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Posted on March 10th, by Amy in give away. 464 comments

Here’s your chance to win more fabric, from the ladies at Fat Quarter Shop!  Two readers will win Aunt Lindy’s Paper Dolls fat quarter bundles – LOOK at how adorable these are!!  

The faces on the dolls are so cute, not to mention the dresses & bunnies!

I’m signed up for their newsletter but not everything makes it there!  Pretty sure I would have to stalk the “What’s New” page daily to catch everything that they add to the site – I can’t keep up :)

To win one of two adorable bundles –

Share your favorite childhood game or activity.

Winners will be selected via random number generator, on Monday, March 15th ~ Good Luck!

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464 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Shop – Giveaway!

  1. I loved to make those potholders with the loops and the loom. I made dozens of them in all colors. My grandmother sold them to her friends!

  2. As a kid, I was the only girl in the neighborhood, so I hung out with alot of boys. We played alot of spot light (hide and seek in the dark with flashlights), rode bikes, and dodge ball. As I got older (10) I could ride my bike to the pool in the summer- that was awesome! :D

  3. I loved playing hopscotch and kick ball. But I would say one of my favorite activities was playing on my pogo stick. I could be found playing on that for hours.

  4. I have so many wonderful childhood memories. The first thing that came to mind was playing with my Grandma's buttons. We would invent endless games and activities with those buttons! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I have 5 sisters, so we used to play single mothers with our dolls (there were no boys around to play the fathers!) Thanks for the cute giveaway.

  6. Amy – I just came across your blog and am happy to "meet" you. I live in Park City so we are neighbors ! I will be reading your blog more often and hope that we get a chance to meet one day. This is just so fantastic.


  7. Oh this one's easy – since I was an only child until I was almost 7, my Mother was my playmate and she would play Candyland with me for hours on end (or so it seemed). When it was mid-afternoon, she'd let me "help" fix dinner – I used to love standing on the step stool at her side and feeling like such a big helper;^)

  8. When I was a small child I loved jigsaw puzzles but once I learnt to read I dropped most other hobbies. Though I did love sorting my grandmother's button box.

    My craft hobbies, like knitting, quilting and cross-stitch were all self-taught in my late teens/early 20s.

  9. When I was a little girl, I used to love roller skating in the street. I had the roller skates that you buckled on over your shoes and tightened to fit with a key. I am currently making Lori Holt's paper doll quilt and this fabric would be adorable on the back of the quilt!

  10. thanks for the great giveaway!! Already a follower, and I loved to cut fabric and "make" clothes for my dolls, imagine that!

  11. I am subscribed!

    Love your banner.

    Guess one of favorite things was paper dolls. Designing clothes for them was fun too.

  12. As a kid, I really loved playing board games. My favorites were monopoly, connect four, chutes and ladders and battleship.

  13. When I was a girl I used to love laying under this huge Elm tree in our front yard. My brother and I would look up at the clouds in the sky and see what shapes we could find. Sometimes I miss those days of being bored and having nothing to do!

  14. I was definitely a reader as a kid; my father has said how bad it always made him feel to have to tell me to turn the light out and go to sleep, put that book away! I was a tree climber, too, so at least my activities were pretty balanced :) Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  15. My favorite was probably reading. I have always loved to read and still do….my husband teases me because if we are eating cereal, I read the cereal box…even if I've read it before. :)

  16. We loved to cut pictures out of magazines and make families. We would paste them on construction paper and cut out pictures of furniture and things like that. We would give them all names and had a whole folder full of them:)


  17. Trolls! I loved troll dolls! I made clothes and furniture and houses for my troll dolls! Thanks for the givaway! Polly :-)

  18. This is awesome! Can you just imagine little girl dresses in this fabric? How cute would that be?

    My favorite childhood memory is playing capture the flag until 10 at night with all the neighborhood kids throughout the summer. We would dress in dark clothes, hide in the woods, and run between the six houses we all lived in side by side. I was so lucky to have six friends within two years of myself to play with every day.:) There were some intense games including hiding in trees and on top of the house-shh! don't tell my parents that one.:)

  19. We played many board games and other games growing up. Loved the outside ones, especially softball and croquet.


  20. My favorites were either reading any teenage or grown-up books I could or barbies! I had hundreds!!! With all the clothes, bags of shoes, houses and cars and hot tubs!! Ahh…memories!!

  21. I remember doing two things for hours on end: making mud pies for my mud restaurant, and playing school with my dolls.

  22. My older brother and I would get up really early on weekends to explore. If Mom and Dad had any idea then of just what we'd get up to we would still be grounded!
    Too bad we have to grow up.


  23. I lived in a big city when I was little, so my favorite thing to do was roller skating and jump rope. Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

  24. My mom loved this fabric when we visited Hancock's of Paducah. I'd love to win it and surprise her with a quilt made from it!

    My favorite childhood game was either Mother, May I or Red Light, Green Light

  25. My favorite childhood activity was actually paper dolls! My sister and I could play with them for hours. My mother used to get her hair done at a department store salon, and the toy department was right next to it. My mother would give use each some change when we went with her, and my sister and I would spend a lot of time picking out paper dolls! But the real fun was when my mother,grandmother, or great aunt would draw dolls for us! They had a lovely old-fashioned feel and we could help with the coloring and design choices for the clothing. Happy days!

  26. I have had a wonderful and varied childhood which gave me the freedom to do and study what I wished.

    My favorite times were always when my twin sister and I would play with our grandmother. She turned every chore in to a game, working in the garden, crocheting and making dinner.

    My grandma never had the opportunities that we had but she set a stellar example of hard work and kindess.

  27. My favorite thing to play was paperdolls too! My mom got tired of how messy they were and quit buying them for us, so my sister and I would spend hours drawing and cutting out our own! I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!

  28. I loved playing with paper dolls and now I want to share this experience with my own daughter. I hope I win :)

  29. As a kid I loved to swim, I would go swimming everyday with my grandpa, it was one of my favourite memories from my childhood. Grandpa still goes swimming but not daily anymore, but I now live half way around the world. But when I do go swimming by myself, I'd always think of him and how we used to go together.

  30. I grew up in a small town and all of us kids would play kick the can or capture the flag nearly every night in the summer.

  31. As a kid I lived in a neighborhood with 5 other families with lots of kids. I think it made a total of 16 kids that would be together EVERY day. Our moms would send us out to play and we'd be bouncing from house to house all day. But the best was at night when after dinner everyone would come out and play nightgames. Good times!

  32. Reading once I could, which was about 3. What better way to escape whatever chaos was going on around me?
    I have to admit to stalking the What's New pages…pretty much daily lol

  33. jumping double dutch jump rope and my homemade lemonade stand with a toy cash register that worked! I also loved to Roller skate.

  34. My favorite thing was spending time with my grandparents. I would spend a week each summer with them and had a blast. Gathered eggs, milked a cow, used an outhouse. My favorite memory was my grandfather saying I couldn't sit still for 5 minutes, and that if I proved him wrong, he would give me $5. I did it, but barely. Thanks for the chance.

  35. What adorable fabric! When I was a kid my brother and I used to explore, explore, explore. We were always digging up something or wandering in the woods to find something. The goal was always to find something we'd never seen before.

  36. Crafts! As a kid all I ever wanted to do was make stuff, which I still enjoy. My 5 yo has inherited this love of creating things from the recycling bin, scraps, etc… and now we enjoy making things together. Would be pleased to have more fabric ammunition!

  37. My sisters and I loved playing Barbie dolls. We would turn our whole room into a Barbie house and play for hours and hours.

  38. Swimming! I grew up in the sunny Phoenix area and we had an in-ground pool. We swam as late into the fall as we could and every year we would put on our bathing suits in January and see who would be brave enough to jump in first that year! My brother always won!

  39. Hide and seek …of course! Out in the neighborhood with over twenty kids. We'd play as our parents all visited from porch to porch along the way. And when the street lights went on … we all went home. It was the 60s!


  40. wow that is a tricky question..back in the day, we had so much more freedom. We use to play "kick the can" around the whole block, running through neighbours yards, as there were no fences back then. Inside I loved to play Barbies and make forts.

  41. Hola mi juego favorito de niña, era la escondida, jugabamos tardecitas enteras todos los niños y niñas del barrio. Luego fue la construccion entre todos de casa del arbol.
    Gracias por el concurso

  42. Hola mi juego favorito de niña, era la escondida, jugabamos tardecitas enteras todos los niños y niñas del barrio. Luego fue la construccion entre todos de casa del arbol.
    Gracias por el concurso

  43. Hola mi juego favorito de niña, era la escondida, jugabamos tardecitas enteras todos los niños y niñas del barrio. Luego fue la construccion entre todos de casa del arbol.
    Gracias por el concurso

  44. oooo so cute! I loved to play the game Mancala! I just teached my niece the game recently and we love to play it together!

  45. Adorable fabrics! I was the only girl in the neighborhood too, so played lots of games with the boys. My parents also bought an old clunker sewing machine for me and I made shorts and dolls clothes. ;-)

  46. Thanks for the chance to win!!
    As a kid I loved to roller skate!! We lived across from a little side street that only had 4 houses on it and got very little traffic, my sister and I would skate all day long! Imagine our joy when they repaved the road!! Even in the winter we'd skate around our huge furnace on the basement! Oh to be young again.

  47. The board game Sorry. My two sisters and I would play that game daily, it seemed. I'm still on a mission to find the edition that I grew up with so my daughter can play it when she gets old enough. Ah, the nostalgia!

  48. When I was a child we used to play kick the can and paper dolls alot. I also loved to stay at my Grandmothers and do alot of crafts including sewing. I love your giveaway.

  49. My favorite childhood activity was going to my grandparents home. Each year we would get to spend a week with my grandparents. We did all kinds of fun things that we could not do at home. Growing up in a very rural area we did not have much, but they lived in the big city and this was exciting. We could see NYC from their home in NJ and got to go to Nickle Night in Hoboken as well as the docks to watch the fisherman come in on the boats. Grampa worked for the Nabisco company and would sometimes sneak me along on the truck. Oh the good old days… very old days… ugh am I getting old. ;)

  50. At school, I loved playing four square – either individual or doubles. I also loved a good game of dodgeball. At home, I read and read and read. I still read until it's far too late at night!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. I spent my childhood with my nose stuck in a book. When I didn't, I liked having water gun fights with my sister and playing dolls.

  52. we had a lot of fun growing up and one of my favorite things to do was jumping giant hay bails with my friends. You see the huge round hay bails lined up in rows on farms. well you just climb your way up, run run run and jump from each round…TRY NOT TO FALL IN THE MIDDLE!! yes grew up on a horse farm in oklahoma! would LOVE the paperdolls.

  53. Definitely reading was my favourite activity (and is still right up there). My Mother taught me to read and write when I was three and unlike most children who took stuffed animals to bed, I used to sleep with my books and wake up in the morning with the impression of the book boards on my face!

  54. My grandmother, being a seamstress and a product of the depression when nothing was ever thrown away, had oodles of pattern catalogues that she lugged home from the fabric stores. She gave me a few and I used to spend hours cutting out paper dolls from them. I realized that the drawing of the models were the same from pattern to pattern so I was able to have dolls with several different outfits! Thanks for the chance!

  55. i used to love playing 'spying' – we (brother and sister too) would hide and 'sneak' around the garden – not sure what the point of the game was except to spot the others without being spotted. also 'camps' – we would make little 'houses' and visit each other etc.
    if we could pick blackberries or honeysuckle or clover etc we would offer each other 'food' when we visited!!

  56. I loved playing CandyLand and Monopoly…oh and card games with my brother when I was little…that was before the time when we just beat each other up for fun!

  57. My four siblings and I would make a family olympics; it became really organized after a few years and some of my best memories were of events like "leg lifts" (Jane Fonda style).

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  58. My favorite activity when I was a girl was playing with paper dolls, of course! I would love to win.
    ritefarm at hotmail.com

  59. I loved building ramps with plywood and mud and then seeing how high I could jump my bike without crashing. I spent months perfecting my ramps :-)

    Great giveaway! Thanks.

  60. As a child I loved anything dolls! Paper dolls, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, I loved them all!

    What a fantastic giveaway!


  61. I would have to say hopscotch, hoola hoop, paper dolls and jacks!! Loved them all!! Thanks for the lovely give away!!

  62. as simple as hide & seek – we used to play a version with teams called fox & hound with all the neighborhood kids when it was dark outside. So much fun, I really miss those wonderful summer nights…

  63. There are just too many so I will try to sum it up into one…I was lucky enough to grow up across the street from my best friend. We did everything together. The memories we made together make me smile on even the worst day. We still talk to eachother 2-3 times a month. Cute fabric by the way! Thanks to the FatQuarterShop!

  64. Wow these are soooooo cute!! and they remind me of my childhood. I loved playing games with my grandma – especially cards – she even taught me how to play gin rummy and bridge with her friends!!

  65. My favorite childhood past time was coloring, as well as drawing and cutting out paper dolls and their clothes. How cute is this fabric line! Brings back so many memories.

  66. My favorite activity was watching my mother knitting & trying to learn how to knit with her as she created delightful baby booties & bonnets.

  67. Your so awesome for doing these giveaways! One of my favorite childhood memories is going to rodeos with my dad! My brothers and I would compete and my dad would be there to help us. It was a lot of fun!

  68. Those fabrics are sooooo cute!
    Indoors, I was an avid reader… outdoors, my favorite activity was playing two or four-square.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  69. Hmmmm, that's a tough one to pin down. At home I was a voracious reader, even as a VERY young girl, but at school my very favorite game was "duck, duck, goose!" I don't know why. I also liked playing house a lot. It must have been Kindergarten in the very early 50's….lol. That's one of my strongest memories of Kindergarten. We basically learned to tie our shoes, make things for our mothers, and learned to get along with other 4 and 5 year olds. Now, when we visited my grandparents in Arkansas, my favorite activity was catching lightning bugs in a jar!

    Good times!

  70. I saw a quilt made with these fabrics, it was so wonderful and fun. My favorite memory was taking our little boat, over to Dutch Island for picnics. We spent the day combing the beach and exploring the forts.


  71. I lived on a farm out in the middle of nowhere and had two brothers to play with, in summer we had a galvanized tin tub, that we used as a boat and would stick paddle up and down a creek near our house. In winter we had a couple of beagles and my brother had a knack of talking to them so we all would go out and track rabbits, set snares and often bring home rabbits for our mom to put in the stew pot…

    My life is now cityfied and I would love these fabrics in order to use them for the premie quilts I make for my local hospital…

  72. I loved Red Light Green Light. We lived on a dead end street–there were 26 kids!

    When the creek overflowed we scammed our family's sailboat out of storage and went for a ride! wow was Dad mad…

  73. My friend Stephanie and I would get books of floorplans from the library and copy them onto graph paper. Then we'd plan our lives in these grand homes. We spent hours doing this. And she's an architect now!!

  74. I always loved Hungry Hungry Hippos as a child. Last christmas I got it for my kids, and I still love it!.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I can never just pick one favorite. I'd have to say sewing first, because it involved making clothes for my cabbage patch kids. We also used to play a game called 'hit the deck.' We'd stand in the front yard and when we'd see a car coming by, we'd lie down flat in the grass so they car couldn't see it. It was pretty fun to see my kids with their cousins 'invent' this game themselves. They called it a different name, but it was the same game.

  76. Reading will be the first but I do love colors – fabric (sewing) and painting, oh yes yarn (crocheting and knitting).

  77. I loved to play teacher….lining up all of my dolls and stuffed animals for class. I even used to dumpster dive the school yard for anything for my "class" ( very yukky to admit this). I LOVE the dolly fabric….keeping fingers and toes crossed!!!

  78. I loved playing "ghost in the graveyard" with all the neighborhood kids on a warm summer evening. Great memories!
    SUCH cute fabric by the way. I also love the FQS! BEst customer service around.

  79. The first thing that popped into my head was playing night games like "Upset the Fruit Basket, Once Around the House" . . . it must be spring-fever . . . I'm ready to get outside! This fabric is so fun.

  80. I loved to play with Barbies! My sister and I would stay awake talking about what adventures our dolls would have the next day.

    Beautiful fabric-I love paper dolls and am hoping I win!

  81. I have always loved to make crafts. Sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery – you name it, I have at least tried it. My grandmothers were awesome to teach me so many different thing when I was growing up.

  82. Our favorite game was playing hide and seek at dusk. Then when it was too dark to find people, we would catch lighting bugs in jars. Wow that was a long time ago.!!

  83. My favorite thing to do as a kid was swimming. My next door neighbor had a pool and we'd swim all the time. I was always waterlogged!

  84. I had great neighbors and we would make up shows that we performed for the parents, usually using a garage as our proscenium.

  85. My favorite was definitely street light hide and seek. Does anyone still play that now with all the computer games out?

  86. I use to play with miniature trucks with my neighbor. We'd dig holes and make road and use twigs as trees, popsicles for stop signs.
    Guess I was a tomboy.

    But when I had to stay inside, I loved to play with paper dolls!

  87. There was so many. I loved play with my Barbies (I only had a few). Playing The Game of Life or Monopoly or just being on my bike outside for hours on end. I wasn't into sewing back then.


  88. I was always reading, reading, reading! My mom loved dolls as a little girl and was a little disappointed that I didn't like them as much!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. my favorite activity was rollerskating. I took my self to lots of places by rollerskating. you know when we weren't as scared about society and what or who is going to hurt us.

  90. i loved to read as a kid, and to this day i still love to read, and i passed it down to my children
    Thanks for a chance to win…
    un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

  91. My favorite game as a child/teenager was "Kick the Can"… after dinner when the kids in the naborhood would get together we would play Kick the Can.. I never lost, no one could find me or bobby (then a boyfriend) we would run up to the elem school,, ha ha ha…. those were the days!
    Linda J

  92. Climbing trees, roller-skating and playing shark in the local pool. Reading was my first love and I had to be pushed out the door in the summer. My aunt taught me how to sew and crochet. That kept me busy during the winter.

  93. Favorite childhood activity….fishing with my Papa. Thanks for the chance to win these sweet fabrics. I was just over at the FQS drooling…. Jenn

  94. Favorite childhood activity….fishing with my Papa. Thanks for the chance to win these sweet fabrics. I was just over at the FQS drooling…. Jenn

  95. Favorite childhood activity….fishing with my Papa. Thanks for the chance to win these sweet fabrics. I was just over at the FQS drooling…. Jenn

  96. I was a total tomboy and you could find me up to my calves in muck in our pond hunting turtles…I am so lucky I never got snake bit.

  97. As a kid I loved playing monopoly with my brothers and sister. We have very big age difference, and it was the only game we enjoyed playing together. today i start playing with my son who is 6 years old.

  98. My favorite activity as a kid was camping every weekend from Labor day to Memorial day. We camped where extended family lived so I got to see cousins, go swimming in the lake, boating, exploring in the woods and roasting marshmallows over the camp fire. Thank you for this wonderful give-away. I hope I win. Take care and God bless, Cory

  99. As a child i could do very little as my little sis always got in my ways. 25 years later she still does! But i was fascinated with books. i could escape from the day to day chores and my sis!!!

  100. I grew up on a family pony farm with extended family. My cousins, siblings, and I would ride our ponies bareback and play 'Indians'. We alo made forts in the haybarn, and used to 'balance' on the fence rails and see how far we could go. Love those fabrics!!

  101. I miss Chinese jacks and Chinese jumprope and tearing around the neighborhood in our rollerskates!

  102. When I was younger, I loved to play jacks on the front porch. I could play for hours! That and swimming every day are my favorite summer childhood memories!

  103. coloring books, runing out side on the grass, having tons of energy that i dont have today
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  104. When I was young my favorite things to play with all the neighborhood kids was hide and seek. There were 3 or 4 houses that we had to hide in and we had a huge barn that we could also hide in. There were about 13 of us all. It was so much fun-we played for hours. We also loved to drag all the hoses into the street and have water fights. Ah. Memories :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  105. One thing that jumps to mind is making puzzles. We would spend the summer at our cottage, and on rainy days we would all sit around the coffee table and make jigsaw puzzles…rainy summer days still make me want to dig out a puzzle!

  106. I loved to read when I was a kid – and still love it :-) I also loved playing with the leftover fabrics of my grandmother who was a seamstress and of my grandfather who was a tailor – and I still love playing with fabric – not a lot changed, did it? :-)

  107. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and my friends and I would just get on our bikes and ride for hours. We also had one of those miniature electric jeeps and I loved driving around in it!

  108. I loved to play paper dolls! I had two big brown grocery sacks that I kept all my dolls and their clothes in. My friend lived on Main street in the little town where I grew up. I remember her house had a giant porch on the front and we used to play for hours on the porch with our paper dolls.

  109. When I was a kid I loved dolls and played with them often. At other times I played in the hay loft of our barn. We played wild horses or dinosaurs and the barn was our home. I also read and Mom always had us learning to do some kind of stitchery. Looking at what I've written, it amazes me how much of that childhood fun has made it into my adult life!

  110. Where do I begin? I loved my Mandy & Jenny dolls. Playing house in our shed (kinda creepy now that I think about it). Riding bikes. Reading. Hopscotch. Jacks.

  111. I was an only child and so spent a lot of time playing on my own. I always loved to read, and roller skate or ice skate. The other thing I loved to do when I was young and spent the summer on my Aunt's farm I loved to get The Sears Catalogue and cut the furniture out and make rooms and make cutout dolls and just played house for hours. We didn't have TV back then but had wonderful imaginations. Sandra

  112. Hi there
    The fabric is darling!!!
    My favorite thing about childhood was playing kickball in the street with the gang from the neighborhood!! Sooo much fun – do miss my childhood friends

  113. As a kid, outdoors I loved riding my bike & playing hopscotch….indoor we usually had a board game going on – with fierce competition ensuing between siblings…those were the days!

  114. As child during the summer we would visit south Georgia. My grandparents had a huge pile of sand in the back yard. My sister and cousins and I would spend hours baking mud pies in the south Georgia sun.

  115. If we weren't playing Kick the Can or on the corner lot with the gang playing softball we were down the street at Greg's playing basketball on the half-court his parents had put in the backyard!!

  116. My favorite thing to do was to hike up a hill near my house that had a fresh water stream amidst the ferns and trees. It was like a magical fairy land up there. I spent a lot of time daydreaming there.

    The fabric is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  117. My favorite was exploring the woods behind our house in the mountains with my brother. We would be gone from sun-up to sun-down! Also love to play catch, baseball, riding my bike, and hopscotch! Really loved visiting my grandparents farm!!!!! Grandma would let me get the eggs from the chickens, and, the first time we visited, I found out they did not have indoor plumbing, and I found out what an outhouse was! I was scared to death of that toilet and hated the smell! LOL!

  118. Other than reading and roaming around the forest, we played Chinese jump rope. Anyone remember that game? You jumped over / across / onto an elastic band held on two other peoples legs.

  119. playing in the grass. part of the lawn wasn't mowed and allowed to grow tall and go to seed. and it was great fun being able to hide in it and play tiger in the grass or tie it together and make a grass tent for the cat or the ducklings. or lay in the sweet smelling grass and read a book on a hot summer day

  120. As a child I grew up with two step-brothers so I didn't get much time to play girlie things unless I was at home at my Moms. My Grandparents live on a farm so we were always outside playing in the mud, swinging on the rope swing in the woods, playing in the hay fort in the top of the old barn, and playing hide and go seek. At my Moms I loved to play with my girlfriends and we used to always make up plays and dance recitals and put them on for my Mom or their parents. Sigh… what fun you can have as a kid :o)

  121. We lived out in the country when I was around 10 and we loved playing outside – riding bikes and playing in the woods.

  122. I loved to play school. I would set up all my dolls and stuffed animals and teach them for hours. I must have known a lot more back then.

  123. Oh what fabulous fabric!!!!

    My favourite game as a child was hopscotch. There was only one piece of sidewalk where I grew up. I grew up on a reservation and it was pretty much gravel and scrubby weeds on good days and mud on wet days. But near the school was a bit of a sidewalk. It was perfect, nice big squares. We would use broken tiles that fell off the school roof to chalk out our hopscotch blocks and play for hours. Simple days.

    thanks for much for the chance!

  124. I loved making tents on the clothesline! We would get sheets, blankets, clothespins and build a big tent that we could play in all day. Something about hiding in the tent was such fun. Of course it all came down at the end of the day, but we had hours of fun while the sun shined!

  125. I loved to set up the blow-up house of my bionic woman doll and play with her and the six million dollar man and my sunshine family dolls. I remember being more of an interior designer and clothing designer than a dramatist – in fact, I think I was always setting them up but never playing out any sort of story with them.

  126. I loved skating and riding my bike! Also – fashion plates. anyone remember those? you made crayon rubbings of dolls in outfits. My daughter hsa one I found thrifting, and I think I love it more than she does!


  127. Couple of my favorite childhood games are "Hungry Hungry Hippos" and "Operation". I loved playing games as a child and still do as an adult.

    Great giveaway!

  128. Jacks! Once I learned I never stopped! Hopscotch was a favorite, too. Once I learned to ride a bike my whole world opened up! Okay, maybe my whole neighborhood opened up, but let's face it, that was my world back then. ;-)

  129. My grandma used to take me to my piano lessons every Saturday morning from when I was 5 till I was 14. I hated going to the lessons, but loved that after each class, she would take me to the farmers' market near my piano teacher's house, and we would get our favourite fruits and vegetables, and sometimes ice cream!

  130. I'd play with my Mongoose Snake race track with my neighborhood friends (can you tell they were all boys?) If we weren't doing that, we were at the ball field playing baseball or kick ball out in the street!

  131. We loved to play all kinds of games outside. I can remember all the neighborhood kids would gather at dusk and we'd play tag or freeze tag (or some other variation of tag) until dark, and then we'd play Ghost in the Graveyard! LOL! Such wonderful memories! :)

  132. My favorite childhood activity was drawling. I look forward to the day when my little guy and I will be able to do art projects together.

  133. Tag.. definitely Tag! We used to play for hours on summer evenings..

    And since we didn't have cell phones back in the day – we had to go home when the street lights started to come on. Aaaahh.. I miss the good ole days. Thanks for making me go back in time!

  134. Love the fabric. My great grand daughters would love it!
    As a child I spent many snowy days watching and learning how to quilt. My grand mother made me a doll quilt of tiny postage squares that I still have and cherish.
    Loved to play paper dolls and jacks.Thanks for the giveaway!
    Mary E.

  135. I used to love reading. I lived a block from the library and regularly went to check out books. I also loved to do artsy things. I had a set of color forms paper dolls where the vinyl clothes would stick to the doll without tabs. I think every little girl should play with paper dolls. I enjoyed your blog.

  136. Such cute fabric!

    Probably one of my favorite activities as a little girl was to skip. Whenever I see little girls skipping and singing all of the skipping rhymes, it makes me smile.

  137. Oh my, let's see…I had Betsy McCall paper dolls and I remember wearing those little tabs off fairly quick since I played with them so much. I had a Shirley Temple doll too. But outside I loved to play hopscotch and four-square. Tether ball was a favorite too. What lovely memories!

  138. The favorite pasttime in our neighborhood was riding our bikes to the library, picking out books, riding back home and sitting under one of the big Maple trees in our neighborhood. Growing up in Minnesota, we TREASURED warm summer days — few and far between.

  139. Growing up in Southwest Washington rain was pretty eminent so I played in our barn. I am the youngest of 6 kids but they are all at least 10 years older than me. My dad had 70+ head of Limousin Beef cattle so they were my buddies. ;) That barn was great! It had a rope swing in the center that I could swing on when the barn was nearly emptied of hay or in the cold winter month's I could climb way up in the hay using the rope swing to get me higher and higher. My parents don't live there any more but my oldest sister bought the property so I'm quite pleased it's still in the family.

  140. When I was a kid, I played with dolls, but also played with legos, matchbox cars, toy bazookas, touch and tackle football. Now indoors, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, and those Saturday morning cartoons! I loved to read (Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Little Women), and even Reader's Digest… Luckily, I have a twin sister, so I had a built-in playmate!

  141. I loved pretending to be Wonder Woman! I took some rope from my Dad's workshop and tied it to my beltloop, then I would ride my Huffy bike around and look out for bad guys. My favorite part was hopping off my bike and running to and fro– my boots sounded JUST like Wonder Woman's : )

    Good times…

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  142. I also played kick the can witht he neighborhood kids! I still remember all the fun we had. Thanks for the giveaway, the dolls are gorgeous.

  143. wow Love the Blues and reds version. My fav thing to do when I was little was to rap which ever book I was reading and go hang out in the treehouse in our backyard and read!

  144. We had a game called elastics ….. where 2 people stand with a long loop of elastic around their ankles/knees/hips/etc. Then a third person has to do choreographed jumps and moves over the elastic without touching it.
    Thanks. I haven't thought about that game for AGES!!

  145. My favorite childhood activity was riding bikes, roller skates, or homemade go carts up and down our hill. Needless to say, we had a lot of scrapes and bruses in our childhood days.

  146. My fave childhood activity…playing with my Chatty Cathy doll. She could talk (hence the name) and I had a trunk and a lot of clothes and loved her so much! I love this paper doll fabric collection!

  147. I was the queen of dress up.. luckily my mom provided a good stash of clothes for me to dress up in and pretend!

  148. I would have to say being a part of the "Get Along Gang". We had a clubhouse in the woods where we would have meetings and split a "Watchamacallit". We would ride bikes, go swim, play detective, you name it! Ohhh, the good ol' day! LOL!

  149. so many things! Hide and seek with my 3 younger siblings, we did everything together, when the weather was warm, cloud watching, later on roller skating, and making things with sticks and yarn. Lovely days! Count me in in this Giveaway please!

  150. My favorite activity was definitely building forts in the forest behind our house. My sisters, friends, and I would spend hours back there, searching for wood, branches, leaves, etc. I want to live in a house with a wooded backyard for my own children to have that opportunity to explore, play, and create.

  151. My sisters and I used to play school and getting married. I always made my younger sisters play the husband :) Joys of being the oldest.

  152. As a child, living in the country, I loved to put some sand in a bandaid box and adding a little dish detergent…made a wonderful, soupy, bubbly kind of mixture!
    I am in awe of this giveaway…I sooooo would love to win those paper doll fabrics……..thanks for the chance at em'!

  153. I had a few.
    I used to love playing hopscotch, how many steps before the Queen, Jump rope. My favorites were jacks with the little jacks and ball… and the one I played the most. I used to take the disposable pie pans from my mothers cubbards. Plastic spoons and play with mud and leaves.. I was always making stuffed cabbage.. .dont know why because as a kid.. I didnt like them! LOL Even when I was little.. I wanted to bake and cook..ahhhh memories!! Thanks for the rewind! :)


  154. My favorite childhood activity was roller skating where we would dance on skates and hang out with all the kids, outdoors was always the best!

  155. Oh 30's repros! My favorite!!!

    My favorite game growing up was hopscotch. I was (and still am :)) a "girlie" girl so I hated sports. This was the closest I got to sports at all!

    Sandy A in St. Louis

  156. I loved to be outdoors, fresh air, the smell, I don't know why. My parents moved their old stove and oven to the back yard and we would play house for hours, cooking up whatever we could come up with. Sand cakes, leaf salads, oh it was fun.

  157. I grew up in a house with a big, open, unfinished basement and my sisters and I used to roller skate down there all the time. We even had "roller rink" birthday parties in the basement- it was so much fun!

  158. my favorite childhood toy was the Showboat. It had little paper figures and a script that you could put on a show.

  159. Even as a child I was fickle so my favorites were constantly changing. I loved playing teether ball with my younger sister. I played hopscotch, jacks, dolls, we had a chalk board and played school teachers to our stuffed animals alot, twister, monopoly, chinese checkers, oh the list could go on and on.
    When we didn't keep ourselves busy our mom made sure to give us extra chores.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  160. I loved playing with my Barbie, Midge, Ken, and Skipper! I could play for hours! Loved sewing clothes for Barbie and making little things for her house.

  161. My favorite childhood activity was to play Old Maid with my grandmother. It was one of the things my sister and I could do with my grandmother. Since she had multiple sclerosis, we were limited in how she could play with us.

    Those were great times and memories.

  162. My favorite childhood acivity was playing with my sister and our Ginny dolls. I still have my Ginnys and still love them. We used to get to go to the doll hospital in summer and pick out new wigs for them. I'm probably dating myself here!

  163. This fabric is so cute! I loved paper dolls as a child. We got so excited to get a new package when we went to "town". I have 2 sisters close in age, so we would each get a set and play together.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  164. I'd have to say my favorite childhood activity was jump roping. I loved to jump rope and I was always so envious of the girls that could do double-dutch!

  165. Jacks and marbles!! At recess and at home, I'd play jacks with the girls! But sometimes I'd go around back, where the sand was, and play marbles with the boys! Those were the days! ~karen

  166. The smell of grade school red rubber balls still makes me nostalgic for a game called four-square. I loved the competition. Especially with the boys that teased girls so easily.

  167. I was a reader. When my nose wasn't buried in a book I was making stuff. Wood, cardboard, paper, fabric, clay – they were all my favorites. In fact when I am not doing some useful stuff with or without my daughter, this is what I still do :)

  168. I spent alot of time with my grandmother as a child. We played dominos and checkers on a daily basis. Many Blessings, Dawn

  169. My grandma had these huge 100 year old oak trees in her front yard, and we use to love to play house on the roots of them….

  170. My favorite childhood activity was actually playing with paper dolls that my mom created for my sister and I. Being an artist she would draw all kinds of neat dolls for us. Some would be fairies, victorian era, starlets as she called them and my favorites cupie dolls. Then she would create the outfits for my sister and I to color in and cut out. We had so much fun back then. Today I still love paper dolls of all types.

  171. I absolutely loved sewing in 4-H and jumping rope and playing a good game of kickball during recess! And I almost forgot about making forts in the woods! Thanks for helping me recall these great memories!!

  172. i was an only child so had to find things to do on my own. Crafting was one. I would make little houses out of empty boxes, all decorated and tape them to my skateboard. This would then become a mobile home to my guinea pig Nutmeg. (in winter it was a mobile sled) This was far better than electrocuting my nose on the fence crawling out from the cow pastures.

  173. My favorite childhood game was one we made up called "Liontamer". My cousin was the lion, and I was the liontamer and she would escape from the circus or zoo and I'd have to recapture her. It seems so dumb now, but we really did have a lot of fun when we were 8! haha

  174. Oh I love this paperdolly fabric!!! I Loved playing with my Hi & Lois Family Paperdolls, and I was poco stick champion of the neighborhood, they just dont make those like they use to!!! I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids and we were out until the streetlamps came on loving life and playing baseball in the street. Those were good California 60's years!

  175. Being the only girl in a family of boys it was a struggle to play anything girly. My brothers all thought I was the ideal one to tie to a tree and be the bad guy!! BUT, I had lots of dolls and the most magnificent dolls pram (being English) that would have fit a newborn in. I used to push this thing around the Avenue we lived in with great pride. Then the lady next door (her name was Mary Peek) had a little boy and she would let me push him in my pram round and round the Avenue. This would have been 50 years ago and I still marvel that she trusted me with her baby, in hindsite, she probably relished the time it gave her and I was never out of site!!!
    Aaahhh, memories……..

  176. Ok, my girlfriend and I, when we weren't taking our dolls for walks with our baby buggies around the nursing home (got lots of attention there!), would each get our Sears catalogues out and just randomly back and forth find a page we liked something and have the other to the same page. We picked wild whatever was in season; played school; and sold potholders door to door. I love my childhood!

  177. I loved swimming, be it in a pool or the sea. Wish I was as active these days – mind you, there's no way I'd be seen in a bathing suit.

  178. When I was a kid, we used to play tag alot in the courtyard. When I was picked 'it', well, I had extra bushy/lush lashes, so i could peek and no one would say I was cheating xD

    That was fun (until i decided not to cheat once, fell down some cement stairs, and ripped open my knees. :( )

  179. that's really a tough one. Roller skating, fishing in the nearby creek, playing jacks, hopscotch, paperdolls and ridding biks. Lot's of owies in those days too. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  180. First of all, I love The Fat Quarter Shop!!

    The first childhood activity that came to mind was the skip-it toy! I don't know if it was my favorite but I know I wore one out & had to get a new one!

  181. A blissful childhood would not be complete without a rousing game of sardines, capture the flag, british bulldog, and snipe hunting. All the neighborhood kids would meet at the church house at dusk and we would play until our parents dragged us home.

    P.S. You are my giveaway hero!!!

  182. I loved to make my own paper doll clothes and on warm summer nights we played kick-the-can after dark. Two great childhood memories.

  183. I had a little Fisher Price record player and tons of records and books. I loved to listen to stories and dance! We also had two faithful black labs and I spent many an hour out in our yard with them digging holes and chasing.

  184. I loved playing jacks, pick-up-sticks, chinese checkers, jump rope, roller skating, hopscotch, cut-outs, dolls, and bouncing a ball against the house. I have no idea how my parents put up with that, but at least they knew where I was.

  185. My neighbors and I couldn't wait for school to be over so we could run home and…play school. We'd pretend to be "cool" teachers (totally unlike our own, natch…) and make note off all the things we'd never do to kids we taught. Both of them actually did grow up to be teachers. They think they're cool, but the kids might think otherwise.

  186. Making fudge with my Grandmother.
    She would tell us the recipe as
    we went along and we would follow
    her instructions.It was so much fun.
    And then we got to eat it.
    Thank you.

  187. My sister and I would play dolls and make clothes for them. We didn't have a sewing machine so we cut up fabric and cut strips for belts and things. You wouldn't believe the styles we could come up with out of some old rags.

  188. I was a major reader growing up, but I also loved board games. Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Girl Talk, Mall Madness, were some of my favorites through the years. I also had a lot of dolls that I played with all the the time, especially my Cabbage Patch Dolls.

  189. I stayed with my grandmother during the day, as did my then best friend next door..we loved to play dress-up with the clothing we found in the old trunks and in the wardrobes. We had great fun, and I wish I still had the trunks today!
    Does anyone remember the paper dolls that came out in a magazine each month? I think it was Betsy McCall? Those were so much fun too!

  190. Hands down, Barbies – I even had the Barbie Dream house…. and still do. Several years ago, I brought it out and let my daughter enjoy it as well.

  191. I loved to play "library." I was the librarian and I would stamp all the books. I even attached little envelopes to the insides of the books and put the check out slip inside. That tells you how old I am!!

  192. Oh Amy I hope this does not disqualify me but cannot tell you my favorite as a child because it was not a good time for me but I think I have made up for it. I love dolls now and would love the opportunity to work with this fabric and make something wonderful. Thanks

  193. Rollerskating for outdoor activity–we had a steep driveway and olive trees that lined the sidewalks. Made for a lot of purple knees when we fell!

    Indoors, it was reading, reading, reading. The public library was 1/2 mile away and we spent many happy hours there.

    Very cute fabric collections!

  194. the kids in the neighborhood or just the ones from my family would love to play Mother-may-I, or Red Light, Green Light.
    anyone remember those?

  195. I loved making paper dolls. I would buy a tablet of typing paper (anybody remember that?) and trace around a paper doll I had and then try to create new clothes for her. I spent hours doing that.
    Leslie S. in MN

  196. I loved organizing the neighborhood kids. Whether we played Mother May I or went hunting for tadpoles or played school…I was always the instigator.

  197. I only have one brother, no sisters, so we had to get creative with our playtime together. He was a typical boy with Gi Joes and army men (and transformers, and rambo, etc.). I loved my baby dolls and strawberry shortcake and barbies. When we played together, we would always make the deal that I would play GI Joe's (or whatever) first and then he would play dolls with me. When we played, I always had the "mommy" GI Joe, the "daddy" GI Joe, and little baby Gi Joes. :D After an hour of playing, we would move on to my dolls.
    Oddly enough, his family was always the Rambo family and they would blow up my family of baby dolls. Our "baby dolls" game was always over within five minutes and we were back to playing his games. Best memories ever…

  198. We used to play Red Rover all the time! To rows of kids facing each other and holding hands, one row would call "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Kristen right over!" and I would run the distance between the rows and try to break the holding of hands. If I broke through, I got to choose a person to take back with me to my side. If not, I had to stay on that side. Whichever side had the most kids won. <3

  199. We loved monopoly. We played for hours, left the game and then came back to it later. I don't think we put it away, only when my mom made us because she wanted/needed to vacuum.

  200. These fabrics look so cute!
    As a child i loved to do puzzles, what astonished my family since i was not the most patient child around! Thank you for the chance to win!

  201. Oh! I love that fabic!

    My favorite thing to play in the neighboorhood was "Brittish Bull Dog" or "Red Rover". We would play outside for hours with the neighborhood kids. When any parent wanted their kids to come home, they hollered out their back door "(the name of their kids) it's time to come hoooooome!" And we would go home. No cell phones or even telephones needed!


  202. I remember playing "Captain May I", kick the can, tag, roller skating, walking with our homemade stilts, who can forget the metal skates that would attach to shoes?, "Jacks" was a favorite, Yahtzee, basketball in the driveway if boys were outside. The best part of childhood is that everyday the neighbor hood kids would gather and then decide what we would entertain ourselves with that day…oh, and making tents in the back yard over the clothesline or picnic table and "sleeping out". Thanks for the memories!

  203. Oh there are so many….can I pick 2….double dutch jump rope came to mind first. Then kick the can with all the neighborhood kids. At school I lved playig kickball. Ah if kids now a days could enjoy that type of fun!

  204. I loved to read as a child (much to my little sisters unhappiness, she always wanted to play school or dolls), hungry hungry hippo, mud pies, making forts…oh it was so fun to be a kid. Thanks for the chance to win.

  205. As a little girl I used to play paper dolls and build doll houses from cardboard boxes. I would decorate the walls and find things to use as furniture.. how cool would it be to win this fabric!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  206. Definitely playing with paper dolls and reading. I remember looking forward to my mother bringing the new McCalls magazine home every month so I could cut out the doll and the little clothes. I had a box full of paper dolls. Oh and books. Loved them then love them now.

  207. My favorite game inside the house was Clue….my favorite game outside the house was kickball. I have seven siblings so we formed two teams without any trouble. Thanks for a great website!

  208. My favorite game inside the house was Clue….my favorite game outside the house was kickball. I have seven siblings so we formed two teams without any trouble. Thanks for a great website!

  209. I had a great childhood – I guess my favorite toys were my Barbie dolls; hours upon hours playing dress up with the dolls! I also remember playing with Chatty Cathy!

  210. Hmmm…. I grew up on a farm, so we would romp in the woods on any day off from working. There was a gully (wash) that we would play in and get so dirty.

    Happy Quilting!

  211. My favorite childhood game was hopscotch! I used to love to use colored chalk with my friends to create a hopscotch board and take turns playing the game.

  212. I loved playing the board game "Sorry" with my Mom …. we spent many an evening playing and had so much fun! I have a lot of fond memories as a child with my Mother.

  213. I loved playing the board game "Sorry" with my Mom …. we spent many an evening playing and had so much fun! I have a lot of fond memories as a child with my Mother.

  214. My sister and I loved to play dolls. My mom made all of our doll clothes and we made houses and cars out of boxes. It was the absolute BEST times!

  215. favorite childhood games were always those "pretend" games played outside with the neighborhood kids. we used to take on the characters of our favorite t.v. shows, comic books, cartoons, anything! recently i reconnected w/ a very old friend on facebook & the first thing she wrote to me was "remember when we made smurfberry juice out of those berries on your mom's trees?" so funny, because that was the first thing i thought when i saw her name pop up.
    thanks for the giveaway!



  216. We (my 2 sisters and 2 brothers) used to play hide and seek all day; from early morning till late in the evening until my mother called us in for dinner.
    Makes me smile now when remembering this!

  217. As a kid I had two favorite activities, one was kickball. Would play till the streetlights came on and had to go home and I loved chinese jumprope. I can't tell you how many of those things I wore out!

  218. I loved playing with my dolls inside and when we were outside, my sister and I rode all over the place with our "horses" we made out of long sticks with Daddy's handkerchiefs tied to the end for a tail!

  219. When I was a girl I could jump rope for hours … by myself or with the other little girls. I loved everything about it … the sing-songs, the exercise, the team effort to keep the line and rope moving, laughing it off and starting over when somone missed, jumping by myself outside while watching the sky and clouds, skipping down the street with my rope to my friends' houses … life was so easy and carefree … just me and my jumprope. Playing inside on rainy days … yes, I did like to color and cut paperdolls. Your fabrics remind me of those simpler days … just lovely!

  220. One of my most favorite childhood games was tag…boys vs. girls. Every girl knows that boys have all the coodies! Haha

  221. Being one of 6 children I had many activites to keep me busy but my all time favorite was roller skating. The first nice day of spring I would strap those skates to my shoes and roller skate for hours up and down my driveway and street. I also loved to ride my bike and play croquet in the back yard with my siblings. Thanks. for the great giveaway!

  222. I loved organizing a hunt for the litter bug with my friends in the apartments where I lived. We never did find him …


  223. what sweet fabric! as a child my favorite thing to do was make mud pies….lol. Anything involving dirt….I was there!!! I was a bit of a tomboy…..played with the boys, climed trees….mud pie making was my one girly pursuit…..lol

  224. As a child, I had 2 favorite activities…jumping on a trampoline and swimming. I always had to jump on the trampoline across the street because we didn't have one. However, we did have a pool and I would swim almost every day for exercise. It was an awesome childhood.

    From Cindy Frost via email

  225. we played "statue" a lot. you spin someone around and let go, they fall and have to hold that position. Then you whisper something they have to say to the person coming to buy statues. Sounds so ridiculous but we loved it.


  226. My favorite activity was crafting, riding bikes, playing with friends, reading, and playing with my dolls. And now a lot of those activities my children enjoy :)

  227. My sisters and I used to play secret agents with our "PF FLYER" code rings. We'd also make string houses in the woods by our house. I'm a fabric-aholic. I love these!!

  228. My most favorite thing was spending time at my Nana's house- she let me explore all of her drawers where she kept lots of goodies- teeny tiny perfume samples, pretty scented soaps, all sorts of wonderful things. And when I wasn't poking around in her drawers she was teaching me to sew!

  229. I loved a few things. I loved to hula hoop, play with my paper dolls and jacks. My husband recently purchased a jack set for my little ones and man did a flood of memories rush over me.

  230. Wow, reading through these has brought back a lot of memories! I loved paper dolls as a kid. I also loved the hula hoop and lemon twist! Great blog! Loved the tutorial on accurate 1/4" seams! Can't wait to check it out on my machine. I'm new to sewing and this is very helpful! Glenda

  231. We played outside all day, and at night our parents would sit out on the front stoop or the wall at my neighbors and all of us kids would play freeze tag or TV tag. We'd wait for Mr. Softee to come around and get ice cream. Our neighbor, Mrs. Scully, a grandmother's age, would have us over to make crafts, piggy banks out of Clorox bottles and felt, lampshades done with decoupage and pictures from magazines. She was so sweet and we had so much fun! Once we got swimming pools we'd play in the water. We'd be mermaids and swim like we had big fins and then we'd make whirlpools by swimming in circles! We truly grew up during the Wonder Years!

  232. These are the cutest!
    One of my favorite things to play as a kid was building forts under the dining room table with my little brother. We would spend hours under there and they are some of my favorite memories of us being kids together. What a great giveaway :)

  233. wow..I was a quiet child, but I LOVED making things, I'd take anything that no one used and make something from it, I have a whole village made out of old tissue boxes one summer, and a couple garfield toys from mcdonalds..lol. It was a fancy village too,with curtains in the windows and stone pathways. I also read alot. Now I have the HUGEST book collection ever for my own daughter, who's reading level 1 books and only 4 yrs old, she also loves crafts and is enrolled in the art academy for school next year. I think we would have too much fun together with this prize!!!

  234. When I was young it was "Red Rover", I know that is an oldie as am I. It was a favorite on the play ground and the greaat thing about it was everyone played!!

  235. My two sisters and brother and I played Wagon Train together, that was a blast. Also fun was building a fort with my brother, and then getting to go in it with him! Being younger and a girl, that was really special!

  236. Jump rope! When I was in elementary school I joined a "Jump Rope for Heart" team, and we did tricks as a group and would travel around to other schools to show off our mad skillz. It was so fun!

  237. Love that paper doll fabric! I had a box (suitcase?) full of paper dolls when I was little – we couldn't really afford a lot of dolls but I would make little dresses for my paper dolls from whatever scraps I could scavenge – fabric or otherwise!

  238. I loved paperdolls and roller skating. we also had a Mickey mouse club at the park on the block around the corner, so much fun!

  239. I loved paper dolls. I had a set of Little Women dolls that I absolutely wore out. Also made my own but they just didn't compare to Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth.

  240. I loved to race around in kettcars (the pedal car things) when I was little, the neighbours had one and I was always in it!

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway. Love that fabric!

  241. I loved playing with my Barbies. I would pile all my Barbie stuff on my bike basket and ride over to my friend house to play. She had cleared off one of her book shelves and we turned it into a Barbie apartment–we played for hours a day!

  242. At our house we had a window that opened with a crank handle. the window would open out like at a drive-thru. For whatever reason there was no screen on that window. My sis and I would serve cheese & crackers (and some odd combinations) to our friends as they "drove" through our front bushes. I'm sure my mom loved this game. *wink*

  243. Cute fabric–I know exactly what I would use it for….my favorite childhood activity was riding bikes and jump roping–we spent all summer outdoors-I have a wonderful childhood!

  244. Hi I loved all the skip rope games as a wee kid, loved double dutch! In the winter adored snow ball fights and toboganing. Thanks for the great give away Sharonj.

  245. Playing dress-up with all of my mom's crazy clothes and jewelry & climbing the pine trees and getting all gooey with pine sap.

  246. Too things I still think about are playing jacks with a golf ball and Doris Day paper dolls. So many many years ago.

    Billie in TX

  247. I loved playing with all of the neighborhood kids, there were a bunch of us, so we could have some big games going on! We played 'Red Light, Green Light', 'Mother May I?', 'Chase', 'Hide-n-go-seek'. We had one of those old tractor intertubes and would have fun bouncing on it, along with rolling it around the yard with someone 'riding' in the center!

    What a great give-away!! And the fabrics are so pretty, I bet this line is going to be a popular one!!

  248. My fav' childhood activity was to play hide and seek with my cousins when we spent summers together at our grandparents house and big garden. :) Love the fabric!!

  249. We used to play jacks everyday!!! the girls in the neighborhood had like a "jacks club"! we would sit on one of our front porches, they were concrete, so nice and smooth, and play jacks till our moms called us home!!

  250. I loved being outside playing football, throwing a baseball, climbing trees. I also love to read and I read alot when I was a kid. There is nothing like a good book!!

  251. My favorite memories are family camping trips. My mom used to let me ride shotgun while she and my brother slept in the back of the van, and I would talk to my dad about anything and everything.

  252. My favorite childhood game was Hide-and-Go-Seek….outside on a summer evening until the street light came on, then it was time to go inside!

  253. Please enter me in your giveaway. My favorite childhood game was to run with my siblings… run through the field, run around and around the outside of the house, just run until totally breathless and fall down on the grass laughing…we easily entertained ourselves

  254. One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to make my own paper dolls out of the Sears & Pennys catalogs. The fabric is so cute & would be fun to make my grandaughter a quilt out of.

  255. I loved the Game of Life, Lincoln Logs, my Hoola Hoop, riding my bike and swiimming at the pool in the summer, just to name a few.
    Connie F

  256. My favorite game when I was a kid growing up on a horse ranch in Wisconsin on the beaches of Lake Michigan was horsey…I had 2 sisters and we use to get binder twine and wrap it through our mouth and then get a switch and pretend we were riding each other canter around and around, oh how cool you just brought back very fond memories of times gone by and how easy life was then…hugs and wish me luck Lynn

  257. My favorite game was probably Connect Four. Since I didn't have a doll house (and always wanted one) I used to draw and decorate doll houses.

  258. My favorite activity as a child was playing jacks. I had a set in every room in the house and would play for HOURS….I loved those jacks! On occastion I'd roller skate. Loved rolling down the hill to our house with my shiny key around my neck. The vibration of the skates could be felt in your cheeks and mouth…it was so much fun….
    This was like a walk down memory lane!!! Thanks!!
    Peggy in New Jersey

  259. My sister and I played pretend moms and would drive out kids back and forth to the bus stop and to shopping on our bikes, it entertained us for hours on end and brings back wonderful memories to think of it. thanks

  260. Jump rope!! There were days in the summer where we would jump rope all day long…. either with an individual rope or in a group with a long rope.

    Love all those songs…. :)


  261. Favorite game as a child was the neighborhood kick ball game. We had a blast playing. The teams were made up of different players each time. We used our front yard, we had large oak trees that were the bases. One summer we played so much, my dad told us we had to play in someone else's yard we were trampling paths between the trees!

  262. I am not sure that I had one favorite thing but I love playing with cut outs and Barbie dolls. I also played library with my own books- I made sign out cards in them.
    I also loved played ball games and skipping games even though I was not particularly good at them.
    It is a lovely giveaway- your winners are going to have great fun with these fabrics.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  263. We loved playing all the clapping games like miss mary mack. and jump roping! I miss that:) Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway:)

  264. I used to play dolls and paper dolls — since my only sibling was my older brother, my dolls were my best friends!!

  265. My favorite game as a kid was playing with my Barbies! I had the plastic box that you keep the Barbie in and you can hang up her clothes. it had a drawer for accessories—I had 2 of these, one for Barbie and one for Skipper. I used to take my mom's fabric scraps and make dresses and little quilts and blankets and beach towels (they were Malibu Barbies!) for them. I had the Barbie camper and my friend had her Town House so we'd get together on my front porch and play Barbies all day, everyday!

  266. Oh my lets see there was Jacks, Kick the Can, Paperdolls, Barbies, Loom Potholders, badmitten, oh I could go on forever

  267. Love the darling fabric- both sets! My fav activities were reading, dolls, hide-n-seek and bike riding! Anybody remember Betsy McCall paper dolls? love em.

  268. Favorite childhood activity? Hard to pick… playing games of hide and seek with the whole neighborhood; playing cards with my mom in between her cooking dinner; board games; climbing trees; coloring- especially paper dolls and with the outfits! And reading!

  269. Great giveaway! The board games I liked to play were Cabbage Patch Kids (yes there was an actual board game), and Candyland. I had 13 Barbies and 1 Ken so I played with those a lot too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  270. Jump rope! And not just me jumping. Specifically playground jumprope with two rope turners. I loved the jumping and all the rhyming jingles. "Down by the ocean, down by the sea…"

  271. My brother and I were only 13 months apart. I was pouty and he was bratty, so Mama had her hands full!! Sometimes we would get in trouble and she would send us to our rooms. After the initial shock of being punished wore off, we would begin to beg to be let out. No dice. Our doors were only separated by about 2 feet of wall space, so we often would set up a little village of Little People stuff between our doors. We would sit just inside our doorways and lean out to play together. Hilarious!!

  272. I loved playing board games and cards with my family. We loved playing Spoons and Nerts. I got a horse when I was 14 years old and that one was terrific time.

  273. We grew up on a dead end street with lots of kids in the neighborhood. There was a field behind our house so everyone got together to play baseball – didn't matter how old you were. We jumped rope, played hopscotch, hoola hoops, board games, played hide and go seek, tag, you name it we played it.
    In the winter we would walk for miles to go ice skating and to go sledding. What fun. We played with dolls, barbies, and paper dolls and played school.
    Thanks for the give-away. Love the dolls.
    Brenda Kowalski

  274. If it was a fabulous day out, my brother and I would just hang out in our fort and make up adventures. If it was icky outside, I could be found in my closet …reading, drawing & writing short stories!

  275. My brother and I spent hours playing store. One of us would ride back and forth on the front porch and stop at the front door where the other would be running an imaginary store.
    When I was older I rode and rode my bike all over our farm.

  276. I grew up in Seattle were hydroplane races were very popular. During the summer we would make wooden hydroplanes, tie them on long strings to the back of our bikes, and then have races around the cul-de-sac to see who was fastest,

  277. As a child I loved to ride my bike. My BFF and I would explore the town and make our own fun. I also loved to read especially under the covers with a flashlight!

  278. My favorite game was candyland! It was so colourful and it was like a girls game in a house full of brothers and boys!

    I love that fabric line!

  279. I grew up in the "bush" so to speak … so our favorite games to play were outside alot. We'd build forts in the bush, see how big we could make a "house" using log-cabin techniques and such. It was a blast and alot of fun … I miss those simple days :)

  280. Well being the youngest and the only girl I was quite good at entertaining myself. My favourite activity inside was actually playing with my paper doll collection. I love paper dolls so much that I even made my own boarding school of paper dolls and I still have it.

  281. My favourite childhood game is "zero point" – jumping with a rubber-band rope, played in teams, we will raise the rope higher and higher for the players to cross.

  282. On the crafty side, I loved to embroider. On the fun side I loved to play jacks! Does anyone do this anymore? Our school even had a jacks contest. I guess I'm dating myself.

  283. When I was really little – mud pies and watching for shapes in the clouds. Then I was too cool for school and it was playing CHIPS on our bikes! :)

  284. My favorite board game when I was a child was Chinese checkers. I still enjoy playing that with my kids :-)

    Love the giveaway, Amy!

    Tammy ~@~

  285. I have to admit my favorite was playing jacks. My friends and I could play for hours, next came riding my bike or jumping rope. I do remember loving playing with my cut-outs(paper dolls) also.

  286. Those are SUPER cute! As a kiddo we lived way out in the country and only had a couple of kids around us and as a result I played by myself a lot but when the neighborhood kids got together we'd play flashlight tag…I remember that as being so much fun!

  287. Hmmm…my favorite childhood game….probably "Green Ghost"…you played it in the dark – it glowed. I wonder if anyone else remembers that game, I don't think we actually ever played it to completion, we just liked fooling around with the glow-in-the-dark pieces..lol
    Smiles, DianeM :)

  288. I was so lucky to live in the same block as several of my cousins. We spent the entire day doing things together. We would make clothes for our little Collie dog and put him in a baby buggy and parade him all over the neighborhood. Those were such good times!
    I love those paper doll collections!

  289. One of my favorite things was to wander the woods and imagine that they were different things. The bent trees were giraffes, an area where there was unusual moss was a carpet store and a huge rock covered with trees and bushes was a space ship that took us to blue berry land.

  290. My favorite childhood activity was playing outside with my best friend, Carrie Lou. We would ride bikes, ride our scooters, and sneak down to the river at the end of our street, oops, we were not suppose to do that!

  291. Then as now, it was reading. And going to the library. Also, drawing, often in the books I was reading, which makes for some chuckles now when I go through them: I read much better than I drew.
    But I must not have spent my entire childhood sitting down, because I remember having scabby knees all the time.

  292. One of my favorite things I remember doing as a child was when my Dad would mow the lawn, he would sometimes mow mazes for us to play in. That and when it snowed, we would build forts and have snowball fights.

  293. I enjoyed going to my grandmothers & spending the day growing up… Being an only child spending time with my grandmother & watching her quilt & cook & just spending time with her was great. I also enjoyed running & playing outside & riding my bike & roller skating on great warm days.

    Thanks for your generousity.

  294. My twin sister and I had many fun things we did as little girls. Such as hop scotch, making play houses outside, playing paper dolls with beautiful dolls with long flowing elaborate dresses. ( I am dating myself with that comment). :). Would love to win ths fab giveaway!

  295. Great giveaway. Thanks for letting me play.
    My favorite game as a child was Chutes and Ladders. I still like to play it and one day maybe I will get to play with grandchildren.

  296. I loved Barbie dolls. We had a neighbor lady who loved to sew but had no little girls. She would make all of my Barbie clothing…I was the envy of my friends. Sure wished mom would have hung on to these for me! It is a shame but I guess at the time you don't realize the worth.
    Another thing I loved to play at the school ground was Hopskotch…always using my necklace….fond memories.

  297. favorites were definitely manhunt…we played across the whole neighborhood! And "Dictionary"…a made up game, in which we flipped through the dictionary, picked a random word, and everyone wrote down their best guess at the meaning…if you got it, you won, but points were given for funniest and most creative responses, too!

  298. Well, I know I'm dating myself when I say that "Jacks" was one of my favorites games. These cute little dollies look like they may have played Jacks too!

  299. I'll always be a child at heart – and had many favorite childhood activities. Playing with my Shirley Temple doll, playing dress up, hop scotch and jumping rope are all at the top.

    I love this collection of fabrics! Would make a great quilt for a new granddaughter.


  300. My favorite game actually was paper dolls! I made furniture for them out of note book paper and construction paper. When i wasn't playing with them I played hopscotch, jacks and jump rope! Adorable fabric.

  301. I liked to roller skate while listening to the radio and dress up my cat in my doll clothes!!! Thanks for the chance for your give away!

  302. Well – when you grow up on a farm, you have farm games – like chase the chicken, and get out a red towel and shake it in front of the bull…. yes, that last one was always fun!!!!

  303. i would have to say my favorite childhood memories would be christmas time, and also night games during the summer, kick the can etc. thanks for the chance for some beautiful fabric.

  304. Ooh my favourite childhood activity of all time was going to my Nanny's house and rumaging through her huge button tin and sorting all the buttons according to size and colour…..I could sit there for hours doing that, and then there was the huge bag of zips to play with too……my Nanny was very thrifty and never got rid of anything without removing any zips or buttons and I played with them for hours….I still have her button tin and its very soothing to sit and run my fingers through the buttons

  305. I think I played hopscotch every day. I'm surprised my knees aren't arthritic I played so much! Jump-rope was another one. Geeze, I sure liked to jump.
    Anyway, thanks for the memory triggers. Always fun and the fabric is adorable! What little girl didn't love paperdolls?

  306. My favorite activity was reading. And, as an only child, I loved playing with my friends. They all had siblings and tons of stuff going on at their houses. Of course, they always wanted to play at my house, where there were no little brothers and sisters in the way!

  307. My sis and I used to play store ALL the time. Out would come everything in the pantry and we took turns being the shopper and the saleswoman. It was childhood bliss…lol.

  308. When I was a kid, I was a tomboy and thought nothing of slogging through swamps and marshes to catch frogs, toads, and dragonflies. Then, I would take these "treasures" to school and trade them to my classmates for comic books and candy.

  309. I loved anything to do with being outside as a kid, especially sleeping outside in a sleeping bag on the lawn, with all our kittens inside to keep me warm!

    Kim from Provo, UT

  310. My favorite thing to do as a child was to play Barbies and Baby Dolls. I woudl also atempt making them clothes as well. I made my first quilt around age 9 and still love to sew.

  311. I'm going to say my favorite thing to play would have to be Barbies. Didn't all girls love Barbie??
    thanks for the give away!! Love the new fabric.

  312. Well, we used to love to play board games – I remember Operation and Mouse Trap being a couple of favourites. Thanks for the great blog!

  313. If I was inside, I had my nose in a book; but if outside, the we were riding bikes, riding horses, or going near the river that we were supposed to stay away from!

    Love the fabrics!

  314. As a little girl we spent a lot of time at my grandparents tourist resort in small town ontario. I remember at a very young age playing lots of card games and especially loved crazy 8's until I got a little older and learned to play canasta! Miss those days of happy memories!

  315. My favorite childhood activity was staying over at my aunt's during school holiday…I loved the time spent with my cousins riding bike, played groom & bride, got up middle of the night to 'pick' neighbour's yummy mangoes.

  316. My siblings and I played four square for hours on end in the driveway, sometimes with neighborhood kids too. Kept us entertained all through the summer and on nice weekends when school was in session. When I was younger I played with my troll dolls or Midge doll, and used to make clothes for them out of felt, or fabric, or knitting them. The good ole days.

  317. Reading would rank #1, but my second favourite activity as a child was definitely tree climbing (and I have the scars to prove it!).


  318. I remember standing in the kitchen with my mom and talking about my Birthday Cake. Chocolate. I was 6.

    I remember thinking "Wow, I can't wait until I'm 10!"

    That was a long time ago….

  319. I loved paper dolls as a kid. Still do! In fact I still have many of the paper dolls I played with as a kid. Including Tricia Nixon's Wedding paper dolls. That dates me!

  320. Oh those fabrics are so cute. One of my favorite activities was doing crafts. We would spend hours doing crafts with my Mom. She came up with so many fun projects made with things found around the house. That was always my favorite time.

  321. I was the only girl in a farm family with 3 much older brothers and had to invent things to do on my own. I did a lot of reading, bike riding, crafts but I loved to play Chinese checkers. Sometimes my mom would play, but I usually played against my imaginary friend, Penelope! We did quite a bit of tree climbing, too:)

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  322. We had a neighborhood full of boys and me. We did all sorts of boy things like crawfishing in the ditches and sneaking into the local swimming hole but my very favorite was spotlight in the summers! We would stay outside until our parents forced us to come inside only because they had to get up and go to work the next day.

  323. What a neat giveaway! My most favorite childhood activity was simply out exploring with my older brother. We lived in Oregon and there was A LOT to explore!
    Thanks! Cat

  324. My favorite activities were reading, anything outside and board games. and I had generous partners in my siblings. we sure had fun!

  325. Reading. I was a major bookworm with my favorite place to go the library. I made sure to never leave the house without a book. My husband (who isn't a reader) is always patiently waiting for me in the car while I run back in and grab the book I forgot to get the first time.

  326. As a child I loved all kinds of crafts. The more the better. I tried my hand at EVERYTHING!! My grandmothers taught me to sew and I also learned how to knit. I made lots of my clothes even from an early age and I feel like I have knitted most of my life. Sure, I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, riding my bike, playing outside, etc, but my true love was crafts and making things with my hands. Love & blessings from NC!

  327. As a kid I loved paper dolls. I think I liked the cutting out part and then dressing up the dolls. That was great fun for me. I am subscribed to the Fat Quarter Shop and to your blog. You have a great blog as does the Fat Quarter Shop. And, like you, I can't keep up with all the great stuff that is out there.

    Have a great day.

  328. I never cared much for board games growing up but we did love to play outside. Hide and seek, tag, bike races and red rover (if we could get enough kids together). At least once a week, we would set up a demolition derby for my brother's matchbox cars in our gravel driveway. So many fond memories. Thanks for asking and thanks for the giveaway!

  329. My favorite activity was playing with the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine that my neighbor had. I always wanted one but my parents never got it for me. It was not until I was a junior in high school that I had a boyfriend track down one for me so I could have my very own Snoopy Snow Cone Machine.

  330. Loved riding bikes, racing toy cars, go-carts etc. I was very active, but I also loved to paint with my mother's water colors and on rainy days I loved to play with paper dolls.

  331. Gosh there were so many faves, but Barbies had to be my all time fave! Love all the clothes and shoes and fun house items!

  332. hmmmm so many entries, but someone has to win, right?

    Favorite Childhood memory has to be fishing with my grandparents on their boat…

  333. Those are so cute!

    My favorite childhood activity was to play house, hands down. I loved playing with my babies and taking care of them, and I even loved doing dishes! To this day, my greatest love is taking care of my children, but honestly, I'm pretty over dishes. :)

  334. Hi! I'm from Brazil. When I was seven years old, I loved to play with dollspaper, to cut her clothes and kind of hairs. It was my favorite because I had a lot of acessories and I stayed hours to playng with her. Kisses

  335. Hi! I'm from Brazil. When I was seven years old, I loved to play with dollspaper, to cut her clothes and kind of hairs. It was my favorite because I had a lot of acessories and I stayed hours to playng with her. Kisses

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