Hi there!  It has been one of those weeks, where everything happens – all at once!!  I’ve had scheduled posts, filling in the gaps for my busyness, which is great since I have no sewing that I can share with you :( 

Tuesday I had lunch with Natalia and Amy, (I met Amy last year).  Amy came up from Salt Lake, where she’s visiting her mom, with her kiddos and we all congregated at my house.  Soup for the ladies, Mac&Cheese for the kids – we had such a blast, talking, talking, talking for 3 hours, while the kids played!   If you have a chance to meet up with a blog friend ever – I highly encourage it!  It’s nerve-wracking at first, but the jitters pass as soon as you start chatting :)

With my book my initial plan was to quilt all my projects myself – thankfully Natalia saw the trouble I was getting myself into before I did, and I’ve been taking them to her (my deadline is getting really close!).  It was hard at first to relinquish that control, but after getting my first two quilts back this week I am SO happy to have her quilt them!  Amazing quilting and she’s fast!!  She’s quilting them faster than I can crank out the tops :)

Today it’s snowing like mad, and I’ve switched vehicles with Joe again, as he has further to drive in the fluffy white stuff.  I’ve already shoveled once, and the truck just slid down the driveway a little – ack!!  Guess I need to get out there again!  Of course I’d rather stay in and get more sewing done :)

I have no pictures today a snowy scene out my window from my computer.  Hopefully the plow comes by again soon!

Blessings ~

PS – there’s a book giveaway and fabric giveaway going on!  And tomorrow I will have the first Featured Blogger from the Quilt Festival!  Stay tuned :)

PPS – I’ve nominated for an award by multiple bloggers!  Thank you!!  But I don’t think I will have a chance to play along :(  You guys are the best!

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