Weekend Moments

Posted on November 1st, by Amy in moments. 14 comments

Friday evening sewing with Ella –
I have a set of stockings nearly complete and ready to share with you.

Saturday evening trick-or-treating –
Ella’s a cat, complete with robe tie tail. Emmalie pulled her Sleeping Beauty dress out of the dress up bin. Sophia found the Tinkerbell dress up clothes. And Owen is just being himself – he didn’t go out :) Halloween is low-key in our house.

Currently — I’m making the most of having to slow down and wash the dishes, for today.
You ask – “Amy, are there dishwasher parts on your messy counter and floor?” Yes! Yes there are! As many of you guessed the dishwasher made a big mess for us overnight on Friday – what a joy to wake up too – sarcasm – Joe has found the trouble and corrected it! Later this evening, after company is over, we will test to be sure.

Blessings ~

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Moments

  1. Looks like a great weekend! (except for that dishwasher issue) We had a dinner party on Halloween, so we had to run our dishwasher at least three times this weekend. I would be so bummed if it stopped working!

  2. What darling wee ones.

    Don't you just love (sarcasm) messes! Chuckle!

    Halloween ~ in 23 yrs we haven't had 50 kids so this year we put a tub of candy on the porch with a note & we went out to dinner … great Halloween!

    Please visit our DOUBLE GIVEAWAY! & Happy November! TTFN ~Marydon

  3. aw! I love those pictures! I can't wait to see your stockings. I'm so sorry about the dishwasher! Glad you don't have hardwood floors in your kitchen. That could have been expensive!

  4. Cute, cute. Love that they went to their dress up clothes for costumes!
    I thought once mine were out of school I would be done sewing costumes but I have made something for my 22 yr old every year since she was born! I have posted some of the pictures on my Flickr acct because Flossie wanted to see them….check out this years!:)


    Nice to have a handy guy in the house…something else you can be thankful for is having a dishwasher…I have never had one!:)

  5. Yikes what a nightmare to wake up to! Glad it's fixed though! I need to start making stockings! Can't wait to see yours :)

  6. cutie pie kids! Hope your dishwasher is working now!

    Can't wait to see your stockings. I have a bunch of Christmas fat quarters that I won and need to do something with. And we don't have any stockings! (well, cute ones, anyway.)

    PS – have I ever told you how much I like your orange walls?

  7. Ella looks like a wonderful seamstress. Hope you have fixed the dishwasher problem. What a headache. Your kiddies look cute for Halloween.

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