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My friend and sponsor Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works is sharing her quilting story and giving away fabric from her shop!  Enjoy —

Hi my name is Jackie and I am the owner of Canton Village Quilt Works. My quilting career really started back in 6th grade (long ago) in Home Economics. I made a patchwork pillow, which I still have, but that was the extent of the quilting. At that time, I loved to make clothing. But no longer do, because I totally and passionately love quilting.

I got back into quilting about 17 years ago, just before our first child was born. I began to make baby clothes and my hubby suggested that I try something different. Well, his exact words were… “Since you are going to be a stay at home mom, you should really get a hobby to keep you busy.” Well, a big question mark appeared above my head, “Gee won’t the baby keep me busy????”

Anyway, I did go and take my first quilting class and did not immediately fall in love. But after the second one I was hooked. Eventually, when both kids were in school full time,  I started my long arm quilting business in the year 2000. So, wow, 10 years ago! Hubby being skeptical and thinking that myself and his sister were the only ones in the universe who quilted, wondered out loud, “how long will this business last”. I think now my husband has been enlightened.

In the fall of 2008, at Quilt Market, I invested in the AccuQuilt Studio Cutter.  It has helped me tremendously in becoming more efficient. More recently, it has allowed me to sell accurately die cut fabric to my customers.  I first started to sell my die cuts through Etsy and was successful at doing so.  When I went to quilt market in the fall of 2009, the plan was to invest in fabric to sell yardage and die cuts. I then opened a full-fledged online quilting shop!!

I stock Westminster Fabrics (Kaffe, Brandon, Philip, and Martha), Robert Kaufman (Kona Cottons, and Essex Linen/Cotton Blends), Marcus Brothers (Aunt Grace Repros), Izzy and Ivy Designs Patterns, and Die Cuts, Pre-cuts, and Bundles, and Quilt Kits.  This has been a wonderful addition to my long arm quilting business. I continue to quilt customers quilt tops and offer edge to edge quilting, semi custom, and custom quilting. I love doing this and will never give this up. My customers are a constant source of inspiration. I wanted to give back to my customers and now have a Frequent Quilter Club Card which they use to receive discounts on Edge To Edge Quilting.

I want to thank Amy for offering me this opportunity for you to get to know me a little better. And to thank all of you who come to visit me on my blog and listen to my ramblings.

So onto a wonderful giveaway!
Here is what you need to do:
1.  Comment on Amy’s post here.
2.  Visit my blog and become a follower, then let Amy know in another comment that you did so. If you are already a follower, just let her know in a separate comment.
3. Go to my blog and sign up for e-mailings for Special Discounts and Happenings At Our Online Fabric Shop. Then come back and tell Amy.
4.  Visit my online shop and come back and tell Amy which is your favorite product.
This will give you 4 chances to win!!

The prizes:
*    Kaffe Fassett 1.5 Inch Rainbow Roll
*    Aunt Grace Authentics 1930s Charm Pack
*    Kona Cotton – Green Pastures Fat Quarter Bundle
*    Izzy and Ivy Designs Sassy Connie Bag Pattern
When you stop by my blog, don’t forget to say Hi!! And thanks for joining in the fun!

Amy again :)  I love each of the prizes myself!  That stack of green is so springy!

I’ve added numbers to the comments and rely on them to find the corresponding winner from the random number generator, please be sure to add a comment for each of your entries to have it counted!

I will select winners on Monday, February 22 ~ Good Luck!
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789 thoughts on “Canton Village Quilt Works – Giveaway!

  1. Hi,
    Ive never been first to comment (almost) on a giveaway before. i love this giveaway, beautiful prices. Hope Im lucky this time!

  2. I have always loved Kaffe's fabrics, they are so colourful. But I also love the solids from Kona, the repros and I could go on and on and on. Im a fabric-lover :o)

  3. So many great things to choose from…..I'd go with anything Kaffe Fassett, love the colors!!

    And HI, Amy!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway gals!!

  4. In the shop I of course LOVE all the Kaffe's! But I also have been eyeing the bag patterns and have got the first one with the bow and the diaper bag on my wishlist!

  5. I drool over Jackie's precuts on a regular basis. Much as I love the Kona solids packs, my heart just leaps at the thought of a Kaffe tumbler quilt!

  6. My favorite items in her shop are all the delicious Kona cotton packs and rolls. I'm really wanting to play around with solids this year and am trying to build my stash. I also love her tumbler die cut fabrics!

  7. I love Kona Cottons, and the
    Kona Cotton Grounded Fat Quarter Bundle is wonderful! Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway :-)

  8. I love all the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. If I have to pick I suppose the "Kaffe Fassett Fat Quarter Collection This fat quarter pack contains 33 different Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics" is my favorite.

  9. I love it all, but I'd have to say my favorites are the Westminster fabrics.

    This is the first time I ever got bumped because multiple people were submitting comments at the same time! What a busy place this is this morning! :)

  10. I was part of Jackie's Black and white challenge last year, where lots of lovely quilts were made. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  11. Jackie it was nice to get to know you some. This is a wonderful give-a-way and I would love to win any of them..Thank you Sharon

  12. Amy you've really picked a gem for your blog today!!! Jackie's blog is very fun to follow and she is so talented! What a great inspiration!

  13. I love the Kona FQ bundles! Grounded and My Blue and Green Pastures~ oh my! :-) Having the whole range of colors at your fingertips would be so cool. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  14. And as much as I love all the fabric in her shop, I usually go there to admire the quilting she does. Its fantastic! I do love anything cut into hexagons though, and I know she can do that with her AccuQuilt.

  15. I just subscribed for email notifications from Jackie's shop. Wow, there's so much I want, I'm sorry I missed the Valentine specials.

  16. I have always been a fan of the 30 reproduction fabrics, but I would have to choose Kaffe Fassett's collection as my favorite item in her online store.

  17. What a shop!! I love it all. The Kaffe circles and tumblers will have to come live with me. But my favorites are the kona cotton fat quarter packs. OMG I want them all. I've been trying to concentrate on adding solids to my stash, and there they are!! Oops, I think I just drooled!

  18. I am completely SMITTEN with her Aunt Grace Authentic 1930s Fat Quarter Collection…I am starting a dresden plate project in the next couple of weeks, and I think those fabrics would be so pretty!

  19. Love Jackie's store! Been buying way too much from her lately! Super fast shipping, and overall just a pleasure to do business with!

  20. I could really do some damage with that Kaffe Fassett rainbow roll. Course that Kona fat quarter bundle isn't too shabby either!!

  21. What a great giveaway. I did visit Jackie's blog and her online shop. She has a great blog and a great online shop. I intend to visit again soon. I signed up as a follower and for the newsletter. Thank you for introducing us.

    Have a great day.

  22. and my favorite item in her shop is the pre cut 1930's tumblers…I can't wait for them to be back in stock so I can buy them up!!

  23. I haven't been an official follower but Jackie's blog has been on my blogroll for at least 6 months. Also, I sent some (maybe 8?) pillowcases to her last year for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

  24. WOW! I guess if you put Give-away in your title, the whole world explodes! In less than an hour, you have 200 comments! Well done. But I can see why. Great post about a great shop. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks. ~karen

  25. I too started quilting in school. Continued patchwork all by hand. I restarted with a new sewing machine late 2008 and still going strong. Thanks Amy for introducing new quilter-bloggers.

  26. First time I've seen a die cut bundle on Etsy. Knowing me, I will go for any fabric bundle but I just love that Kona FQ bundle – so loving solids now.

  27. My favorite product is the Kaffe Fassett 5 Inch Die Cut Circles. They make sewing with circles so easy and the fabric is beautiful!

  28. Thanks for introducing us to another fun quilter with a great story. I need the Aunt Grace charm pack so I'm going over to her Blog now. Number two comment to come…later.

  29. I think I'm going to have to get some of the Kaffe Fassett die-cut circles. I've been wanting to do a quilt using circles, so how perfect! Definitely my favorite item from the shop.

  30. I love your block/website. I can't remember now how I found it the other week but it's great! Great giveaway idea also. More beautiful fabrics and quilts to see! Thanks!

  31. I visited Jackie's store and I love all her fabric! I guess my favorites would be the Kona Cottons especially the classic palette roll up.

    Happy Quilting!

  32. I already get the e-mails! I have yet to buy anything from her, but that doesnt stop me from drooling, the checkbook is my limitation!

  33. I love the blues in the FQbundle but what is shocking, I love love love those Aunt Grace repos! I am not a repro kinda gal, but those just jump off the page and say "you NEED ME, Don't look anywhere else, take ME home with you!"

    I also would love one or two of those izzy & Ivy designs…oh lordy! I have been avoiding looking at shops online for a few weeks to curb the urge to spend!

  34. Have visited Jackie's store and will say I'm partial to the Kona solids from Robert Kaufman. I want to make an Amish style quilt and love the variety of colors.

  35. My favorite thing from the store?
    Anything Aunt Grace…fat quarter bundle, tumbler blocks, charms…you name it I love Aunt Grace…

  36. Anything pre-cut is surely my favortite from her shop. With 3 under 3 right now anything that makes quilting easier is a winner in my book! :)

  37. My favorite thing in the shop is the Izzy and Ivy Lola Goes Shopping pattern. I adore this pattern. SO very few people carry Izzy and Ivy.

  38. I'm a Canton Village follower now – so this is my 4th comment — would love to win a giveaway — and want to say that I had never heard of your online store so this was a good way to introduce me to it…..I'm new to quilting blogs.

  39. Do I have to choose just one favorite? I loved the Emerald Delphinium fabric by Philip Jacobs in the Westminster line, the My Blue Heaven FQ bundle in Kona Cottons and all of the Aunt Grace Authentics 1930's repro fabrics. Thanks for the great give-away. Crossing my fingers ;).

  40. Izzy & Ivy gorgeous Urban Diaper Bag. We've got a few babies due throughout this year and I really like the size of this tote.


  41. I don't know how you are going to keep track of all these comments! But, here goes…I have just commented on Jackie's blog. Would love to win a giveaway prize!

  42. This is my second entry. I've just subscribed to Amy at ParkCityGirl through Google Reader. Thanks for running the giveaway! Jayne

  43. Entry #3 here from Jayne…I have just been shopping with Amy, and I found several things that I would love to have. I am a sucker for journals and stationery items. A nice selection of Kaffe books, too! Lovely.

  44. Beautiful fabrics! Thank you for the great giveaway! I learned of this giveaway from Jackie, at Canton Village Quilt works.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  45. It's so hard to pick a favorite! Right now my eye is going for the Kona Cotton – Bright Palette Roll Up – I guess after all the snow we've had – the springy colors are calling to me!

  46. Fav product, this is hard because Jackie has so many of my favorites but I would say the Kaffee Fassett FQ collection! (all the solids are a close second, tho!)

  47. Hi Amy, what a great host for Jackie's giveaway. I've had Jackies blog on my blog list since I first started. Love the inspiration.

  48. I love all the beautiful fabrics! It really makes it hard to have to choose which ones for which quilt! LOL
    I believe that I will go over to Canton Village more!
    ~~ Amanda in KS

  49. Oops! I had a brain fart! I already follow both Amy's and Jackie's blogs! Please enter me in the give away! I hope I win! ~~ Amanda in KS

  50. Hi, I subscribed to the discounts and special happenings at Jackie's shop, last week. I was fortunate to take advantage of her love 15% discount. Thanks for being there for us all in the internet world. Liz

  51. I adore the fact that Jackie sells Large Die Cut Tumblers…I want to do this type of quilt, and Ill definitely order pre cut pieces from Jackie when the time comes!

  52. I really like the circles on Jackie's site and then I also like the batiks as well. I normally don't like batiks but those are pretty!

  53. Hooray! I love a giveaway! Thanks for this profile of Jackie – I need a new online supplier like a hole in the head but she sure does have pretty stuff!

  54. I went to the Canton Village online shop. My favorite was the die-cut Tumbler Blocks, though they're out of stock right now. I've never made a tumbler block quilt, because the shape is awkward to cut. Wouldn't it be cool to have them all pre-cut like that!


  55. I want IN! Those green Konas are great!

    Word verification: demingle: verb meaning to extricate oneself from a cocktail party.

  56. I've been a subscriber to Jackie's enewsletter for a long time. But under a different email. In fact, I might now be subscribed twice with the same email. sigh

  57. My favorite product was on her Etsy site: Bright Batik Die Cut Triangles. Of course, I like the Kona Cottons too, 'cause I like to do surface embellishment on them.

    Word verification: bromos: antacids used to relieve pain occurring together with heartburn, upset stomach, or acid indigestion

  58. I just found out your blog thanks to Jacky.
    This is an amazing giveaway!
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

    And now, I'll take a ook at your blog.

  59. Aboout choosing one product from the shop, that is a mission impossible :)
    I'm a fabric addict so I LOVE all those amazing Aunt Grace fabrics. But I must also say that I fell in love with the Lola Goes Shopping Bag. That pattern is a must have!!

  60. My favorite product from the shop would have to be the 24 FQs of Aunt Grace fabrics. Always been drawn to them… but don't have any.

  61. My goodness those are wonderful giveaway items! Sometimes husbands don't catch on to our hobbies becoming addicting . . . they soon learn though! – Marlene

  62. Jackie is always so kind and gracious. I just bought some Essex Linen/Cotton blends from Jackie and I love them! I'll be back, Jackie!

  63. lovely give away, thank you!
    this comment of your husband is like the one that a friend of us said to her wife who was a SAHM with 3 kids – you shouldn't complain, for you every day is Sunday!

  64. I am in love with Aunt Grace Authentics by Judie Rothermel – Floral Leave on Pink Floral, It would be perfect for a million things. Thanks for hosting this giveaway

  65. This is easy, my favorite item in Jackie's online shop is the Sweet Baby Dreams Quilt Kit!! What do you think Amy?

  66. I just went to Jackies store front and I am in love with the Kaffe fq bundle for a stash builder.And all the Kaffe die cuts they are wonderful.

  67. Love your shop! I'll have to go back and do some shopping. I'll have to say my favorite thing in your shop is Aunt Grace Authentic 1930's Fat Quarter Collection. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. I babe Isee your up to your usual trouble! Keep smiling thanks for bringing yet another interesting person to share with us.. the offerings a beautiful I will cross my unlucky fingers yet again. :)


  70. my favourite things in the store are (there are so many nice things to choose from!): all the colours of Kaffe Fassetts millefiores, Kaffe Fassetts purple roman glass and I'm going to have to buy the Penelope Ruffles bag pattern to make for my daughter!

  71. I've left a comment with Jackie, follow and here I am too! I think it is wonderful to hear her story and how the skeptical hubby! LOL

  72. Nice getting to know you! Guys are sometimes clueless when it comes to children…like you needed something to keep you busy! ha! Glad you did get into quilting to satisfy our creativity anyway!

  73. Love those kaffe fassett towers of goodness (fq bundles). and the die cut tumblers caught my eye. I'd like to make a tumbler quilt someday.

  74. my wallet thanks you for introducing me to another great shop! So much to choose from! I Love the Kaffe Fassett roll and Kona solids are always welcomed in my home! :-)

  75. Hey! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway. Jackie is awesome and I love to read her blog. She is an inspiration to quilters everywhere.

  76. Hey! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway. Jackie is awesome and I love to read her blog. She is an inspiration to quilters everywhere.

  77. Hey! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway. Jackie is awesome and I love to read her blog. She is an inspiration to quilters everywhere.

  78. Love the shop! Id get stash buster or strip happy. I'm all about using up my stash right now. Something about moving across the country and realizing exactly how much fabric I had made me want to use what I already have. Its ridiculous. But, I'd expect nothing less from someone who has been quilting for 17 years.

  79. Love the shop! Id get stash buster or strip happy. I'm all about using up my stash right now. Something about moving across the country and realizing exactly how much fabric I had made me want to use what I already have. Its ridiculous. But, I'd expect nothing less from someone who has been quilting for 17 years.

  80. Love the shop! Id get stash buster or strip happy. I'm all about using up my stash right now. Something about moving across the country and realizing exactly how much fabric I had made me want to use what I already have. Its ridiculous. But, I'd expect nothing less from someone who has been quilting for 17 years.

  81. Im inlove with Kona Cotton – Bright Palette Roll Up and the Kona Cotton – New Colors Roll Up

    The Cotton Solids Fat Quarter Bundles are awesome!!!!So much fabric.

  82. Your online shop is full of too many completely awesome products. But I really love the Kona dusty palette roll up, the green Kona fat quarter bundle, and the purple Kona fat quarter bundle. Don't make me choose just one! :)

  83. I am a followere of Jackie. I don't enter many contests like this one but I just couldn't resist that beautiful green. Semmy

  84. what a generous give away. It is always interesting to see how poeple got into their business and how it grew.
    Melisa Bakos

  85. HI Amy,
    I love Jackie's blog and her fabrics too- it is one fun giveaway.
    Thanks for hosting her giveaway. It is really terrific.

  86. I have been to Jackie's store and I love the fat quarter collection of Kaffe Fassett. I have been tempted to order it more than once.

  87. holy cow! this is a ton of comments!

    i'm glad to read the back=story, very interesting and inspiring to those of us who have a dream of someday getting into our art full-time. thanks for sharing!

  88. I began quilting at a young age for my dolls and my love for sewing and quilting began there. I have been sewing for about 45 years and consider it therapy after a work day. I am still quilting when I get a chance in between sewing for my beautiful grandchildren.

  89. i adore anything in the 1930's range so bright and fun. Loving anything from the Aunt Grace line right now. entry 4

    thanks for a great giveaway!

  90. My favorite…. is the 30's charms! The mixed pack of circles looks fun to play with too but the scare me a little. :)

  91. Hola, Amy! Mis preferidos para ir a visitar son "Pre-Cut Fabrics, Fat Quarters Bundles, and Die Cuts"! Y muero por los Fat Quarters Bundles sólidos de Kona! Un abrazo!

  92. hi, me again! Just wanted to say that I'm a follower of Jackie's…I've had her in my "favourites" forever but I've now added myself as a follower. Thanks!

  93. Oh so many ways to win! I've subscribed as well to the specials, etc (using my other email address, not the gmail one). Thanks again for the opportunity.

  94. Love hearing from Jackie over here! I get a lot of inspiration from her, and the B&W+1 challenge she started was the reason I started my blog.

  95. Oh, only 711 other comments. *L* I'll be counting on winning this…….hahaha

    Wonderful giveaway for the winners tho. and Jackie has a great shop.

  96. I purchased some Essex cotton/linen blend from Jackie's store last week and I love the hand and weight. I can't wait to use it! It's my favorite item right now.

  97. Hi Amy. What a wonderful give-away you and Jackie are having. I would love to win any of the prizes. Thank you. Take care and God bless, Cory

  98. I visited the online shop. All fabric is my favorite. If I have to pick one it would be the fat quarter bundle candy corn. Thanks.

  99. I love your Quilter's Interview series. I really am enjoying finding new blogs to follow. Thanks! (and I think Jackie's shop will be quite dangerous to my wallet!) :)

  100. Hi Amy ~ how nice to get to know you this way and what a wonderful interview with Jackie (O: I will read Ariane's later.
    Off to go to the next steps in line (O:

  101. My favorite: Aunt Grace Authentic 1930s Fat Quarter Collection. Still waiting for it to arrive. But I like the pre-cut packs too, with those lovely bright colors!
    Thank you for letting me join this giveaway (O:

  102. Have looked at Jackie's online shop and it's a tough choice, but I think my favorite product there is Kaffe Fasset's millifiore blue. It always makes me catch my breath.

  103. Right now my favorite thing on her blog are the 30's die cut tumbler blocks – which are always out of stock – so they must be popular with other people, too.

  104. Hi again,
    I also just subscribed to the Canton Village Quilt Works newsletter. Quilting helps me to cope with what can be a very long winter up here in Maine (tho' this winter has been unseasonably warm and relatively snowless- gee, I wonder why?)

  105. I love the colors in the coin quilt. I have always avoided buying die cut fabric as I thought that cutting my own is a very important part of quilting but I do like the circle and apple core shaped die cuts. I would waste much less fabric.

  106. And hello again, again! My favorite in the shop is (probably) the Storybook fabrics. I am intrigued by the die-cut circles, but slightly scared of them, too.

  107. Thanks for hosting another fabric giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed that the random number generator is thinking BIG numbers!

  108. I've signed up for emailings of special discounts and happenings at Jackie's online fabric store. (Twice! Oops!)

  109. So, I visited the online shop. Very difficult to pick a favorite. If those stacks of fabrics were donuts they would all be gone! My favorite (and only because I already have many of the 1930's reproduction prints) is the yummy Kaffe Fassett Fat Quarter Collection containing 33 different fabrics. What a terrific stash builder!

    "Poote" – Who comes up with these verification words?

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