Happy Day!

Posted on February 20th, by Amy in random. 43 comments

Knowing that you all will be excited for me – I have to share!!

I got a laptop!  Just for me :)

I feel official now.

Hope you are having a great day~
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43 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. 1
    Erin says:

    Haha, awesome! You'll be blogging with one hand and pressing seams with the other! :)

  2. 2
    Crystal Hendrix says:

    Congradulations! I am quite jealous!!

  3. 3
    CitricSugar says:

    I am killing myself laughing! I AM very excited for you.

    Congratulations on the new toy/tool for very important Amy business! Now you need to make a quilted laptop case and dust cover (fabric lint is murder on a keyboard….)

  4. 4
    karenfae says:

    I got a laptop for myself a couple months ago also and just love it although I do find that I leave it plugged in most of the time and sitting in the space I always had my other computer sit. I'm just not one to carry it around much but glad to know I can if needed – it will travel so much easier than the older one as this one is much smaller.

  5. 5
    Becky says:

    Congratulations. I am so jealous. My husband has a laptop and I use the desk top. But now that I have a job … maybe I can save my allowance :)

  6. 6
    Natalia says:

    Yay! Someday I'll get one!!! :)

  7. 7
    amylouwho says:

    woot woot!! That's so fun!

  8. 8
    ktquilts says:

    I got one today as well!! Yay!!!!

    Congrats to you!

  9. 9
    Vicki says:

    awesome, congratulations!

  10. 10
    Ariane says:

    Very exciting!! Congratulations!!!!

  11. 11
    Trudi says:

    Congratulations, so pleased you can type anywhere you need to be now rather than in your all purpose corner :) Yay for liberated Amy!

  12. 12
    Mary says:

    That's great! I've had one for about a year now, and I don't know what I'd do without it! Have fun!

  13. 13
    Happy Cottage Quilter says:

    Congratulations! Hope you enjoy playing with your new laptop :-)

  14. 14
    Thimbleanna says:

    Congratulations Amy — that's awesome!

  15. 15
    Gerry says:

    Darn! We NEED our own laptop and in my case a laptop AND netbook ! !
    Lucky us ! !


  16. 16
    Jackie says:

    Yay! Good for you, you are going to love it. Then you won't want to share.

  17. 17
    live a colorful life says:

    I enlarged the picture just to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. Of course, a picture of the post that I was reading. Too funny. Made my day. Enjoy your laptop!

  18. 18
    Leslie says:

    yeah!!! i love having my own laptop

  19. 19
    The Quilt Buddy says:

    Congrats to you! Isn't is so liberating?

  20. 20
    WendyLou says:

    WooHoo!! Now you can blog while you're taking your nightly bubble bath :) But, please, no pictures. Hahahaha …

  21. 21
    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Congratulations on the great news! Enjoy.

  22. 22
    WoolenSails says:

    Congrats on the new machine. I got one for christmas, still getting used to it. I use macs, but needed windows for sewing and embroidery, so hopefully I can figure it out.


  23. 23
    Candied Fabrics says:

    Woot! How exciting! It looks like a pretty big one too! Perhaps I'll have a laptop messenger bag pattern you'd like to test for me….a month or 2 or 3 from now…. LOL!

  24. 24
    2miracles/Tove says:

    Sweet and it ad dell!Dans dell had lasted forever! Have fun.

  25. 25
    Lisa says:

    Wahoo! Congratulations. Personal laptops are fabulous! So nice to not have to wait your turn on the family computer.

  26. 26
    MomBrose says:

    Yay!! That's awesome! Welcome to the sofa with the rest of us :D

  27. 27
    Mindy says:

    Hooray – that's fantastic! I have been wanting (and needing) one for so long now. Even tonight Kyle said, "We really need to get a new computer" as we only had 120 MB of hard drive left. I may need to hear how you decided which one to buy. :0

  28. 28
    Amy says:

    Congrats on your new purchase!

  29. 29
    AMIT says:

    Hey hi congrats for the Laptop you buyied.

    How to make a website

  30. 30
    Jessica says:

    Happy writing!!!!

  31. 31
    I Purr-Furr to Craft says:

    Congrats! and thanks for sharing, It is fun when you have a new toy, enjoy!

  32. 32
    Vicki S says:

    Isn't it fun to have your very own? I got one about a year ago and love it!

  33. 33
    Tipper says:

    Congrats Amy!! You were already official-but I know this will make things easier for you : )

  34. 34
    Diana Zamora says:

    Congratulations!!! I wish the best for you both!!! (the lap top and you that is) Have a great creative live together.

  35. 35
    sandid71@hotmail.com says:

    Hi Amy Lucky you, my husband and I share one and now that he is retired it is hard for me to get on it some days because he hogs. I need my daily fix of blogs and quilting sites. Have fun with it, but don't forget to quilt. Sandra

  36. 36
    jaybird says:

    congrats!! …i'm on laptop #3… i can't imagine my life without a laptop…

  37. 37
    Luv 2 Kreate says:

    Congrats, I know you are going to love it!

  38. 38
    Karen says:

    You go, girl!!!!!!!

  39. 39
    aniza says:


  40. 40
    Debbie aka Marblesbestfriend says:

    Like Kleenex and Chapstick…I predict your new tool will become essential.

  41. 41
    Rita @ Mochi Studios says:

    Congrats, Amy!! I'm so happy for you! Now you're gonna be a really big deal around here! Enjoy your new laptop!

  42. 42
    amy smart says:

    Hooray! Sounds dreamy to me. Enjoy!

  43. 43
    Megan says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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