, Pennsylvania

  262. Oh, I almost forgot to come and comment here! Thanks so much Amy for providing this opportunity for all of us! I'm from California.

  263. I'm going to get a quilt out to photograph this afternoon. I've been out of town so this is my first chance. I can't wait to take the time to go through all the lovely quilts in the show.
    CJ from verrrrrry northern Idaho.

  264. oh my goodness what fun! Thanks so much for doing this, can't wait to keep browsing.

    abby olson, currently in Iowa but actually from Cache Valley Utah, I was just in Park City a month ago…loooove that place!

  265. Thanks for organizing this festival! No idea if I did this right. I am so incredibly new to blogging. I'll check my link to see if it works. Oh, and I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    Oh, and I didn't try to put the button on since I don't know how and since I haven't put my blog address out there for people to read.

  266. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for organizing this once again. I finally put up my link. I hope you can put your own name in for the fabulous giveaways!

  267. MrsDragon in Huntsville Alabama.

    Thank you for hosting this! I've just picked up quilting again after a several year hiatus caused by the "no room to sew" syndrome. I am SO happy to be back at it, and this couldn't have come at a better time. : )

  268. Thank you so much for hosting such a great event for us bloggers Amy! I love the opportunity to check out everyone's creations – it keeps me inspired!!

    Jody in Ontario Canada

  269. Hi Amy,

    I love the quilt festival and all the links/creative people are fabulous!

    Tamara – duckyhouse in Manitoba, Canada

  270. Thank you for making a way for even the most humble quilter like myself to easily display my creation! I am in Northern California.

  271. Thanks so much for doing this festival! I just entered my quilt. I look forward to seeing everyone's quilts and getting some ideas and inspiration!

    I am from the Pacific Northwest.

    Thanks again!
    Three Spinsters

  272. Hi Amy… you're amazing, this is so incredible, but I've told you that last time! I'm in admiration of your quilt festival idea.
    Andrea from Sherwood Park, Alberta

  273. I was just looking for more quilt blogs the other day. Hurrah! Mine isn't specifically a quilt blog (too much going on in my life unfortuately) but I'm loving looking at other people's hard work.

    Thanks for doing this!

    Sarah, England.

  274. What a fun idea to have an online quilt festival. Thanks for hosting it!

    Boulder Creek, California in the very rainy redwood forest.

  275. I love this concept and excited I'm participating in this round. Thanks for hosting it and running the show! I've seen soo many beautiful projects!

    I'm from Maryland, USA.

  276. Amy, are you really reading all these? I am link #486 I think. allthingsrobin is my blog. I am in Richmond, Virginia.

  277. What fun and so much to see! I've blogged and added your button to my blog sidebar and now spending all my spare time enjoying everyone's quilts.

    I'm Chris and live in Muscatine, Iowa.

  278. Hi Amy,
    I'm late but I hope i did everything right…this is so very new to me and I have no idea what I'm doing! I've posted my quilt. I'm from Kershaw, SC. Thanks for hosting and being so helpful!

  279. Mary and I are excited to be part of the show! Thanks for pulling this all together – again.
    Come over and give us a visit.

    barb & mary

  280. Thanks for hosting this online quilt festival, Amy! I'm Corry from the netherlands. I can spend hours here going from quilt to quilt,yeh…thank you!

  281. Hey Amy, thank you once again for hosting this. I can't wait to go check out all the other entires. Mine is from Canada, since you wanted to know, and of course I would love to win a little something too!

  282. I've jumped in, better late than never right. I'm Spring Water Designs located in Maryland USA. I'm enjoying the beautiful show. Thanks for hosting this, it's incredible!

  283. I finally created a blog and participated in an event on line. This is so much fun and I get to visit other people's blog and see their creative-ness, Thank you Amy for doing this.

  284. Thanks Amy for hosting the Fall Quilt Festival. I could not make up my mind which quilt to enter, so I picked my latest finished quilt…a Red Churn Dash quilt.

  285. Thanks for hosting this! I'm in Baltimore, MD, and my quilt is also featured in my profile pic, but can be seen in full with its story at Heart Anchored, Mind Adrift.

  286. What a wonderful idea, thank you so much for organizing this. I am really enjoying everyone's quilts. I am in Oceanside, Ca.

  287. Hi, I am Jill and I am so inspired by what you have done that I started a blog today so I could add a quilt! I am from the Jersey shore, and am blown away by the talented quilters participating!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  288. Thanks for hosting this online quilt show! I have spent about 4 days viewing every single blog and have bookmarked at least 100 sites for future inspiration. Now on to my own quilts…

  289. Thanks for organizing this again! So much fun and so many talented quilters. I'm excited that Wish Upon a Quilt is a sponsor since they are my main fabric store that I go to here in NC.

  290. Hi Amy,
    I've linked to my favorite quilt, which happens to be one of the newer ones. Thanks for the fun idea! I've checked out a couple dozen other quilts so far. Making my way through the list. :-)

    Kate Themel, Cheshire CT

    ps: The original quilt is on display right now at Naugatuck Valley Comm College in Waterbury CT.

  291. What a wonderful idea. I'm delighted to participate and can hardly wait to spend some time looking at all the quilts shown here. Thanks!

  292. Hello from Nevada! Thanks for this opportunity to share our quilts with each other. So many gorgeous quilts, so little time! LOL

  293. Wow! What a great turnout. I can't wait to work my way through all the entries…it may have to wait until I get back from non-virtual Festival, though!

    Lori, in Dallas

  294. What a great idea and now you have 550 new friends :)
    It just goes to show how many wonderful and tallented people there are all over the world.
    Victoria, Australia

  295. I posted my favorite quilt for the festival. I am loving seeing all these awesome quilts! Thanks for making it possible.

    Laurel in northern AZ

  296. i don't know if i will get any sleep tonight! i can't stop looking at quilts. i just posted one on my blog and am just loving the creative juices i'm feeling!

  297. Amazing number of beautiful quilts! I just love it! I did this in the spring, and had to do it again. Thanks for doing this.
    Sharla in AZ

  298. Another Tennessee (on the border of Georgia) quilter here!

    This is such a fabulous idea and I thank you for hosting it. I've been sick this last week and it's been wonderful to be able to browse though everyone's amazing quilts while I couldn't do much else.

    Thank you!

  299. Hi Amy I have posted my link to my greatest quilting achievement (to date), it's my first time using a quilting machine myself! I'm so glad I found out about this quilt festival, I am a newbie quilter and will be attending the International Quilt Festival in Houston this Friday for the first time! In my opinion this is better than a regular quilt show because you get to see a little background on the quilt and quilter!
    Waxahachie TX

  300. I'm still pretty new to this, but I'm loving looking at everybody's quilts! Thanks for hosting this!

    Melissa- from Delta, Utah

  301. Thank you for doing this – what a fun way to connect with other quilters online. I am from the Seattle area, and just started quilting in the last year, but I am so hooked! I am looking forward to browsing these links for a long time.

  302. Thank you for doing this – what a fun way to connect with other quilters online. I am from the Seattle area, and just started quilting in the last year, but I am so hooked! I am looking forward to browsing these links for a long time.

  303. Thank you for doing this – what a fun way to connect with other quilters online. I am from the Seattle area, and just started quilting in the last year, but I am so hooked! I am looking forward to browsing these links for a long time.

  304. This is seriously overwhelming, Amy! I haven't read everyone's entries, but I have viewed them all…what a fabulous community, and thank you for providing us this forum once again!

  305. what a fun festival! Thanks for giving me some motivation to continue quilting! I am from near Nashville, TN, and posted a link to my first quilt (and I've only made 2 :) Thanks for recruiting such great prizes too! I'd love to win something!!!

  306. Leila Says-
    I love this! I got to go to the Houston Quilt Festival twice while I was in Texas. I loved it even before I really knew about designers etc. Sigh… Thanks for hosting this. I am going to have a good time looking at all of the quilts for the next couple of weeks!
    Hope I win, too!

  307. Amy, I'm excited to go check out the quilts! Thanks for setting this up! And I'm from Southern California.


    megan.nadalet at gmail dot com

  308. What a great idea and loads of fun, many thanks.
    My post and photos are up and your button is on my blog; I'm off to travel blogland and see the lovely quilts.
    I'm in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia.

  309. Hello! I finally decided to get in on this…. I don't have a blog so I posted my pics on flickr and added them to the Festival group.

    I tried to link to Flickr with Mr Linky, not sure if that will work or not….

    Thank you for hosting this festival. I LOVE looking at all the gorgeous quilts!!

    SheilaC in NH

    shecarita (at) yahoo (dot) com

  310. WOW! I am fairly new to quilting! I am amazed at the possibilities and hope to someday do more complex quilts! What a neat idea to have a blog quilt festival!
    -An American living in South Korea

  311. Wow! And to think I figured out how to create a blog, a link, and a button just to share in all the fun……. My goodness!

    Seriously, thank you SO much for putting this on. I've gotten nothing accomplished for several days now, *except* reading stories, being inspired and making new friends, It's been fabulous!

  312. I can't believe it's almost a year since I finished this quilt! I love the interplay of the two colours. Writing from Edmonton AB Canada.

    Thanks for the lovely quilt show!

  313. I love being able to show off some of my quilts. It is so great to see others and go to quilt show in my PJ's. Thanks
    Glenna from Arizona

  314. HIya,

    Just posted about my entry in the festival, so glad to be here. wish I could have found you sooner but so glad to sneak in by the skin of my teeth.

    I live in Sydney Australia, we have some very quilty girls here down under. Thsi is fantastic,

    Thanks so much


  315. Thanks for hosting again. I loved going through all the blogs last spring enjoying all the beautiful quilts. It's rainy and dreary here today in McLean, VA – perfect weather for viewing quilts again. Ahhh.

  316. Thanks for all the fun, Amy. I did blog about your festival and hope I can participate in your Spring Festival 2010.
    Marty in Louisiana

  317. Thanks for hosting this! I just entered my quilt, and spent an hour or more looking at other entries. What a wonderful way to spend a chilly western Massachusetts morning.

  318. Hi, Amy. Thanks for hosting another quilt festival. It is so much fun to look at "all" the quilts and blogs! I have been so inspired and made new friends. Thanks so much!

  319. This is amazing! I just linked over from Wish Upon a Quilt and wow! The quilts are extraordinary. Mrs. Moen's quilt story gave me the chills. Quilts are no longer just sometihng to keep warm under or a way to use old material. They are works of art with symbolism & depth. I'm new to this "hobby" but I can see already how my English teaching background will influence my future works. I can hardly wait to get started!

  320. I ddecided to use my Autumn Wedding Quilt as my Festival entry at All Things Quilty.

    Jeanne Turner McBrayer in Wake Forest, NC

  321. Hi…I posted an old family quilt for the festival…my name is Kristine…live in WA state…SAHM of 2, wife to 1…this is my first time joining your festival…fun fun!

  322. What an amazing concept – so many beautiful quilts here. I am inspired to continue to persevere at my early quiltmaking attempts!

  323. Hey Amy! I finally got my festival post up! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event! Oh, and I'm from good ol' Gilbert, Arizona :)

  324. Amy, I loved looking over your last quilt festival, it's how I discovered Red Pepper Quilts, which is one of my favorite blogs to follow now. I don't have a blog right now, but I copied over my flickr picture URL and sent the picture over to the Group Pool. I'm excited to be able to participate in your quilt festival this year! I'm from Portland, Oregon.

  325. I have been looking at the quilts for days. Your blog is so inspirational! I just wish I had the time and knowledge to blog too. Maybe if I stopped looking so much, lol.
    Thanks for the fun
    Jill in San Diego, CA

  326. I'm so thrilled to be participating in this Festival. I've already looked at many inspirational quilts and look forward to seeing many more. Thanks for hosting.
    Kari in New York City

  327. Thank you so much Amy for hosting the Quilt Festival again!

    I am glad I was able to join all the fun!

    Happy sewing!

    Zlaty in PA

  328. I did it Amy, with a couple of hours to go….my first Quilt Fest!:)

    Thanks for letting a non-blogger in and for organizing this wonderful Quilt Fest!:)

  329. Whew! Just under the wire! I am CJ from way up north in Idaho! Posted my quilt and can't wait to take a look through ALL the other entries.
    Thanks, Amy!

  330. Hi, I linked to an old blog post, I haven't posted on there in forever but maybe this will inspire me to try again :)
    What a fun idea, thank you Amy!

    Sarah in the UK

  331. Hi Amy, I'm Kerri from WA, and loved the quilt festival last spring! I was so excited to see it for fall and entered a new quilt I finished towards the end of spring. :)

    I'm crossing my fingers for the blog makeover! That would be fabulous!!

  332. Hi Amy, I'm Nova from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Thanks for organizing another awesome quilt festival :) Have a beautiful weekend, I know I'm going to – I have a quilt festival to visit! :) xxx

  333. Hi Amy!

    I just posted a link to my first quilt story. :)
    I am from Germany and unfortunately quilting is not a big thing here, so I am glad to be able to participate in your festival!!

    Thanks for this lovely blog!! :))


  334. I posted the only quilt I've ever finished! I hope to have more selection to choose from in the spring.
    Kelly – Alberta, Canada

  335. oh dear, I almost messed up, I forgot to write a comment but I did put my quilt/link up for you a few days ago. I am glad I came back to double check it worked!

    I am from Helena, MT but my heart is in Seattle, WA!

  336. I have spent way too much time on this over the past week. And I have loved every second of it! Thanks, I just posted my quilts, although I had hoped they would be back from the quilter by now. Such a bummer!

    Thanks again! I'm loving it.

  337. I made the deadline! Woo Hoo!! Where has this week gone?!! What a fantastic turnout! Such a great idea you've had, and a huge success too!

    Joanna in NH but also UT and NZ. (And I have been to Park City many times!!!)

  338. Hello everyone and Amy, I'm arlette from the blog el rincón de arlette (arlette's corner) and I'm from Costa Rica, I bet this is lot of fun!

  339. This is such a great idea! Way to go, Amy, and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to share in the fun of a Quilt Festival.

    (from Seattle)

  340. oh…I hope I did this right! And I hope that I made it under the wire as well!! This is an awesome idea Amy!
    ~Andrea from W. Richland, WA

  341. Amy, I'm after midnight on my comment but I made it under the wire on my quilt entry. Thanks for your recent post reminding me that I hadn't made my entry yet. I'm soooo happy that I made it and I'm actually dead last. Too funny! LOL!

    I'm a local Utah girl and live not too far from Park City. I've lived out of State in Northern California for 13 years and have been back in Utah now for 11 years. I love it here!

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