Home Spun Holiday

Posted on December 19th, by Amy in random. 11 comments

My friend Natalia is hosting this fun event, and I’ve been trying to sit long enough to enter all week!Part of my issue is the usual messiness of our four busy kids, and I’ve not taken any pictures of our tree – until tonight. Just for you! You can see our stockings and tree skirt that I’ve made peeking out from under.

We don’t have a mantle to hang stockings on, and the 3M hooks we put up last year have all been broken by over use, so they are waiting patiently under the tree! I’ve only pulled them off of Owen’s feet once – he learns pretty quick. But I’ve still been batting him away from the tree on a daily basis!
I made a tutorial for these last month too. Just in case you need one more thing to do this week :) Tomorrow we are baking and then I must wrap up some presents! I think a trip to wal-mart is in order for a few wrapping supplies. We have two more days of school this week before our vacation begins.
I hope you all are warm and blessed ~

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11 thoughts on “Home Spun Holiday

  1. I love that he wears the stockings! That's great! Thanks for sharing Amy! I need a wal-mart run too! I'm thinking that tomorrow may just be the only day that I might get a chance….. But I've got a Christmas party that starts @ 4! AHHHH! I am ready for Christmas to be over! :)

  2. Amy-Your stockings are georgous, love them, I'll have to check out your tutorial. I just made a Walmart run tonight from midnight to 1am, can you believe it…who needs sleep, I can last another week, right?

  3. Beautiful tree! And I have loved those stockings since you posted about them weeks ago.

    I wanted to tell you that we have never had a mantle for our stockings. Our tradition has been to tie them on the backs of our chairs at the dining table. I use big colorful ribbon and it works beautifully! We've done it for about 20 years. Maybe that will help.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! I love your blog.

  4. I Love the skirt – so modern & fresh! And the stockings are awesome! My boys are already out of school…will they ever last until friday?

  5. Cute! Alison puts the stockings on her feet too! But mine are lame drug store fuzzy ones that I don't care about too much. I need to actually make some.

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