For the Love of Blogging!

Posted on January 5th, by Amy in 52 weeks. 42 comments

I love blogging.  Hopefully that comes across here as I write daily!  Having this portal to a social life via my computer is amazing, but there are days when it’s work.

(I found this tray and had to share it with you!  Love it!!)

I have read a lot about blogging too, on other blogs, naturally!  Many offer ebooks about this and that, but I’ve not been baited until I came across Tara’s ebook “52 Weeks of Blogging your Passion“.  This ebook is all about encouraging me to blog more, and from perspectives that I hadn’t thought about yet. (It could be for you too if you are interested!)  So, occasionally you will see posts that refer to this challenge, and today is one of them!  As we begin the new year, I would like to share my mission, my vision for this blog.

Parkcitygirl is my outlet to share my love for my family and my love for fabric!  Quilting is my creative therapy in the midst of our busy household, by sharing here my desire is to encourage and inspire others to find their personal creative outlet.

What do you think?  Is it me?

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42 thoughts on “For the Love of Blogging!

  1. 1
    Kelly O. says:

    your blog is awesome! I love to read it! I keep coming back for more so you're doing something right!

  2. 2
    Leslie says:

    from everything i have read it is definitely you!!! keep on blogging. i am going to have to read about blogging my passion…awesome tray

  3. 3
    Anina says:

    Yes, it's definitely you.
    I can't wait to see what you surprise us with this year.

  4. 4
    Miss Nancy says:

    Love the tray, very colorful and inspiring. You have a great blog so keep on blogging. Thank you for steering us into the direction of 52 Weeks of Blogging, looks like most useful help and tips. Have a great day.

  5. 5
    live a colorful life says:

    Yes, your mission statement definitely describes you. I'm going to check out 52 Weeks of Blogging and I may need to get that tray to help me "live a colorful life."

  6. 6
    Katy says:

    Sounds like a grea ebook to check out! I'm with ya sista, somedays this blogging this is a bit of work…but then I get comments from my wonderful readers and it pushes me right along!

  7. 7
    creativedawn says:

    Hi Amy,
    I really love your blog! I think that mine is boring. However, we all blog for different reasons! It was insecurity and a bit of isolation that prompted me to blog. Insecure about my various dabbles in fiber arts; quilting, knitting, dollmaking and the comments have served to spur me onward. I haven't any quilting buddies, so I'm home working alone…lol! Your blog is very YOU and I am happy that you are here!


  8. 8
    Rachel says:

    A mission statement, what a great idea. I should have thought of that earlier. I'll have to take a closer look at the ebook.

    I love the tray. It reminds me of a quilt block from a Piece O'Cake book.

  9. 9
    SewCalGal says:

    Definitely sounds like you!


  10. 10
    Sherri says:

    Yes…that's you! I look forward to you sharing tips you learn from the e-book!

  11. 11
    Shevvy says:

    You are doing a good job as far as I'm concerned. I've been a silent reader since I came across a reference to the spring quilt festival and all the wonderful examples I found on that inspired me to make a proper effort to learn patchwork and quilting.

    My new year resolution was to finally set up my own blog and participate online rather than just lurk, so thank you very much.

  12. 12
    karmacrochet says:

    Great mission statement! I'm still working on mine.



  13. 13
    Mrs Moen says:

    It sounds perfect!

  14. 14
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I've seen that ebook. I took a class with Creative Thursday and we went through similar personal challenges to our on-line presence. It did wonders for me.
    And yes, it sounds like what you do.

  15. 15
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I've seen that ebook. I took a class with Creative Thursday and we went through similar personal challenges to our on-line presence. It did wonders for me.
    And yes, it sounds like what you do.

  16. 16
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I've seen that ebook. I took a class with Creative Thursday and we went through similar personal challenges to our on-line presence. It did wonders for me.
    And yes, it sounds like what you do.

  17. 17
    Isa says:

    Yes it's you for sure!
    I love your blog, and through your quilt festival I've met so many talented bloggers!!

  18. 18
    DeeRoo says:

    N-I-C-E!:) Yep…and my therapy is reading your blog!;)

    I think having these blogs makes us more creative because we sooooo want to share with others…don't you think?:)

  19. 19
    Sara says:

    I would have to say – that pretty much describes you and your blog! That's why I keep coming back!

  20. 20
    Michelle says:

    It is…here's to the new year!!!

  21. 21
    MaryEQuilter says:

    Amy – thanks so much for the link to 52 Weeks – I enjoy your blog and and never thought about a 'mission statement' for my blog. I am going to give it some thought. Mary in MA

  22. 22
    Thimbleanna says:

    It certainly sounds like you to me!!!

  23. 23
    Brooke says:

    Just started reading your blog… AND just became the biggest fan of quilting. I look forward to seeing your amazing creativity and how it sparks mine.

  24. 24
    Cindy says:

    It IS soooo you! And I love the tray!

  25. 25
    Esther says:

    I love reading your blog.Thank you for sharing.

  26. 26
    tara - scoutie girl says:

    hi amy! great job with your mission statement. i really hope it helps you to feel even more confident in your blogging this year.

    and thanks so much for spreading the word about 52 Weeks.

  27. 27
    bettina says:

    love reading your blog and that tray is fantabulous…..

  28. 28
    Terriaw says:

    What a cool tray! I might just have to have one of those. LIke your mission/vision.

  29. 29
    Rhonda says:

    Your blog is awesome and the latest post is a great way to share a bit of yourself with your blogging friends. Love it!

  30. 30
    Jackie says:

    I think it is wonderful and definitely you!!

  31. 31
    Vicki says:

    It's perfect. :) What a great idea to clarify your purpose in blogging. :)

  32. 32
    Natalia says:

    Very cute! It totally reminds me of your color wheels! :)

  33. 33
    Whosies says:

    it is such a great idea to have a mission statement. Something that is said outloud and will guide you when things get off course. It is great! i think i need to get me one of those too.

  34. 34
    Mindy says:

    Sounds like a great mission and one you achieve with great success!

  35. 35
    jaybird says:

    say it proud!!..saying it helps make you believe it… which helps make it happen!

  36. 36
    TheaM says:

    LOVE that tray! it is SO YOU!!!
    I think a weekly blog is much more realistic than a daily blog – and I enjoy yours!

  37. 37
    rosie/the fabric shopper says:

    Love your mission statement! Sounds right on point. Tara is such as inspiration! Fresh perspectives are always a needed zing in the pants ;-0

  38. 38
    V and Co. says:

    yes very you. ;)

  39. 39
    WendyB says:

    Nice Vision Statement. I just did a similar exercise from the Problogger – 31 Days to a Better Blog program. Your blog is really easy to read and enjoy – light – airy – colorful – with good ideas! (love that rainbow tray BTW)
    Best, WendyB

  40. 40
    Amy Seven-Stitches says:

    No Way! I just checked out problogger for my first time following your link. I suspected that there might blogs about blogs, but a blog about blogs about blogs is almost too postmodern for me.

  41. 41
    wishes, true and kind says:

    Love your mission statement, and I see a quilt in that tray!


  42. 42
    amylouwho says:

    sounds like you! sounds like me too a bit. I need to take some time and evaluate things too – maybe when I get back home!

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