So I’ve been thinking about my post for today, what should it be (insert – blank stare) and I remember the ebook – of course!  Inspired post!  One aspect of the post inspiration was finding balance, but I’m all out of balance right now – thankfully I DO sew at the kitchen table, that way I’m still in the middle of the family activities.

I want to share with you my studio, or lack thereof, and how I make it work for me.  Finding space is a constant struggle, I often purge stuff to make the bit of space I have work for me.  Someday I will be spoiled with a studio space of my own (I pray!) and then I will jump for joy – but right now, this is what I’ve got!

I’ve changed where I keep things a bit from when I last posted about my “studio” but the main principles are the same.  We added this dresser to the kitchen for more much needed storage  – I claimed two drawers for fabric as I loaded in baking sheets and miscellaneous utensils.  The ipod dock is the newest sewing accessory that Joe surprised me with recently!  It is a great little unit, with big sound :)

My ironing board hangs out over here when not in use.  I typically save up my ironing for one session, and try not to walk away – I hate to think of the kids pulling it over on themselves!  It goes up and down 2-3 times daily :)  And the iron is on top of the same shelf, wrapped up nice so there are no cords tempting little hands.

I’ve also added this printer cart that was sitting unused in another part of our home.  You can see my machine sits on the bottom shelf, my box of notions and fabric on the second, and a pile of quilt backs and bindings on the top with a couple of yet to be started quilts on the right.  My sewing machine also comes up and down a couple of times each day, I do my best to not have my machine or fabric on the table while the kids are eating.  We are not past spills, not in the least!

Part of the ease in it all is having my power cord plugged in, but out of reach when not in use.  Here it is with my aprons and pizza thingy.

I use the kitchen cart/island for cutting and organizing all the bits.  My cutting mat fits on top perfectly and I can walk all the way around it if I’m trimming blocks.  Or I can wheel it into the living room if I want to try to watch tv while working on top!

Finally, my bookcase, well in part!  I have books stashed everywhere :)  This one houses folders that I need regularly, sketch books, my rulers slide in on top of the books or stand, and my cutting mat goes behind it, when put away – not often lately.

This “studio” is less than ideal, but works for me!  Everything has a place of it’s own when it needs to be stashed, but when I have 10 minutes or more, I can easily get to what I need and continue working on my project.  All the while keeping track of what the kids are up too!  Any suggestions you can think of?  I would love to know what you would do in my space.

I’m impressed with how many of you have voted!  I have not purchased any fabric myself, and I can’t believe I didn’t make that an option – that’s what I get for blogging after 10pm.  Today is the last day and then I will post the results :) 

Thanks for reading!
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