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Posted on January 27th, by Amy in give away. 58 comments

It’s Wednesday, and time to introduce another great etsy shopAndrea Baker is sharing her talent and story with us today!  Enjoy –
Hi everyone.  My name is Andrea Baker and I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children and loving dog and 3 moody cats.

I was inspired by the talents and teachings of my mother. As a child I remember my momma working at a wedding boutique in Toledo, Ohio. Specifically, I recall watching her sew the beautifully soft fabrics and create wonderfully fabulous dresses. 
I love to create classy, functional and affordable handmade items with service that is unmatched.  Sparked by the desire for a new handbag that nobody else had, I went to work on creating my very own design.  I have received so many compliments on my unique creation that all signs pointed to opening shop of my own.  

The creative focus of my business is on making quality handbags, tote bags, business card cozies, checkbook cozies and a variety of unique handmade accessories and items for the home. I specialize in custom orders; I work very closely with my customers. From customer description, to inception of a pattern, to quality assurance and customer satisfaction of fabric choices, my service is above and beyond traditional. 

I truly enjoy taking my creativity and crafting it into something that can be held. Creating gives me a way to make something that can be held and potentially passed down from generation to generation.  Crafting for me is also a great way to unwind and relax.  My work is unique because each piece is something that I've envisioned and therefore has a bit of me and my very own touch in it. 

To Win the nifty Business Card Cozy pictured above: 
Visit Andrea's shop and come back to tell me your favorite item.
Subscribe to Andrea's blog, and let me know!
Two chances to win! 
Thanks so much Andrea for sharing today, and good luck to all of my readers!
The winner will be announced Monday, February 1.  (don’t tell me February is already here!!)
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58 thoughts on “Andrea Baker Designs – Giveaway!

  1. Thanks for introducing Andrea. You are busy ladies. I went to Andrea's blog and subscribed. I also went to her Etsy shop and love the credit card cozy. I like the vintage chic look and how useful it would be. Thank you for the giveaway.

    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Andrea – Good luck with your store! I really like the Brianna Checkbook cover – so sweet. I just subscribed to your blog and am hoping to win the giveaway, otherwise I might have to consider a purchase?!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Andrea. I love the business card holder in the 38 fabric. The would be a lot nicer than the Altoid tin I put my business cards in now.

  4. Thanks for offering this giveaway (both of you!), and I'm now a subscriber. Can't wait to see what she whips up next!

  5. Extraordinary designs! Impressed by each one of them, even sold ones.
    My heart beats fast for your ''Custom Business Card Cozy''. And also, Sassy Summer BCC.

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway:)


  6. I am drooling over the feathered hair pieces in Andrea's shop. I bought somehing like these for my bride's maids in my wedding. I also checked out her blog. I love the photography!

  7. What a cute site and great idea. My favorite was Dazzling Bird In Pink, so cute and for a good cause. I also subscribed and so happy I did!!!!
    Thank You

  8. What beautiful creations! I would have to say the business card cozy because I end up with so many cards and customer cards from quilt stores.

  9. This is a great way to get to know other people who craft! Thanks so much! I am really liking her business card holders BUT I love her OSU apron. Seeing that I am a HUGE Ohio State Fan. I also am following her blog as of RIGHT now!

  10. You are one BUSY girl Amy! I love her checkbook cozy (and think I'm inspired to try to make one of my own!).
    Hope you are having a blessed day!!

  11. Hello Amy and thank you for introducing yet another fabulous fiber artist!
    I really like the "Dazzling Bird in Pink" pin-it appears to be an epiphany of Andrea's creativity in that it is a unique piece sparked by the desire to give!

  12. I love the way you introduce new artists and their wares. I subscribed to Andrea's blog and thought "Walter the man pouch" was adorable.

  13. Hi Amy, thank you for letting us know about Andrea, I am now following her blog and have been to her etsy store and love the Brianna cheque book holder.

    Please enter me twice in the giveaway

  14. Thanks Andrea and Amy… I love that business card holder. But I really love the cheque book cover. I am always loosing ours, but with a bright fun cover like that I don't expect I ever would!!

    Couldn't figure out how to join Andrea's blog. Unless it has the "Become a follower" button I get really stumped. So I've added her to my blogs saved in favourites.

    Have a great day!

  15. I love her vintage wallets and I now have another blog at add to my daily reading. I'm not following her blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. thanks so much for the giveaway! Andrea is so talented! i love the Jennifer clutch, and Walter the man pouch is too adorable!! Her blog is also very cool. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

  17. Awesome giveaway! I have a few of Andrea's pieces and LOVE them! In her shop now, I think I would choose her aprons. Andrea is a great lady and also offers great customer service! :)

  18. Lovely! My favourites are the vintage chic 004 business cozy and the oogly friend! Best of luck with the business!


  19. I really like the Vintage Chic (#3) card cozy. I literally just received my first set of business cards today, and need a cozy, so this would be the perfect giveaway for me to win! Thanks!

  20. Ooh, I love the daisy picnic placemat. It's such a great idea and I love the daisies! Thanks for the great giveaway. I subscribed to her blog, too :)

  21. Love the business card holder, so cute. I subscribed to Andrea's blog and went to the shop. I liked everything, but really liked the Winter Wonderland bag. I am partial to anything "snowman".

  22. I really like the Lisette hair accessory. I would choose that so my daughter could wear it to her junior prom. I subscribed to the blog. Thanks so much for the chance to enter this!

  23. Thank you so much Amy for the opportunity to offer a giveaway on your fabulous blog.

    And thank you so much to everyone one who had such fabulously wonderful comments about my blog and my etsy shop! I've really enjoyed reading all the comments.

    Good Luck!!

  24. Hi there. I went to Andrea's shop, and I love all of her work. But my favorite listing is this one. I don't have money to shop at the moment, however, I like this listing because it give the buyer an option.
    Well, that and the fact that I want one of them.

    Great giveaway! I love Andrea's work.

  25. Not sure I am too late…but the card holders are super. We just got a new logo and cards at work so a holder would be so much classier than the binder clip I typically use!

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