Ella’s Dress!

Posted on March 25th, by Amy in sewing. 36 comments

I woke up yesterday morning feeling much better!  A good night’s sleep was just what I needed :)
During Owen’s nap I took a couple hours to finish Ella’s dress, and then in the evening I worked the blind hem  out with my machine and hemmed the other two dresses.  whew!  It feels good to be done with these!

Ella’s dress is Simplicity 2993, no sleeves to put in, but the collar is a bugger to get in.  End result is really cute though!  The fabric is Alhambra II, again I let Ella select the fabrics she wanted her dress made with, and she loves it!

Now I just need to get the three of them in the dresses and take their pictures – sounds easy enough, right!?


PS – Do you have questions about garment sewing?  I’ll answer in the comments, if you do!

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36 thoughts on “Ella’s Dress!

  1. I have this pattern for my girls, and even fabric for it… hopefully will get to it this Spring.
    Yours turned out fantastic! I love the fabric choices!

  2. This one turned out cute! And it looks so comfortable to romp around it. I bet if felt good to get some rest so you could feel better enough to finish these dresses.

  3. I've never sewn clothes before but I'd like to start. What's your recommendation for the best beginner pattern for a skirt? Thanks!

  4. I turned out beautifully! Good Luck getting the girls into them at the same time and the same place to take a picture!

  5. Liz – I just about lost it with this collar! I would start with something simpler until you are more comfortable with curves, and funky shapes.

    I noticed yesterday that Simplicity patterns will be $1 at Joann's April 1-3; good time to collect a few to try :)

    RWL – I would start with something with straight lines, and not too much detail. there's a group of learn to sew patterns that look fun here – http://www.simplicity.com/c-386-learn-to-sew.aspx and the it's sew easy has a more options – http://www.simplicity.com/c-160-its-so-easy.aspx?pagesize=99999999

  6. What a beautiful dress. Do I need garment sewing help? Can you translate the patterns to me? I know all the basics…but I always have difficult with the words…because I"m a visual learner…they need more photos :)

    I admire your making those beautiful dresses….what a gift.


  7. Kelly! Until the last couple of years, I would call my mom to talk through the directions – for whatever reason that seems to help! I would love a translation too :)

  8. What a pretty dress! It turned out so cute!

    I usually don't sew clothes. For some reason, they terrify me! I'm a quilter, and quilt patterns just seem a little more straightforward to me. Of course, I have made every one of my son's Halloween costumes, and I did venture to make a skirt once, but had to keep running next door to my SIL's house for help!

  9. Wow! Making three of them would take me a year! :) They would grow out of them before I finished. LOL

    Thanks for bringing your beautiful post today!


  10. Looks very cute! And very complicated :) I tried sewing reagan a dress and I think the terminology was my biggest hiccup. I didn't know what the words meant so I had no idea what I was supposed to do! :) To this day it has to be safety pinned closed! :)

  11. hey Babe…beautiful!! The fabrics are so different than what I'm looking at for the girls; I might have to reconsider; but green will always work for Em I know. Didn't know you were changing your blogspot address; good idea. Identification! Way to be out there; I'm for amazed, deligted and proud of you. Not sure about the cowboys boots; but if Rich can wear Carhart and go deer/bear hunting I guess you can wear cowboy boots! LOL; send me those measurements even text me them. love you, Mom

  12. Amy,

    Thanks for the link to the beginner patterns. Do you have any advice for someone who has never used a pattern before? I've never sewn clothes, but I really want to try!

  13. You are welcome Meghan! I would say start simple, maybe with a thrift sheet even so you don't waste fabric if you make a big mistake. And smaller does not equal easier – those little pieces are challenging!

    I find talking through the directions helps too, even alone, talking out loud helps! lol, at least for me :)

  14. Amy,
    Love the girls dresses…..I am trying to finish up two dresses for my 5 year old grand. She seems to be growing faster than I am sewing…..good thing that I didn't start out with her exact size. Love to sew for my little ones….I raised all boys and they didn't appreciate my sewing until now. Glad that you are feeling better.
    Hugs, Barb

  15. I think this is my favorite of the three! I love the dark trim fabric. Can't wait to see them all together in their new dresses!

  16. Wow! The dresses are all gorgeous! Your girls have excellent taste. And you are an awesome mama to create such lovely frocks. :) Beautiful work!

  17. The dress really turned out nice. I love the fabrics. It looks so comfortable too. Love & blessings from NC!

  18. This is beautiful! I love the colors she picked out. I am trying my hand at sewing garments, and I will have to try the patterns you mentioned above in the comments. My mom is coming to visit this week-yay!- so I have help!

  19. I love all 3 dresses! I just bought a pattern to make Alison a dress yesterday. It's a cute little peasant dress. I want to make it right now, but I have several other things to work on first!

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