Goals for 2010 + Big News!

Posted on January 1st, by Amy in Me. 90 comments

Looking back at the last year, I’m thankful for this blog, and the relationships I’ve made here, if it weren’t for all of you blogging wouldn’t be as much fun!  I did manage to do a few things on my list from last year, and the other items remain goals. I’m ok with that!  Thinking up the Blogger’s Quilt Festival has opened lots of new doors and taught me that it doesn’t hurt to ask, if you need help just ask!
2009 Highlights

Looking forward to 2010, it is the year of making dreams come true!  Not as many sleepless nights – I have been able to put my sketchbook ideas to fabric. Want to know why?
2009 Bee Highlights
I’m working on a book!  I submitted a proposal, last spring, and they actually liked it :)  Huge boost of confidence for me!  With this book my desire to inspire others to create continues to be fulfilled and the possibilities are reaching farther than I had ever expected!  I can’t share any details yet, but as soon as I can you all will be the first to know!  My deadline is March 5 – so I’m working like a crazy lady until then :)

My concrete goals for 2010 –
1- finish writing my book and creating all the samples, on time!
2- continue the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and do it well.
3- set up a .com for this space.
4- continue to grow as a quilter.
5- inspire others to trust their creativity, and enjoy the process.

I’m really excited about this year – it’s going to be a wild ride :)  Thank you to all of your comments and emails over the last year – I love how this community supports each other!

(The pictures are highlights of my projects in 2009!)

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90 thoughts on “Goals for 2010 + Big News!

  1. Oh, Amy…you are an inspiration!! You go girl…put those dreams to reality.

    I will look forward to watching your year unfold.

    I've got a lot on my plate for this year, but come June, I'm going to put my retirement hat on and be home more, so I'll have more time for creativity and progress.

    Happy New Year, may 2010 be WONDERFUL for you!!


    wv…barlyst. I'll have to start one if I take up drinking!

  2. Congratulations, Amy, on your book deal; it is well deserved!
    I wish you a wonderful and creative new year, and I am already looking forward to the next Quilt Festival!

  3. How exciting! I'll be the first in line to buy that book. Your blog is very inspiring and I'm sure the book will be awesome. I love my zig zag I made with you months ago!

    Congratulations and Happy New Year!!!

  4. Amy, where *do* you find the time?!? Congratulations and best wishes on getting that book out the door! You made 2009 a little better for me; I do hope that 2010 gives you lots of wishes come true.

  5. Amy, That is just fantastic!! I am anxious to see what your book will be. So exciting. I know if anyone can accomplish this you will. Congratulations!!

  6. Amy, I'm so glad I found your blog a couple of months back. As a newbie blogger I find you inspiring. Congratulations on your book, we can't wait to see it! :-)
    Lisa in New England

  7. Happy New Year Amy and CONGRATS on the book, that is fantastic news.
    I can't wait until you can tell us some more about it – quilts only or quilts and other bits and pieces?
    Thanks for providing inspiration through your wonderful blog.
    Kelly :-)

  8. Such wonderful accomplishments Amy!! Congratulations on the book. You KNOW I will be first in line for an autographed copy!

  9. I am excited for your book news. You have such energy and initiative, it seems to me. I like your other goals too – growing as a quilter and enjoying the process speak to me, and I am surely glad that you are going to continue the Quilt Festival. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  10. How exciting for you. Good luck with getting all the samples completed on time. I really hope that that goes smoothly for you.
    What an exciting year 2010 will be for you.

  11. Congratulations on your book deal! I discovered your blog through the Quilt Festival last autumn and you quickly worked your way into my favourite reads, so I'm sure your book will be worth reading!
    Happy New Year and best of luck to you and your family!

  12. 2009, I love the quilt festival (and its not because I was one of the winner but that was a boost) and getting to know you. Congratulations on the upcoming book. I know what its feel like to have people buying your creations

  13. Congratulations and best wishes on your goals. What an awesome thing ti is to write a book! Hope it all goes well. Happy New Year!

  14. Congrats, Amy! I can't wait to see your book on the shelves :) I can't think of a more deserving or hardworking quilter, and I can't wait to check out the spring quilt festival :) Thank you for being an inspiration to ME this year (even if I am a bad blogger)

  15. What an inspiration you are Amy! With goals like those, you sure are going far this year! Congratulations on the book, I'll be there with everyone else in the cue for a signed copy! It's going to be a good year!

  16. Such an inspiration you are, and I truly love reading your blog! And great goals! I'm working on my list right now…

    One quick question, how did you make all of your little thumbnail mosaics? I've always seen these on your and others sites and was just curious how you all do it!

    Have a wonderful and happy New Year!


  17. Wow! So happy for your book deal! They couldn't have chosen a more creative quilter to showcase! Happy New Year! God bless!! Polly :-)

  18. Go Amy, go Amy! Yay! Great goals and so much to look forward to this year! You are amazing!

    I love that the block you made for me is in the center :). It's great!

  19. Grats on the book deal Amy! Great goals – setting up a dotcom is pretty simple – if you have questions, feel free to ask. :)

  20. Someone made a good decision with they accepted your proposal for a book! Can't wait to see it Amy! Good for you!

  21. Happy New Year Amy! I can't wait to see your bookL! Anticipating Quilt Festival…love it…umm I better start thinking of a quilt it will be here before we know it. A new year, new dreams!

  22. I am so excited for you Amy! I have so enjoyed getting to know you this year. You have inspired and motivated me in many ways. Maybe 2010 we'll finally meet in person! :)

  23. Congrats on the book! I can't wait to hear more about it.

    Also, changing your blogspot blog over to a .com is REALLY easy. In Blogger, under settings > publishing, there are step by step instructions that lead you through purchasing a domain name and redirecting this blog to it.

    Happy New Year!

  24. Wahoo! Congratulations on your book deal. Best wishes in getting it all done on time as well as accomplishing your other goals.

  25. Amy, I am SO proud of you!!! I cannot believe you are finding time to write a book on top of quilting and taking care of your family. You will have to write another book about how to do just that! :) It is my dream to someday write a book too. I can't wait to hear (read) all about it!

  26. Congratulations on getting some of your goals accomplished in 2009 and for the 'book' coming up in 2010. Awesome news. All the best for a happy, healthy and productive New Year.

  27. Wonderful news about your book. Congratulations! I'll look forward to the details. Good luck with it all.
    Thank you for organizing the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I'm just a novice quilter, but appreciate quilts and the amazing amount of time and effort that goes into creating a quilt. I admire all of you who are quilting one right after the other. Amazing!
    ~ Happy New Year!

  28. A book is SOO exciting. What a great way to start the new decade. Looking forward to more inspiration. And can't wait to get my hands on your book!

  29. That is fantastic news!! Congratulations! I know you'll keep us posted on the release date… I'm already sure it will be on my wish list the second it comes out. Best of luck!

  30. Big congrats, Amy! These are wonderful news! I'm looking forward to your book. Don't let the deadline bite you (sayz someone who absolutely loathes deadlines *g*)

  31. Congrats on the book deal! I'll be really looking forward to reading it. Keep up the great work – we all so appreciate it!

  32. such exciting news!!Yay for you!! We will definitely carry it in the shop. Just let me know name, publisher and I am ordering!!!

  33. Wow Amy! What fantastic quilts!

    I'm a 52 weeks of Blogging forum member and I'm interested in checking out how those, such as yourself, blog successfully. I'm glad you're part of this forum.

  34. Congratulations on the book deal! Wow – that is the biggest news I've heard. You must have been jumping up and down, yet you sound so calm in this post.

    Love your mosaics of your projects. It was so fun following your projects throughout the year.

  35. Wow, a book! That's amazing, that you have the time to put that together, and quilt, and take care of four children!

    I'm trying to find any spare minute in the day to do my blogging!

    Congratulations and I wish you well on the book.

  36. Amy, Happy New Year!!! I'm behind on my blog reading! Congratulations on your new book! Can't wait to hear more details. Good for you!!!!

  37. Bonne et heureuse année 2010, Amy. I wish you all the best for this new year and that indeed all your "dreams come true"!!!!
    It's a great news to read that you're writing a book!!! I hope to see the cover of your new book on your blog this year 2010;)
    And thank you for your brightness and your motivation!!!

  38. Amy- It's been a long time since I've read many blogs (or played online) maybe going back to college? I was delighted to log on again and hear about your success with pitching a book AND enjoyed seeing your embroidery color wheel project.

    Thanks for all the bits of inspiration and congratulations on making progress toward your dreams and goals! :D

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