Houses in Frolic!

Posted on April 26th, by Amy in finished project, Thankful. 23 comments

I’m so glad to have you help me celebrate 500 posts!   It wouldn’t be possible with out all of you  :)

I took a little time on Saturday to make some house blocks for V.  Pulled out a little extra yardage, from a different project, cut, and whaalaa -

Houses in Frolic

What do you think?  I love them – yes, there’s five total!  I work in production mode best, and it’s for a great cause!  :)  These will be in the mail early this week to meet the April 31 deadline.

While working my blocks, I was able to put a couple new tools to work!  I told you about Kelly’s month of giveaways, and went and entered myself in a bunch of them too.  Lucky me – I won a set of tools.  Yay me!  

Super sharp little scissors and seam ripper – I have to rethink my ways a little to put it to good use, but it’s nice and sharp.  And the scissors are a great addition for all the little threads hanging.  Thank you Kelly!

I hope you have a great day!
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23 thoughts on “Houses in Frolic!

  1. Cute house blocks! Love that turquoise sky. Congrats on winning those tools, especially that little scissors, which looks really sharp.

  2. I love those cute house blocks. I need to learn how to make them. Congrats on winning those tools. I know those are great tools if Kelly uses them herself.

    Happy monday!

  3. Cute house blocks, your are the luckiest person. You get quite a few give aways.! Good for you it fun Im sure. I'm not so lucky, so I always enojoy looking at the fun stuff other get and show off. It's fun to see how happy the are.

  4. Goodness…I am still using the same old seamripper I got over 25 years ago and had no idea there was such a new fangled thing like that…how do you use it?:) Guess I need to investigate at my local shop!;)

    Your houses are sweet…yes, that Frolic is a lovely fabric and feels really nice too!:)

  5. Ooo, new tools are fun to play with but that seam ripper looks especially dangerous.

    The house blocks look great! Will surely brighten someone's day.

  6. Those blocks are gorgeous! I love them!! Amy, you are just so amazing…

    (PS: I hope you get them into the mail extra early. April 31st doesn't come around very often. ;-)

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