Last Call!

Posted on October 16th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival. 24 comments

Today is the final day that the Quilt Festival is accepting new links! If you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t done it yet – hurry up!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your community :)

A few of you have asked, if the links will still be accessible after this week is over – Of course!! The links will be permanent on my blog, feel free to take your time going through them – I know I will.

My plan is to close the linky tonight as I go to bed, and tomorrow work on awarding prizes – by random number generator. Hopefully I have a way to get in touch with everyone that has entered. (Just in case you don’t know I’m on mountain time in the US)

Be sure to visit the sponsors – they have been a great support to me this week, and have lots to offer all of us!

Blessings ~
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24 thoughts on “Last Call!

  1. Thanks for hosting this festival! I've had lots of fun 'meeting'new friends, enjoying new blogs and being inspired by all the great projects and people involved.

  2. As if you have NOTHING else to do….would you mind sending me that website that has inexpensive "backing" fabric on it? Was it the same website where I could find some white fabric for my curtains?
    I'm enjoying all the pictures and tweets. Maybe sometime I can participate :D

  3. Thanks for organising this great event, it's fantastic to be able to see so many gorgeous creations from all over the world. I'll definitely be entering the next festival, I need to finish a quilt, I keep putting off the actual quilting – I'm scared! LOL Have a great weekend. Kelly :-)

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I decided to join, albeit last minute. My quilt is up. Thanks for organizing this. It was a HUGE undertaking I'm sure! :) U R awesome!

  5. Thanks so much Amy for putting this all together. It was fun in the Spring and it's even better this time. Your efforts are appreciated.

  6. Huzzah! You're awesome for organizing such a HUGE event – it will take me ages to work through the list. I'm barely off the first page! Can't wait for the spring event!

  7. Wow, how will I ever get through all these links? This is what you can real enabling-lol. Love it! Off now to check out some new sites.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Thanks Amy and all the sponsors and a massive thank you to the participants, it's been great visiting all your work and having your thoughts on mine, hooray, isn't it brilliant to be a quilter?!!

  9. Ok, count me in, in the festival,, I'll put the quilt pic later on, I'd like to have new blogger friends!!!

  10. Thank you, Amy, for putting all of this together! I had (am still having, in fact) a lovely time visiting everybody and admiring their quilts. I'm a quilting newbie myself (with about 1/3 of my very first quilt done) and the Bloggers' Quilt Festival offered a wealth of inspiration.

  11. Hi Amy, I'm new to blogging so I hope I did this right! I'm loving going through all the quilts,only about half-way through– amazing bunch of quilters out there. I'm from PA, by the way. thanks for this opportunity to connect and be inspired.

  12. Oh my goodness, look at those hundreds of links to beautiful quilts! I would say you ran a pretty successful festival! Thank you so much for all your work this week.

  13. I'm excited about the Perfect Ten quilt you have displayed. I was looking for an idea for some quilts I plan to make for patients at the VA hospital and this pattern would work VERY well with the fabric I have. BTW – you should win a prize for the speed with which you mail ordered fabric! Thanks. Mary Ann

  14. I love fabric so much that I think about it all day at work and design quilts in my head as I work in medical records for 27 doctors.

  15. I haven't gotten through all the wonderful quilts, but maybe about 120 or more. It's been really fun leaving comments and having quilters new and experienced to share this Festival with. Thanks, Amy! Oh, and you answered my question about when winners will be drawn, but —duh—I could have read the button that said October 9-16 :)!

  16. Amy, Once again thank you for putting on a great quilt festival. This was a great idea. I loved seeing so many wonderful quilts.

  17. Just wanted to say thanks–like so many others. I ended up sick this past week and I've had the best time sitting in bed with my laptop, going to a virtual quilt festival.

    Many thanks–
    Elizabeth E, #115 (in Fall 2009)

  18. Congratulations to all the winners – and many thanks to the sponsors for giving us the opportunity to win these wonderful prizes; and to you, Amy, for hosting it.

    I'm very glad that it was a roaring success -it must make all that hard work worth it! :)

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