Inspiration: Solid Quilts

Posted on March 31st, by Amy in Inspiration. 24 comments

I think you all know that I love color, and solid fabrics can be so pretty all on their own!  Today I have a mosaic of inspiration for you:

1. city green, 2. Abstract squares, 3. Bar Code Quilt, 4. Habitat Quilt, 5. Solids quilt, 6. The Tempest
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I have a quilt planned in solids (1 of 2 for the final book deadline) and I can’t wait to get started!  These pictures make me even more excited.

Thanks so much to all of you that shared your favorite parts of quilting, I’m pretty hard pressed to pick favorites too but the moments I mentioned seem almost magical to me.  The quilt coming to life. . . I know it doesn’t breath or anything, but you get me right!?  Anyway, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment – it means a lot to me.

Blessings :)

PS – Where did March go???
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24 thoughts on “Inspiration: Solid Quilts

  1. The Bar Code quilt is GORGEOUS and is perfect for my son's room! It looks easier than making a traditional square quilt too. I may have to try something like this.

  2. I just finished a quilt top in all solids and was working on another one last night. Cherri House does some amazing quilts in solids :)


  3. Those are some darling solids quilts! I've never been so much into them but some of these are just perfect using solids! :)

  4. These quilts are all so fabulous! And I have been busy collecting solids. Now it's time to stop collecting and satrt sewing!

  5. Wow, what wonderful inspiration Amy! Can't wait to see where it leads you :) Did you say March has gone…. I must have blinked! LOL

  6. And THIS is one of the reasons why i dye my own fabrics – I love quilts where the pattern of the piecing itself is the focus (rather than with printed fabric, where it can become more about the fabric…)

    Thanks for helping me realize this Amy!

  7. My sentiments exactly…where DID March go? City green is a fabulous quilt…thanks for brightening this dreary, cloudy day with a colorful post!

  8. solid quilts always appeal to me , yet i have never made one because i always am so taken with the amazing patterned fabrics out there. i have some set aside to make the original ORBC quilt along quilt all in solids. maybe i can be inspired and get to it!!

  9. Nice quilts. I especially like the second one down in the left-side column. I find it can be difficult to find solid color fabric in a wide-range of colors. Actually, the Amish have become well known for their quilt making skills, including using solid colors.

  10. These are all so beautiful! I believe I got my solid color quilt bug when I saw my first Amish quilt. Amazing, to say the least.

    I totally understand about the quilt coming to life. Just an awesome feeling :o)

  11. those are fabulous quilts – incredible inspiration. I'm finding myself more and more drawn to solids and very simple designs. These all fit that mold! gorgeous!

  12. I love all these solids quilts! I've always had a love affair with solids but have never been good at choosing colors that aren't too matchy matchy! Would love to see your solid quilt soon!

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