Little Things

Posted on April 28th, by Amy in Inspiration, Me. 19 comments

It’s the little things that make me happy most days.  Like the five minutes that all four kids get along each day, or a empty kitchen sink (it’s not right now).

Or the little tulips gathered from the yard.

And inspiration for, yet another quilt.

I just love the colors in this couples photographs!  They have a gallery in Park City.

All these little things, (and a few more) bring smiles to my face, and my heart over the course of the day.  What’s making you smile today?

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19 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Five minutes when all four kids get along? Each day? I have four kids but those five minutes are few and far between!

  2. Every morning my 3 boys crawl in bed with me before they have to get dressed for school…it's my favorite part of the day (until they start wrestling!).

    the Little Things (by beth) is the name of my new Etsy shop :o). Nothing in it yet but I have good intentions to do something with it…those 3 boys keep me busy!!!

  3. My favorite part of the day is when my newborn wakes up and my oldest son (3 1/2) runs to him and doesn't leave his side for a good 5 minutes. They are already bestest friends, and love every minute together…until they're sister tries to butt in!!
    Love the colors from that photo, can't wait to see what you come up with

  4. That photo of those tulips is beautiful! I am happy when it's not so windy outside that I'm not worried that the house is going to blow away!

  5. Praise technology! I just watched a video (with sound) of my first granddaughter's first bath that took place last night!

  6. Sunshine streaming in the window! I love it. Kids getting along is good~ I used to love watching when they helped each other (when they thought no one was watching ;-))

  7. I've done a post on Scanlon photography too. Their pictures are amazing. We actually own two of them and I never EVER get tired of looking at them. Beautifully inspiring.

  8. I'm happiest when I can sit back and enjoy my kids giggles. I am amazed every day that a 4 year old boy can be so happy playing with a 10 month old.

  9. Today, it really is the little things. A cup of green tea with ginger. My husband being silly to get me out of my morning grumpus. The knowledge that I have a weekend of creativity waiting for me to finish my work week.

    Also, thanks for sharing that photo, Amy–the colors are really vibrant, and I can't wait to see what kind of ideas grow out of it!

  10. Love those colors, that is great inspiration! Speaking of inspiration, have you found yet? Great links to all kinds of sewers, quilters, and crafters – to see what other creative people are making!

  11. What makes me smile is when my 3 year old grandson phones and sends me a big kiss and hug and says "I love you Grammie"

  12. helping a bunch of kids and grown up sot make blocks for my house project… joy joy joy.

    receiving house blocks from you! ;-)

  13. my grandchildren make me smile; whether sitting on my lap; watching them play, hearing them laugh or talk; and that special hug and kiss just before bed; or saying "I love you too, Grandma!" God is so good to me…Mom

  14. The littles that make me happy is watching my dog sleep when she puts her head on my lap:) Going out with my sisters once a month to the city and just walking around and window shopping.

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