SewConnected & A Notion or Two

Posted on October 26th, by Amy in Uncategorized. 14 comments

Good morning and happy Monday!

I got to work on my bee blocks for the month over the weekend. Some months are more challenging than others – but I love the diversity!

A Notion or 2 for Allyn
Allyn asked that we take the pieces that she cut and make these grandmother’s fans. While it wasn’t difficult, it was tedious, but I’m glad to have accomplished this more traditional block! Each square is roughly 6.5″ – I’ve left them for Allyn to trim, that way she can trim them the way she needs them :)

SewConnected - Dee
Dee is making a house quilt for her sewing room! So cute! You can see the collection of houses in our flickr group.

And if you are interested in getting involved in a quilting bee check the discussion group over here – someone always asks!

Time to get busy!
Blessings to you all ~
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14 thoughts on “SewConnected & A Notion or Two

  1. these are great! the modern fabric on our fans make them seem so updated. i love crossing a traditional block with modern fabrics.

  2. Your blocks for Allyn are great! I was really worried after I made the first one because I had the bits that needed trimmed off like yours, so I am glad I'm not the only one and that I did it right.
    I still need to finish mine, I got all the fan pieces pieced together for the rest of the blocks today, maybe tommorow I will tackle the rest!

    Cute house block too!

  3. These projects looking very challenging! How nice to have this diversity in sewing projects. Great job putting these together.

  4. Love all the color in the fans! And thanks for the info on bees. I've been wanting to be a part of one but didn't know how to go about it.

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