A Glimpse -

Posted on October 14th, by Amy in embroidery. 28 comments

Remember this post?

I’m not ready to share the whole thing, but this is what I have been working on in my off-computer time the last couple of weeks. . . more soon. I promise!! I’m super excited, and couldn’t wait to share – sorry for the tease. Really I am!

Blessings ~
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28 thoughts on “A Glimpse -

  1. Going out on a limb from my unartistic eye – but it looks like tiny rose petals Joe sprinkled around for a romantic getaway for the two of you?? :)

  2. Pretty cool! Can't wait for the unveiling! Also, a quick note to say the Blogger's Quilt Festival is fabulous. I have been lost in BLOGland for hours!

  3. My name is Renie and Im from Kansas. Ive been quilting for a short time but I love it.
    I'm new to visiting blogs so I havent figured them out yet. (like once you find them how do you go back and can you subscribe to them like email. I hope I get a chance to visit the blogs you have listed. Thank you for sharing your interests

  4. Oh yeah, I'm hungry…looked like a big cookie with red sprinkles!:) But then the more I looked at it the more it looked like some kind of stitching….very intriguing Amy!!:)

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