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Posted on December 2nd, by Amy in give away. 514 comments

Sew, Mama, Sew is busy again! They just finished up a month of Handmade Holidays, with daily posts full of tutorials and giveaways, and now they are hosting Giveaway Day! After you enter to win here, go spend the day signing up for as many giveaways as you possibly can. Maybe you can enter me too??? :)

My offering –I had originally planned to not participate, I haven’t had the time to make anything extra. When I told Natalia, she offered to donate a Bake Shop Sampler from her shop!! How sweet is she!? Natalia is also having a great giveaway on her blog today, so be sure to visit her blog, and shop (she’s got lots on sale right now!).

Enter to win here, by leaving me a comment. Tell me about yourself, I would love to know where you are from, your favorite Christmas Carol, and what you would like for Christmas! Or just leave a “pick me” comment :)

My example — I’m Amy from Utah, and I love “Joy to the World” it has always been my favorite! I’m hoping for a new computer for Christmas – my current computer keeps disconnecting from the internet, and I NEED to be connected. :)

**Also, if you are new here, subscribe to my blog in your reader or via email – I have a few other giveaways in the works in the next week!! You don’t want to miss out – I promise!

Have fun entering and good luck~

PS – The giveaway is open through Sunday December 6th, I will announce a winner on Monday!

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514 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!

  1. Hi I'm Kris. I'm from Minnesota, but live in upstate New York. I love "All I want for Christmas in You" and I'm hoping for a new paint job in my sewing room for Christmas (the outlook is good, since we've already picked a color!)

  2. Hi Amy, I am Barbara. I live in Texas. I love Joy to the World and for Christmas…..I would like to have my finished color wheel framed.

  3. Hi, Amy, it's me, FlossieBlossoms! I live in NW Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains, in the woods. I don't have a favorite carol, but my favorite Christmas song is "Gee Whiz, It's Christmas". (Favorite album is Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve and Other Stories) And I don't need a single thing for Christmas, but if somebody gave me a gift certificate to all my favorite quilt shops, well…. I wouldn't turn them down! lol

  4. I am Anne from Huntsville, AL for the past 10 years. My favorite Christmas music is Handel's Messiah which I listen to all year round! I am hoping for a photo printer for Christmas!

  5. Hi Amy! Sally from Connecticut here. "Adeste Fidelis" will always be my favorite I think, since I can still remember the Latin from seventh-grade chorus! My list is mostly quilty this year – thread, a new cutting mat, that sort of thing. Oh, and Silpat baking sheets, I've worn out yet another set!

  6. Hi Amy! Right now I don't know about a favorite Christmas song, but "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is stuck in my head. You know what I want for Christmas–new sewing machine!

  7. Great giveaway! I'd love to get my hands on one of these!

    My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night…but the german version. During Christmas my German class would go to the senior center and sing German Christmas carols. One of my favorite memories of high school!

    I have no idea what I want for Christmas…which is a problem because everyone keeps asking. I'm ready to say a gift certificate to :)

  8. G'morning Amy! I am Tracy from Delaware. My favorite Christmas song is Silent Night – I have loved that one since I was a kid. I have told most of my family I don't need anything for Christmas, but if they already owned something that they thought I could use – that would make a great gift. So I guess what I do want is someone to help organize and declutter my house though!

  9. Fun! I'm Kristin and my favorite Christmas song is probably Oh Come Emmanuel…though I like them all! I really want a baby for Christmas, but I'm not getting that…sigh!

  10. Hi Amy! I'm Kim and I'm from Minnesota. My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night. And all I want for Christmas is a free motion foot for my sewing machine. I really want to learn how to quilt in more than straight lines!

  11. I'm Kristal, and I'm up in Logan, UT. I love "White Christmas" (Bing Crosby) or John denver and the Muppets' "12 days of Christmas". I'm hoping for some quilting supplies for Christmas.

  12. Hi Amy! I'm Allison and I'm from Louisville, Ky. I've got a soft spot in my heart for White Christmas. I'd like some beeswax candles and wool socks for Christmas.

  13. Hi! I am Desiree from Wisconsin. My favorite Christmas song is Love came down at Christmas Time sung by Point of Grace. It is a gorgeous song! I am hoping & getting a printer for Christmas – I have wanted & needed one for some time & we are finally getting one…. I think I complained enough to my husband :)

  14. Hi Amy, I'm Bea from DFW area in Texas. I love O Come All Ye Faithful. I've been known to sing it to myself in the car. Probably best as no one but me wants to hear me sing it. We don't generally do gifts so nothing from anyone else, but I've got my eye on treating myself to some pretty fabrics.

  15. HI Amy, I'm Melissa from NC. My favorite Christmas carol is Mary Did You Know. It always makes me tear up. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a new iPod this year. My car broke my current one. Grrr!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  16. oh snap.
    can't miss out on this giveaway.

    well i'm rachel…but you knew that…& my all time fav christmas song would have to be carol of the bells.
    me loves it.

  17. Hello AMY, I am susan from north of the border, near Vancouver, BC actually and just for this year my song is O Christmas Tree – it was my Mom's fav and she passed away Nov 9, but my usual fav is Silent Night, because my Mom sang it to me one Christmas when I had the measles (what sad stories) but not a sad life… And I don't really need anything for Christmas — though I did ask my hubby to keep an eye out for real applique pins, not just regular straight pins…

  18. Good morning Amy -

    I'm Cheryl from Catoosa, OK. I'm not a blogger, just a fan but love your blog and follow it daily. My favorite Christmas carols is Carol of the Bells and I would like a new sewing machine for Christmas.

    Have a great day!

    Cheryl Edmundson
    Catoosa, OK

  19. I'm Morgan originally from upstate NY and gosh darn it I'm still there! My favorite carol is O Come O Come Emmanuel, though certain sticklers like to point out that it's an Advent hymn not a Christmas one. Bah humbug to them! I really want a new iron for Christmas – mine is kind of sticky and keeps turning off on me.

  20. I'm Kendra, I'm from California and my favorite carol is "O Come All Ye Faithful." This year I'm hoping for a cabinet to hold all of my spools of thread (right now they're jumbled together in a box).

    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  21. Hey Amy,
    I'm in Michigan, near Ann Arbor. Favorite carol would be any of them sung by the Muppets – have already listened to their Christmas album a couple times this year. I am hoping for fabric and thread, but would really like to spend time with my family and get a good chunk of the stuffing.

  22. What a great giveaway! I would love this!

    My name is Amy and I am from Southeast Texas. I have been married to my sweetie for 16 years and have three monkeys. I love to sew, craft, decorate, you name it. I mainly make totes and camera accessories and sell them online. I don't have a favorite Christmas song. I love them all. I would love a Kindle for Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read.

  23. hi there! I'm susan from michigan, and I love to sing "last christmas" It's not what you'd call a carol but for some reason that's the song i sing whenever the holiday season comes around! the present i want soo bad is a kitchen aid stand mixer.. in apple red. sighh.. i hope my wishes come true! thanks so much for the giveaway. happy holidays and i hope you get that computer you want so badly!

  24. Hey! I am Nikki, from SC – originally Ohio though. My very favorite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy. I am hoping this Christmas people stop trying to buy me things other than yarn or fabric or accessories for knitting or sewing – b/c really thats all I ever want! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. My name is Julie and i'm from SC as well. My favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells, especially a hard rock version my boyfriend found a couple of years ago. I am hoping to get money for a trip abroad to Ecuador for Christmas :) and other crafty things. Awesome giveaway!

  26. I live in MN & my fav carol is Silent Night. I am hoping for a new machine but think it'll have to wait til next year.

  27. I'm Kathy from Maryland. My favorite Christmas Carol is Silent Night – it puts me at peace whenever I hear it! I would really like a clean house for Christmas (omg – I've turned into my mother – that was all she used to ask for for Christmas!) I would really like an Ipod touch for Christmas!

  28. Hi! I'm Heidi from Utah and I just love "O Holy Night". I am hoping for a Cricut machine this Christmas then I can bust out countless school project with ease.

  29. Great giveaway! I am Liz from Maine, and my favorite Christmas carol is Oh Holy Night sun by Eric Cartman from South Park. :P For Christmas I have put a whole bunch of square quilting rulers on my wish list because I am falling in love with quilting but am terrible at squaring up blocks!

  30. hi amy! i am erika- boise, idaho girl :) my favorite christmas songs are the ones my kids sing continuously… rudolph, frosty, jingle bells… fun! hmmm, what i really, REALLY want for christmas is a new sewing machine! fingers crossed!

  31. Well I am currently living in Arizona with my family. We moved here from Colorado about 9 years ago. I like Arizona but CO feels like "home". My favorite carol is "Go Tell It on the Mountain" My family gets to hear me belt it out through out the year, but in greater quantity during the holidays. (poor them)

  32. Hi Amy, My name is Katrina, I currently live in Des Moines, IA (although Colorado will always be considered home) Christmas Carol would have to be…there are SO many…Silent Night. I really and truly want to be with my family for Christmas…but wouldn't turn down gift certificates. :)

  33. I'm from norhtern Maine where winter has begun. I love the Christmas season; lights, music, scents….I'm a feely person like that…enjoying the peace and tranquility I can get from things around me. Not so much a people person any more…too much clashing and noise! Favorite carol: God rest ye Merry Gentleman.

  34. I'm Susan from Pennsylvania. I'm asking for time to quit this Christmas because I just purchased a new Juki machine and Grace frame. However…a little more fabric would be nice, so I can make something to quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Hello! I'm betsy from wisconsin. It's starting to get cold here, but still know snow. hmm… what i want for christmas… still haven't figured out. to win a giveaway? that would be nice.

    I'm following your blog now too! your love of ingrid michaelson won me over. (I've been listening to her on repeat lately. she's a great destresser)

    Have a great day and thanks for being so generous!

  36. Hello! I am Kimberly from Portland, OR. My favorite Christmas song is the MercyMe version of Silent Night or the BNL version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
    As for a gift, I would love more fabric, although right now I have more than enough. But really, it's fabric, who wouldn't want more? For a non-crafty gift, I'd love a pair of jeans that fit and a cute pair of boots. (I have only 1 pair of pants that currently ft me.)
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway today!

  37. What a lovely giveaway!

    I'm Liesl. I'm from NJ–the pretty part. ;) This holiday I'm hoping for some camera lenses. I just got an digital SLR this year and have been having fun playing with it.

    liesl52 at gmail dot com

  38. Hi! I am Jen from Grand Rapids, MI. I love Silent Night. I know it may seem like an easy answer, but it is the truth. I am hoping to get a Dyson vacuum this year. We have a cat and I need a clean house!

  39. Hi I'm Cortney! I live in MI and I love Jingle bells (because it's the only one I know all the words to) I would love a dremel set for x-mas so I don't have to hand file my jewerly bits and bobs :)

  40. Glad you decided to do this!

    Hello, I am Jackie from Florida, but currently in Guatemala serving as a missionary (i have a stateside addy to mail to). I have always loved "Silent Night" it's a tear jerker for me during the candle lighting on Christmas Eve. I would love a darning foot for Christmas. I was going to put a new sewing machine but my inlaws just gave me one on thankgiving! I'm very thankful.

    Jackie (at)

  41. Gosh, that's a sweet giveaway!

    My name is Mara and I currently live in Troy, NY. My two favorite holiday songs are the Hallelujah Chorus, and Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby. The two things I am most hoping for this xmas are a knit cap from my sister and a crocheted scarf from my momma. Everything else is icing on the cake!


  42. I'm Meghan from American Fork, Utah. I'm very new to quilting, well sewing in general. I fell in love with my friends fabrics she was selling and knew I had a new passion. For Christmas all I want is fabric. I find I have fallen in love with a fabric line but can no longer get it. I'm learning to snatch it while I can. I enjoy your blog. I need all the inspiration I can get at this point!

  43. Hi Amy, I'm Melanie and I live in Texas. My favorite holiday song is "Sleigh Ride". I walk around the house singing "Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we…" all December. My favorite traditional Christmas song is "Adeste Fideles".

    Thanks for the chance at the great giveaway!

  44. I love "Silent Night" it is so soothing and calm. For Christmas, hmm…it's a toss up. I would love a serger, but I will mostly likely be getting some great new sewing books (Sew Liberated, fingers crossed!).


  45. I'm Jenni from southeastern PA. My favorite Christmas Carol is "Dominic the donkey." I'm hoping for a pair of Ugg slippers/clogs for Christmas! jennirowles @

  46. Hi I am from Pennsylvania — Pittsburgh
    I love christmas and couldn't pic out a christmas song — I just checked my ipod I have 400 christmas songs
    I will take me 26 hours to listen to them

  47. Hi, I'm Tammie from Kansas, and my favorite song is I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas! I am hoping for a pedi/massage package for Christmas. Momma needs some pampering!

  48. I live in California. My favorite carol is probably Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, though Silent Night is up there, too. I would love a new lens for my camera, but that's a dream.

  49. Hi. I'm Lisa and I live in Rhode Island. What an awesome giveaway! I'm just getting back into quilting and have been having so much fun.

  50. Hi, I am Connie and I live in Gold Beach, Oregon. I just absolutely love MODA!!!

    All I want for Christmas is a safe drive from Oregon to Colorado to spend time with my entire family, oh and on a side note we will be picking up my college age son who is going to come to Salt Lake to snowboard for a week before Christmas.

    Thanks for the opporturnity

  51. I'm Amy from California. Favorite Christmas Carol…that's really hard. It seems like "Let It Snow" has a tendency to get stuck in my head. :) I'm hoping Santa brings me some sort of speaker system for my iPod so I can listen to my music while I sew without having to have headphones (that constantly get jerked out when I turn around, etc.). :)

  52. I'm Amy from California. Favorite Christmas Carol…that's really hard. It seems like "Let It Snow" has a tendency to get stuck in my head. :) I'm hoping Santa brings me some sort of speaker system for my iPod so I can listen to my music while I sew without having to have headphones (that constantly get jerked out when I turn around, etc.). :)

  53. HiYa! I'm Chris, and I'm in Chicago. I love all things Christmas – especially the music! I have so much Christmas music that I can't fit it all on my iPod and I have to pick and choose what goes on there. Right now I am listening to the Ventures christmas album. It's cool because they start out each traditional tune with a riff from a popular 50/60's tune… for example, you think you are listening to TEQUILLA, but it morphs into Forsty the Snowman! Fun stuff!

  54. Hi Amy, I'm Jill from Apple Avenue Quilts. I live in Utah. My favorite song is Carol of the Bells. I'm offering a free tree skirt pattern on my blog that I hope others may like. I want quilt store gift certificates for Christmas. Pick me please!

  55. Hi, I am Martina from switzerland. I love the carol "come all you faithful" and for christmas my wish would be to have a whole day free to have time to finish some of my UFO's….!Thanks for this great give away and the reminder!

  56. Hi Amy, I'm Kelly from Alberta, Canada. I don't know if there's a carol I like best….maybe Silent Night. I enjoy listening to any Christmas music! I would like a new winter coat for Christmas, I've had mine for 10 years…time for a change!

  57. I'm Beth from Ohio and my fave Christmas carol is "I'll be home for Christmas!" I'm hoping to get an uninterrupted day of sewing for Christmas!

  58. Hi, I'm Robin from North Carolina. I love "O Holy Night!"…it has always been my favorite since hearing it on Home Alone as a child..haha…I even had it sung at my JUNE wedding….wow, crazy, I know!

    I would love to win!!!

  59. :) I like Silent Night, live in California and am happy to spend Christmas with my family this year. Our first year by ourselves at home!

  60. Hi Amy~ I'm Sandie from WA. I love all the Christmas carol's! It's my favorite time of the year because you hear them everywhere! LOL I've been following you for a while and love stopping in! Oh and for Christmas, I need an elf to help me clean my sewing room. :-))

  61. Hi! I'm Jennie from Illinois, and my favorite Christmas Carol is "O Come O Come Emmanuel". It's best in latin- Enya does a GORGEOUS version of it!! All I want for Christmas is a long-arm quilting machine!! But that's not terribly likely :) ~ Jennie

  62. Michele from Michigan! Favorite Christmas song? There is NO WAY I could pick. I grew up listening to the Time-Life Treasury CDs, and they sound like Christmas to me! I want lots of gift cards for Christmas. ;)

  63. Hi! I'm Laura from Northern California (think even farther north than San Francisco, almost to Oregon). My favorite christmas song is Christmas Time is Here from the Charlie Brown special. Makes me tear up every time. I am getting a Canon DSLR for Christmas so that I can take lots of pics of my boys!

  64. Hi, I'm Shannon and I live in Syracuse, NY. My favorite carol is Thou Shalt Know Him, but I'm listening to All That I Want by the Weepies on repeat lately! I want a Nikon D80 for Christmas!
    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  65. I'm Amber :-) from Hawaii and I love Amy Grant's old Christmas Album – Tennessee Christmas – my grandparents live there and I just love playing all the songs and "pretending" it's cold outside :-)
    I want a new sewing table for Christmas – and more fabric is always fun!

  66. Hi! I'm Jane from South Carolina. My favorite carol is Silent Night. From a selfish standpoint, I'd love a new Bernina or one of those quick, fabric cutter machines. But really, there is nothing I need, so I should just wish for jobs and health for everyone!

  67. Hi, I'm Lora from South Carolina. I've been listening to that old Quaker song Simple Things a lot lately. I'd love to win this great fabric!
    ps-check out my blog too- i'm also doing a giveaway!

  68. I am Linda from Amish Country in Ohio. My favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night but Away in a Manger is a close second. I am hoping to have my whole family together for Christmas! What a generous giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. Tell me about yourself, I would love to know where you are from, your favorite Christmas Carol, and what you would like for Christmas!

    Kati from Western NY. Favorite xmas carol is probably Silent Night – but I love christmas music generally. I would really like gift cards for my favorite Quilt and Yarn shops – so I can have fun all year!

  70. Amy
    All ready a follower. :o}
    I think my favorit carol is Away in a Manger
    the gift I'm hoping for would be cloths — can't have too many.
    I'm from Boring Oregon.
    Hope you have a great day. :o}

  71. Hi, my name is Carla. My favorite carol is "I'll be Home For Christmas". I haven't been home for Christmas in over 20 years. But I have been there in my dreams. I would like to have an embroidery machine but that is in my dreams too. I will settle for good health and being with my wonderful husband.

  72. Hi there. I'm currently living in Boston but am originally from Virginia. My favorite christmas carol is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. For christmas this year I would like a better craft area with more storage so it doesn't always look like a wreck.

  73. I seem to have a collection of little things, and am intrigued by these little squares. I live in Maine, but consider Lancaster, PA home — favorite carol Silent Night… thanks for a great give-away.

  74. I must be the token multicultural quilter – lol! We do Chanukah this time of year, but I sure would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  75. I'm Jana from Maryland. I love to listen to John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. I have been asking for a Cricut for Christmas. I have no dilusions that I'll actually get one, but it would sure be great!

  76. Hi I'm Myra from South Florida, my favorite Christmas song is the Little Drummer Boy (loved it since I was little). Don't really want anything for Christmas, though fabric is always nice :)

  77. Hi I'm Myra from South Florida, my favorite Christmas song is the Little Drummer Boy (loved it since I was little). Don't really want anything for Christmas, though fabric is always nice :)

  78. Hi Amy, I think you might know me from previous occassions and the Old Red Barn Co group. I live in Ramsgate in the UK and if you want to see the pics, I just put them up! All I dream off this Christmas is some uninterrupted time to sort things through and get things done that stay where they are forever "till I get some time"… and the new Kaffe book… Oh … and the Sampler box would be super… :-) have a great christmas. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  79. Hi, I'm Mellissa and I'm from Southern Utah. I get annoyed with most Christmas Music, but I do like the Carol of the Bells. All I want for Christmas is crafting supplies!

    That is an awesome sampler that you're giving away, I love Moda Fabrics. Yay!

  80. I'm Deanne, born in Iowa and now living in the mountains of western North Carolina. I am currently listening to Yo-Yo Ma's cd – Songs of Joy & Peace, which does not have my favorite carol "O Holy Night" oh well, can't have everything my way.
    My husband is kind enough to be giving me a new laptop for Christmas and I have asked for an umbrella swift for my weaving studio.

  81. I am Amy from Carlsbad, CA. I like all Christmas carols but my favorite is Silent Night because I want one of those….LOL. I am asking for a bunch of quilting stuff for Christmas. PICK ME!!!!

  82. I'm originally from Nebraska — Go Big Red!

    It's so hard to pick a favorite Christmas carol, but right now I like O Holy Night.

    I'm not sure what I most want for Christmas. Fabric?

  83. I recently started sewing! I love your blog! Pick me!! =)

    My family lives in Utah right now for school we will be moving to North Carolina next fall. I'm from Georgia. Favorite carol, today because it changes daily, is "I'm Dreaming of a white Christmas"


  84. I am Rhonda from Long Beach, CA and I'm new to quilting and have found a lot of inspiration here. I have no Christmas wishes since I have a new daughter and all my wishes are for her now. I worked in retail for many years and really can't deal with Christmas music, but will likely need to learn since my little girl loves to dance!

  85. How fun! Love those samplers.

    I rather enjoy the Barenaked Ladies' holiday album. Elf's Lament is a pretty funny Christmas song, and I hope to use their "Hannukah Blessings" song when we light candles next week.

    Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

  86. Hi! I'm Erika from Lafayette, Louisiana. My favorite Christmas carol is the Little Drummer Boy but I also really like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas albums. For Christmas this year I'm hoping to get some gardening tools so I can finally get around to that vegetable garden I've been dreaming about for a while.

  87. Hi! I'm Beth and I'm also from Utah! I love the song, "Silent Night". All I want for Christmas is time with my family. I can't wait to see my son who is in the military and will be able to come home for Christmas!

  88. Cool Giveaway! I'm Laura and I live in Nashville, TN. I will be spending Christmas in Nashville where there will probably be no snow, but then plan to head to Michigan right after and HOPE to find some snow.

  89. I'm Mary C from Washington State, I have you on my Blog list and enjoy reading about life in your area. My favorite Christmas Carol is "Mary's Lullaby". The Christmas after I became a Grandma, at Church on the Sunday near Christmas I got to hold him while we all sang that song. Pretty special day for me!

  90. Hello – I am from Virgina. My favorite Christmas song is Rudolph the Red nose reindeer. I would love a gift certificate to a spa.

  91. I'm Andrea and live in Sherwood Park, Alberta. One of my favourite Christmas songs is by the Pogues "Fairytale of NewYork" and Ray Charles "that Spirit of Christmas"

  92. I'm Katie from St. Louis, but currently in Atlanta. My favorite Christmas song is "Step Into Christmas" by Elton John. I was living in Germany a few years ago and my best friend came to visit me for Christmas. We watched the video for that at least twenty times a day on YouTube. And ate a whole lot of spaetzle.

  93. Hi — I am Kathie. Favorite Christmas Carol "God Rest ye Merry Gentleman" by BareNaked Ladies & melissa Etheridge. Wish list: a book about sewing or a new chair for my desk. Thanks.

  94. I'm Jan, a native Californian, still live here. I think Silent Night is my favorite carol. I have no wish list for Christmas. I just want my family to have good health.

  95. I'm Becky from Florida.

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Silent Night, sung at the Christmas Eve service at our church, with the lights out and candles in hand. Lovely!

    For Christmas, my husband is coming home! I am so excited. We have been away from each other for 3 weeks and there are 3 more weeks to go.

    Merry Christmas-time to you!

  96. Hi I am Rachelle from Kansas. I love Oh Holy Night and I would love to get some gift certificates to a fabric store and some good books.

  97. I'm Michelle from sunny, smoggy LA…formerly from small-town Nebraska. So I really like "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" – but if it ever snows in LA, I'm staying safely enclosed in my house! I also really like "Carol of the Bells" – "hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away, Christmas is here, bringing good cheer…"

  98. 'afternoon, Amy, I live in the Captial City in Missouri. I belong to a quilt guild, a quilt social and a knit/crochet group and I'm the only gal with a blog.
    This Christmas all I want is an unevent month. The last three have been real bears.
    Silent Night never fails to bring tears to my eyes. I love it.
    I wish the very be to you and yours.
    Oh, yeah, I've love to win your giveaway and I am a Follower of your great blog.

  99. Hi Amy, Great giveaway! I'm Trudi, I live across the big pond in Lincoln, UK. Favourite carol has to be 'Oh Little Town of Bethlehem'. Like Flossie there's nothing I really need for Christmas, so a guess maybee something special just for me from my kids would be wonderful!

  100. Hi, I'm Tabitha and I'm a stay-at-home mom from WA state. I love to sew, crochet, craft, and I'm currently teaching myself to knit.

    My favorite carol is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and I don't really know why!

    For Xmas I'd love the book, "The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss"!

  101. I have had my eye on that sampler box…it is actually on my wish list :)

    Let's see…my favorite Christmas carol is Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer. I also Love that Christmas cartoon.

    We just moved to Houston, and the holidays just don't seem the same right now…I haven't even put up my tree yet. I need to get motivated!

  102. Hi Amy! West Haven Ut…Not too far from you:). Favorite Christmas carol "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Mainly I would just like to have a great Holiday with my family, but if we're talking a real, live gift, I would like a gift card to Title Nine or Athleta.
    Great contest!

  103. Hi! I'm Ming from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and my favorite Christmas Carol is "O Holy Night", especially sung by a tenor! I enjoy reading your blog and I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  104. What a fun thing go win…you know I'd use it! I'm from Poulsbo, eating a doughnut for you (ok maybe not but I wish I was) -Allison

  105. Hi Amy! Love you're blog, you're awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I live in Alabama. If you see me bopping down the street in my car this time of year, I'm probably singing, "All I want for Christmas is You" (oooooo baby!).

    I don't want much for Christmas. I could use some new clothes!

  106. Hi Amy: Brenda from not so snowy Winnipeg, Canada here. I'd love a gift certificate to a fabric shop for Christmas, as well as a rotating cutting mat for squaring up blocks. thanks for a chance to win.

  107. Hi, I'm anne from NE, and I like that little drummer boy song. I'm hoping for contributions to an intensive spanish class in Mexico. thanks for the giveaway op!

  108. Hi, Amy. I'm Cindy, from Fresno (central California). My favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells, but I love the music of Christmas so it was really hard to pick a favorite. I don't need any "thing" for Christmas. Even more time with ny grandkids in the next year would keep me really happy. But if someone wants to give me a gift cert to someplace like fabricworm, pink chalk, sew mama sew, etc., I sure wouldn't turn it down!

  109. I am Jessica in North Carolina, right now my favorite Christmas song is "Go tell it on the Mountain" because it is a good reminder about the meaning of Christmas.

  110. Hi! I'm Nicole from Pasadena, CA! My fave x-mas song is "Last Christmas" by WHAM! Does that count?! ha! I want a sewing room for christmas…but it won't happen this year!

  111. Hi! I'm Nicole from Pasadena, CA! My fave x-mas song is "Last Christmas" by WHAM! Does that count?! ha! I want a sewing room for christmas…but it won't happen this year!

  112. Hi! Allison from Connecticut–soon to be Massachusetts on Saturday! White Christmas is my fave–and I am dying to get my present from my Dad this year–he is an antique dealer and always gives me something fabulous. Oh–and PICK ME!!

  113. Linda in Virginia. I love listening to Dean Martin croon Christmas songs. I asked my kids for a magnetic needle holder for Xmas. In a pretend world I'd wake up to a new kitchen Xmas morning.

  114. My name is Sonja and I am a sewing addict. I stab wool with sharp barbed needles for sport. James Taylor Christmas music is on right now. Sugar plums are dancing in my head and three little people are eating lunch in my kitchen.

  115. Pam in Alabama, I am always sewing quilts bags, and costumes for community theater. Right now we are working on "A Christmas Carol" We open this weekend so much fun and so much work. ^_^

  116. Hi, I'm Jackie from Missouri. I love U2 Baby please come home. I know it isn't a very good Christmas song but I love to listen to it.

  117. I'm Ruth, from California, I love Joy to the World as well, and I'm hoping for a Clover seam ripper for Christmas. (That might seem small to you, but my current seam ripper is driving me batty.)

  118. Thanks to you and to Natalia for this awesome giveaway!

    I'm Beth, I live in Wisconsin. Between being a Medical Technologist part-time and taking care of my three boys (and my husband!) I squeeze in some quilting/sewing/crafting here and there. My favorite song around Christmas-time is "O Come Emmanuel", always sung at church this time of year.
    I love package #1 because of the fabric colors and that sweet tomato pincushion box!


  119. Hi I'm Kelly
    My favourite Christmas Carol is Silent Night…my mother sang it to me every night before bed. I'm not sure If I asked her to or whether it was just her favourite, either way, it's my favourite now…
    for Christmas? Fabric! lots of FABRIC!

  120. Jill from Arlington, Texas here. Love lots of Christmas music, but loving I'll Be Home For Christmas the most this year. Want a make-up mirror for Christmas. I've joined the working world after 16 years at home with the kids. Wearing makeup again and the mirror seems to have moved way far away!!

  121. Hello from MD! Love all Christmas music!! I've been dreaming of a Kitchenaid stand mixer for Christmas, but I'm not sure Santa got the memo!


  122. WOW!!! Fabulous!! Oh please random picker- pick me! :) lol
    Anyway, I'm Heather, I live in Northern California and I love quilting. There, a little tidbit! :)
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  123. Hi, I'm Mary Anne From Lake Wylie, SC (Which is right over the NC/SC broder from Charlotte). I think you can't go wrong with any traditional Christmas Carol. I don't think I could just pick one! This Christmas I am hoping to get a Kitchen Aid mixer. My off brand one that I got as a wedding gift 10 years ago bit the dust. Thanks for doing the giveaway!!!

  124. Hi, I'm Mary Anne From Lake Wylie, SC (Which is right over the NC/SC broder from Charlotte). I think you can't go wrong with any traditional Christmas Carol. I don't think I could just pick one! This Christmas I am hoping to get a Kitchen Aid mixer. My off brand one that I got as a wedding gift 10 years ago bit the dust. Thanks for doing the giveaway!!!

  125. I'm Lisa originally from Ottawa Canada but now call home upstate NY. Hoping for a gift certific to! or just some time to sew!!!!

  126. I'm Sara and I'm from Los Angeles. My favorite carol is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." I'm hoping Santa will fill my stocking with some of the patterns from the new "Bedroom Boudoir" collection from

  127. I'm Wendy from Texas by way of Milwaukee and I love Santa Claus is Comin' to Town! I was hoping to go home for Xmas, but that's not going to happen this year :(

  128. Season's Greetings Amy!

    I'm Mel from Utah, but just moved to Denver! ;) My favorite carol is "The Christmas Song" aka "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" I also like Greensleeves aka "What Child is This?"

    Happy Holidays!!

  129. Hey im Natys from argentina here christmas songs are not very common. I want lots of fabric for christmas but thats no posiible hahah so i will settle for anything surprise.


    PS you are in my google reader

  130. I'm Shelly from Texas (but I'm really from Phoenix) and I think my favorite Christmas song is With Wondering Awe (there are so many – how do I decide?). It's cheery and has a nice beat, in addition to the great message. For Christmas I'm asking for lots of baking things – ramekins, pastry blender, a cookie scoop. I guess I've been on a kick lately and want some tools to make baking easier!

  131. I love your blog and would love to win the gorgeous fabric! I live in Bowling Green, KY (formerly from Arkansas). Have been sewing for 40 years and quilting for 30.

    My favorite religious Christmas carol is "Silent Night" and my favorite secular one is "I'll Be Home for Christmas". Makes me tear up every time…

    Happy Holidays!

  132. I'm Marcia, from Upper Michigan. I check in your blog daily. Thanks for all you do. Deck the Halls is one of my favorite Christmas songs. When the kids were younger, I used to have all the neighborhood kids over for a craft one night before Christmas, we would go caroling in our neighborhood and then drink hot chocolate. They are all in their teens and twenties now. They still talk about those days. Something I actually did right as a parent! Ü

  133. I'm Julie from northern California — not too big on carols, but I did love the Simon & Garfunkel version of Silent Night back in my youth! Pick Me!

  134. Yay for the unplanned giveaway! I'm Ronit, originally from the DC area, now living in SE Michigan. I'm Jewish, so I'm not really up on my Christmas carols though my dad loves playing Handel's Messiah in the car. As for gifts, my parents got me an early Chanukah present, a new camera, which is very exciting.

  135. I'm from Minnesota and my favorite two Holiday songs are "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings" mix by Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan & "Old City Bar" Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

    Thank you for having a giveaway.
    silkaphyllis at

  136. Hi,

    I am Michelle from Ontario, Canada. Now, I have Christmas carols singing in my head. I like Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. I would love a roll of batting for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Wow Amy! It took me ten minutes just to scroll to the bottom of the comments! How exciting! I had totally forgotten about giveaway day. Guess I know what I'm doing this afternoon!!! :D
    My favorite Christmas carol is "Hark the Herald Angels sing". I don't know all the words, so I have fun making up fun ones :D
    Hope you are having a great day!!!

  138. My name is Melissa and I'm from Utah. I've never really thought about it so I don't really have a favorite Christmas carol. For Christmas I would love to get some gift cards for my favorite clothing stores.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  139. Hi! I'm Molly from little old Albion, New York and I also love Regina Spektor! My favorite Christmas Carol is "Joy to the World." I love to just belt that out! I also love to sing "Santa Baby" this time of year also. I would love some gift certificates for Joann's and my local quilt shop for Christmas. Also a bobbin winder! Oh how I hate to unthread and rethread my machine in the middle of a project to make bobbins!

    I made a fun zig zag quilt from your tutorial on the ORB site and am thinking of making another one … but larger. Those little squares were challenging!

  140. Oooh I'd love to win that!
    I'm from London, Ontario Canada and I think I know too many Christmas Carols to have a total favorite but O Come All Ye Faithful has always been one of them!

  141. Hi. My name is Cindy Anderson from Greensburg, PA. My favorite Christmas carol is the Little Drummer Boy. I'm asking for quilting tools for Christmas and a few new clothes.

  142. I'm Sue, from Wisconsin. I love so many Christmas carols that it's hard to choose one favorite. Hmmm, I guess it would be Hark the Herald Angels Sing. I've been listening carefully to the words and those are some powerful lyrics.

  143. Hi. I'm Katrina from Massachusetts. I love Nat King Cole's Christmas is for Kids album (the whole thing). And I'm not really sure what I want for Christmas…although winning this giveaway would be nice!

  144. PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, lol, I'm guessing I'm skiping the other steps, LOL!, I'm from Costa Rica, christmas' my fave time of the year, we don't have a white christmas as some as you do, our is sunny and windy!!!!, we get a nice weather all years, well I'm not saying I don't love snow, I do, and I terribly miss it!!!!, ohhhh dreaming on a white christmas….

  145. Hi I'm Heather and I live in a tiny community with less an a 1000 residents,though we do have a stop light now. My fav Christmas song would be 'Huron Carol' though I rarely get to hear it.

  146. I'm Angie and I'll always be from Idaho, but I live in Hawaii (not a bad trade somedays). I love Let it Snow (becuase I kind of miss it this time of year). And I want a new wallet for Christmas (mine is falling apart). Thanks for the giveaway.

  147. Hi I'm Malinda! I live in LA but am from Texas. I like Here comes santa claus. I would love fabric or a gift certif to buy more fabric.

  148. Hi, My name is Ter. I live in North Dakota. I can't pick a favorite Carol, there are just too many to like! I really really want yarn for Christmas, but I don't know if I'll get any. No one seems to pick up on my hints (emailed wishlists, lists, pictures…etc :) )

  149. Hi I'm Jen. I'm a Navy wife and mother of 2 girls. I've been quilting for about a year now and I'm addicted to quilting and fabric! Favorite Christmas song would be O Holy Night. All I want for Christmas is a healthy family and for my kids to have a fabulous Christmas.

  150. Well let me see You know where i live. haha! Washington, My favorite Christmas carols is probably Oh come emmanual,Silent night and Mele Kalikeimaka(bad spelling)

    I love the sampler box very cool!
    Give the kids a hug for me.

  151. I am Emilee from the Atlanta area and I love all Christmas carols…especially if I am singing them with my sisters. I love to sing with my sisters, there is nothing else like it!! I am not really sure what I want for Christmas…I am already so blessed!

  152. Hi, Jane from Illinois. I love "Sleigh Ride" it just makes me happy. Thank you for this chance at a wonderful giveaway!

  153. Let's see, I'm in Georgia, stay at home mom who used to be a midwife. Learning to quilt these days and really enjoying any time I can steal at my sewing machine. The best part of giveaway day is that I'm finding all these fabulous new blogs like yours! Happy Holidays, and thanks for hosting a giveaway :)

  154. Hey Amy – I'm Holly and get this, I was born and raised in North Pole, Alaska. The military has since moved us around the world but my fav christmas song will always be 'santa's coming to town'.

  155. I'm from Kansas City – my favorite Christmas carol has always been "The First Noel" but I also like "Silent Night."

    For Christmas I just want fabric.

    Lots and lots and lots and lots.:)

  156. Hi, I'm Renee, and I am from Texas. My favorite Christmas song is "I'll be Home for Christmas." It always reminds me of those that I love who I hope to be near during the holidays.

  157. Commenting from my home in Midland Michigan. Favorite song would have to be All I Want for Christmas (just saw Love Actually and it's ringing through my head).

    While I'm very happy with what I have, I'm hoping that Santa stops by the Accucut stores and picks up some dies for the AccuCut Studio my family spoiled me with on my birthday!

  158. I'm from Guernsey – small island between England and France. I'd like Santa to bring a quilt shop to Guernsey please because currently we have nothing and I have to get everything online, including all my inspiration.

  159. My name is Jenna and I'm from Illinois. I love to quilt and make blankets for charity! I love training and showing my dog, too! It's wintertime, a slow dog show season for us but it is also the best time to practice tracking (a dog sport) and then curl up inside with cocoa!!

  160. Hi, Amy…My name is Sara and I live in New Hampshire. My favorite Christmas carol is "Winter Wonderland". I also like "All I Want for Christmas Is You".

    There is nothing special that I need or want for Christmas this year – except that my family is safe and healthy.

  161. HI! Pick ME!

    ok, Hi, I am Lisa, physically from Montana, but my heart is in Seattle (or the area around it) This year I want towels, and new socks. My indulgent wish is for a massage, and Spode. I might wait on the spode until I live somewhere where I am happier and feel more permanent. My favorite carol is "The Little Drummer Boy". Such a sweet story about giving the gifts you have regardless of value/cost. Something to remeber for sure this year!

  162. I'm Lynn from Tampa. My favorite Christmas song is "One Wintry Night" sung by David Phelps. Powerful! I want some time to sew! Can Santa wrap that up with a bow?

  163. I'm Erin from Virginia (although I'm really from Maine). I love any Nat King Cole Christmas song. We just finished my basement so I really shouldn't want anything more for Christmas, but I haven't painted my new quilting studio down there yet, so what I'd really like is for someone else to paint it for me so I can get in there and start creating!

  164. I'm Megan from Maryland. My favorite Christmas song ("carol" proabably doesn;t apply here) is Swiss Colony Beef Log from the South Park Christmas album. For Christmas this year, I would like Santa to bring me a waffle iron, a new laptop, or just a massive box of Godiva truffles!

    harperland at mac dot com

  165. I'm Carrie from North Carolina… FL originally. I LOVE fabric, so that is totally on my list… also some fun socks because really, who doesn't want fun socks. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  166. Hi Amy…I'm Dolores from Virginia and my favorite Christmas carol is Andy Williams version of 12 Days of Christmas…A Song for the Christmas Tree…ever heard it? Love it.
    All I want for Christmas is ….I don't really want anything in particular!:)

  167. Hi,
    I am Kristina from Hungary, and I love Silent Night. What I want for Christmas? I want to win your give away :-) I would also love anything connected with quilting and a new pair of fitness shoes.

  168. Amy, I love your blog! I read it every time you update. I'm Marissa from Texas, but I grew up not far from Park city. I love "O Holy Night." In fact I'm solo singing it on Saturday. I have not really made up my mind on what I want for Christmas other than to just enjoy it with my family.

  169. I'm from the beautiful Pacific NW. My favorite Christmas song is the original "Last Christmas" by Wham! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway – beautiful fabric!

  170. I'm Lianne from Texas. Jingle Bells is the best Christmas carol!! I desperately want a new wedding ring for Christmas since someone stole mine last weekend and we can't afford to replace it.

    lianne-nichols at hotmail dot com

  171. i'm Jennifer, living in Richmond, VA. I love it here, but it's not where I'm from. Wish it were, though, because I feel absolutely at home here– to me, it's like nowhere else (even though most people think it's a dump).

    My favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night. What a beautiful song! Close runners-up are Silver Bells, and of course, Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen.

    I want a new crafting light for Christmas, among other things. I'm constantly squinting when I'm crafting in the evening because my apartment is so dark– the bulbs aren't very bright in here. It would be awesome if Santa brought me one of those crazy bright flourescent jams.

  172. I am Vickie from Kansas. I teach vocal music, so I love all Christmas music, so it is hard to choose just one. But I love how my group sings "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". :) And all I really want for Christmas is a new camera! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. Oooh, fun giveaway! I live in Texas. I used to like Christmas carols, but a decade of working retail and the requisite musak has burned that right outta me. For Christmas, I'd like my toddler to start sleeping a little better!

  174. WOW, I would love this!! You know me already, but I'm Laura, down here in sunny FL, my favorite carol is probably Little Drummer Boy or Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, and I would LOVE a new digital camera for Christmas–but I'll settle for the happy smiles of my family, it's been quite a rough year. Thanks Amy!

  175. I'd love to win. I'm in WI and am completely addicted to sewing. I mostly make things for my daughter to wear but I love making gifts for everyone I know.

  176. Hi – I'm Cindy who lives in Utah but is from Arizona. My favorite carol is O Holy Night, preferably sung by Michael Crawford. I want a Wii Fit for Christmas because like I said, I'm from Arizona and it is too stinkin' cold to exercise outside here in Utah!

  177. Hello! My name is Katrin and I am from Germany. I love the english song Away in a manger. For christmas I hope for peace and joy for everyone.

  178. I'm from California, my favorite Christmas song is "Let it Snow!" (go figure!) and I'd like some diamonds for Christmas. Not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

  179. I SO want a sampler box!

    I'm Corinne from Indiana. Santa baby in its many forms is one of my favorite holiday songs. If I could get anything for Christmas it would be a new sewing machine, but I have my standards set too high so that won't happen for a while.

  180. Hi Amy, I'm Laurie from Michigan. I love We Three Kings as my favorite Christmas Carol. I would love to find some munki, munki for christmas. Thanks for a great giveaway and I love your tutorials I am working on your color wheel now that was a great idea. Thanks for everything.

  181. Hi! I'm Brandy, from Arkansas, my favorite Christmas carol is "O Holy Night". I told my husband all I wanted this year was fabric so I can build up my stash and get to a lot of the projects I have floating around.

  182. Oh! I was admiring the Moda sampler from Natalia! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I'm from Berkeley, CA. My favorite holiday song is called "Hanukkah's Child" that I sang in a school ensemble but I can't find the song anywhere anymore! For Christmas, I'd like a digital SLR camera (hey, a girl can dream right?) Happy holidays!

  183. Hello Amy, I'm Ashlie from Sunny Arizona. I don't have a fave Christmas carol but I am totally loving the songs my daughter has been singing for the church Christmas program. :) Do they count? For Christmas I would love pretty much any crafting supplies. Happy holidays!

  184. Hi, I'm Robin from Florida. I've been following you for awhile now :)

    I'm hoping Santa will bring me a foot massager this year.

  185. Hi, I'm Danielle from Massachusetts. I asked Santa for a set of addi turbo interchangeable knitting needles… I'm going through a big knitting surge lately. Love your blog!

  186. great giveaway! i'm kathy from oregon and i love harry belafonte singing Mary's Boychild. *sigh* looking for an immersion blender from santa! thanks for the chance to win

  187. Greetings from Seattle, WA!

    I love "O Holy Night" it gives me the CHILLS every time I hear it.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  188. Hi! I'm Susan from Nashville, TN- and my favorite Christmas carol is absolutely O Holy Night- gives me chills every.single.time. I'm really hoping for a GPS for Christmas b/c I can't find my way out of a paper bag! Thanks for the chance!

  189. Hi! I'm Leah from North Carolina (originally Georgia), and my favorite Christmas carols are O Come O Come Emmanuel and Joy to The World (there is an arrangement that has excerpts of This is my Father's World in it–gorgeous!). My hubby and I already bought what I want for Christmas: an Amazon Kindle:-)…so maybe I want Amazon gift cards to buy Kindle books? Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  190. Hi Amy,
    I am Jeannette from California and as I am living the last three years on an incredible estate right above the Pacific I put lots of pretty photos to share on my blog.
    Have you ever heard the carol that is about the little donkey carrying Mary? Little donkey on a dusty road…got to keep on traveling onward with your precious load…
    A joyous Christmas to you and your family amy.
    Might as well ask for big presents, right? What i would like for Christmas is for the people of Burma to be free and children worldwide to hear good news and be safe.

  191. Hi, It's me, Staci :) My favorite Christmas carols are Oh Holy night for traditional songs and Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses for newer "funky" music. That one is my current ring-tone ;)

  192. I'm Nichole, currently living in Iowa but grew up in San Diego. My favorite carol is "O Holy Night." For Christmas this year, I am hoping for a plane ticket to go on a quilting retreat with friends at the beach! Thanks for the giveaway.

  193. I'm Carly from Saskatchewan, my favourite is O Holy Night (sung right it makes me cry every single time), and for Christmas I'm really hoping for fabric. :-)

    Thanks for a great giveaway, Amy!

  194. Hi, I'm Carolyn from South Australia (it's OK if you can't post internationally!). My favouriate Christmas carol is Little Drummer Boy, becausing I like singing 'par-rum-par-par-pum'! I'm hoping my wish list on Amazon will get reduced a little ^^ I'm looking at a book-making book especially. Happy Christmas!

  195. I'm Care, and I am a Utah girl too! My favorite Christmas carol is "Oh Holy Night." For Christmas I would LOVE to get a laptop to replace my dinosaur desktop!

  196. hi amy…i'm jessica…i live in dallas texas…and my favorite christmas song is Go Tell It On The Mountain…i really want a new camera for christmas

  197. I'm Emily like you I'm from Utah but I think you knew that. I love the Forgotten Carols and on the fun side, I Want a Hippopotumus for Christmas. For Christmas I'd love to win your giveaway. Have a great day! Em

  198. I'm Rebecca from the west coast, I love all the Christmas carols my kids are learning for their Christmas concert and I don't have a wish list this year – I'm just looking forward to an at-home cozy holiday.

  199. Wow amazing!! I am bethany from Salem oregon!! I love angels we have heard on high for Christmas!! I just love the Christmas holiday I LOVE LOVE LOVE to give gifts!!!

  200. Hi Amy!
    I'm Mary from Minnesota and my favorite Christmas Carol is either Little Drummer Boy or Mother Mary – they are both awesome.
    And my Christmas wish is just to have my children (and their spouses) with me.
    Hope your holidays are blessed.

  201. My name is Sarah, I have a tiny crafting blog. I am from Omaha, and my favorite Christmas Carol is The Little Drummer Boy becasue it is my great-aunts favorite and she's the best! I want Typhoon Vintage kitchen accessories for Christmas!

    Pick me! Pick me!! Pretty please :)

  202. Hi, I'm Meghan from Florida. My favorite Christmas song is Mary's Song and I'm hoping for a grain mill this year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  203. Hi there! Kim from Pleasanton, CA here. I love any Christmas song that Harry Connick sings! I asked Santa for a new Nikon SLR camera for Christmas. I've been really good this year! : )

  204. Hi, I'm Shannon from Seattle. My favorite carols have always been Away in a Manger and Ave Maria, even though I'm not Christian. For Christmas I'm hoping to get a DS so I can play Scribblenauts.

  205. I'm Katie from Maine. Oh Holy Night is my favorite – especially the version sung by Ricki Lee Jones on the Chieftan's Bells of Dublin album. For Christmas, I'd love to have a week off to sew and putter around my craft room. Since that probably won't happen, I would love a laptop.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  206. I'm Megan from Brooklyn. My favorite Christmas song is Silent Night. I want to be with loved ones for Christmas and to NOT get a bunch of unnecessary things. Books are always nice, and craftable things…

  207. Howdy do. I'm from PA and the last Christmas carol I was signing was Feliz Navidad with my kiddos. For Christmas I am hoping to sped time with my family and actually relax for once.

  208. Hi, thanks for a great giveaway!
    We're trying to pare down our Christmas this year, although I say that every year. But it's still my favorite time of year!

  209. Hi Amy! My name is Chris and I'm from Minnesota. I love, love, love the song "Pretty Paper" by Willie Nelson – and for Christmas, I am hoping for my hubby to pay someone to put in our new front door, and closet doors.

  210. This is Mimi from Chicago who has lived over 40 years in Texas. I don't hear any longer but I remember loving Go Tell It On The Mountain, the bass beat which was one of the last I could hear, was great. For Christmas a new roof would be super. I have put a half dozen quilt books on my list and those are far more likely to be "under the tree". Now "pick me". I think that covers everything :-)

  211. I'm from New Jersey, and my favorite Christmas song is "Do You Hear What I Hear?" I need new boots for Christmas, but a gift certificate for my LQS would be nice, too. : )

  212. My name is Nicole. I am not an alcoholic. I am a Jew who knows every Christmas Carol there is. I do not have a favorite, but if Jimmy Buffett did a version, I would love it.

  213. Hey Amy! I love your blog. I'm originally from western NY but am currenly residing in Michigan :) My favorite christmas song is Oh Holy Night, and for Christmas, I reaaaally want a Wii!!!! (and to win something from these giveaways!!)

  214. From North Carolina. Think UT one of the most visually interesting states I have been in.

    Carol of the Bells is a favorite

    Santa has been asked for an ipod touch. I think Fed Ex will help him with delivery TOMORROW!

  215. HI Amy,
    My name is Anna and I am from Edmonton Canada. My favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night.
    What a fun giveaway- you are going to make somebody very happy with your fabric giveaway.
    I think I want a clean house and time to relax with family and friends.
    Warmest regards,

  216. I'm Mary from Florida. My favorite Christmas Song is the hymn O Come O Come Emmanuel. I would like some cool weather for Christmas, but if I can't have cool weather, then of course more fabric always works :)

  217. Hi! I'm Nicole from BC, Canada and my favourite carol is O Holy Night. It's really hard to choose just one favourite though! This Christmas I am wishing for a digital SLR camera.

  218. I'm Erica from Arkansas. I love The First Noel. So much so I have a daughter with the name Noelle. I would love to get a spinning wheel for Christmas.
    naturalmomcreations at yahoo dot com

  219. Lois is my pen name, and I'm a new quilter from Nashville, TN. My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. It is such a beautiful song when sung properly.

    What I want for Christmas? Just quality time with my family and making good memories.

  220. I live in California for now, my favorite Christmas Carol is Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and I have a whole slew of quilting and sewing books on my wish list at amazon. Pick Me!

  221. I'm Abby…from Minnesota. My favorite Christmas carol – probably O Come O Come Emmanuel. What I want for Christmas…actually I want water. Well, I want people to donate money to charity:water instead of getting me more stuff.

  222. Great questions!
    1. I'm from Seattle
    2. My favorite CC is O Holy Night (esp. Josh Groban's rendition).
    3. For Christmas I would like to see our troops reunited with their families.

  223. The sampler pack would be a great prize to win! I'm Michele from Lexington, SC. My favorite Christmas song is Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven." What I'd like for Christmas? A completely organized home free of the excess in order to start the new year fresh!

  224. Hello, Adriane here from New Hampshire! I'm wanting many books this year, mainly sewing books.. but we'll see!
    Thanks for the offering!

  225. Great giveaway! I am Hope from TN and I love Carol of the Bells. I really want a pandora bracelet for Christmas :)

  226. Awesome giveaway! I'm from upstate NY and am hoping winter holds off for as long as possible to we can get our roof on our new house!

  227. I'm from Texas and I love The First Noel… and I want clothes for Christmas… boring I know… but I need some new ones!!

    Sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  228. pick me, please, please, please, pretty please!!!!
    I am Kristin currently from south carolina. For christmas I would love peace in my household and good will towards siblings everywhere. lol. But I'll settle for a new husqvarna viking! Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  229. I'm Jodie. From AZ (though I live in KY I don't claim it, yet). My favorite Christmas song is Gesu Bambino…though in English. :) Thanks for the chance to win!


  230. Hi Amy, I am Barbara, currently living in Michigan, but originally from Germany. I have been coming by your blog quite a few times lately. I guess my favorite would be "Stille Nacht" = Silent Night and a Moda sampler box would just make my christmas perfect.;)Thank you for your giveaway and Happy (early) Holidays!

  231. i'm april, i'm in detroit, i love dolly parton's hard candy christmas and i want fabric and more fabric for christmas!
    albeaton (at) aol (dot) com

  232. I'm Courtney from Minnesota. My favorite Christmas song is "Baby it's cold outside" and I really want a dress form so I can sew clothes faster!

  233. HI, I'm Susan from Maryland. My favorite XMAS song…hmmmm…too many to choose from. But I guess Silent Night would be it. FOr XMAS I'd like so free time to sew!

  234. I'm Jane from Wisconsin, and I love "Mary's Song" as sung by Kenny Rogers. I'm hoping for some books on baking bread by Richard Bertinet called DOUGH and CRUST.

  235. Hi from St Louis! I love just about any carol that drives my other half crazy – :) and for Christmas I would like my work cellphone to break! (But only on Christmas Eve and day)

  236. my name is jenny, my favorite christmas carol is "o holy night" & i'd like gift cards to fabric shops or nordstrom for christmas.

  237. Hi! My name is Krista and I'm from Stratford, Ontario. My favourite Christmas Carol is O' Holy Night – there is such peace in that song. Now for Christmas… this year I want very little but to enjoy every second with my little boy who we adopted from South Korea this year. It is going to be one special holiday!

  238. I am Tracy from Georgia. Lived here my whole life. My favorite carol is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". I am new to sewing and quilting specifically. I would love those fabrics…have to get the stash started, right? I have been a knitter for quite a while and have a pretty impressive yarn stash, now must have fabric. Now I just need a new room in the house to keep it all, LOL.

  239. Hi, I live in NM and I want a spindle for Christmas because I WANT TO LEARN TO SPIN YARN! My favorite Christmas song right now would have to be from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones new cd titled "This Time of Year" because it is great. Listen to it, now, it makes me happy.

  240. Jingle Bell Rock, recently because I giggle every time I see my 15 month old daughter dancing to it. My name is Cathy, and I live in Abbeville, MS. I'm looking forward to her big brothers introducing her to our tradition of making sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. Oh, yeah, pick me!
    Thanks for giving me a chance to win :)

  241. Hello! I'm Anna, a Midwestern girl who has been transplanted to California. I love "O, Holy Night" it's so beautiful. I'm hoping for a new sewing machine for Christmas, but I'm not holding my breath. We can always hope!

  242. Greetings! I'm Andrea, from Washington state, however, I hail from the ever-brown portion along the Columbia River…my all-time fav carol is Amy Grant's Little Town & Emmanuel. I don't wish for anything more for myself during the holidays than to be with my family, ideally skiing @ White Pass!

  243. Hey there, Bonny from Austin, Texas. I've always liked "Silent Night". It's just so quiet and beautiful … *sigh*. For Christmas I'm just hoping for a bunch of really practical things, like an external harddrive. My last one died and took with it a year's worth of photos, so I'm getting a bit paranoid now.

  244. HI this Arlene from Northeast Iowa. I love popping in on your blog. I finished an enlarged version of your City Park Quilt. Had lots of fun putting it together.

  245. It's Cheryl here, from Calgary, Alberta. We aren't big Christmas people, not for the religious aspect at least. But I do love "Do They Know its Christmas?" and "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth." As for Christmas presents, I'm not really thinking about it this year. There really isn't anything I want, other than more time, quitting my job, and a finished basement. None of those fit in a stocking!

  246. It's Cheryl here, from Calgary, Alberta. We aren't big Christmas people, not for the religious aspect at least. But I do love "Do They Know its Christmas?" and "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth." As for Christmas presents, I'm not really thinking about it this year. There really isn't anything I want, other than more time, quitting my job, and a finished basement. None of those fit in a stocking!

  247. It's Cheryl here, from Calgary, Alberta. We aren't big Christmas people, not for the religious aspect at least. But I do love "Do They Know its Christmas?" and "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth." As for Christmas presents, I'm not really thinking about it this year. There really isn't anything I want, other than more time, quitting my job, and a finished basement. None of those fit in a stocking!

  248. Awesome! I'm Amanda…I'm from California, my favorite Christmas carol is "I Wonder as I Wander," and I really. Really. REALLY want a massage gift certificate for Christmas……….

    Love your banner, btw. :)

  249. Hi. My name is Toni and I live in Sandy, UT. I'm relatively new to sewing and have been sewing mostly for my 2 yo daughter. What I really want for christmas (besides your giveaway ;-) is a new MacBook Pro. My husband keeps killing our PC and I'm sick of it! I'm sure this time around I've lost about 6 months worth of pictures and my thesis (eek!). Happy holidays and keep warm in PC!

  250. Angela from So. California. I love fabric and making quilts for friends. I would love fabric or sewing/quilting books from Santa. thanks for the giveaway!

  251. Great giveaway!!!

    I live in NH,and my favorite season is Fall. My favorite carol is the Little Drummer Boy.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


  252. what a great 'cutting edge' giveaway, thanks so much. I am jenny from indiana and i love your blog! i like jingle bells…the first song my husband learned on guitar and our daughter sings it year round. thanks for a chance.

  253. Hi Amy, I'm Alisa from British Columbia, Canada. My favourite is Angels We Have Heard on High. My 2 year old sings along with me. I really want a new diamond for my engagement ring. I recently lost it :-(

  254. I am Lara from Wellington, New Zealand and my favourite carol is Deck the Halls. I am hoping for an engagement ring for Christmas. I have hoped for this for the last 3 years… if not I will be very happy with some fabric or a new digital camera. Merry Christmas Amy and thanks for the giveaway.

  255. Hello, I'm Barb from BC Canada. My favourite carol is Oh Holy Night because, well, it is just beautiful. I want fabric for Christmas, because, well, I'm obsessed. But in truth, I just want my kids and my husband with me! Thanks.

  256. I am CJ from very far up north Idaho (high of 32 today). I love Christmas CAROLS that tell about our Saviour come to earth. I get all teary eyed when we sing them. Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, Silent Night…woah.
    Christmas Songs – Silver Bells. That one takes me back to when I was very little, before I was 5, in my parents car on a winter night. It brings up all sorts of memories. LOVE IT!
    Great giveaway!!!!!

  257. Hi Amy! I'm Karen, I live in Toronto, Canada. My favorite Christmas Carol is "Little Drummer Boy". For Christmas this year, I'm hoping Santa brings me some fabric and a plexi-glass extension table for my machine.

    Great give away!

    Thanks and happy holidays!

  258. Hi …I'm Pam from Upstate NY. My favorite song is Little Drummer Boy. All I wanted for Christmas this year was for my daughter to come home from Korea and she did!!

    Pick me :)


  259. Hi! I'm a mama of 2 spunky girls in Southern California. I want all things crafty for Christmas (inkjet printer/scanner/copier included). I like whatever my girls are singing…usually "Santa Claus is Coming to Town!"

  260. Hi, I am Kim from CA. I think my favorite song would have to be Carol of the Bells. I really don't know what I would like for Christmas. I am pretty happy with all that I have.

  261. Hi! I'm Anne from Boulder. Hard to decide on one carol, but I like the obscure ones, so I'll go for "Lo, How a Rose Ere Blooming." And I want a right front wheelbearing for Christmas.

  262. Pick me, pick me, pick me!! I'm Nina (Mama Roux) from Santa Rosa, California. My fave Xmas carol is "Walking 'round in Women's Underware"

  263. Hi I am Martina from Cupertino, California. My favorite Christmas song is "I'll be home for christmas" and this christmas i am hoping to get a dressform. thanks

  264. I'm Jen, from southern California; my fave Christmas carol…hard to choose…I think "Oh Holy Night" or "Sleigh Ride." I want a Cricut Expression or a Cricut Gypsy or an Ipod for Christmas…though I actually told my hubby he didn't have to get me anything b/c it's more important to me that he not be stressed about money. :) I've been eyeing this Moda sampler for a while…drooling over it is more accurate. So pick me!! ;)

  265. Hi, I'm Leigh from Wisconsin, I love "O Holy Night" and I really want (and I think I'm getting!) a big sturdy new ironing board for Christmas!

  266. Hi Amy,

    first of all – thank you for your blog, I love to read it.

    I'm Frauke, and I'm from Wendlingen, Germany (that's near Stuttgart). My favorite christmas song – sorry for being easy on that one, but it would be "Silent Night". And for christmas I hope maybe for some quilting stuff?

    Have a great time,

    PS: PICK ME !!!

  267. I'm Beth, from rural Oregon. My favorite Christmas song is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Today I learned that the lens on my camera is broken, so I'm hoping for a new-to-me lens for Christmas. It feels absolutely abnormal to be unable to take photos, especially at the holidays.

    wordygirl at earthlink d0t net

  268. I'm Catherine from Whangamata, New Zealand. My favourite Christmas son would have to be Silent Night. Have loved it since I was a kid. I would like a new camera for Christmas.

  269. I'm Melissa from Oregon. My favorite Christmas carol is "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful." We sang it when I was in the university choir in college, and I've had a thing for it ever since. I'd love to get Adobe Illustrator for Christmas, but it costs a lot. Like multiple hundreds of dollars. :(

  270. I am sao from Midlothian, VA and love anything quilty! My family's favorite Christmas song is GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER and I pretend to be outraged… much fun!!!!

  271. Hi I'm Karen from Ohio. My favorite Christmas song (if I REALLY had to choose) is O Holy Night by Aaron Neville. Funny, my SIL says she hates that song. What I want for Christmas is TIME! Just lots of free time to go blog surfing AND quilt AND spend time with grandkids. There just is not enough hours in a day for me! Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  272. I'm Tara from Colorado and we went to Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago to see my SIL and her family. I thought of you as we drove through Park City, and When Amanda was here for the quilting retreat last month, she got very excited knowing that I was going through Park City and that was where you were! I love White Christmas the movie! Thanks for the chance to win! I've been meaning to go get one of these!

  273. Hi, I'm Allyson and I'm from Tennessee. My favorite Christmas Carol is O Come All Ye Faithful.

  274. Christmas music Rocks! My favorite is O Holy Night. Always gives me chills when I hear it. I have about 4 different singers singing it on my iPod.

  275. Hi I am Sharon from TN and I love allot of the Christmas Carols but I think Silent night is my all time favorite. It just always get me at the heart. I want what I have wanted for 3 years but know it is not financially possible but doesn't matter i still would like to have a Bernina sewing machine….Have a wonderful holiday

  276. My name is Amy & I live in Maryland. My favorite holiday song is Ma'oz Tzur (Rock of Ages) & for Christmas (not my holiday) I would like to have Peace on Earth.

  277. I'm Susan from RI – The Ocean State, I actually had a wave wash over my car this morning driving past the sea wall! My favorite carol is Silent Night – For christmas I would like contentment. thank you

  278. i'm jennifer and i live in texas. my favorite christmas carol is "greensleeves" (or who doesn't love "all i want for christmas" – my son is on his way to needing those 2 front teeth right now). for christmas this year, i'd really like the sparkly converse sneakers at target and i'm not usually a sequin type gal!

  279. Good morning! I just found your site yesterday & am so excited to dive in!

    I'm Jennifer from Dallas, TX. My favorite Christmas carol is "O Holy Night." For Christmas I'm hoping to get the giant Gutermann thread set that was on sale for half off @ Joann on Black Friday. I think my MIL got it for me. :)

  280. Hello! I'm Heidi from Pennsylvania. I would like a new camera for Christmas and lots of quilting books so I can use up the all the fabric I purchased over Thanksgiving :)

    You know Amy, there are refurbished Mac Book Pro laptops :) I am an enabler!

  281. Hi Amy-
    I'm in PA. My favorite Christmas song is Silent Night. I love this time of year! In my dreams I'd like a new sewing machine for Christmas! But I'd be happy with new rotary blades :)
    Take Care-

  282. Hi Amy! My name is Ashley and I am from TX. I am a stat at home mom and a full time student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I would like santa to give me more time this year!

  283. hello, my name is anita. I'm from south dakota, living in iowa. I love hark the heralds. I want a cleaning lady for christmas. seriously.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  284. My name is Sarah and I'm from NYC. I'm not a big fan of Christmas carols, but I do like Handel's Messiah (with notable exceptions). I'm hoping that I'll receive a globe this year for Christmas, because I've always coveted one :)

    Thanks for the incredible giveaway!

  285. Hi, I'm Kelley from Jewell, Oregon. I LOVE quilting and would love to have some fabric from Santa. I love the Christmas song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause". What fun that song, it always makes me smile.
    Thank You, Kelley

  286. I'm Amy from CO. I love to sing "Joy to the World" because you can sing it really loud, even if you don't have a great voice! I want colorful socks for Christmas, because I'll never get around to knitting my own.

  287. Your blog does look awesome! Plan to subscribe! Hi, I'm Kama from Texas. I have a 14 month old son and am due with Baby #2 (gender unknown) in less than 5 weeks. I just started quilting recently and have made 6 quilts this year–after I finish the 2 that need binding. I quilt during my son's nap. :) I made 2 quilts for Christmas and can't wait for them to be opened! It's going to be a cry fest!!!

  288. Ooooo…how exciting! Pick me! I'm Morgan from MO and my favorite christmas song would probably have to be Handel's Messiah…or carol of the bells…or O Holy Night…or White Christmas… there are soo many

  289. What a great giveaway! I live in south central Alabama – where we are expecting snow tomorrow night! For Christmas – I would like a self-cleaning house! Or maybe children that love to clean.

  290. Hey there I'm Carla and live in Arizona. It's finally cold here. I love to quilt and craft. My favorite Christmas son is O Holy Night. Always gives me chills.

    Please pick me!

  291. Emily from Nebraska, currently residing in your state. I don't really have a favorite carol-I pretty much like them all-EXCEPT little drummer boy! I'd really like Santa to bring me a treadmill, but I'll settle for a new pair of running shoes.

  292. Hi! I am Bethany and I love just outside of Atlanta, Ga. I can't think of a favorite Christmas song, but I really am hoping to get a Serger for Christmas. I don't know if my husband will pick up on this or not, but I can hope! I love your blog and read frequently. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  293. Hi, here in Arizona my fav song is Mary's Boy Child, but only the Bonny M version. I love it!
    Pick me! hee hee

  294. Hi Amy, We already had Christmas, my hubby got a job. He was 6 months out of work. So we are happy with no gifts on Christmas day.

  295. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!! My name is Carrie. I live in PA. Mom to 6 gorgeous kiddos! If I could be given more time for sewing this Christmas that would be terrific! But I would be happy with a Barnes and Noble gift card! Thank you for this opportunity!

  296. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win! I'm Anne from wild and wonderful West Virgina and I am hoping to get some pretty silver jewelry for Christmas. My favorite Christmas music is John Denver and the Muppets. :)

  297. Hi! I'm Denny from Arizona. As for Christmas carols, I like "Let It Begin With Me."

    What do I want for Christmas? It changes by the time of day. Currently, I want a jug of good maple syrup!

    Happy Holidays! And pick me!!

    denny1600 at gmail dot com

  298. Hi Amy, I love reading your blog, and especially love the pics of what you are working on. I am from Washington State, and am a long-time quilter.

  299. Hi! I'm so excited to have found your blog! I'm just discovering the world of quilting blogs. I'm Jennifer, I live in Utah. My favorite Christmas song has always been Silver Bells, and Christmas Carol by the Oak Ridge Boys (a childhood thing). As a mother of 8 children from 12 years to 3 months, all I want for Christmas is time to do something like QUILT! And I was eying that bake shop sampler the other day…

  300. HellO! My name is Heather and I am from Calgary, AB Canada. My favorite Christmas carol is "Please Come Home for Christmas", the jazzy version!
    Christmas is going to be hectic this year because I am moving on the 22nd of Dec. UGH!!
    Happy Holidays!

  301. I want a serger for Christmas! And my fave carol is Spotlight on Christmas by Rufus Wainwright. It's contemperary, yet feels very vintage.

  302. I'm Kelli, I'm from Utah, my favorite Christmas Carol is What Child is This and I want a New Camera from Christmas! Oh, and PICK ME! :)

  303. I'm Aimee, from NH. I love Carol of the Bells. For Christmas I want a new sewing machine. But I've been procrastinating doing the research!

  304. My name is Tara and I am from Tennessee. My favorite Christmas song is Pinecones and Holly Berries by the Osmonds. I would love a new crockpot, mine died last month.

  305. Hi! I'm Carolyn for Illinois. My favorite non-traditional Christmas song is "Do they know it's Christmas?" Seriously, it's still so fun to hear all that talent, even it's a little cheesy. And I'd love a serger for Christmas, but I'd settle for some Ikea furniture to clean up my sewing area. Really, I'd settle for some fabric…who am I kidding? Thanks for the chance to win!

  306. Hi, I'm Ellen, from the UK, and I'd like to have a stress-free travel period "back home" to the US. Snow can happen only after I arrive, plase!

  307. I'm Tiffany from Washington State! I love Old King Wenceslas and I would like my almost 2 year old to wait till after Christmas to potty train herself – I just don't have the time :)

  308. I'm Susan from North Carolina. My favorite carol is I'll Be Home for Christmas. I already got my christmas present for this year (and for the next 10 years!). We got new kitchen countertops, getting new carpets, and I just bought 6 place settings of Fiestaware. I'm so happy!

  309. thanks for this giveaway!

    I am Holly, I live in SC, and it's not really a carol but I love Santa Baby. I don't really want anything this year for Christmas. Other than a job, I have pretty much all that I REALLY need. But i am sort of interested in a pair of adirodack chairs for my honey and i so we can use our fire pit this winter!

  310. Wow, what a great giveaway item! I am from IL (near STL not Chicago) and I am busy sewing up a storm of 18" doll clothes for my daughter and nieces. Do you know those clothes are more than I spend on my own child's clothes? Thank goodness I sew!

  311. I'm Genevieve from TX (at least that's my screen name : )), I think my favorite carol is O Come o come Emmanuel (tho it's really an advent carol not christmas) and I'd like a tortilla press for Christmas.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  312. Hi! I'm Stacy from Texas and my favorite Christmas song is probably anything from Transiberian Orchestra. I don't really want anything for Christmas. I guess safe travels to visit family in Florida!

  313. Hi Amy, I live in Florida. I love fabric, and quilting. Great giveaway! Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  314. Hi, my name is Gert and I'm a 39 year old Dutch male quilter. My all-time favorite Christmas song is (not very traditional, but I love it anyway) "Put a little love in your heart" by Annie Lennox and Al Green.

  315. I'm Shawna and I live in Southeastern PA. I like any Christmas music sung by Bing Crosby. What I want for Christmas is to have finished all of my Christmas projects by then!:)

  316. I am from Pennsylvania and my favorite Christmas carol is "Away in a Manger." I think it summorizes the holiday to the T! I don't reallt want anything for Christmas unless I can get someone to clean my house and cook for me so I can have the time to sew more! LOL!

  317. Well, let's see … I'm Wendy from Louisiana, then Memphis, then Texas, then back to Memphis. My favorite Christmas carol is 'Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him.' It's such a powerful call to worship our Savior! For Christmas … hmmm … how 'bout a new kitchen and lots of free time to quilt?? Hey, a girl can dream, can't she??!! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!!

  318. I'm Libby from North Dakota, I love the song "O Holy Night", and I'm hoping for (but not getting…) a Shark Steam Mop for Christmas.

  319. Wonderful giveaway! I'm from eastern OR and love listening to 'Little Drummer Boy' by Jars of Clay. We're going to cut our own Christmas tree this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway. alusco(at)centurytel(dot)net

  320. Hi, I'm Sandy and I'm from Frankfurt, Germany. My favourite Christmas carol is "Adeste fidelis". I haven't got any special gift wishes for Christmas this year, but I'm looking forward to finally having time again to cuddle up on the couch with a good book or to take out the sewing machine. :)

  321. My name is also Amy and I'm also from Utah. ;) My favorite Christmas song is "In the Bleak Midwinter" always makes me cry and miss England.

  322. My name is Unity and I live in central Illinois. My favorite christmas carol is O Holy Night. I would love to get a dress form for christmas but it is outside of everyone's budgets. Hopefully I can buy it for myself come tax return time.

    thank you for this wonderful give away.

  323. I am from Maryland originally but now live in KY. My favorite Christmas song is "Have yourself a merry little christmas", sang by Judy Garland. It's sad but there is something special about it to me.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  324. Hootie from Indiana! I love Greensleeves. What I want for Christmas…snow and to have my crocheting done. I've been working on a sweater for months now! :)

  325. Hi, I'm Sian from Northern Utah. I love 'O Holy Night'. Plus all the other Christmas carols and songs, of course! I would like a new coat for Christmas.

  326. G'day Amy. Its Karen from Sydney, Australia. My favourite carol at the moment is 'Jingle Bells' (both versions – original & silly ditty) as this is what my 4yo son is singing. I want some Amy Butler 'Love' fabrics. I have bought them and my husband is giving them to me. I tell you its hard waiting but how sweet will it be when I finally get my hands on them. I am also getting a lovely Lisa Leonard necklace. So I will be able to wear that and play with my fabrics.
    I hope you get something (present or moments) that makes you happy.

  327. I'm Katie and I live in Manhattan, but I have family in Park City, so we visit there every year or so! I hope to get new dishes for Christmas.

  328. Hi there! I'm Kathleen in Las Vegas. My favorite Christmas song (right now, anyways) is "Where Are You Christmas". I would LOVE a 6 month Weight Watchers membership or gym membership for Christmas, but would gladly settle for a quiet day spent at home with my family (hubby has to work – boo!).

  329. Hi I am from northern california, my fav Christmas song is away in a manger and for christmas I would just like a clean house!


  330. I'm Jessica. I'm living in Texas right now. My favorite Christmas carol is O, Come, Emmanuel. There is something so soothing about that song. I already know what I'm getting for Christmas, and I WANT IT. My washer and dryer are 14 years old, and I'm getting new fancy ones with steam and 4.3 cubic feet of capacity. It should cut my laundry time in half and my ironing time down to nothing. =)

  331. I have been quilting for the last 15 years and are a member of a quilting group , actually the leader at the moment. My home is Frankfurt am Main,also called “Mainhattan” because of its skyscrapers.

    From Christa
    via email

  332. I am from Wisconsin and love to craft so there are always sewing and knitting projects on my list. My favorite christmas carol is probably o Holy Night, it is just so beautiful to sing and listen to.

  333. Hi, I am Maya and I live in Virginia. Sewing is becoming a silent obsession second to spinning and knitting. I would love to win this fabric! I want more drop spindles for Christmas since I only currently have one. Oh, and PICK ME! :)

  334. Hi! I'm Michelle, and I live in Northern Wisconsin. My favorite Christmas carol is Jinglebells, and I'd like a ton of new fabrics for my stash for Christmas.

  335. Hi, I am Megan from Minnesota and I love What Child is This and We Three Kings. There are lots of things I would love to have but nothing that I really need. I am very thankful that my family can all be together on Christmas. God Bless

  336. Woah–that is a sweet giveaway. I am Bonnie currently from outside of Seattle, WA. I love all the music from the Grinch and am hoping for an Ottobre subscription for Christmas :)

  337. Hi, I'm Susana, from Lisbon, Portugal. My favorite carol is Adeste Fidelis/Come all ye faithfull, there's just something about how dramatic and serious it is, but still sweet. For Christmas, I'd like to win your giveaway! Or a bigger house. Failing that, I'm hoping for some new shoes.

  338. Hi I'm Chancy from California and not to steal from your example, but I really do love Joy to the World. I would love a pair of Uggs for Christmas…but its probably not gonna happen.

  339. This is Karen from Manila! My favorite carol is "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!" of course!! I love all things quilting. For Christmas I want a new digital camera, Kindle, Wii Fit and of course gift cards for anything to do with quilting!!!!

  340. Great giveaway Amy!!! How nice of Natalia to contribute the sampler pack. I'm Rene' originally from Mississippi but now living in Florida. My favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night. It moves me every time I hear it. Good luck on your new computer for Christmas. That is what I asked for and got it a little early. I already have your blogged marked in my reader as a Favorite. Keep doing what you're doing. Love your blog.

  341. Wow, a great giveaway. I'm from Hawaii, but live in Oregon with my husband and two littles. My favorite christmas carol is Carol of the Bells, it was so much fun to sing in choir class (that'd be in high school in Hawaii).

  342. Hi! I'm Paula from New Hampshire. My favorite Christmas song is Do You Hear What I Hear? I would love a wood cabinet to store all of my embroidery in. What a wonderful giveaway!

  343. What a tasty little giveaway!!! YUM! I am Jessie and I am in Maryland, I like Oh Come All Ye Faithful because it reminds me of the movie Beaches :) I am hoping to get some new cake plates for my collection :)

  344. hi I'm andy from Utah. I love the song O Holy Night and one of these years I'll finally learn to play it on the piano. For Christmas I'm hoping Santa brings me a new chair for my sewing room!

  345. Hi! I'm Lisa, I'm in central Illinois, a little town called Germantown Hills, and my favorite Christmas song is "Happy Christmas" by John and Oko. Time to sart listening to it!!

  346. I am Katie from Upstate NY. My favorite Christmas Carol is Little Drummer Boy. I am hoping for sewing and knitting supplies for Christmas.
    PS- Pick me :)

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  348. My name is Abby from South Carolina, but Kansas will always be home. My favorite Christmas song/carol is Mary Did You Know? And I would love a gift card to Etsy for Christmas – but I don't think they have them so a Paypal gift card would work :)

  349. Wow, over 400 comments already! Congratulations. Your prize is awesome.
    I am originally from Germany, but have been living in the States for 13 years now.

  350. Hi, I'm Frou in Melbourne, Australia. For Christmas I'd like either the standalone Blockbase software or a lap hoop for handquilting – though it's likely I'll end up buying one or the other as a present for myself. BTW, have been quietly lurking for awhile… am hoping to stitch a colour wheel over the holiday period to hang in my craft room.

  351. I'm Julie from Central California. My favorite carol is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and I want my mom home for Christmas as my present.

    Thank you so much for an awesome giveaway.

  352. Aloha, I'm Susette from Kaneohe, HI. I would love to have an embroidery machine for Christmas. Thank you for the generous giveaway. Mahalo.

  353. Las Vegas is where I call home. I don't have a favroite christmas song but I do love it when I hear one Dean Martin is singing one. All I really want for christmas is fabric. Since asking my husband to pick out fabric is comical, I told my 4 year old (who will tell his daddy) that I need a serger. Ok I don't need one but it would be pretty cool if I got one!
    thanks for the chance to win.

  354. I'm Rie from Michigan, I like "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". I would like Santa to bring me lots of Thread, to match all of my beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the Giveaway!

  355. Hi – I am from Michigan. I am a medical transcriptionist and just picked up the quilt bug about 3 years ago. I actually love all Christmas music – I think it is because we only hear it for a short time every year. Thanks.
    Julie –

  356. I'm Brooke from Virginia, and I am not a fan of Christmas carols, but the little drummer boy gets stuck in my head often! My list includes gift cards to various fabric shops so I can buy even more ridiculous amounts of fabric to drool on.

  357. Awww, so sweet of you and Natalia to share. Yay! I'm Page from Texas. I love pretty much all Christmas carols, but my fav Christmas songs is "Mary Did you Know?" And I have all kinds of quilting stuff on my christmas list – really hoping to get a free motion quilting foot either for my bday (Sunday) or christmas.

  358. Hi – Sue from Niagara Falls NY.

    I have always love O'Tannenbaum, my grandparents always sang it in German.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  359. I am a Utah girl. I love sewing and crafting. Busy mom of 4. I would like sewing stuff the most. Second more time to actually sew. I love Oh Holy Night.

  360. I'm Lydia from Kentucky. My favorite Christmas carol is White Christmas only as sung by Bing Crosby. My husband and I watched the movie, last night. It is our favorite Christmas movie. I'm hoping for Electric Quilt 6 and World Peace for Christmas.

  361. I'm Stephanie S. from Nashville, TN. My favorite carol is O Come Emmanuel. I want a kayak for Christmas or a kayak trip for next summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  362. Hi, I'm Kelli and I live in North Central Florida. I don't have one favorite carol, but I do love to listen to it all! I don't need a blessed thing for Christmas, but would love to get some quilting and sewing magazine subscriptions and maybe some spa gift certificates…I'd be in heaven for sure!

  363. I'm Wendy from Alabama… favorite Christmas carol is "Little Drummer Boy"….on my Christmas list this yr. is fabric of course, but mainly that my brother-in-love will get to be released from the hospital and home for Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  364. Hey there, Amy! I'm Erin, from North Carolina, and my favorite carol by far is Carol of the Bells. Love it! What I want for Christmas is for my cousin to come home safe and sound from Iraq. That would certainly make for a wonderful holiday!

  365. My name is Dacia, I am from Washington, but am moving to South Carolina next month. My favorite carol is Silent Night and I would love a Cricut for Christmas!

  366. Hi Amy, I'm Molly from Oregon. My favorite Christmas carol is "Walking in a Winter Wonderland". At the top of my wish list is to open the "quilted item" my mom is making me! :)

  367. My name is Laurie and I live in Iowa. My daughter goes to school in Rexburg Idaho and my son lives in Boise, so that is where I'd rather be living. My favorite non-carol Christmas song is "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses.

  368. Hi! I'm in central Texas and we actually had snow today. I'm not sure what my favorite Christmas carol is, but Good King Wenceslas pops into my head at odd times. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  369. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    If I should happen to win, please email me so I'll know. elizabethdaming(at)yahoo(dot)com

  370. I'm Evelyn, from Redmond, WA (not *from* here, actually – from Texas mostly). I really want one of those sample boxes for Christmas. No really, it's on my official wishlist!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  371. I'm Lisa and I'm from Tucson, AZ. My favorite carol is Greensleeves, but Oh Little Town of Bethlehem is a close second. For Christmas I'm hoping for an Ottobre subscription :)

  372. Hi, I'm Mindee from Arizona. Silent Night is a beautiful Christmas song! And man, oh, man, I wish I could get a Hasselblad camera for Christmas. Sigh . . . :)


  373. Hi! Julie in the Seattle WA area here! I am an old traditional Dutch heritage kind of girl. My favorite song during the holidays is probably "Ere Zij God', meaning Glory to God. It is wonderful on Christmas morning to hear the church sing it with full organ! For Christmas, I'd love one of those long arm quilting machine set-ups, but that is a pipe dream. I would settle for dark chocolate!

  374. Hi! My name is Denise, aka mommy, from Florida. I really love all the CHRISTmas carols but I would have to say my favorite is Silent Night and Joy to the World and O Little Town of Bethlem…oh and Did I mention Go Tell it on the Mountain??? All I want for Christmas is JOY PEACE & the ability to teach my child what CHRISTmas is really about:) A new computer would be nice but I'm def. not holding my breath! lol Thanks for the Giveaway!!!

  375. crazy-cute stuff! As usual!

    My fav Christmas carol is Jingle Bells. It's a happy tune, no?



    Oops, better lay off the coffee…

    Happy HOlidays to you and your family! XO!

  376. I am from Massachusetts, my favorite Christmas carol is Silver Bells and I would LOVE an Epic 6 for Christmas!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  377. Hi I'm Nikki. I currently live in Georgia but I am a Kansas girl. My husband is in the Army and we are roaming the plant. I love to quilt and craft with textiles. I also love to cook. My favorite Christmas carol is NOEL.

  378. Hi I am Barbara and I live in Texas. My favorite carol is Mary did you know and I would love a laptop for Christmas but my Santa says we are to broke to get one this year. My second wish would be to win this prize. Take care and have a Happy Holiday season.

  379. I'm Greta and I live in VA. I read your blog almost daily but through a bookmark and not any kind of reader and I don't ever comment but I love your stuff :) I am a new quilter. My favorite Christmas carol is Santa baby.

  380. Hi Amy- I'm Irene from Calif. It's so much fun viewing all these blogs- Yours is a favorite and I will be a follower. My favorite Carol is Silent Night. I'm not sure what I want… probably something I just need. Have a great Holiday!

  381. Hi Amy,

    I'm Viv, from down here in New Zealand. Hoping my husband will buy me some more fabric and a fabulous quilting book for Xmas like he did last year :-)

  382. Hi Amy, I am Brina (blrohloff at aol dot com) from Indiana. I am a new quilter and am asking for a rotary blade and self healing mat for christmas…i like to create things for my daughter and i think she needs a quilt! my sister is helping me out with fabrics to get started, but your squares would be a great addition. thnaks for a chance and a very merry christmas to you and yours.

  383. I'm Amy from Pennsylvania, and I love "Greensleeves" and MANY other Christmas carols. For Christmas, I would just love more fabric!

  384. I'm Tina. I'm originally from Colorado, but we're living in South Carolina for a few years while my dh finishes up some school. I LOVE Park City, BTW. We used to vacation there when we lived in Elko, NV.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  385. Hi Amy, It's Donette from Neola, Utah. Right now my favorite Christmas Song is Breath of Heaven. I want an industrial sewing machine for Christmas to help me with my business. But What I really want is some more of that wonderfully beautiful Love fabric! My quilt turned out beautiful! I will be posting it soon! Merry Christmas!

  386. Love those fabrics! I love "O Holy Night" and am hoping for a bedroom makeover.. some furniture and shelves! Thanks!

  387. Living in northeast Ohio, singing along with the Pogues to Fairytale of New York, and hoping for an iPod touch for Christmas!

  388. This is a great giveaway!

    My name is Michelle and I was born and raised in Iowa and still call it home. One of my favorite Christmas songs is 'Let it Snow'. And this Christmas I'm asking for any and all things craft related :D

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  389. Hi – I'm Andrea, from Vermont. I love O Little Town of Bethlehem, even though I'm not at all religious… This holiday season I wish for a little more peace and kindness in this world, and a bit more happiness in my own heart.

  390. Sandra, from the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia.
    My favorite Christmas carol is Christina Rossetti's poem set to music, "In The Bleak Midwinter".
    Dave Santa is sending me to Siberia for Christmas; I'm visiting orphanages and spending Christmas with Russian children.

  391. I'm Betsy, in Atlanta. I always loved O Little Town of Bethlehem, but my new favorite is In the Bleak Midwinter.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  392. Adeste Fideles is my very favorite Christmas song and it is played quite often in Ok. I would rather give to others than recieve.

  393. I'm Bobbi and I'm from Idaho. My fave Crhistmas carol is "Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song)", it doesnt feel like Christmas without that playing at least once a day.
    For Christmas I wish for a little bit of ease on the financial strain. Had to break it to my 8 year old that santa doesnt exist cause we cant afford to do it this year. Broke my heart.
    thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    fyreflye dot girl at gmail dot com

  394. I'm Anna, wife to 1 hunky carpenter, mom to 7, I teach art in a fairly progressive new school (& art and science in the school we rent from, but that's a long story)….but we've been homeschoolers forever, my kids did not go to school, besides a 1st gr stint for my 20 yr old, so these past 3 months have been hilarious. I LOVE Christmas for the time with my family. LOVE seeing my little girls' eyes as big as saucers on Christmas morn.

  395. Hi. I'm Susie from Indiana and I'm a craft-aholic. Oh..wait! Haha! Sorry.

    What a great giveaway! I love it. Glad I found your blog thanks to SMS. I've become a "follower" as well! I can't wait to see what comes in the future!

  396. Hi, I'm Chris from Wyoming. My favorite Christmas song is "Oh Holy Night" because it is so beautiful. I would like to have a new matting and 12" square for Christmas.

  397. Hi Amy, I'm Angie from Utah too! Just down the hill from you. I love your blog thanks for sharing so many fantastic ideas! One of my favorites is Silent Night. I would love the Kona Fabric chart. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  398. Misty from Kentucky, I love "Oh, Holy Night" and um, what was the third part? Oh, yeah, I'd love a laptop for Christmas, but that ain't happenin'.

  399. Hi! I'm Rachel, originally from Illinois but currently living in Indiana, and what I really want for Christmas is snow! Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway. :)

  400. I'm Amy from Utah, too! My favorite Christmas carol is "Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming". I'm hoping for a Kokeshi doll to add to my collection this Christmas and some Matryoshka fabric for a dress for my toddler.

  401. i'm from mt vernon, wa, home of the tulip festival! it's hard to pick a favorite christmas song, since in general i really love the holidays and holiday music… but i've always been partial to "what child is this"… something about the arrangement of notes that gets to me. i also generally like isntrumental string versions of any holiday music. (although, i might have to agree with the south park christmas album someone posted about above… *grin*)
    this winter i'm hoping to teach myself to weave on a table loom i picked up on the cheap… but it'll probably take much longer than i'm expecting :)
    sarita0818 at comcast dot net

  402. Hi! I live in Riverton, so not TOO far from you… For Christmas I would like a dress form. I don't have much expectation to receive one, but I can still dream, can't I?

    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  403. Hi, I'm Amy, I am originally from a tiny town in Illinois, but now I live in St. Louis, MO. My favorite traditional Christmas carol is "Oh Holy Night," but I love "Christmas Rapping" by the Waitresses, too. I am hoping to get some new quilting books and sewing patterns for Christmas this year. Oh, and a Snuggie! amyrbrown(at)yahoo(dot)com

  404. Hi! I am Jaime and I am originally from Utah, living in upstate NY. I want lots of crafting stuff for Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    rollerskates at gmail dot com

  405. Halloo. I'm Kess, from Washington (State), and I'm currently working on my Biology major. I sew and knit and embroider, but I tend to jump from project to project; I have half-finished things lying all over my house.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    embyrfire [at] hotmail [dot] com

  406. I'm Leigh, from Richmond, VA… I really like all Christmas carols except Rudolph and Frosty… and I want Fiestaware for Christmas!!!

  407. Hi! I am Corey from Ohio & I have got some fabulous fabric coming my way for Christmas–can't wait! Thanks so much for a great giveaway–I have been eyeing these little sampler boxes–they are just so cute!

  408. My name is Megan and I come from (and reside in to this very day) Western Washington. It's often damp and green and lovely here and though I've traveled I always knew I'd end up back here. My favorite carol is "It's the Most Wodnerful Time of the Year" and when I hum it I acutally hear Dean Martin's voice in my head and not my own. Thanks for the chacne to win!

  409. I'm from Connecticut and my favorite Christmas Carol is Hark the Herald Angels Sing. I would love a new sewing machine for Christmas! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  410. Hi, I'm Deb from Virginia. My favorite Christmas song is Once in Royal David's City, and I'd love lots of quilting goodies for Christmas…actually, I think my husband and I are giving each other a new mattress for Christmas. Maybe if I get a better night's sleep, I'll feel like sewing more! :)

  411. I'm Julianne from Mount Vernon Ohio. My favorite carol is the little drummer boy. I'm having a relaxing Christmas with my husband and 1yo daughter this year! I can't remember what else you wanted to know, so please pick me!

  412. I am Trisha from Maine. My favorite Christmas Carol is Little Drummer Boy. Already have everything I want for Christmas. And oh yah pick me:)

  413. Hello and thanks for the giveaway! I'm Ingrid, from Jacksonville, Florida and my favorite Christmas music is anything on the Wintersong CD by Sarah Mclachlan.

  414. The sampler looks darling!
    My favorite Christmas treat is a sweet confection made entirely of egg yolks and sugar. Difficult to imagine, but delicious.

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