Do you do this?

Posted on February 2nd, by Amy in random, sewing. 64 comments

I have to wear slippers or some sort of shoe around the house.  Usually not the same one I’ve been wearing outside, especially this time of year.   They help my back from hurting, as I am on my feet non-stop, and keep my toes from freezing off!
 I take off my right shoe when sewing, and when someone needs something, or the world is ending in the other room – I jump up and take care of things!
 Am I the only one running around with one shoe on??
Today, along with all the usual sewing and household stuff, I’m sanitizing the house!  We’ve had three super sick kiddos (croupy cough cold)  the last few days, and I’m trying hard not to get it.  Hope you are having a great day!

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64 thoughts on “Do you do this?

  1. I am soooo cracking up! I do the same thing including taking off my slipper to sew. It just feels better sewing barefoot (or with socks). I don't like sewing with shoes or slippers on. I often wondered if I was the only one who did this. Right now I have on fluffy pink slippers!

  2. Definitely not just you! I have to wear my crocs in the winter for the same reason and take it off to sew as well….and with a 3.5yo and 7mo I'm often jumping up to tend to them with one shoe!

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought "I" was the only one who did that! I tell my hubs that I can't drive my machine with shoes on. I am always limping around with one shoe on LOL

  4. Yes, yes, yes…that's so funny because whenever I am missing a random shoe, I always find it under the table by the sewing machine pedel. Only one shoe though.

  5. Absolutely! Although not so much right now in the heat of the Australian summer. At least I usually know where to find my right shoe! But in winter I find my sewing foot gets cold, and enjoy getting up to press a I piece, because the ironing board is usually located so the heather blows on my feet while I iron!

  6. Absolutely and all the time, especially now that the unheated laundry room in our basement is freezing cold … and I always feel like a limping penguin.

    Glad I'm not the only one!

  7. I despise shoes and socks so I don't have that problem but I can attest to not being able to sew with a shoe on. It's just not right to sew with shoes on!

  8. Hahahahaha!!! NO!! You are NOT the only one!! I go about the house limping because I've kicked off my right shoe. Ya just have to be able to feel the machine when ya drive it. I've often wondered why in the world I just don't kick off both shoes at the same time :)

    I hope this is a one-shoe day for all of us!!

  9. No, you aren't the only one! I cannot sew with shoes on! I do it at quilting lock-ins and retreats, too. So does everyone I know… I don't think any of my friends can sew with shoes on!
    ~ Jennie

  10. Cute feet! (snicker, snicker) Good luck staying healthy! Go get some Emergen-C Immunity – fabulous stuff to keep you healthy or just make a cold shorter!

  11. I totally sew with one shoe off too! I constantly walk around with one shoe/slipper off and one on. I love my Sketchers slip on tennies too!!

  12. that is funny! I haven't sewn much with my new slippers, but I have a feeling I'll be pulling one off. My feet get too cold without them on though, so I doubt I could last!

  13. i do that too. most of the time i am doing this crazy dance trying to get the shoe back on before i go out and save the world…

  14. LOL, me too, only it's my LEFT shoe.

    I have to sanitize because of FOOT ODOR….ROFLOL…but not too close to where my showless foot is.

  15. Ha ha, this is obviously a quilter thing! I have lovely sheepskin slippers to keep my toes toasty but have to sew barefoot – so the right slipper by the foot pedal. Then when I have to leap up to go off somewhere it gets half put on, flaps about and is downright dangerous on the stairs!

  16. I'm a barefoot babe! Socks are the max indoors! My father always used to tell me I made him cold just to look at me, and my DH has a similar view! I think it comes from a childhood spent in the Far East!

  17. I often walk around with 2 different socks on to keep my feet warm. My feet get so cold, and I often can't find my matching warm socks, so I'll just grab 2 random warm socks and put them on :) Right now I have a navy blue fuzzy sock on the right and a bright red sock with snowflakes on the left. Please nobody come over to my house right now :)

  18. me to me to!!!
    my sewing teacher always tells me it's dangeres, but i really CAN'T sew with any kind of shoes.
    i told her that i'm sure i'm not the only one but she didn't belive me.
    now i'm going to send her a link to this post! LOL

  19. I have three sick kiddo's too. It is going around. I've been taking extra vitamin C. I think it is helping not sick yet. knock on wood. Good luck.

  20. I'm right with you Amy! It really messes up my sewing mojo to use my machine with a shoe or even a slipper on. I always sew in my socks.

  21. Ditto no sewing with shoes or slippers! In the winter my feet get so cold, if I'm sewing I wear extra thick socks instead of slippers. Glad to know the no-shoe-thing is so common.

  22. Me too, I can't sew with a right shoe on even at retreats. I usually wear slippers or slipper socks to sew in. I live in Florida, doesn't get too cold here. Half the time I have to go get the other half of the slipper next to the pedal.

  23. you are not alone in the one shoe phenomena! Not a great day, but certainly not a bad one either, could have been a little more productive … oh well, tomorrow is a new day :) Enjoy the rest of the day Amy!

  24. Another ditto gal here — usually fully clad left foot, and the pedal foot is bare or wearing a sock only. I'm going to show these comments to my hubbie to prove I'm not the only one. Ah — the sisterhood of the quilters. Such interesting similarities bind us together.

  25. I have a theory:I learned to sew on my mom's Featherweight. Remember that tiny little button on the foot pedal? Did we have to feel that in order to run the machine? The only way you could do that is barefoot! I broke my pinky toe last year and had to wear a shoe – it was awful!

  26. I so do this my kids find it very funny they are always teasing me about walking around with one slipper on. My problem is that I tend to leave the right one by the foot pedal and then walk away and then leave the left one some where in the house and then when I want them I have to go searching! So glad I am not the only one.

  27. I CANNOT sew with shoes! I have a couple of friends who are learning to sew. My first step is usually to take off my shoe. I tell them it's a very important part of sewing – being able to feel the machine. LOL!

  28. Me too! I cannot stand to have something on my foot when I sew, but I can't be shoe-less either. And of course, I end up half shoed more often than not! Thought it was just me!

  29. Too funny! I sew in my slippers. I find that most comfy. I hope your kids feel better soon and I am sending my best wishes for the cold not to get you.

  30. why, is there another way to live and sew?? I thought this was what everyone did, sewing with no shoes on and running around the house in one shoe… :-)

    I hope your kids get better soon!

  31. Yep, just like that. I always get embarrassed when I am taking a class b/c I have to slip my shoe off. But I cannot sew any other way.

  32. i go barefoot in the house, although i should wear house shoes for the same reasons you do. cracks me up that you walk around with one shoe off.

  33. I ♥ it!!!
    Me too:)))
    Amy, you should write a BOOK with your quilt ideas + personal reflexions and other stay-at-home mom funny stories… A kind of "Secret Diary of a Quilter";)
    I'm sure you would have a lot of success!!!

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