600+ Quilt Festival Entries

Posted on October 14th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival. 14 comments

And there is still time to enter if you have not yet had the chance to do so! The Festival will close Friday night midnight.

I would like to reiterate that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been quilting, or how many quilts you have made. This event is about building community, not how perfect your seams are! We want to see what you’ve been up to. And if you are new to blogging – don’t worry about it! We’ve all been new to blogging at one point or another :) Ask for help – it doesn’t hurt!

I’ve just started down the list – there’s some amazing quilts, and even more amazing stories attached to them. Thanks again to everyone who is sharing their stories with their quilts – it’s a huge blessing to me!

Time to go read –

PS – I’m planning to host the festival again next spring, but don’t wait until then if you have something to enter now!
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14 thoughts on “600+ Quilt Festival Entries

  1. 1
    MARIKA says:

    You are very kind thank you big opportunity a lot much beautiful quilt like this beautiful blog to see from all of a world's landscapes .
    Another very much require beautiful work and beautiful days with love embraces ,everybody .Marika Hungary

  2. 2
    wishes, true and kind says:

    That's a lot of quilts! A lot of beautiful quilts! Thanks again for all of your work organizing this fabulous online event!

  3. 3
    Jan says:

    Your Quilt Festival is truly amazing. Thank you for doing it, again.

  4. 4
    Tipper says:

    Wow-a huge success!!

  5. 5
    Marie says:

    I can only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Living in a country where it is not easy to find fabrics and quilting books and magazines, having this kind of festivals helps so much. we can see what quilters around the world are doing.

  6. 6
    Kim says:

    Thanks again Amy! I have been nursing two sick kids and then got sick myself, so it has been nice to have all this quilty goodness to veg out and browse through. I have made it up to around 400, it just keeps getting bigger! Already planning my spring entry! : )

  7. 7
    Jackie says:

    Just proof positive that you have done another wonderful job.

  8. 8
    Terriaw says:

    What an amazing turnout! It's so nice to read stories about all these people who share my passion. You gotta love the Internet and blogging!

  9. 9
    Sarah says:

    Amy, I'm still making my visits. What an amazing turn out for this festival and what amazing quilts I've seen. Thanks for hosting this event each spring and fall. I look forward to the spring festival.

  10. 10
    sunt says:

    I am enjoying this event and being inspired by all the fabulous things I see. I'd join in but I have no quilts as yet, only completed tops. Hopefully, in spring!


  11. 11
    loulee says:

    This is the first time I've entered the festival. I'm loving looking at all the beautiful quilts and wish I had time to stop and compliment every single one. Thank you for all your hard work. I'll keep on working my way through the list, I may just get it finished in time to start on the new spring list! LOL

  12. 12
    Rene' says:

    Thank you Amy for putting together this awesome festival. First time for me and I am enjoying it tremendously. I started with the first link and I am making my way down posting comments at each step of the way. There is no way I'll be able to get through them all tonight. I am assuming (but not sure) that tonight's deadline is for entering quilts not accessing the links. Hope that is the case or there will be lots that I didn't get to see. Thanks again.


  13. 13
    bekhy says:

    Wonderful idea setting up the flickr group: what a great way to get an overview of the quilts and link into them easily. loved that format.

  14. 14
    Rafael's Mum says:

    600+ !!! amazing amy! agree with bekhy, the flickr group so nice to be able to see all the wonderful pics. I am sure we won't get through them all but it is fun having so many to choose from!

    Great success!!

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