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Posted on January 6th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival. 29 comments

Hi there!  I’ve been mulling this idea over, and I’m finally just going to do it.  No time like the present!   There are 683 quilters listed from the fall festival  and I would like you to nominate your favorite quilt, most touching story, or your best friend!  (anything goes!)  Go look through the links again and let me know who you would love to hear more from!

Here’s what I need –

Email me – amy1399@gmail.com
In the subject write – Feature Nomination
And tell me their entry number, why you would like to have them featured on my blog, and any specific questions you have for them.

I will make my way through the emails, and get all the details sorted out!  I hope that this sounds like fun, and encourages even more to participate in the festival this spring. 

Today is my Emmalie’s 6th Birthday – we are baking and wrapping for the family party planned later this evening!


ETA — I hope to make this a weekly feature here, so there’s no deadline for nominations – in fact the more the better!

Next steps:
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29 thoughts on “Featuring — Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilters

  1. Fun! I will grab a cup of coffee and go through the entries. :o) This is going to be a fun way to spend my day off!
    - Trish

  2. Happy Bday to your Emmalie!

    I'll definitely have to add a quilt next time around. I hope to finish quilting one soon and have two planned to make within the next 3 months! :)

  3. Great idea Amy. I never did get through all of the quilts, after the list was combined it was too hard for me to find the ones I already had read.

  4. Happy Birthday to Emmalie! Great idea for the feature nomination. I will definitely email you with a name or two. You know, I tried really hard to read every single entry, but I finally had to give it. There are just so many. Maybe this will give me another nudge to try again. Thanks.

  5. this is a great idea. I am newly rededicated to looking at every single quilt in the festival (I swear I looked at a couple hundred right at the beginning but then I got overwhelmed and stopped.) Anyway I have been bookmarking a few of my favorites, and I'm looking forward to looking at all of them, over the next couple weeks. :D

  6. Happy birthday to Emmalie! Great idea about favourite entries from the quilt festival – I'm going to start at the bottom of the list and work backwards this time, since I didn't make it all the way through the last time, despite best efforts!

  7. What a neat idea, Amy, although quite possibly impossible! There are so so SO many amazing quilts to pick from! Ohhhhh, but what fun looking through links again on cold long winter nights…hee hee!

    Enjoy the birthday in your household :-) Having a sweet six year old girl in my own house, I KNOW it will be fun and full of giggles!

    Tammy ~@~

  8. Happy birthday to your girl!!

    I was wondering why I had so many new visitors on my blog via yours today so I came to check your post. Sounds like fun to go through all the entries again!

  9. As I scrolling through all the items in your right hand side bar, I noticed this:

    "My kids give away works in progress"

    What an interesting thought! Have someone with nothing invested in the item give it away… then I realized these are actually three separate labels for past blog posts

    My kids;
    give away; and
    works in progress

    Hahahahahaha – still it's a great idea.

    Gotta go now and write a post about my latest, almost finished quilt. I'm still getting hits on my entry in the last Quilt Festival. Thanks for all the work you do on this.


  10. I seem to give all my quilts away – I have MS – so it take me a while to to make them – cutting is a big challenge from a wheelchair – I do qults for kids and it seems like every time I get any other quilt made there is someone in the community that is in need of comfort, so I make arrangements to have it delivered – quilt making is my ministry

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