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Posted on February 3rd, by Amy in guest post. 16 comments

Tara is taking a look at hand-printed textiles and the beautiful addition they can make to our creations.  I hope you enjoy a fresh look at fabric —

if you’re looking to add a certain *je ne sais quoi* to your projectsbig or small, you must check out the wide assortment of hand-printedtextiles available online. these fabrics are not only designedindependently but they are printed screen by screen in a process that,frankly, blows my mind a little.

textiles by greenolivetextiles 
pouch & journal cover by buttontreelane (via flickr)

since each piece is printed by hand, there is a deeply organicquality to each section of the fabric. a small smudge or drip – thoughrare – shouldn’t be thought of as a flaw but as what makes the fabrictruly unique.

textiles & finished items by lu summers

the three selections i chose represent two basic trends inprinted textiles – bold patterns and bright colors. both lendthemselves to the printing process exceptionally well and also help youto up the pizzazz factor when working with textiles of this kind.

now, some of you might be concerned about the price. certainly ahand-printed textile is not a spur-of-the-moment kind of purchase butchoosing to splurge a bit on a small amount might just be the decisionthat takes your next project from nice to wowzer.

textiles & finished items by kalla

finally, if hand-printed textiles get your creative juices flowing,don’t limited yourself to artists that only print yardage. you’ll finda whole array of screen-printed tea towels that are perfect forcutting, slicing, & working into your next project!

about tara

tara gentile is the editor of scoutie girl, the blog with a passion for people and the stuff theymake. she is also a wife, momma, and wordpress designer who blogs onher personal portfolio,

Thanks Tara!  I love the prints and colors used in these examples!  Can’t wait to explore this more, what about you?  Do you think you might add some hand-printed fabrics to your next project?  Let me know if you do :)

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16 thoughts on “Meet Tara!

  1. 1
    rosie/the fabric shopper says:

    Yes, indeed, a sampling of these should be in every seamstress' stash. Used as a focal point on a quilt or a border on a skirt would add such rich element. Great posts to you both!

  2. 2
    Candied Fabrics says:

    OOh! I know lu summers' work, but the other 2 are new to me – thanks Tara, great finds (as always)! ;-)

  3. 3
    Natalia says:

    Wow! Those are really cool prints? Now I just need a new home and some pillows like that! Perfect!

  4. 4
    Vicki says:

    beautiful. These fabrics would make great gifts for certain sewing type people :)

  5. 5
    live a colorful life says:

    somehow I found Aunty Cookie, who also has original fabric. She is from Australia but she had some things I simply HAD to have.

    She is pretty amazing. I would highly recommend checking out her fabric. I couldn't afford to get very much, but I'm sure happy with what I was able to afford!

  6. 6
    Crystal Stanworth says:

    these are amazing! great post!

  7. 7
    Victoria says:

    Great selection, they are all marvelous! … and I agree, the whole process blows my mind, too… along with the patience it must take!

  8. 8
    mom says:

    The fabric is beautiful. Is there special care required for hand printed fabrics? Like, how do you wash them, etc?

    Tammy ~@~

  9. 9
    Jessica says:

    Those fabrics are lovely!

  10. 10
    tara - scoutie girl says:

    hi tammy!

    i spoke with a screen-printer last night to get an answer for you.

    the fabrics should already be heat set and so your usual washing should be fine. however, she mentioned that throwing them in the dryer before using them isn't a bad idea!

    when in doubt, don't be afraid to ask the artist! they're happy to help you get the most satisfaction out of your purchase as possible.

  11. 11
    kanishk says:

    Great posts to you both!

    Work from home India

  12. 12
    Jean says:

    Thanks for this…I am going to look into it, those are some fabulous prints. I know nothing about printing fabric, but would love to learn more.

  13. 13
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I love that bottom left one by Kalla. It calls to me for a living room project.

  14. 14
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I love that bottom left one by Kalla. It calls to me for a living room project.

  15. 15
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    I love that bottom left one by Kalla. It calls to me for a living room project.

  16. 16
    mom says:

    I appreciate your extra digging for an answer, Tara! I was anticipating hand washing delicately and am pleasantly surprised that hand printed fabrics are hardy!

    Tammy ~@~

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